Chris eventually gets back into his wheelchair. He needs to go back in his room and reconnect his condom and leg bag.

He says a final goodbye to Fred and Dawn, giving them both a hug and exchanging email and postal addresses to keep in touch with each other.

He quickly wheels in to his room and after freshening up, puts a new condom and leg bag on. He is due to leave his room soon.

He puts one bag on the back of his wheelchair, one strap on each handle, then picks up the big suit case and stands it on end on his lap. He wheels down to reception, peering around the side of his case. Thankfully the lift is empty so he gets down to floor level very quickly. Chris arranges to leave his luggage in a spare room in the hotel.

Chris goes to Carrie's room and knocks on her door.

She sleepily opens the door but brightens up immediately when she sees Chris. "Hello sexy," she says. "How are you, all ready to go?"

"Yes I am, just thought I would come to say goodbye to you. Is it ok to come in?"

"Of course it is, come in." She quickly steps out of the way, making sure she doesn’t catch her loose night gown on Chris’s wheelchair

"Thank you Carrie for yesterday, it was a dream come true."

"Oh it was mine and Dixie’s pleasure; we had a great time too." Carrie gives Chris a big hug, their lips pressing together for a long passionate kiss.

She sexily removes her night gown, revealing her gorgeous body.

She reaches down and putting one arm under his legs and one arm behind his back, lifts him up and places Chris on the bed.

One at a time she feeds Chris her breasts as his hand disappears deep inside her soaking pussy. Chris soon feels her cumming on his hand her muscles squeezing it as she does.

Chris tries to lick her clean but she is too wet so Carrie quickly goes in to the bathroom to clean up whilst Chris transfers back on to his wheelchair and straightens his clothes.

Carrie comes out smiling. "Thank you for that, you sexy man."

"You are very welCUM!" Chris says grinning broadly. They both laugh and Carrie offers to make Chris a cup of coffee.

They sit out on her balcony for a while, enjoying their coffee as they hug each other, enjoying the sunshine and a chance to have sometime to themselves.

They discuss their lives and the things they have done during their holiday, how lucky they were to meet each other, let alone have sex together!

They have another kiss and exchange email and postal addresses. They promise to keep in contact and be the best of friends no matter what happens.

Carrie quickly gets dressed and they make their way down to the beach near the hotel.

They have a little walk along the front, Carrie helping to push but also resting on the wheelchair for support so they help each other.

They stop for a drink at a bar, watching semi-naked holidaymakers cooking in the afternoon sun.

It is soon time to go as the coach is due soon. Chris and Carrie make their way back to the hotel and sit by the hotel pool waiting for the coach too arrive.

Chris and Carrie have several friends already at the pool bar. They all come over, say hello to Carrie, and give Chris a farewell hug, giving him their contact details to keep in touch.

All too soon, one of the hotel receptionists appears to tell Chris his coach has arrived to take him to the airport.

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