Martin opens his eyes and remembers what had happened with Dee a few hours earlier. He can still smell her on the sheets and on his skin and face.

Putting his strong arms behind him, Martin pushes himself up to a sitting position. Using one arm whilst the other holds him up, he swings his legs over the side of the bed. He puts one arm over on to his wheelchair and swings his small frame over on to it, his strong shoulders easily supporting him.

Martin expertly swings one leg over the top of the other, pulling his shin up to put on a sock, then a trouser leg of his tight black track suit pants, followed by a black trainer shoe. He then repeats the process with the other leg. Leaving the trousers around his ankles, Martin pushes in to the bathroom. He does his usual manual evacuation, emptying his bowels, etc. Then he has a wash and shave, regretfully washing off the wonderful aromas of his lovemaking with Dee. “Why didn’t I get her phone number or address?” he thinks to himself.

Martin goes to the kitchen and makes himself a coffee. He slowly drinks it down while watching the early news on the television. He goes in to the bedroom and gets a black sleeveless T-shirt, putting it on, his biceps bulging out the sides. He straightens the bed sheets, not wanting to change them yet as they smell of Dee. Martin makes sure the answer phone is on, then puts the cup in the kitchen sink to soak. He then wheels out to his car parked in front of his flat. Opening the passenger door, Martin pushes as close as he can to the side of the car. He puts the chair brakes on and pulls out a bit of carpet, strategically placed to protect where the wheelchair rubs against the car. After lifting his legs in the car, he places his right arm on to the passenger seat. He swings himself on to the passenger seat, already wound back to lay semi flat, then leans out, leaning on one arm as he releases the brakes on his wheelchair with the other. He lifts up the footplates and takes off the wheels, leaning back and placing them one at a time on to the backseat behind the driving seat. He then folds up the rest of the chair and leans back, lifting the rest of the frame over him on to the back seat. He lifts his legs over to the driver’s side and lifts his body over to the driver seat. Martin moves the seat forward and pulls his legs back, out of the way of the pedals.

He drives his adapted car to the nearby grocery store, expertly using the push/pull controls on the side of the steering column, and steering knob on the steering wheel. As he drives in to the car park he notices women with push chairs pushing from the far side of the car park towards the shop. He groans to himself, as this is sometimes a good indicator that disabled parking spaces are full. As expected, all the disabled parking spaces are taken. Martin has to park over the far side of the car park, managing to find the end of a row, reducing the chance of not being able to get in his car when he gets back. “That was lucky” thinks Martin to himself” He hates having to take up two normal spaces or having to park so close to a car to be able to get out, that he damages his car and theirs. Martin gets his wheelchair out and after lifting himself in to it, pushes across the car park. Thankfully, he is feeling good and it is not raining. Martin notices the cars in the disabled spaces. Only one out of the five he pushes past is displaying the appropriate badges. One is a van with a huge set of stepladders on top.

“So much for a caring society,” he thinks to himself as he goes in to the shop.

Martin pushes around getting his groceries, having to ask a fellow customer on a couple of occasions to pass down an item on an out of reach shelf. Martin stops at some shelves. Taking the shopping basket off his lap, he strains his body over to one side, holding on to his chair with the other arm as he reaches for a distant bargain item. Martin is looking at other items on sale on a lower shelf when a pair of legs stands right by his side. He wheels back a bit to let the woman get to the shelves, and is amazed as he looks up in to the laughing deep brown eyes of Dee.

“Hello,” she says as she leans down and gives Martin a big hug, crushing her breasts in to his chest and smothering him with her long hair as she does. Martin smells Dee as she envelops him and gets a warm feeling like being wrapped in a favourite warm blanket. Nearby customers either watch in amazement or divert their eyes as she gives him a long hug, resting her elbows on his slightly spasming legs as she cuddles him. She feels Martins strong arms wrap around her in response and the quivering legs beneath her never fail to make her excited.

After a couple of minutes, Dee stands up, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek as she does, and watches as Martin picks up his shopping basket and places it back on his lap. They go around the store together, sometimes blocking the aisle with Martin in his chair and Dee with her shopping trolley. Martin wheels up to a checkout with a wide aisle, Dee following behind him.

He puts his shopping up on to the counter and reaches in to his bag under his chair for his money. The lady serving at the checkout assumes Martin is with Dee standing behind him, and asks her for the money to pay for Martins groceries. “You can pay if you want,” says Martin, grinning cheekily at the amazed Dee.

Dee laughs as martin proceeds to pay the embarrassed checkout lady.

Martin puts his shopping bags on the back of his chair, sliding one handle of the bag on to each of his pushing handles. He waits for Dee to pay for her groceries, then offers her a lift in his car.

“That would be lovely,” says Dee.

They go to the car, luckily the bags not splitting and the passenger side is clear. Martin puts the food in to the boot (trunk) then gets back in to his car, Dee watching as he lifts and swings his legs in to the car, then puts his arm in and swings the rest of his small frame in. She watches as he starts dismantling his chair.

“Do you need any help?” she asks, a bit concerned.

“No, I am fine, thanks,” says Martin, “but thanks for the offer. There may be a time when I or someone like me would have been very grateful for the help.”

Dee looks at Martin and says, “What do I do if I ask someone and they are nasty to me?”

“There’s no excuse for bad manners, disabled or not.” Martin then says, “If they are nasty, be nasty back. It’s not your fault. They may be disabled but there there is nothing hard about saying, thanks but I’m okay.”

“Okay,” says Dee as she watches Martin.

Dee watches fascinated as Martin lays back and easily lifts the wheelchair over his small strong body on to the back seat. She is a bit turned on as his legs kick slightly in his sleek track suit trousers. She can also see his leg bag tube through the thin material, and can see the outline of his big low hanging balls. She can imagine his cock moving with the leg bag tube.

Martin swings his body over to the driver’s side and shows Dee where the winder is to put the passenger seat in to the upright position. She winds the seat up, then puts on her seat belt, her hand touches Martin’s as he puts his seat belt on at the same time. They drive along, Dee giving directions to her home. Her arm rests naturally on Martins leg as they drive along. As they drive just talking generally, Dee slowly slides her hand inwards and down between Martin’s hot thighs. Martin gasps slightly when Dee starts stroking then squeezing his cock and balls through the thin material.

Dee finds it so comforting just holding Martins balls, giving them the occasional squeeze. They feel so soft and warm and creamy as she gently fondles him. Martin can’t do anything as his hands are on the car controls and has to concentrate on driving.

They carry on talking, Dee giving the occasional cheeky squeeze, until they get to her house.

Dee says, “Would you like to come in?”

“Yes, please,” says Martin, “but I will have trouble with the steps.”

“I will have to go up on my bum, if you can wheel the chair up the steps?”

“I think I can manage with you in the wheelchair,” says Dee.

“Okay,” says Martin, “just remember to let the wheels take the weight.”

“Okay” says Dee.

Martin transfers to the passenger seat and winds it down while Dee gets her shopping from the boot (trunk). Martin gets his wheelchair out and transfers up on to it, lifting his bum up a bit to slide his trousers up as they have slid down a bit during the transfer, accidentally giving Dee a quick peek of his small tight butt.

Martin waits patiently at the bottom of the steps as Dee takes her shopping in. She comes back and turns him around. She tips the chair back until it feels balanced, then pulls the chair up the steps one at a time, not as hard as she thought as the wheels take most of the weight.

They go in to the kitchen and Martin watches as Dee puts the shopping away. Dee turns to Martin and kneels down in front of him. She quickly gets hold of his T-shirt and pulls it up over his head. She moves round to his side and gently nuzzles his neck, working down his strong shoulders to his nipple. She sucks on his nipple for a while, Martin closing his eyes, enjoying the sensations coursing through his body.

Putting one arm over his shoulders, and the other sliding under his legs, she suddenly lifts him up.

Cradling Martin in her arms, she carries him to the kitchen counter as she gives him a long deep kiss.

She leans him back against the kitchen wall, sitting him on the kitchen counter. Martin gasps as Dee undresses before him, unbuttoning her blouse and letting it drop, followed almost instantly by her bra, releasing her wonderful big delicate breasts. Dee then undoes her skirt and lets it drop with her panties on to the floor.

Dee moves forward and spreads Martins thighs, pushing her naked body between them. “Oh my god, I am in heaven,” thinks Martin as Dee gets hold of his tracksuit pants and slides them down to his ankles. His shoes stop them from falling off his dangling legs. Martin’s feet are now held together by his pants, and his arms are balancing him as Dee kisses him madly. With one arm pinning Martin to the wall, Dee grabs his cock with the other, moving up and down in a blur of speed as she masturbates him.

Martin gasps at the incredible sensations going through his trembling body. He wraps his arms over Dee`s shoulders for support as his cock is ravaged / plundered by this sex goddess. Martin gasps, “Please can I stand with you?”

Dee looks at him with amazement as Martin explains that he can lock his legs with his spasm, although it is not reliable. Dee quickly slides Martin’s trousers over his trainers to make it easier for him to stand. She helps him stand up, Martin holding on to her shoulders tightly as he has no balance. Martin kisses her passionately for a few minutes, their bodies pressed together as if they are glued. “Oh wow, what a kisser,” thinks Dee as Martin kisses her deeply and very sensuously.

Dee`s hands are madly stroking all over Martins body, like a child in a sweet shop, wanting everything at once. She specially loves his tight bum as it tightens with spasms as Martin stands. Soon Martins legs start to give way as the spasm is reducing fast.

Dee suddenly lifts him up, cradling her arms under his tight bum. She can feel his leg’s spasming in the air as she carries him to the bedroom; his arms locked over her shoulders as his leg’s can’t support him anymore. He is totally dependent on Dee now. Martin’s wheelchair, shirt and trousers, and Dee`s clothes remain in the kitchen. Dee carefully lays Martin on the floor and says, “Okay honey, it’s your turn to cum for me.” She adds with a big smile, “I told you I wanted you to cum next time we met.”

Martin takes his trainers off and gets in to a kneeling position. He leans back on to his feet, feeling the strong spasm in his toes. Martin starts to play with his cock as he watches Dee sit in front of him, spreading her thighs and gently stroking her glistening pussy. Martin gasps as Dee leans forward, her breasts swaying as she gently holds and caresses his balls with one hand as she touches herself with the other. God her hand feels so good on his low hanging swinging balls. He can feel them tightening up. Dee can feel Martin’s balls moving around like the body sack of a small octopus in her hand. So smooth and creamy and delicious.

A few minutes later, Dee releases her hold on Martin and concentrates on her body and emotions as she watches Martins leg’s kick. The spasm courses through his body, making his knees lift up in the air as he gets closer and closer to cumming. The more the knees lift up, the more spasm goes to his cock.

Martin’s face is full of concentration as he bites his bottom lip, trying so hard to cum. His eyes close sometimes but can’t resist opening again to see Dee`s sexy body. Martin’s brow gets beads of sweat dripping down with the effort of stretching and masturbating. So desperate to cum for Dee.

Martin is getting breathless now. “Oh god, yes,” he gasps. “I am going to cum!” Martin explodes with passion, his knees up high as he shoots his cum in to his condom. Dee has quickly leaned forward and holds his cock as she feels it get really hard and grow even bigger in her hand as he cums. She can see some of the sperm going down the tube as she squeezes the condom, feeling the different texture of the sperm inside as his cock pulses in her tight grip. Martin falls on to his side, his limp exhausted legs bent behind him. “Oh god,” gasps Martin to himself, his heart pounding.

Dee plays with Martin’s cock, sliding the condom up and down over the smooth cum covered cock. She continues to pull on Martin’s cock, milking him for every drop until he gasps, “Enough, mercy.”

Laughing, Dee lays down beside Martin and gives him a long passionate kiss. “That was fantastic,” says Dee. “Thank you so much.”

“You are very welcome,” says Martin, giving her a tender kiss on the lips. “Thank you for encouraging me to cum.”

Dee helps Martin get dressed and get back on to his wheelchair, after retrieving it and their clothes from the kitchen. “Please don’t get dressed yet,” says Martin.

“Why?” says Dee.

“I want to watch you cum,” says Martin, with a hopeful look on his face.

Dee smiles and gets an electrical device from a nearby draw. She plugs it in and squats in front of Martin. She holds onto Martin’s balls with her hand as she supports herself on the wheelchair, resting her hand between his thighs. Her other hand is busy with her toy as she pushes down on it hard.

Martin leans forward just enough to cradle her swinging breasts in his hands as she rocks forward and back on her toy. He can smell her sex juices as she gets wetter and wetter. She soon falls down gasping as she squirts in a huge orgasm. She jumps up suddenly and lays back on the bed for a couple of minutes to recover. She has a very relaxed smile on her face as she looks at Martin.

“That was fantastic.” says Martin.

“I didn’t mean to squirt,” says the embarrassed Dee.

“That was the best ever,” says Martin, “I have never seen that before. It was great.”

“Thanks,” says Dee with a big smile. “I love you got to cum this time too,” says Dee with a sexy cheeky smile.

“So am I!” says Martin with a laugh.

“We will have to do that without a condom sometime,” says Dee.

“We will see,” says Martin shyly.

Dee goes and gets cleaned up and writes down her address, number, email address etc. As she gives it to Martin she says, “We can meet up on yahoo instant messenger, and I have a web cam too.”

“That will be great,” says Martin, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

Dee explains that she has to go out in a while and needs to get cleaned up.

“Okay,” says Martin. “Thank you for inviting me in.”

“Your wel CUM!” says Dee with a laugh.

Dee helps Martin back down the steps, a lot easier then getting him up the steps. “See you soon,” says Dee as she kisses him briefly on the lips.

“Oh yes,” says Martin with a smile.

She watches him as he gets his chair in the car and waves as he drives off. She goes back indoors to clean up in the kitchen and in the bedroom.

“I can’t wait to talk to her on the web cam,” thinks Martin to himself as he drives home.

Part 3