Chris gets dressed in some smart black trousers and a black sleeveless t shirt.

He puts on his pushing gloves and is about to head downstairs when there is a knock on his door.

Chris opens the door to a smiling Dawn and Fred. “Joining us for dinner?” they say in unison.

“OK, thanks I would love too!”. They all make their way to the escalator. Chris reverses in to the elevator which has two people in it already. It is a tight squeeze. Dawn and Fred quickly walk down the steps and meet him at the bottom.

They all go in to the dining room and Dawn follows behind whilst Chris pushes along the vast side table, loaded with choices of meat, fish, vegetables etc, loading his plate’s with delicious new dishes.

Fred has quickly got his food and is waiting at a table nearby. Chris watches as Carrie suddenly comes in to his view as she joins Fred at the table! She looks over at Chris, gives him a gorgeous smile and indicates a space for him to sit next to her.

As Chris pushes over, he is delayed by a soft hand on his shoulder and a gentle kiss on the neck!

“Hello sexy” says Laurel giving him a quick peck on the lips. “Hi Laurel, how are you two”? he says noticing Vicky standing behind her. “We are fine thanks to you two!” she replies, smiling over at Carrie sitting patiently for Chris at the table, a slight jealous look on her face!

Carrie gives her a small wave back and moves her chair a bit further around, indicating she is waiting for him!

“Bye Chris, chat soon”. Giving him a quick hug, nearly knocking Chris’s tray, they move off to a nearby table.

Chris pushes up to the table and just manages to fit between Carrie and Dawn, who had walked around whilst Chris was talking to Laurel.

Chris squeezes his legs under the table, feeling the girls legs accidentally rubbing against him on both sides. It is a tight fit but they all manage to fit in.

Chris talks to Fred across the table from him whilst the girls have a chat across him, sometimes in front and sometimes leaning behind him for a quiet whisper. Each time they lean in they accidentally rub Chris’s legs with theirs and sometimes REST their hands on the tops of his thighs!

Very distracting for poor Chris!

Carrie and Chris are the first to finish their dinner. Carries chats to Chris for a while as they wait for Dawn and Fred to finish their dinner. Chris spots Sheila and Christine arrive late for their dinner, looking a little flushed! Chris wonders what they have been doing! He gives them a quick wave. They wave back giving him big smiles and slightly thrusting their chests forward, teasing him with cheeky grins on their faces!

“want to go for a walk Chris?” “Ok Carrie, sounds like fun”.

Dawn and Fred join them and they go through the main entrance in to the fresh evening sea air.

They stroll along the sea front, listening to the bells jingling on the boats moored nearby.

Carrie pushing Chris, not because he couldn’t have pushed himself, more as helping each other. Chris is supporting her as she helps him as they slowly , happily , proceed along the sea front.

They stop at a bench and Carrie sits on the end nearest to Chris whilst Dawn and Fred sit next to her.

Dawn and Fred start kissing each other, so Carrie gets ideas as well!! She reaches around and pulls Chris’s wheelchair around in front of her. She reaches forward, wrapping her arms around him as she kisses him passionately! She deeply sucks his lower lip between her lips as he responds by sucking and licking her top one! They press their lips harder and harder together, lips going crazy trying to devour each other! So romantic , sounds of theirs and Dawn and Fred’s lovemaking mingling with the warm sea breeze. The sounds of the waves and the tinkle of the ship bells in the distance. The clear night sky and twinkling stars also make it a very special moment!

After a few minutes of burning off the calories from the evening meal, they walk along to a nearby karaoke bar. They find a nice table and watch a few people have a go at singing.

“I am going to have a go”! Chris wheels forward and starts looking through a list of available songs.

He also gets himself a glass of sangria for some liquid courage!

He finds a favourite song, “return to sender” and waits patiently for his turn, glancing over to see his friends waving and smiles of encouragement.

The couple who are singing finish their song and Chris wheels forward as they hand him the microphone.

Chris sings the song, noticing everyone clapping and singing along with him!

Carrie comes and sits next to him, looking through the song lists as she sits nearby.

There is a round a f applause when Chris finishes, Carrie gives him a big hug and a kiss on the lips too! Her lips feel so soft and almost burning hot!

“Will you please please sing this with me”? “Ok Carrie, I would be happy too, even though it isn’t really right for my voice”!

Carrie gets as close as she can to Chris, almost sitting on his wheel as she wraps one arm around his small frame, resting it on his strong shoulders.

They sing a suitably romantic song chosen by Carrie, hugging each other for support as they sing.

They finish their song. More applause as they make their way back to the table, saying “excuse me” to a couple of people who have accidentally sat in the only path wide enough for the wheelchair to get back to their table.

Fred and Dawn have purchased a huge bowl of sangria ( a sort of alcoholic punch) .

They all drink it until they are all very merry, everyone laughing and hugging each other! Quite a few gropes underneath the table from Carrie. Fred seems to be having fun too, being groped by Dawn! Chris cant see for sure, but it looks like Fred is making sure Dawn doesn’t get jealous!

They all get very turned on and decide to go back to the hotel. Carrie gets hold of the back of the wheelchair and pushes back fast, Fred and dawn having to do a very fast walk to keep up!

They go it to the main reception and pick up their keys. Dawn and Fred say “good night you two”! Giving us a big smile and wink! Dawn gives Chris a big hug and kiss on the lips whilst Fred does the same to Carrie. Dawn and Carrie hug each other and a quick peck on the cheeks whilst Chris shakes Fred’s hand wishing him a “goodnight” too.

Dawn and Fred make their way up the steps whilst Chris and Carrie go in to the elevator.

Carrie straddles Chris’s lap and wraps her arms around him, smothering him with kisses until they reach their floor. Carrie climbs off of his lap and steps backwards allowing Chris to get out.

“I just have to go back to my room then I will join you sexy” she says, giving Chris a last sensual kiss!

Chris opens the door and leaves it on the latch so she can let herself in. He quickly goes in the bathroom and cleans his teeth and freshen up.

He carefully wheels out of the bathroom and turns on the TV before parking next to the bed. He carefully transfers on to the bed as quite drunk and slightly light headed!

Chris undresses as is very warm in the room , especially as he doesn’t really like having windows open as always seems to get bit! He lays naked on the bed, watching the news on the TV, located high up on the cupboard opposite him, across from the bottom of the bed.

Carrie walks in and says “oh you look hot laying there!”

“Thanks” say s Chris, smiling back. She comes over to the side of the bed and only taking a few seconds to undress, quickly joins him on the bed.

Wrapping her arms around Chris, she pulls him to her, her lips pressing against his as she sucks on his bottom lip, Chris’s mouth replying in kind, sucking her top lip whilst his tongue tenderly caresses her bottom one! Their naked bodies press closer and closer together as she wraps her legs around him, holding Chris in her power as she ravishes his body with her hands as they consume each others mouths!

After about five minutes of non stop passion, they come up for air, gasping as they continue to hug each other tightly, both wishing this moment will last forever.

Eventually they disengage their bodies, wet with passion and exertions!

Chris lay’s back as she moves down the bed. She gently bends and spreads his legs, giving him a stretch but with other intentions as the result is his cock soon grows due to the stretching of his thighs!

She watches lustfully as it soon grows to its full size!

“I am so hot now” she gasps, “I am not going to let that go to waste”!

She drags Chris down on to the floor and straddles his relaxed legs as she quickly throws him a pillow to go under his head.

She quickly gets hold of Chris’s penis and steers it to her already soaking pussy. She gasps as she lowers herself on to his condom covered cock, feeling so big and thick inside her body. She lowers herself lower and lower, gasping as she feels his man meat slide deep inside her! In a few seconds his penis is a prisoner , trapped deep in her body, gripped by her strong pc muscles!

Chris rests his hands on her bent knees, trying to support her as she rides his hard cock.

Chris can feel her squeezing him and her wetness on his thighs. He love the feel of her hands on his shoulders as she rides him, and the view of her sexy smooth breasts almost within reach of his tender kisses!

It only takes about five minutes until Chris feels her pulsing around his penis, a rush of liquid over his balls as she falls off him exhausted!

Chris drags his exhausted body over to her and hugs her until her heart beat calms down, gently kissing her lips, cheeks and neck.

“Now its your turn” she says with a wink and a quick peck on the lips. “Ok darling” he says as he quickly sits up and gets on to his knees. She quickly dries the condom on his cock as it is soaking with her love juice!

Chris leans back, His cock getting harder and harder in her expert hand. Chris is soon Cumming in his condom, his knees kicking up with the huge spasm going through his legs!

“You had better get off your knees now you have had your fun” she says with a bit of concern in her voice but also a very satisfied grin! Chris rolls on to his side and she playfully pulls on his foreskin covered cock, milking him for the last of his cum! She loves the squidgy feeling of it in the condom!

Chris is totally exhausted, his legs are completely limp now!

Chris lays on his side, his legs almost lifeless for a while as the spasm has completely gone. Chris rolls on to his front and reaches up fro the front of his wheelchair. He gets hold and pulls the wheelchair to him, the brakes no match for his strong arms!

With a lot of effort, bending and dragging one leg at a time, he manages to get on to his knees again. Chris leans on his wheelchair for balance and support! Carrie gently helps him up on to it, Chris lifting his body with his strong shoulders , whilst she helps his legs, avoiding dragging them on the carpet or the footplates as he lifts himself up. Chris twists around when he gets to the top, his legs slightly slower then the rest of his body.

Chris leans down and reattaches his leg bag strap to his right shin.

Carrie lays back on the bed saying “next time we will plan this, you can do a catheter and I will ride your naked cock, even though you feel so thick with your leg bag tube folded against your hard cock!” she adds with a whimsical lustful smile!

Chris wheels over to the bed and carefully transfer on to the bed next to her. He lays back as she tenderly starts kissing his smooth chest and strong shoulders. She suddenly rolls on to her side and slowly tenderly strokes his straight legs, feeling them spasm ever so slightly to her soft touch.

She lovingly holds his balls in her hands and slowly sucks one at a time in to her mouth, gently sucking and even mischievously nibbling on them, making Chris gasp and his legs spasm more!

She rolls on to her front and lifts Chris’s limp legs over her shoulders! She puts her strong hands under his tight bum, pulling his groin in to her face as she buries herself in a mad kissing, sucking , nibbling, gobbling mayhem of ecstasy! Chris helplessly lets Carrie devour him until she stops, gasping for air, her heart beating fast! Carrie moves back up by his side. They gently hug each other until they fall asleep, Chris resting his head on her comfortable smooth body and soft pillow like breasts. Her hands comfortably holding his low hanging creamy balls, arms wrapped around him, Their naked bodies wrapped together as one.

To be continued....