Old Man Brody, continued...

One of Eric’s favorites was a young man named Mario. Mario was from Puerto Rico, with a sexy accent and even sexier mouth. Eric asked Mario to come over in the morning, thinking they’d be long finished by the time Doug arrived.

As usual, Mario arrived dressed in a business suit. Eric let him in and Mario began stripping before the front door was even closed. Eric stared at the younger man’s tanned, hairless chest and bit his lip hard. Mario was so beautiful. He pulled off his pants and was wearing only thong leopard-patterned underwear by the time they got to the bedroom.

Mario smiled at the expression on Eric’s face. “You want me, amigo?”

“Oh yeah,” Eric breathed.

The great thing about Mario was that Eric didn’t have to instruct him on what to do. They had been together enough times that Mario knew the drill. He lifted Eric out of his wheelchair and placed him on the bed.

Mario undressed Eric. He pulled off his shirt, then his boxers, and took off his glasses. Because he trusted Mario, Eric allowed him to removed the splints from his hands and pull the catheter out of his penis. If Mario hadn’t been so familiar with Eric’s body, Eric might have felt a little self-conscious. When Eric looked at his own body, he didn’t like what he saw—the painfully thin, knobby legs, the bulge of his flaccid abdomen, the twisted and useless fingers. But Mario was paid to like his body.

Mario climbed on top of Eric and got on his knees so that his penis hung down in Eric’s face. Eric lifted his arms so that his hands dug into Mario’s ass, pushing his body closer so that Eric could take his dick into his mouth. Mario had a beautiful dick, very large and silky smooth, uncircumcised. Eric sucked the hell out of it as Mario stuffed it deeper and deeper down his throat. He thought he might choke at one point, but he was loving every second of it. When Mario finally came, shooting his load into Eric’s mouth, Eric swallowed it down greedily, licking his lips for more.

Now it was Eric’s turn. Mario worked Eric’s nipples for a few minutes, sucking on them until they were hard little mounds. Eric moaned with pleasure. “You’re so fucking sexy, Mario,” he murmured, rubbing his twisted hands against Mario’s dark hair.

Eric propped himself up on his elbows to watch Mario suck his dick. He couldn’t really feel it, but it turned him on immensely to watch. He got very hard too, although his penis was barely half the size of Mario’s at its full length. Mario patiently sucked him off, also giving attention to his balls. It was a process that could sometimes take a while, but Eric didn’t feel rushed. A few times, he closed his eyes and imagined it was Doug’s mouth on his dick.

When Eric finally came, he felt the orgasm like a warm blanket over his entire body, even the parts he couldn’t usually feel. It was wonderful. Mario swallowed his cum, rather than snowballing it back to Eric which he occasionally did, depending on mood.

They lay in bed together, Mario smoking a cigarette and Eric simply enjoying the euphoria of his recent orgasm. Eric was so relaxed, he didn’t even realize it was one o’clock until he heard the doorbell ring. “Oh, shit!” Eric cried.

“You expecting company?” Mario asked.

“Yeah, I...” Eric felt his heart pounding. He knew that if he didn’t go down there and answer the door, Doug would just get worried and possibly even call for help. That was the last thing he needed. “Can you get me dressed fast?”

Mario understood immediately. He grabbed Eric’s clothes off the floor and got him dressed at an impressive speed. He efficiently but quickly replaced the catheter in Eric’s penis, then lifted him back into his wheelchair. Eric held out his hands. “My splints,” Eric reminded him.

Mario nodded and gently secured both his wrists with the splints. Eric adjusted himself in his chair and wheeled outside to greet Doug, who had rung the bell three times already.

Doug gave Eric a funny look when he saw him. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, sure, I’m fine,” Eric said quickly. “Why do you ask?”

“Your hair is all mussed,” Doug said, squinting at him. “Were you taking a nap?”

Eric reached out to try to smooth his short hair. “Uh... sort of, yeah.”

“I could come back if you...” Doug trailed off when he saw Mario emerge from the bedroom. Eric knew that even in his suit, Mario looked like a gigolo. His only hope was that Doug was somehow too naïve to piece it all together.

“I’m just leaving,” Mario said in his silky accent. He looked over at Eric expectantly.

Eric nearly smacked himself in the forehead. Mario, bless his heart, had to get paid. There was no way to do this discreetly. Eric reached into a pouch in his wheelchair and pulled out a wad of cash for Mario, who thanked him and left.

Doug’s face was as red as Eric’s. “Was that a prostitute?” Doug blurted out.

Eric was shocked that Doug asked the question. “Yeah, it was,” Eric said, hanging his head.

Doug sunk down on the couch, his eyes staring at the carpet. “Jesus... how much money was that?”

“Two-hundred dollars.”


Eric wheeled over to him. “I’m sorry you had to see that,” he said quietly. “It’s just that... it’s not so easy for someone like me to form relationships. I may be disabled, but... I still have needs.”

“Yeah,” Doug was muttering. “Yeah, I get it. It’s... it’s totally okay. I just... do you mind if I go home now?”

“Sure,” Eric said. He hoped this wouldn’t be the last time he saw Doug Martin.

“I’ll be back tomorrow,” Doug promised.

Eric wasn’t sure if he believed it, but he had no choice but to let Doug go.


Doug ran home from Mr. Brody’s house and didn’t say a word to his mother when he walked through the door, instead heading straight to his room. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen. It was shocking enough to have seen a hooker in Mr. Brody’s house, but the fact that the hooker was a guy made it infinitely worse.

Doug would never have guessed that Mr. Brody was a homosexual. He sure didn’t act gay, not that Doug knew anyone who was gay for comparison. He just seemed like a nice regular guy, sort of loner, who happened to have a severe disability. Doug supposed that Mr. Brody was a good looking man, maybe even very good looking, and there was something about his looks that made him seem like sort of a prettyboy, especially when he came out of his room with his glasses off and his hair tousled. But it was hard to describe a guy in a wheelchair as a prettyboy.

The whole thing did sort of make sense in some crazy way. Mr. Brody was crippled and unable to have any sort of normal relationship, so he had to hire someone to relieve his natural human urges. It was easy to forget a guy like Mr. Brody had urges like that. Just because he was paralyzed, it didn’t mean he should go through his whole life without having sex. God forbid.

Doug sort of felt bad for Mr. Brody. Doug himself had never had a real relationship, but he knew that someday he would. But that was something that Mr. Brody would never get to experience.

Doug heard a knock on his door. He looked up sharply. “Who is it?”

“Douglas, it’s Mom.”

“Come in.”

His mother entered the room, looking very concerned. “Doug sweetie, are you all right?”

Doug nodded, “Sure. Of course.”

“How are things going with Mr. Brody?”


Doug’s mother smiled. “It’s a really great thing what you’re doing for that nice old man.”

Doug bit his lip to keep from telling his mother the truth: Mr. Brody wasn’t an old man at all. And he wasn’t so nice either.


Eric couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened with Doug. After taking so many precautions over the years, he couldn’t believe he had been so stupid and careless. He had known Doug would be arriving at one. How could he have cut it so close?

The worst part was the look on Doug’s face. It was obvious that he was completely disgusted by what Eric was doing. In a way, it made Eric angry. He was still a young man, still in his thirties. Didn’t he have a right to have sex too, just like every other red-blooded American man? Just because he was confined to a wheelchair, did that necessarily mean he could never get laid? It wasn’t fair for Doug to make assumptions like that.

Eric wondered how Doug would have reacted if he saw a callgirl leaving the house rather than a man. Doug would have understood that better, that was for sure. But Eric couldn’t help his own tastes.

Eric truly didn’t expect Doug to come around the next day, so he was surprised when his doorbell rang at a quarter after one. He answered the door and Doug was standing there, looking very nervous. “I’m here,” Doug said, rather unceremoniously.

“I see that,” Eric replied. He wheeled backwards to give Doug room to walk in. “Listen, do you want to... talk about this?”

“Naw,” Doug said. “I was... in the middle of cleaning out your fish tank the other day. I’d rather just... get on with that.”

“Well, okay,” Eric agreed.

Eric tried to give Doug some space while he cleaned out the tank. He stayed in the other room for a little while, doing some work on the computer. Presently, he heard Doug calling for him. “Mr. Brody! Hey, Mr. Brody!”

Eric saved his work and wheeled into the room where Doug had been working. His mouth fell open when he saw that Doug had stripped off all his clothing, including his underwear. Eric had been right—Doug had a fantastic body. Slim but with solid muscles and a smooth, naturally hairless chest. But Eric’s eyes immediately went to Doug’s package, his long uncircumcised cock emerging from his sparse pubic hair.

“My god...” Eric breathed. “Doug...”

There were a million thoughts going through Eric’s head right then, not the least of which was how much he wanted to get Doug’s dick in his mouth. But he was excited too about the fact that Doug seemed to be interested in him. He had never had anyone, man or woman, come on to him like this before. He had believed the wheelchair made other people think of him as being asexual and he had come to accept that. But here was this beautiful eighteen year old boy who seemed to want him too.

“Dougie..” Eric murmured.

“I was thinking,” Doug began, shifting uncomfortably in his nakedness, “you pay those guys two-hundred for a session, right? But since I’m not a professional and all, maybe you could just give me a hundred?”

Eric stared at Doug, unable to believe his ears. What had moments ago seemed like a kind, loving act of a young boy had now become a sordid act of prostitution. Doug didn’t love him—he just wanted money. And Eric had been fooled, goddamn it.

Eric blinked a few times, trying to compose himself. He shouldn’t have been so surprised, after all. Here was a kid who had broken his window and tried to make a run for it. Still, Doug was very handsome and it was a tempting offer. Eric cleared his throat and became all business. “How about this,” he said, “you come here every day in the afternoon like you’ve been doing, but instead of chores around the house, we spend the afternoon in the bedroom. And we’ll call it even for the window and at the end of each week, I’ll give you 250 dollars.” Eric tried to smile. “What do you say, Doug? It’s a hell of a lot better than you’ll get at McDonald’s.”

“Deal,” Doug agreed without hesitation.

As Doug walked towards him, Eric forgot all about his wounded pride and focused only on Doug’s magnificent cock. Eric held out his hands to Doug. “Can you take off the splints?” he asked. He wanted to feel the smooth skin of Doug’s buttocks while he sucked him off.

Doug took Eric’s hands one by one and undid the splints. He seemed a little shaken by the sight of Eric’s bare hands. His fingers curled up and looked almost palsied. With the splints off, Eric dug his hands into Doug’s ass, bringing him close so that he could lean forward and suck Doug’s dick.

Eric was really enjoying himself, having dreamed about this for a long time. Doug didn’t say much and seemed a little distracted. It took him a while to cum, which Eric didn’t mind at all, because he loved having Doug’s dick in his mouth. When Doug finally did cum, he shot an impressive load into Eric’s mouth, which dribbled down his chin. Eric used the back of his hand to wipe his mouth and wound up getting his paralyzed fingers sticky with cum.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Eric said, looking up at Doug.

Doug nodded and started for the bedroom, forgetting that Eric wasn’t wearing his splints anymore. Eric knew from experience that he wasn’t going to be able to wheel his chair with his hands like this. “Little help?” Eric said, holding up his hands.

“Sorry,” Doug said quickly. He grabbed the handles of Eric’s chair to wheel him into the bedroom.

Doug was obviously very nervous, but he knew what he was doing. Once they were in the bedroom, he gently lifted Eric out of his wheelchair and lay him down on the bed. He carefully undressed Eric, pulling his boxers off over his paralyzed legs, and pulling his shirt up over his upraised arms. As Eric looked on anxiously, Doug pulled out his indwelling catheter. Eric lay on his bed naked, staring up at Doug.

When Doug sat on the side of the bed and Eric reached out to stroke his face with one curled up hand. Doug looked worried and Eric suspected he was afraid of having to suck some dick now. Eric decided to give Doug a break, considering it was his first time and all.

“Turn me over and fuck me,” Eric instructed him.

Doug helped Eric to roll over in bed. Eric lay the side of his face against the pillow so that he could still see Doug hovering over him. Eric couldn’t remember the last time he had wanted to be fucked so bad. He had flashbacks to his first time with a man, nervously presenting his ass to a young male prostitute. Now Eric was the confident one.

Doug had some trouble penetrating him, considering he was very nervous and had softened up considerably since Eric had sucked him off. Doug had to stimulate himself for a little while before he was hard enough. As Doug pumped against Eric’s body, Eric smiled to himself, enjoying the waves of pleasure that flooded through him. Eventually, Doug came again and collapsed on top of Eric, his sweaty body sticking to Eric’s back.

“That was fantastic, Dougie,” Eric breathed. He didn’t have an orgasm this time—it was hard for him and Doug wasn’t all that experienced. Still, it had been immensely arousing. Eric decided to masturbate himself as soon as Doug left.

Doug rolled off of Eric and helped him to turn onto his back. “Do you want me to jerk you off?” Doug asked, as if reading Eric’s mind.

Eric smiled. “That would be great, actually.”

Eric watched as Doug reached over and took hold of his penis. At first Doug was very unsure of himself, but he gradually got into it. And without Eric even saying a word, Doug slid down the bed and began sucking him off. As Eric watched Doug’s tongue rolling over the contours of Eric’s circumcised penis, he had a hard time believing Doug wasn’t at least getting some enjoyment out of it. Mario showed an equal amount of enthusiasm, but Mario was a professional.

When Eric finally came, he looked down at Doug’s face and saw that the boy was smiling, a bit of cum dripping down the side of his chin. Eric smiled back.

To be continued...