Chris goes out to the balcony and looks down over the pool. He spots Carrie sitting with two ladies. One is a similar size to her but shorter, about 5ft 6 with blondish hair, 460-470lbs.

The other is a small framed long haired brunette, about 5ft, 110lb.

Chris shouts down to Carrie, “Hi Carrie, you want some company?”

Carrie looks up, beaming all over her face. She shouts back, “You can join us in my room if you want too. Bring some wine with you.”.

Chris leaves his room quickly, grinning to himself as he can hear Fred and Dawn, or he assumes it is Fred and Dawn, having some fun next door.

He pushes quickly to the elevator and is pleasantly surprised when it arrives empty.

Chris gets out of the elevator in the lobby and pushes around to meet the girls, briefly stopping at the indoor bar to get a bottle of wine.

They are just coming in when he gets to the door leading to the pool.

“Hi sexy,” says Carrie rushing forward to throw her arms around him.

Chris can smell alcohol on her breath and she is extremely relaxed.

“I am so horny,” she gasps in his ear. Carrie notices the bottle of wine resting between his thighs on his tight tracksuit pants and jokingly says, “Is that a bottle of wine or are you just pleased to see me?”

“Both,” says Chris grinning broadly.

Carrie introduces Chris to the two girls. The larger girl, who looks almost like Carrie’s sister, is called Laurel, whilst the smaller one is called Vicky.

Laurel gives Chris a big hug, crushing her huge breasts in to his shoulders, whilst Vicky shyly shakes his hand.

Laurel and Vicky go on ahead walking up the stairs, whilst Carrie gets in to the elevator with Chris. Chris backs in to it then Carrie walks in spreading her thighs wide to fit her legs each side of his wheelchair. She puts the bottle of wine to one side, then sits down on Chris’s lap. Wrapping her arms around him, she gives Chris a long passionate kiss, her arms stroking all over his body in a blur of passion and lust.

The elevator reaches Carrie’s floor and she quickly climbs off, cheekily giving Chris’s balls a rub before grabbing the bottle of wine.

Chris quickly lifts his bum to straighten his pants, then follows Carrie to her room. He can see Laurel and Vicky waiting there for them, big grins on their faces.

Carrie presses through the girls and opens the door. She goes in, the girls following her. Chris pushes in and pushes to the far side of the room where he will be out of the way.

Laurel lays down on one of the two single beds, Vicky sitting next to her.

Carrie is busy opening the bottle of wine. She hands one to Chris, giving him a short but very sensual kiss on the cheek. She then pours one for herself and the two girls.

She hands the girls their drinks, then sits on the end of the other bed next to Chris. As Chris is out numbered three to one, the girls spend a lot of time trying to make Chris blush.

Laurel asks what is strapped under Chris’s trouser leg. Chris’s face goes bright red with embarrassment. Carrie tells Laurel it is a leg bag which is attached to Chris’s cock for him to pee.

“Can we see?” says Laurel mischievously.

Chris says “Maybe later” and moves a bit closer to Carrie, letting her stroke his slightly spasming leg.

Laurel is very drunk and horny. She is determined not to be turned down so easily. She gets up off the bed and slowly removes her t -shirt. She is not wearing a bra and Chris gasps as her huge breasts swing in to view.

“Oh wow,” thinks Chris to himself as he watches Carrie, who is not to be out done, remove her top too.

“Ok your turn,” says Laurel cheekily.

Encouragingly, Carrie helps by reaching down and sliding Chris’s pants down. Laurel is fascinated and moves closer to watch as Carrie kneels down beside Chris.

“Ohh that feels so good,” thinks Chris as Carrie demonstrates how to masturbate Chris inside his condom.

“That is a man size cock!” gasps Laurel as she watches Carrie’s expert hands work on Chris’s penis and creamy low hangers..

“Will you cum for us?” asks Laurel hopefully.

“Oh, I don’t know,” says Chris, knowing what it would involve to do it.

“Please?” says Carrie, standing slightly and pressing her wonderful breasts to Chris’s lips.

“Yeah, please,” says Laurel as she joins in, brushing Chris’s face with her breasts too.

“Okay,” gasps Chris, giving in to their feminine charms, entranced by these wonderful swinging visions of loveliness.

Chris says he has to do a catheter. “Can we watch?” they both plead.

“Okay,” says Chris, slightly embarrassed.

He wheels in to the bathroom and fills the sink with warm water. Chris pulls off the condom and puts it in the nearby bin, placing the leg bag nearby.

He gets a plastic bottle and a catheter from the bag under his wheelchair. Chris places the bottle between his thighs, resting it on his pants that are partially down his legs. He then fills the catheter pack with water, lubricating it. Chris slides the catheter out of the pack and slowly inserts it in to his huge eye of his penis. He rests the other end in the open end of the bottle, ready for the urine.

The girls gasp as they watch this really long catheter disappears deep inside his cock. Chris winces slightly when it reaches the final sphincter. The girls watch fascinated as the urine flows through the catheter in to the clear bottle, watching it fill.

Chris has soon emptied his bladder, should now be safe for a couple of hours. He slowly pulls out the catheter and drops it in the nearby bin. He moves to the sink to wash his penis, but Carrie relishes that task, and Chris happily lets her do it.

“Oh, her hands are so soft,” he thinks to himself as she expertly cleans his cock, even pulling his foreskin back to clean under his helmet.

Carrie says thanks and gives him a big hug, kissing his cheek before helping Chris wheel back out of the bath room.

Carrie can’t wait now and suddenly puts one arm under his legs and one around his back. She easily lifts Chris out of his chair and lays him on the ground.

“Oiii,” gasps out Chris before his lips are devoured by Carries. She kisses him passionately whilst her hand grabs his cock. It is soon very hard.

Carrie quickly straddles Chris, guiding his penis inside her soaking pussy. She moans as it slides deep inside her. Carrie leans forward, resting herself on Chris’s strong arms, pinning them to the floor.

Chris is hypnotised by Carries swinging breasts and the feeling of her body sliding up and down, forward and back on his growing cock. Laurel goes to a nearby draw and gets a airplane customer travel pack. She removes a blindfold from it and places it over Chris’s head to cover his eyes.

“Ohhhh.Ohhhhh,,Ooohhhhhh!” gasps Chris as Carrie rides him, “This is so good.”

Chris hears a strange buzzing noise and feels something vibrate slightly against his cock as Carrie presses a vibrator against her clitoris.

“What is that?” he thinks to himself.

Carrie certainly likes it. She lets loose a huge groan and she seems to get even wetter.

Chris feels the tip of a succulent nipple brush against his lips. He tenderly licks it and sucks on this tender morsel as he is teased by these unknown breasts. Chris sucks on it for a minute, then it is taken away to be replaced with another, or even the same one. He has no idea.

Carrie suddenly increases her speed , gripping Chris tightly deep inside her hot body.

“She suddenly yells, “I’m Cumming!” and Chris feels a huge gush of liquid flood over him. Helplessly he lays there as she writhes and quivers on his cock.

He can’t feel hot or cold down there, but he feels the liquid flood all over his cock, balls, down to his anus.

Carrie reluctantly lifts herself off Chris’s still hard cock. She lifts herself up as she moves up Chris’s naked body. Chris can smell Carrie’s juices and it is getting stronger by the second. He can feel her legs, sweaty from her exertions, as she slides up his trembling body.

“Oh my,” thinks Chris when he feels his nose and mouth enveloped by Carries soaking pussy. He happily licks her, washing his face in her love juice. Carrie eventually climbs off, practically purring with satisfaction.

“Okay,” says Laurel, “I want to see him cum now.”

Carrie removes the soaking blindfold and rubs Chris’s slightly numb arms.

She helps Chris on to his knees, giving him a quick kiss and whispering, “Thanks sexy, that was so good.”

Laurel goes in to the bath room and gets something to clean Carrie’s juices off Chris’s cock etc.

Laurel cleans Chris’s cock whilst Carrie gives Chris a long deep kiss. She can taste and smell her juices all over his face. Poor Chris is totally covered. Carrie quickly wipes some juices off Chris’s eyes, looking deep in to their brilliant green. Chris leans back on to his feet, watching the girls as they suck on their own breasts, giving Chris a show for encouragement.

Chris is soon near the point of no return. He gasps, “I am going to cum!”

Chris’s knee lifts up a bit with a burst of spasm, followed by a burst of his own. Carrie quickly gets down and holds his penis as he shoots his man juice. Carrie feels his cock get even thicker in her hand as it spasms, cumming in her hand. She can smell the intoxicating aroma of his cum as she gently and firmly milks his cock, feeling it slowly get softer in his hand.

“Oh, so soft and delicate,” thinks Carrie as she plays with Chris’s cum covered cock, watching his spasming tummy muscles.

Chris looks up and sees Laurel. She is laying on the bed looking at him with a very satisfied look on her face.

“Wow,” thinks Chris, “ She came too.”

“Thanks,” gasps Laurel, “That was a great show, I got so excited I could not help myself”.

Vicky comes out of the bathroom with a flushed look on her face.

Chris didn’t know if she had had a good time. He hoped so as he didn’t want to leave anyone out.

Vicky goes over to get another drink whilst Carrie helps Chris back on to his wheelchair. Chris’s legs are totally limp now from all the hard work. Carrie helps Chris in to the bath room and helps him put on his trousers and shoes.

Chris could do it himself but he thought, “Why not, it makes her happy.”

Chris gets his cock slightly erect, much to Carries lustful joy, then connects his urihesive strip and condom. He reattaches his leg bag and gets Carrie to help pull up his pants, lifting his small frame up on his strong arms to allow Carrie to slide them up over his limp legs and tight bum.

Chris moves out of the bathroom, giving Carrie and Laurel a chance to clean up. He can hear them giggling to themselves inside as they have shut the door.

“Typical girls,” thinks Chris to himself, grinning and remembering the fun.

He joins Vicky for a drink. “Did you enjoy yourself?” asks Chris.

“Yes, thanks” says Vicky, “It was very interesting.” “You’re welcome” says Chris.

The girls come out giggling to themselves still. They are both dressed now but Chris can still see their breasts through their shirts. Carrie quickly puts the blindfold in the sink in the bath room to soak, as if it wasn’t soaked already.

Chris says he had better get back to his room to get ready for the evening meal.

“Okay, sexy,” says Carrie, giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for joining us,” says Laurel, giving Chris a big hug too.

“You’re welcome,” says Chris shyly as he leaves and heads back to his room, feeling slightly light headed from the drink and his exertions.

Chris can still smell Carries juices on his face as he enters his room. So sexy.

Reluctantly he goes in to the bathroom and washes, shaves and prepares for the evenings events.

To be continued....