Chris wakes up early and pulls his wheelchair closer to the bed. He takes the cushion off his wheelchair, leans over on to it and easily swings his naked body onto the chair.

He wheels into the bathroom and proceeds to fill up the bath.

Chris quickly takes off his condom and does a quick catheter. He gets into the partly filled bath, enjoying the water and feeling the warmth on his arms and chest; the rest of his body just tingling with the soft brush of the swirling water.

It's his last day and Chris closes his eyes, reminiscing on all the events that happened on this small holiday. All the friends he made and the sexual experiences he enjoyed, broadening his mind and exploring his own sexuality.

Chris has really enjoyed himself. He really feels he is a sexual person now, a fact that he didn't when he had first arrived.

He eventually climbs out of the bath, reaching over to the far side of his wheelchair parked by the side as he pulls himself out, dragging his legs behind.

Chris sits on one towel, drying himself with another, lifting one leg at a time to dry his legs and feet thoroughly.

He leaves the towels open on the side of the bath. There is no point in putting them out to hang over the balcony as he is checking out.

Chris gets dressed quickly and is about to put the kettle on when he hears Dawn and Fred moving around next door.

Chris picks up the internal phone and phones their room. "Hello Fred, how are you? I'm leaving today and wanted to say goodbye and thank you for a great holiday! It was great meeting you and you are a very sexy couple! Thank you for helping me meet so many others too."

"Thanks, you're welcome."

Fred asks Dawn if it would be fun to have Chris around. She smiles broadly and says, "Yes, please."

Fred quickly resumes speaking to Chris saying, "Would you like too come around for a little while Chris, just for some farewell fun?"

"That sounds nice; I will be around in a minute."

Fred puts the phone down and they quickly tidy up, making sure Chris won't get anything tangled in his wheels and that the bed is clear.

Chris gets into some black corduroys and a light blue short-sleeved button up shirt. He puts on some black socks and shoes. He makes sure he is packed and ready to go, then goes out in to the corridor, putting the do not disturb sign up as he shuts the door.

Fred hears Chris knock on the door and quickly opens it for him, moving out of the way to let him in. Chris shuts the door behind him and says "hello" shaking Fred's hand as he does.

"Hello Chris, you all packed and ready to go?"

"Yes, thanks."

Dawn comes in from the balcony. She is only wearing white panties and looks so sexy.

She leans down, wrapping her arms around Chris' neck as she gives him a long sensuous kiss. Chris can feel her naked breasts press against his legs.

"You look very sexy today. Your corduroys are so soft and that shirt looks great on you!"

"Would you mind if we took some photos of us all together so we can emember you?" asks Fred.

"Of course that would be great," says Chris smiling broadly.

"Well we had better get your clothes off so you don't crease them," Dawn whispers in Chris' ear.

She slowly unbuttons Chris' shirt and Chris leans forward for her to slide it off his broad shoulders, one arm at a time.

Fred has quickly stripped off and is taking pictures, obviously turned on by what is happening in front of him.

Dawn undoes Chris' trousers and slides them down his legs as he lifts his bum off the wheelchair.

Chris reaches out and gently pulls Dawn's panties down over her hips then letting them fall to rest on her ankles.

She kneels down and removes Chris' shoes and socks then she moves back to lie on her back on the bed.

Chris wheels up to the bed and swings his body over to lie on his back next to her. Dawn reaches down between his legs and pulls his big hanging balls up as they are squashed under his thighs as his legs spasm straight.

She then climbs up to Chris' face and straddles him, letting him lick her and hold her swinging breasts as she holds on to the headboard. Fred takes a picture.

She soon cums and turns around so Chris can keep licking her juices as she leans down to suck on Chris' cock.

Fred puts the camera down and joins her in their last feast on Chris' cock. This carries on until his cock is almost red raw!

Chris asks if he can take a picture of them too. "Ok Chris, that would be nice".

Fred lies on his back and Dawn rides him. Chris takes a couple of pictures then reaches under to rub Chris' clit as she goes up and down. She is soon cumming again. Fred cums at almost the same time.

"Now it's your turn Chris," says Fred with a smile.

Chris gets on to the floor and gets onto his knees. Dawn stands in front of him, her pussy still very damp.

She pushes Chris very gently back on his knees so his head rests on the side of the bed. She pushes herself against his hungry tongue as Fred proceeds to masturbate Chris.

Chris soon says in a muffled voice, "Watch out I am going to cum!"

To his surprise, he feels Fred quickly let go and replace his hand with his mouth. Fred sucks hard, feeling this meat morsel grow just a bit thicker as Chris cums. It is only a little amount and Fred easily takes it down, sucking until Chris goes soft and he sucks on his tender soft foreskin.

Dawn climbs off and takes a photo of this very memorable event.

They help Chris onto the bed, as his legs are completely limp and lifeless now. Dawn plays with Chris' limp cock as Fred takes pictures.

Chris holds Dawn to him as he kisses her gently, working his way down her neck, her shoulders and chest, lifting her breasts to kiss under them and briefly suck on her tender nipples.

Fred puts down the camera and lies on the bed beside them. He gently sucks Chris' low hanging soft balls as he fingers Dawn.

She soon cums again and they all lay on the bed exhausted, gently stroking each others bodies.

To be continued