Martin gets home, smiling to himself, thinking of all the fun he has just had with Dee. He pulls in to his drive and parks right up close to the wall on the drivers side.

He transfers over to the passenger side and goes through the normal procedure of lifting his wheelchair over his body from the back seat to place it outside and reattach the wheels etc.

Martin transfers on to his wheelchair and locks the car. He pushes over to his front door and lifts the handle and turns the key to unlock it. Leaving the door open, Martin goes to the boot (trunk) and opens it, letting the boot swing open. He grabs a shopping bag and reaching behind him, slides one handle of the bag on to one handle of his wheelchair, then pulls it around behind him to slide the other handle on the chair handle on the other side.

He repeats the procedure with one more bag, then lifts the remaining heavy bag on to his lap.

Martin moves to the side of the car and reaches up , pulling the boot lid down till it locks with a click. He then enters his flat, wheelies slightly to get up the small door jamb, then pushes in, reaching back behind him to close the door, lifting the handle to lock it as it would be unlocked otherwise.

Martin pushes in to the kitchen and quickly puts his shopping away. He pushes in to the lounge and notices a message has been left on his answer phone.

He hears a familiar voice asking him if he will be down the pub today? Martin phones his friend up to say he will meet him down there in about thirty minutes as it takes that long to push in to town.

Martin has a quick shave, whisking the electric shaver up and down and left to right to get a very smooth shave. He quickly puts on a black fleece and splashes on a small amount of Joop aftershave before heading for town.

Martin pushes in to the pub and sees his friend in the usual place at the far end of the bar. “Hi Keith,” says Martin, pushing up to him and shaking his hand as he gives the bar maid a nod to indicate he wants serving.

Martin buys himself a beer and parks himself next to Keith for a chat. They are right next to the ladies toilet as it is the only one accessible for Martin. Keith has already been down the pub for quite a while and is a little bit drunk.

Another friend of Keith’s arrives and Keith welcomes him and has a quick conversation. Martin notices an ex colleague from work with his girlfriend sitting further along the bar and moves over for a quick chat with them.

During the conversation, the girlfriend, Karen, notices that Martin leans back quite often and lifts his bum off the chair for few seconds. She notices that his legs look quite strong and asks if Martin can stand?

“Yes I can, but have to hold on to someone as to balance,” Martin tells her.

Karen then says, “That’s good, so if you stand a lot you should be able to walk around with practice.”

Martin tries to explain that the spinal cord is damaged and as it can’t be repaired, there is no amount of practice that will change the situation. She did not understand and almost insinuated that Martin was lazy not to be able to walk around as he could stand.

Unfortunately Martin has had this conversation many times in the past. It is always upsetting to him. Specially when these people are thinking they are being supportive or encouraging. It has taken Martin many years to get as independent as he is now, and for some people it just never seems to be enough. He leaves them to their conversation and returns to his friend Keith.

Martin has a few drinks and is feeling very relaxed now. He looks out of the window and is surprised to see Dee go by with a couple. He watches them as they go in to a pub opposite. Martin grins to himself, happy she is out having a good time too.

He considers going over to join her but as it is not accessible and Dee might want sometime to herself with her friends, he decides not too.

Martin has been out all afternoon and most of the evening now, and is almost ready for home. A group of girls come in to the pub. They are all rather drunk. A few of them push past Martin as they go in to the ladies room. Most of them tend to be in their mid thirties.

A couple of the girls stand next to Martin as they order the drinks for themselves and the girls in the toilet. When the girls come out of the toilet, one of them gets hooked up on Martins wheelchair handle. She swings around and lands on Martins lap.

Martin catches her and helps her sit up. “You have a very comfortable lap,” she says, cheekily wiggling her bum on Martins lap.

“Thanks,” says Martin blushing all over his face.

She cheekily wraps her arms around Martins neck and presses her mouth to his, giving him a sensuous kiss, their mouths caressing each other as her tongue teases his lips.

She leans back and says, “That was nice,” and leans forward and kisses him again.

One of her friends suddenly says, “Come on, leave the poor man alone!” and drags her off of Martin, leaving him gasping for air.

The girls move along the bar a bit and Keith rejoins Martin. “You lucky thing,” he says as he pats Martin on the back.

“Thanks,” says Martin grinning back.

The girls all finish their drinks and move off to another pub, the girl who sat on Martins lap giving him a quick peck on the cheek as she leaves.

Keith suggests that he and Martin go to another pub. “Okay,” says Martin as he quickly finishes his drink.

Keith holds the door open for Martin as they leave the pub. He walks quite fast and Martin has to push quite hard to keep up. Suddenly someone comes up behind Martin and puts their hands over his eyes as they nuzzle in to his neck.

Martin twists around to look in to the deep brown eyes of Dee.

Dee says, “ Hi sexy!” and gives Martin a big hug. Dee introduces Martin to the couple she is with. They are standing nearby with slightly embarrassed looks on their faces.

Martin asks them if they all want to join him in the pub Keith has just entered. They all say that is a good idea and follow Martin in to the pub.

The land lady who runs the pub is very pleased to see Martin. As Martin introduces Keith, she comes over and gives Martin a big hug. Laughing Keith says, “Where’s mine?” She gives him a big hug too and a peck on the cheek. Martin introduces her to Dee and her friends.

Dee sits next to Martin as the couple start chatting to Keith and the land lady. Dee reaches over and slowly strokes Martins thigh, occasionally stroking inwards slightly to just touch his big balls, which are tucked in his right leg, resting on his thigh.

Dee leans over and whispers in Martins ear “Have you had a good time today, sexy?”

“Yes, thanks,” says Martin. “I even had a woman sit on my lap and kiss me.”

“Oh really!” says Dee, giving a mock expression of being a bit jealous.

“She was very drunk,” says Martin laughing and giving Dee a big hug with his strong arms.

“Well, so am I,” says Dee as she leans forward and gives Martin the longest most passionate kiss yet.

“Wow,” gasps Martin when their lips finally part. Martin leans back and lifts his bum off the cushion, a habit he has got in to over the years to reduce the chance of pressure sores. Dee is quite turned on seeing Martin thrust his groin up as he lifts his bum. She cheekily places her hand under him so Martin gasps when he puts his bum back down.

Martin looks deep in to Dees deep brown eyes and says, “Would you like to come back to my place for a coffee?”

“Okay,” says Dee giving him a wink and a kiss on the cheek.

Dee quickly goes over to her friends and tells them she will be making her own way home. Martin says ‘bye to Keith and the lady behind the bar.

Martin starts to push along the road at his usual pace. Suddenly Dee gets hold of the wheelchair and says, “You rest your arms for now as you will need your strength when we get home…” She proceeds to push Martin along the road, secretly pleased she can push him as he was starting to leave her behind. His wheelchair is surprisingly easy to push and is even supporting her a bit as they walk along, making their progress easier then she thought it would be.

Martin is feeling a bit self conscious and tries to help by pushing at awkward parts and steering the chair to avoid the inevitable spittle, glass, dog muck on the path.

They stop briefly to go in to a kebab shop to get a takeaway. Dee stands behind Martin as he orders two doner kebabs and chips (fries). They push back home as quickly as possible, the sensuous aromas of the food wafting up to make them hungrier as they head home.

Martin opens the front door and wheels in, Dee close behind. Martin goes in to the bathroom and empties his leg bag and washes his hands whilst Dee puts the food in the microwave to heat it up.

As the food warms up and Dee goes in to the bathroom to wash her hands, Martin quickly opens a bottle of white wine to have with the food. He sets up the dining table, arranging two glasses and puts the food on to two plates. Dee comes in to the dining room just as Martin pours the wine. Dee gives him a quick kiss then sits down opposite him to eat.

Martin looks at the clock nearby and thinks to himself, “I hope I have enough money to get her home…”

Dee notices him looking at the clock and asks, “Am I over staying my welcome?”

“Of course not,” says Martin, slightly embarrassed. “I was just worried about getting you home safely!”

Dee smiles at him and says, “Would you like me to stay the night?”

“Oh wow, that would be lovely,” says Martin, delighted with Dee wanting to stay.

Dee gets up and kisses Martin on the cheek then she heads for the bathroom. Martin starts to tidy up. He puts the empty plates on his lap and wheels them out to the kitchen and puts them in the washing up bowl to soak.

Martin hears Dee go in to the bedroom so he quickly goes in to the bathroom to freshen up. He has a quick wash, shave, cleans his teeth. Martin goes in to the bedroom and gasps. “Oh wow,” he thinks as he looks at Dee already naked on the bed.

Dee gets up and walks up to Martin. “Wow, she is gorgeous,” thinks Martin as he watches this goddess moving closer to him, her breasts swaying at eye level for him.

So tantalizing and erotic. Dee suddenly reaches down and putting one arm behind Martin and one under him, she throws him sideways on to the bed.

As Martin lays there, Dee dives on the bed next to his head and pulls his t shirt up so that it covers his face, his arms pinned under her legs. Martin feels so turned on being under this woman’s control.

She slowly strokes his chest, working her way to his slack tummy muscles to feel them spasming beneath her tender touches. She suddenly pulls the t-shirt up higher to uncover Martins face. She moves her body down a bit to plant her soaking pussy on Martins mouth as she tenderly kisses all over Martins tummy, sliding her hands deep in to his tracksuit trousers to gently stroke his big balls and legs as they straighten uncontrollably with spasm.

Dee rubs her groin on Martins face, washing his face with her juices as she tenderly makes love to Martins helpless body. Dee soon rubs more urgently against Martins lapping tongue. Martin is in heaven. His whole face feels like it is being devoured by Dees pussy. He can’t open his eyes as totally covered in juices, and his nose and tongue are deep inside her.

Martin suddenly feels Dee press down quite hard on his face and feels a rush of fluid flow over him. Dee falls off Martin exhausted, a warm glow seeming to fill her entire being. Martin manages to remove his now soaked t-shirt. As he lifts it off he uses it to rub some of Dees juices off his eyes.

Martin rolls over to face Dee, holding her in his strong arms as she recovers from her exertions. He can feel her heart pounding rapidly against his smooth chest. Martin sits up and pulls his legs up one at a time, removing his shoes and tracksuit trousers. He lays back down and rolls Dee over on to her back

Martin kneels beside Dee then lifts one leg over so he is straddling her shins, facing her. Martin slowly and firmly rubs Dees thighs, working his fingers and thumb to ease her muscles. He very slowly works his way up, being careful to avoid her pussy at this time. Dee is feeling so relaxed. She can feel Martin easing her muscles, giving her a wonderful massage. “Oh this is so good,” pants Dee.

“You’re welcome,” says Martin, continuing to rub her chest and shoulders. He can feel the muscles slacken beneath his fingers.

Martin works down Dees arms to her fingers, then stops and climbs off. Dee thinks Martin has stopped and is very tempted to ask Martin if he will do her back.

She is pleasantly surprised when Martin moves down the bed and starts to massage her feet, working his thumbs in to the arches and bending her toes with his expert fingers. “Oh my,” Dee purrs to herself, closing her eyes, feeling the tension of the day flowing away.

After a few minutes, Martin notices Dee is breathing heavily. He looks up to see she has drifted off to sleep. Smiling to himself, Martin carefully moves up the bed and lays beside her. He lays next to her, happy for the company as he joins Dee in dreamland, his head resting on her shoulder. Martin cuddles up next to her, bringing the warm quilts up over their naked bodies. He wraps his strong arms around her, turns off the lights, and fall’s to sleep lovingly holding her.

To be continued...