Old Man Brody, continued....

School started and Doug came to Eric’s house every single day at 3:30. They fucked for a couple of hours, then Doug would prepare Eric’s food for him. Sometimes Doug stuck around while Eric ate and sometime he even stayed later in the evening and did his homework there.

Later Eric would recall this as the happiest time in his life. He hadn’t had a happy childhood—he never enjoyed school or got along that well with his parents, even when he was young. Then at age thirteen he was injured and his life just got worse. Before he learned to become more independent, he had to rely on his parents for everything; for the first year, they fed him, dressed him, and took care of his bowel and bladder needs. It had been a time of nearly nonstop fighting.

Eric spent his teenage years being homeschooled and very lonely for the company of other kids his age. But by the time he got out of his parents house and back into the real world, he found that he had become very socially awkward and moreover, terrified of approaching other people, especially people he felt attracted to.

Despite the fact that he enjoyed his independence and had a good sex life, Eric had never realized how lonely he was. Doug was the closest he had come to having a real relationship, strange as that was. The sex was the best he had ever had, but more importantly, Eric thought he was falling in love with Doug. Of course, Eric had no intention of ever telling him that.

Doug, for his part, seemed to enjoy the interaction too. Even though he got paid at the end of the week, he was very enthusiastic about the sex and never seemed in any hurry to leave.

Doug continued his housekeeping duties as well. He didn’t clean as much, but he still helped Eric prepare his dinner. Eric had always taken pride in being able to prepare and eat his own food, but acknowledged that it was much easier when Doug helped him. At the very least, Doug heated up the food for him and set it out on the dining room table, but more and more often Doug actually fed Eric himself.

Thanks to the weakness in his hands, Eric needed to be fed at many times in his life, but it had been many years since he had depended on someone to help him with this basic activity of daily living. He had to admit, though, it was much easier and faster (and he spilled a lot less) when Doug helped him. And there was something a little sensual about it too.

Doug gave Eric the first birthday celebration he had had in years. Ever since Eric’s mother passed on, he had let his birthday pass by without taking note. But for some reason, Doug was determined to make this year special for him.

Eric was turning 39 this year—only one year away from the big four-oh. Eric couldn’t believe he was almost forty, and he found the thought mildly unsettling. He still felt pretty young, still being in his thirties and all (even though the kids did call him Old Man Brody), but forty was moving close to middle age. And he knew that as he got older, he would lose more and more of his independence, as well as his health. This was as young and strong as he’d ever be.

Doug was still at that age where he looked forward to each birthday as a step toward being a man. He baked Eric a cake (from a mix, but it was still a nice thought) and put a circle of candles around the periphery. Eric was just grateful there weren’t 39 candles. As Doug brought out the cake, beaming with pleasure, Eric couldn’t help but share in his excitement.

“Vanilla—my favorite,” Eric noted.

“Make a wish and blow out the candles,” Doug said eagerly.

Eric stared into Doug’s eyes as he leaned forward and blew out the candles. I wish I wasn’t paying for this.

Eric tried not to think about the money he shelled out for the pleasure of Doug’s company. Doug didn’t act like he was being paid. He stayed all afternoon and only left when his mother expected him home for dinner. And maybe it was Eric’s imagination, but Doug seemed to be enjoyed the sex almost as much as he did. He certainly had just as many orgasms.

One evening, as Eric and Doug lay together in bed, spent from the activities of the afternoon, Eric posed a question: “Listen, Doug... is there anything that maybe you’d like me to do?”

As soon as the words left Eric’s mouth, he felt silly. He looked down at his naked body, pretending he was seeing it for the first time. He winced at the thinness of his limbs contrasting with his flabby abdomen, his curled and useless hands. Then there was his small penis lying limp against his leg—downright pathetic compared to Doug’s magnificent member. Eric had to remind himself once again that Doug would never be here if not for the money.

But to Eric’s surprise, Doug grinned mischievously. “Actually,” Doug said, “there is one thing...”

Eric propped himself up on his elbows and watched as Doug went to the end of the bed and picked up one of Eric’s paralyzed feet. Doug stroked the sole of his foot, “It’s so smooth...”

“Well, I haven’t walked on them in 25 years,” Eric reminded him.

“Do you think you could?” Doug asked.

“Could what?”

“Walk.” Doug’s eyes were wide and serious.

Eric laughed. “Oh, sure. The whole wheelchair bit—that’s just for kicks.”

“What if I helped you?” Doug offered. “The thing is, I’d like to try fucking you... standing up.”

Eric looked down at his legs. The thought of being on his two feet again seemed ridiculous. Even with heavy braces on, he couldn’t stand up. God knows, he had tried way back when. The memory of standing up was so remote that the idea was almost frightening.

“I’ll walk you over and you could hold on to that dresser,” Doug suggested, pointing to a dresser that probably would have reached Eric’s mid-chest. “And of course, I’ll support you from behind.”

Before Eric could stop himself, he was agreeing to Doug’s strange request. But as Doug helped him toward the edge of the bed, Eric felt suddenly terrified. He was certain he was going to wind up flat on his face. And what if he broke something? With his brittle bones, he might never heal. He didn’t want to be in a cast for a year, or worse, lose a leg.

Doug held Eric under his armpits, with his hands locked across Eric’s chest. Naturally, Eric’s legs gave way beneath him as soon as they were pulled from the support of the bed, but he felt relatively secure Doug wasn’t about to drop him.

“My legs aren’t going to start moving, if that’s what you’re waiting for,” Eric said. He felt his back sticking to Doug’s chest with a layer of sweat.

“Sure they will,” Doug said. He began walking across the bedroom, holding Eric securely, and Eric watched his legs being dragged along. It definitely wasn’t walking, but it was the closest he’d ever get.

When they reached the dresser, Eric leaned forward and did his best to hang on to the top. Doug entered him from behind, but still kept his hands on his chest. It was a good thing, because Eric was having a lot of trouble holding on by himself.

“How long has it been since you’ve stood up?” Doug whispered in his ear.

Eric tried to think of the answer. When he was first in physical therapy 25 years ago, they propped him up for some of his exercises. It was supposed to be good for his bones or circulation or something. Now they didn’t bother with standing exercises. “It’s been a long time,” Eric admitted.

“How does it feel?”


Doug thrust into him hard and Eric groaned. Doug wasn’t afraid of getting in there real deep. He was impetuous in ways that Mario and the others never were. It was good because the deeper Doug went, the more he felt. And Doug’s cock could go pretty deep.

“You okay?” Doug asked Eric. Eric was sweating profusely now and his arms were beginning to tremble.

“Don’t you dare stop,” Eric said.

Doug went until they both came. Eric’s weight became too much for either of them and they collapsed onto the floor, Eric’s limp body on top of Doug’s. Eric wiped salty water off his forehead with the palm of his hand. He rested his head against Doug’s chest, knowing he’d never have the energy to get dressed and get back into his chair by himself.

“Good?” Doug asked.

“Good,” Eric confirmed.

After that day, Eric and Doug began experimenting more. Doug always seemed to have some new sex game he wanted to try out and Eric never said no. Most of the time, Doug didn’t even ask first. Eric liked the fact that Doug was so enthusiastic about being with him. He never talked about girls anymore either. Eric wondered if maybe this experience was changing Doug... and he wondered how Doug’s family and friends would feel about it.

To be continued....