Holiday part 2

Chris wakes up lying naked on the bed. He remembers the day before and almost thinks it was a dream until he sees the tops of his feet are still a bit sore from ejaculating when he was on his knees. Chris can also see a few of Dawn’s long blond hairs wrapped around the front wheel castors of his wheelchair. Chris puts one arm under his legs and swings them over the side of the bed. Putting one arm on his wheelchair seat and holding the far side, Chris swings himself on to his wheelchair. He quickly lifts up one leg then the other, putting on his black trainers so he can rest his feet on his foot straps, just above his footplates. The straps go from one side of the frame to the other, giving Chris a form of suspension; they stop his legs from spasming and hold his feet on when jumping up and down curbs. Chris quickly slides his dark blue baggy swim shorts over his trainers and lets them sit on his ankles.

Chris pushes into the bathroom and manages with difficulty to get on to the toilet seat. He does a manual evacuation, putting on a disposable glove, and putting a small amount of KY jelly on his index finger. He leans forward, and pushes his finger deep in to his anus, taking a quick breath as it enters his body. Chris empties his bowels with stimulation and manually with his finger. He moves his finger around deep inside until he is certain his bowel is empty. During this time Chris plans what to do for the day.

After wiping his bum clean with wet wipes and toilet tissues, Chris swings back on to his wheelchair and has a good all over wash at the sink. He gets his urine bottle and pulls his shorts up a bit to rest the bottle on them between his thighs. Chris lubricates a catheter by filling the catheter case with water while the catheter is still in it. He carefully takes the catheter out with one hand, laying the filled case in the sink to drain. Chris then feeds the catheter deep in to his penis to empty his bladder. He then puts on a new condom, wrapping the urihesive strip tight around his cock, masturbating to get a good fit, before rolling the uridrop condom over it and masturbating again to make sure it was air-tight. Chris puts his rubbish in the small bin nearby, then quickly has a shave, being careful not to cut himself. Chris rinses himself off, then rubs sunscreen over his neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Chris puts a small amount of aftershave on, then quickly tucking the leg bag in the back of his shorts, heads off for breakfast!

He knocks on Fred’s and Dawn’s door but doesn’t hear a response. He pushes along the corridor to the lift. Thankfully it is empty when it arrives, and he has an uninterrupted trip down to the lobby. Going around the corner in to the dinning room, he sees Dawn and Fred sitting with some people at their assigned table. They both give him a big smile as he pushes to the buffet style breakfast counters. Chris puts a tray on his lap and gets some toast, eggs, peas, and a coffee and pineapple juice.

As he heads for his own table, Dawn comes over and says, “Don’t sit by yourself. Come and join us!”

“Ok,” says Chris. “Thank you.”

Dawn heads in front, moving a few chairs to clear a way for Chris to get to the adjacent table.

Fred says, “Hi, Chris,” and introduces him to their friends. “This is Carrie and Kevin,” he says indicating a couple in their late twenties. Dark haired, Kevin is about 400lbs, same height as Chris. Carrie is about 6ft 1, but bigger in body size, about 460lbs, brown highlighted hair up in a bun.

“Hi,” says Chris, shaking their hands.

“And this is Christine and Sheila,” says Fred, pointing to a shapely curly haired girl about 5 ft 4, 58 yrs old, about 130lbs and another girl, age 32, about 5ft, about 150lbs with mousy straight hair. Chris recognises them all as the four that had “Waited for the next lift” the previous day.

“Hello again!” says Chris with a smile, and they grin back remembering the previous time they had seen him. Dawn makes space for Chris next to her, watching Chris as he squeezes his legs under the table.

“Did you get a good rest last night?” says Dawn with a cheeky grin. “You will probably need your energy today.”

“I did sleep very well, thank you,” says Chris with a big wink.

Dawn slides her hand under the table and gently strokes Chris’s leg while they talk. She can see the indentation where the table is digging in to Chris’s thighs. She loves the feel of Chris’s legs when they spasm, especially when he lifts his tight butt in the air to relieve his bum and prevent pressure sores. Sunscreen makes his legs smooth, too. The other couples exchange glances; they obviously knew what had been going on. After they have their dinner, the couples go to their rooms as Chris heads down to the pool. Chris watches Fred go off with Christine and Sheila as Dawn goes upstairs to change. Chris sits in the shade by a table and waits for the others.

He looks around and sees some girls sun bathing nearby. Some boys in the pool move as close as they can to the girls and make as much noise as possible to get their attention, having play fights and showing off. They are all in their early teens. Suddenly the boys look towards the hotel as someone has caught their eye. They have lost all interest in the girls as they watch someone come towards the pool. Chris looks where they are looking and smiles as he sees Dawn coming towards him, wearing a white bikini which only just holds her chest in. She joins Chris and gives him a small kiss on the lips and a big hug.

Chris says, “You look good.”

Hugging him, she says, “Thanks, honey.”

The boys have moved away from the girls and are showing off trying to get Dawn’s attention. The girls look slightly relieved now they are no longer being hassled.

Chris points out the drinks and Dawn has a quick sip before saying, “Let’s get in the cool water!”

Chris parks his wheelchair near steps that recede gently into the pool, as he can’t climb the ladders in the other corners.

Dawn gets in first, saying “Ooh, it’s cold!”

Dawn’s costume has gone almost transparent and Chris can see her breasts and nipples clearly, as can everyone else. Chris slides his bum forward off the front of the wheelchair; his feet support him a bit. He lowers himself to the floor, the chair tipping slightly forward as he lands on the footplates with a bump. Chris’s arms are behind him, supporting him as he lowers himself down to the floor. His bum hits the floor and his lax tummy muscles wobble a bit. Chris looks at his tummy then at Dawn, as he is a bit self-conscious of it. Even though Chris is the ideal weight for his height, and looks skinny when lying down, his uncontrolled tummy muscles let him down. Dawn just watches him with a smile, loving watching his stomach and legs spasm.

Chris lifts up one leg and then the other, then moves his bum forward and repeats the procedure as he makes his way down the steps in to the pool. He slides in to the pool, holding on to the side as he does. Chris quickly dips his head under water to get used to it. He gasps when the cold water reaches his chest and arms.

Dawn comes over to him and says, “Time for your exercise!” She reaches for his hands and walks backward towards the otherside of the pool. Chris walks with her, his hands on her shoulders for balance as the water supports him. Chris strains to drag one leg forward at a time, holding on to Dawn for balance. They do three or four widths of the pool. Chris can’t help smiling as the boys have moved out of the way. Their faces and the girl’s a distance away are a picture. All their jaws have dropped with astonishment. Dawn can see the concentration on Chris’s face as he bites his bottom lip, sweat beading on his brow as he does his best. After about 15 minutes Chris is exhausted with the effort. Suddenly his legs give way and he goes under water for a couple of seconds. Chris quickly swims to the side using his strong arms, his legs dragging behind. He moves back to the corner of the pool with the steps so he can sit on them. Dawn goes for a little swim doing a length at a time while Chris sits and watches her as he gets his breath back. The boys are watching Dawn as she does her backstroke up and down the pool. The girls are watching Chris with worried expressions, wondering if he’s alright. Chris decides to do a few widths and they are amazed as he does them on his back, using his arms as he drags his legs behind him. The girls stop Dawn to have a chat and all keep looking in Chris’s direction. Chris stops for a rest again, leaning on the steps. He feels comfortable there as he can get out of the pool if need be. While Dawn is chatting to the girls, Carrie arrives and sits down next to Chris.

“Hello, Chris,” she says with a huge wonderful smile. Leaning towards Chris, she aims a kiss on his forehead but misses and kisses his right eye. They both start laughing and Carrie puts her strong arm over Chris’s strong smooth shoulders, hugging him to her and resting his head on her big soft breasts, billowing slightly on top of the water.

“So comfortable,” Chris thinks to himself. “I could rest here forever!”

Carrie whispers in Chris’s ear, “I have heard all about you, and I’m dying to find out all about medical condoms and leg bags. I have heard you are lots of fun and very attentive.” She gives Chris a big kiss on the lips, sucking and licking seductively on his bottom lip as she moves her lips from side to side. Chris does the same to her top lip, their faces locked together in passion. Carrie breaks off her kiss, her heart beating like mad! She gasps, “I am sure we are going to be VERY good friends.”

“What about Kevin?” Chris asks.

Carrie smiles and tells him Kevin is just a friend. She came on holiday with him to share her room and costs. “We both do our own thing,” Carrie says with a grin, diving once more into a torrent of kisses on Chris’s neck.

“That’s great,” gasps Chris in between kisses. Her kisses are really turning him on. If Chris could get an erection just by thinking, his cock would be poking out of his shorts already. Carrie finds Chris’s small tight frame irresistible. She loves his smooth strong shoulders, glistening in the sun. She can feel Chris’s legs kicking out under the water as she leans into him, forcing him back in a flood of kisses. She can’t touch him enough.

“You are so cute,” she says to Chris. “And so sexy”

“Thanks,” gasps Chris, “you are the best kisser ever.” Carrie gives him a quick kiss then gets hold of some tubular floatation pipes called noodles, floating nearby. She leads Chris out to the centre of the pool. They hold each other as they float, Carrie easily holding Chris’s light frame as they press their bodies together. Carrie gives Chris cheeky squeezes of his big low hanging balls and tight butt as they float in the pool, their lips occasionally locking together in long passionate kisses. After a while they go back to rest on the steps again. Dawn and the girls have noticed Carrie’s arrival. Dawn is happy Chris is making new friends. They are all smiles as they watch Chris and Carrie now. Carrie slides her hand in Chris’s shorts under the surface of the water, and examines his condom and balls.

Suddenly Carrie says, “I want to see your cock.” She moves down a step and pulls Chris’s balls and cock out from one leg of his shorts. She examines it closely, then

Suddenly pulls his condom off. With a big cheeky grin she tucks it to the side and plays with his cock. She leans forward so nobody can see as she plays with it. Suddenly Carrie takes a quick breath then dives under the water.

Thinking to herself, “Oh my, I hope nobody sees this” and “hope we don’t get kicked out” she briefly but tenderly sucks Chris’s cock in her mouth. Telling herself, “suck-- don’t breathe” she plays and nibbles on his hard cock and wonderful English foreskin. She cradles his big low hanging balls in her hand as she sucks on his delicate smooth cock. Carrie can feel his cock growing in her mouth, and loves the eye of his penis, made big by doing catheters. She feels Chris’s body really jerk when she licks just inside it. She is only under water for about 8 seconds but it seems like forever.

“Oooh, Wow,” Chris thinks as he feels Carrie`s mouth on his cock, his legs kicking when she licks his eye.

Carrie comes up for air and whispers in Chris’s ear, “Thanks, that was so much fun!” “Thank you,” says Chris with a big kiss.

Hugging Chris to her, Carrie says, “Let’s get out and have our drinks before they get warm. I have had my drink put on your table already.”

They are just about to get out when Dawn swims over to join them. Smiling, she gives Chris and Carrie a big hug. She tells Chris the girls where asking about him and had asked if he was able to have sex. Dawn tells Chris she had told them he never stops having it, he has come down to the pool for a rest. Chris blushes all over and the two girls, loving it, smile at each other. Carrie helps Chris out of the pool, lifting his legs up and back one by one so he doesn’t scrape his feet as he lifts himself back with his arms. Carrie notices Chris’s feet and asks him why the tops are sore.

Chris blushes even more and says, “Ask Dawn later!”

Dawn laughs as she holds the back of the wheelchair as Chris lifts himself up on to it. As Chris twists around to a sitting position his shorts come down. Everyone has a good look at his butt and semi hard cock as he rolls on to his back to pull his shorts up. Chris has to shove his hand down his shorts to tuck the leg bag round the back temporarily. Luckily he has not peed yet. Dawn, Carrie and Chris go over to the table to have their drinks. Chris’s face is bright red and it is not sunburn. He’s so embarrassed!

They laugh together as Carrie fondles Chris under the table, stroking his leg and big creamy balls. Carrie keeps asking Chris why his feet are sore. Eventually Chris tells her, thinking she may be embarrassed.

“I can get hard when played with, or when my bladder is a bit full and stimulating my urethra. I even get hard when having a stretch and spasm goes to my cock. Unfortunately the only way I can cum is on my knees,” he explains.

Carrie is even more interested now! She thinks, “Oh wow, he will keep hard till I have an orgasm or even more than one.” She gets wet just thinking about it.

Chris says, “I had better go up and put yet another condom on.”

Carrie says, “Ok, sexy. I will finish my drink and have a bit more of a swim.”

Dawn and Carrie give Chris big kisses and say, “See you later!”

“Great,” says Chris as he pushes in to the hotel to the lift.

Dawn and Carrie get together in Chris’s absence and have a long girl to girl chat.

Chris goes to his room to freshen up and puts on another condom. He also puts on some after sun lotion, as his legs are a bit red. He takes the after sun with him, putting it in the bag strapped under his wheelchair. Chris goes back down to the bar and sees the boys are back in the pool. They have moved to the shady end of the pool and are talking to Carrie and Dawn now. Chris goes to the bar and gets a beer and starts chatting to an older couple at the bar. The girls walk by and say hello. Chris says hi back as they go off with broad grins. The older couple ask him why is he in the wheelchair and ask if he is here alone.

Chris says, “Yes, I am by myself, but enjoying myself,” he says with a smile. He explains he has just arrived in Ibiza for a badly needed break and that he is 34 years old and hasn’t been on holiday for a while.

Chris then says, “I have made good friends already,” and points Dawn and Carrie out to them. “We do get on very well.”

Chris then tells them how he had a car accident, which broke his neck. He tells them he was lucky it was incomplete so he has use of his arms and partial use of his legs with spasm. He tells them he can’t feel hot, cold or anything sharp from the chest down, but can feel touch, wetness, wind, etc. They are pleasantly surprised when Chris tells them he can get erections when played with, and can cum. Even though he wears a leg bag he has fun, it can come off safely. He explains he is very independent.

Carrie and Dawn come over to Chris with big smiles and both kiss his cheeks. One of them whispers, “Those boys were trying to chat us up, but we prefer men who know how to make a woman happy!”

As Carrie and Chris chat with the couple, Fred turns up with Sheila and Christine. They have obviously been having some fun of their own and look quite flushed. They all come and join in the conversation, Fred sitting next to Dawn as the girls sit next to Chris and Carrie.

Suddenly Sheila says to Chris, “So, I hear you have just tried swinging for the first time!”

“Yes,” says Chris, rather embarrassed. Chris glances at Fred who gives him huge wink and is smiling from ear to ear.

“We heard you were very good,” says Sheila, leaning forward and whispering in his ear. “Thanks,” says Chris, even more embarrassed.

Sheila smiles and then asks, “Have you ever tried bondage?”

“No” says Chris, “I don’t think I would be able to get on bondage equipment!”

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” says Sheila, giving Christine and Carrie a wink. “You should give it a try sometime.”

“I might when I get the confidence,” says Chris, blushing.

Dawn suddenly comes over and says to Chris, “Your legs are getting burned again. Can I rub some sun screen on for you?”

He agrees and she happily gets handfuls of cream and rubs it all over his spasming legs and feet. Carrie, who has been very quiet until now, mentions that Chris’s back is burning too. Dawn passes her some of the spare lotion in her hands and Carrie happily rubs it in to Chris’s strong shoulders. Carrie loves the feel of his soft skin beneath her fingers. She has a bit left so she rubs it into Chris’s neck, giving him a quick neck massage as she does, drawing an appreciative moan from Chris. She leans forward and kisses behind his ear.

“He smells so good,” she thinks. Chris is in heaven having two women stroking his body. They all carry on drinking and chatting for a while, talking about things like sexual experiences and who has tattoos and piercings. Sheila amazingly has every piercing possible. She mentions she has a part time job as a dominatrix. The time flies by and soon it is the afternoon and too hot to stay out in the sun. They all head back to their rooms, Chris giving them all a hug goodbye.

Fred gives him a hug and as he goes off, ruffles Chris’s hair and says, “Have fun today,” with a wink.

The last one to go was Carrie. Chris especially loved hugging Carrie; she gave him the best hug he’d ever had Chris is feeling a bit light headed from the heat and all the drinks by the pool. He goes to his room and freshens up again. He takes his swim shorts off, rinsing them under the bathroom tap before hanging them on the balcony to dry. Chris gets dressed in black tracksuit pants and is going to sit on the balcony when he hears a knock on the door.

“Hold on,” he shouts as he pushes to it. Chris opens the door and wheels back to open it, expecting to see either Dawn or Fred. He is amazed to see Sheila and Christine.

“Hello,” says Sheila. “We thought you may be lonely!”

“That’s nice of you,” says Chris. “How did you know my room number?”

“Oh, Carrie told us,” says Sheila.

Wondering how Carrie knew his number, Chris says, “Ok, come on in!”

They enter the room, Sheila wearing a skin tight T-shirt and shorts, and obviously no bra and Christine wearing a floral top and skirt with a long light silk scarf around her neck.

She is wearing a white bra underneath. The girls come in and chat for a little while, sitting on the balcony with Chris. Sheila notices Chris has a nipple ring and asks Chris if he wants to see her piercings.

“Yes, please,” says Chris. They all go back inside and Sheila slowly removes her clothes. She truly has everything pierced. Chris is very excited by this private show. Christine also likes the show, but she feels a bit left out.

Sheila says to Chris, “Christine is a bit nervous of men and is more into women. If you let us tie your hands behind the back of your chair she may feel more confident.”

“Ok,” says Chris, liking to try anything once.

Christine relaxes immediately as she moves around behind his wheelchair and gently moves his right hand back behind his chair. She ties one end of her scarf to it. Then she gets hold of Chris’s left hand and ties it to his right hand. Now Chris is completely at their mercy. Christine comes around in front of Chris and slowly undresses, never taking her eyes off of Chris’s face. Sheila and Christine are both naked now. They get on either side of Chris, facing him, their perfume devouring him as they move closer and closer. They gently stroke his head and chest with their breast, their nipples getting harder and harder with every stroke on Chris’s bound helpless body.

Very rarely Sheila and Christine brush Chris’s lips with their nipples, letting him quickly kiss them. Chris finds it extremely erotic alternating between Christine’s nipples and Sheila’s with her piercings! After a few minutes, Sheila and Christine take turns sucking on Chris’s nipples, making him gasp. The girls soon think Chris has suffered enough. They untie Chris and let him give each of their breasts a quick suck. They gently hold his head and feed him one breast at a time, only letting him suck when they want him to. Sheila and Christine love his gentle sucks on their tender, soft breasts. Eventually they get dressed, giving Chris a show almost as good as when they undressed.

“Thanks for the fun,” Sheila says as they both give him a kiss on the cheek.

“How did you like your first bondage experience?” asks Sheila with a big smile.

“Thank you so much!” says Chris. “It was great!”

“You’re welcome,” says Sheila and Christine together. They both give him a quick kiss on the cheek, then go off very satisfied with themselves.

Chris shuts the door after they have gone. He can’t believe what just happened. Chris parks his wheelchair next to the bed and swings himself onto it. He lies down on his back and lifts his legs up till they’re bent, then lets them spread eagle to have a stretch and a nap. He is still turned on, so he slides one hand in to his pants and masturbates for a little while, alternating between playing with his balls and masturbating. He has amazing exciting feelings going through his mind.

“What next?” he wonders.

Part 3