Carrie wakes up and quietly goes in to the bathroom to freshen up and get dressed.

She quietly leaves after gently covering Chris’s naked body with part of a sheet hanging off the bed, being very careful not to wake him up.

Chris wakes up in the early hours, his left leg straightening and shaking slightly with a mind of its own, waking him up.

He sleepily looks around and realizes Carrie has gone. Smiling to himself, he considers phoning her to see if she is ok and just to say hi, but decides not too as she may be a sleep.

Chris lifts himself up on his strong arms and lifts his body easily on to his nearby wheelchair. He has a shave and good wash in the bathroom and gets dressed in to some black and white sweat pants and a black dky t shirt, black socks and trainers.

He makes himself a strong black coffee and carefully wheels out to the balcony with it, switching it from one hand to the other as he goes.

Chris doesn’t feel hungry enough for breakfast and is trying to decide what he wants to do when there is a knock on the door. Leaving his partly drunk coffee on the balcony, Chris quickly goes and opens the door.

Carrie smiles warmly and loves seeing Chris in his dky shirt! It shows off his silky smooth chest so well. The bulge of his balls resting on his thighs looks nice too!

“Good morning Chris, would you like to come out with me today? I have hired a car as I fancied a drive. I thought we could go out for the day and maybe see a friend of mine”. “Ok Carrie, I haven’t made any plans so sounds a great idea. Let me get my cap and sun glasses and I’m all yours”!

“I will get the car ready” shouts Carrie, giggling as she walks out the door, delighted Chris will be with her for the day!

Chris wheels out of the hotel and pushes across the rough ground to the waiting Carrie, standing by a black car parked nearby.

Chris opens the front passenger door and transfers on to the seat, swinging his body in first, followed by his legs. He quickly takes the bag off from under his chair before Carrie grabs hold of the wheelchair and wheels it round to the boot (trunk). She easily takes off the quick release wheels and folds the rest of the chair up. She quickly puts it in the boot and gets in to the drivers seat. Chris has already got his seat belt on and smiles warmly as she gets in and adjusts the mirrors etc.

Carrie and Chris drive along, chatting all the time, never seeming to run out of conversation as they enjoy the hot sun and the country side as it whisks by.

Chris can see Carries breasts through the sheer black blouse and she is wearing black pants too. Jokingly Chris remarks about how they have similar tastes in clothes.

They stop off at a burger king for something to eat and some water. Carrie goes in and gets a take away to save getting the wheelchair in and out.

Carrie phones her friend to see if it is ok to visit. After a brief chat, Carrie turns her phone off and smiling at Chris says, “She is tired but will be happy to see us”.

Chris and Carrie soon arrive at a big trailer park. They drive slowly up the narrow road until they reach Carries friends mobile home.

Carrie gets the wheelchair out of the boot and quickly wheels it around to Chris. She holds it steady as Chris throws himself on to the chair.

Her friend, Dixie, peers out and comes out on to the long deck, which goes down one side of her home. Dixie is slightly shorter then Carrie, and slightly smaller build. They almost look like sisters.

Chris has to transfer on to the steps of the deck and moves to one side, going up on his bum, dragging one leg up at a time, whilst Carrie lifts the wheelchair up the six steps.

Dixie holds the handles of the wheelchair whilst Carrie makes sure Chris doesn’t fall down the steps. Carrie also likes watching Chris get on to his knees and crawl slightly as he prepares to get back on to his chair. God his bum looks so good in the tight sweat pants!

Dixie welcomes them inside and shows Chris around. The inside of the trailer is quite flat and accessible. Only thing Chris can’t do is go through to the bedroom, which has a narrow door. Carrie suggests they go in to the bedroom using the other door which goes from the bedroom on to the deck. They all go on to the deck, and after a moving the bed a bit, manage to get Chris in.

They all have a long chat, Dixie and Carrie flirting a bit with Chris whilst Carrie has some fun on Dixie’s computer.

Dixie suggests they go out with another friend of hers. She phones her friend up and leaves a message for her. After waiting for a few hours, they start to get a bit hungry. They decide to go to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

Dixie and Carrie get the wheelchair down the steps and hold it steady whilst Chris bums down the steps and transfers on to it, twisting his small frame around easily to land on his cushion. They all get in the car and drive to the restaurant.

There is know one else in there so no problems finding a nice table over to one side. They have a lovely conversation, the girls still flirting with Chris whilst they eat.

Dixie is obviously not wearing a bra, a point not missed by Chris who tries to embarrass her by mentioning it Dixie gets even by teasingly lifting the front of her loose t shirt, briefly showing her wonderful naked breasts to him! They look so silky and suckable when they sexily swing under her t-shirt. Even Carrie is a bit shocked by her good friend!

They soon finish their meal and after Chris generously pays the bill, they get back in the car. They get back to the trailer and go back in to the bedroom and see if there are any messages. None have been left so they decide to wait and see what happens.

Chris jokingly teases Dixie about getting her breasts out earlier. Dixie daringly removes her t-shirt completely! Joining in on the fun, Carrie removes her blouse and bra! God Carries breasts look so wonderful and it is all Chris can do not to cover them in kisses right away!

She asks what Chris’s fantasies are and if he wanted anything, what would he wish her and Dixie to do!

After thinking about it, which is not easy to do having two semi naked gorgeous girls next to you, Chris suggests he would like to kiss both their breasts at the same time!

Chris removes his t shirt and the two girls come closer and closer until they press their naked breasts against Chris’s lips!

The girls love burying Chris’s head in their large hot breasts! They can feel him kissing and sucking on them as they press in to him.

They eventually stop, letting Chris come up for air. “That was wonderful you two girls, thank you so much for fulfilling my fantasies”! “Is that all you want?” says Carrie with a lustful cheeky look on her face.

Carrie suggests Chris gets naked on the floor and show Dixie how he cums!

Chris is a bit nervous at first!

Giving him an incentive, the two girls undress completely and get down on the floor in front of him. They sit facing him and teasingly spread their thighs saying “Come on Chris, come join us down here”!

Chris removes his trainers and sweat pants and lowers himself down to the floor, his legs going to one side as he drops down on to the soft carpet.

He does a quick tease, getting on all fours and letting his legs spread to swing his big creamy low hangers for his appreciative audience.

Carrie quickly grabs his silky heavy balls in her soft hot hands and shows Dixie she can be as rough as she likes with them as she stretches them down forever!

Dixie playfully holds them for a minute before Carrie says “Chris it’s time for you to cum!”

Kneeling on the floor, Chris leans back on to his legs after releasing his leg bag from his shin. Flipping the leg bag to one side, Carrie moves forward and starts to masturbate his condom covered cock whilst Dixie plays with his big low hangers and sucks on one of Chris’s nipples.

It doesn’t take long with the attention of these two sexy women for Chris to cum in his condom, his penis fighting the restraining condom as he explodes inside it!

He falls to one side exhausted as the two girls have fun seeing how the cum feels, sliding the condom on his cum covered cock.

The girls help Chris get on to his wheelchair.

Chris awkwardly transfers on to Dixie’s slightly high bed. He is soon joined by the naked Dixie who lays on her back next to him, a small vibrator in her hand!

Chris leans in to her to suckle on her wonderful nipple as Carrie gets on the bed and spreading Dixie’s thighs, uses the vibrator on Dixie as she concentrates on her pussy.

Dixie kisses Chris’s neck and squeezes Chris’s tightening balls as she can feel Carrie slide the vibrator deep inside her.

After a while, Chris takes over using the vibrator on Dixie whilst Carrie has fun with Chris’s equipment!

When Dixie has had enough, they change places and Chris now sucks on Carries nipple as Dixie uses the vibrator on Carrie!

Dixie hopefully requests to see Chris go down on Carrie.

Chris happily obliges, moving down the bed to Carries widely spread thighs, her pussy twitching in anticipation! Dixie moves up to suck Carries nipple while Chris moves down the bed. Chris dives in to Carries pussy and wildly licks her until she can take no more! Chris comes up with a big grin on his face, his face awash with Carries juices.

Dixie suggests Chris should get on his knees and cum again!

Carrie sees Chris give her a look saying he needs a break. She explains to Dixie that all the step climbing has made Chris tired and he will need all his remaining energy to get down the steps. Unlike the girls, Chris is an early bird and the late nights are taking their toll. Dixie is obviously disappointed but understands.

They all reluctantly get dressed, Chris taking a long time to lift his limp legs to get his clothes on. Chris almost falls out of his chair on to the steps and does his final transfer from the steps to the wheelchair, almost falling off the front of his chair! They all say their farewells, Chris saying “Thanks for having me, it was so nice to meet you, and thanks for the fun too”! Chris and Carrie have a farewell hug and they wave to Dixie as they drive off.

When Carrie and Chris get back, Carrie exhaustedly gets the wheelchair out of the boot and helps Chris across the rough track in to the hotel.

Chris gives Carrie a farewell hug, whispering “Thank you for fulfilling my fantasies”!

Carrie says “Your welcome”, kissing him on his lips, still slightly tasting of her juices.

Carrie gets on the elevator with Chris and asks him back to her room. Chris goes back with her and watches with amazement as Carrie immediately starts to strip off! She gets a powerful big vibrator out of her cupboard and plugs it in to the wall saying “I want you to help me cum, I am so hot now”! Chris makes love to Carrie for the final time that night, fingering her soaking pussy until she gasps with a huge orgasm!

“Thanks honey” she says with a big grin on her face”, I really needed that”!

“Your welcome, it was my pleasure!” “I have to go to bed now, I am so tired”!

“Good night”.

After giving Carrie a farewell kiss, Chris makes his way back to his room and is asleep as soon as his head touches the pillow.

To be continued