The Club

by ukhot20

At about 6pm on Saturday I got a phone call from my friend Carl, asking me to go clubbing with him that evening. I completely wasn’t in the mood and said I just wanted to stay in tonight but, we should go another time…Carl was having none of this and begged me for almost 25 minutes! So I finally agreed and said I’d go. We arranged to meet at the usual place in the town centre at 8. The next time I checked it was 7.15pm! Shit! I hadn’t even started getting ready and the walk into town took at least 20 minutes so I quickly showered, threw a t shirt and some jeans on and rushed out of the door.

I got to the meeting point just before 8, and stood for a while waiting for Carl. Jeez! I thought I took long getting ready! Carl didn’t arrive until 8.20. This didn’t put me in the best of moods as I had been standing in the cold freezing my ass of for over 20 minutes! So we made our way to a few of our usual haunts in the town centre, as I wasn’t really in the mood I wasn’t drinking too much, but Carl on the other hand was knocking them back as fast as he could get served. To be honest I was so bored, Carl is a really funny guy and great to be around but I just wasn’t partying that night. At about 11 Carl was real drunk and wanted to go to a local gay club just outside the town centre, so that where we headed. We paid, checked our jackets in and went to the bar to get drinks, by now I was getting in the mood so I got myself a double vodka and coke and we sat down to check out the talent!

The bar was full of the usual guys that are around on a Saturday night, most of which had their head so far up they’re own ass that they could see their own tonsils! As usual Carl was getting all the attention as he’s way better looking than me, plus I hadn’t really made a special effort on appearance that night. Someone had caught Carl’s eye so he went off to flirt with him while I was left sat in the corner on my own.

It felt like Carl had been gone hours but it was only 30 minutes. Just as I was about to get up and find Carl, the most gorgeous guy wheeled through the door and headed to the bar. I immediately sat back down and watched him. He ordered a drink, placed it between his thighs and wheeled over to an empty table a few tables away from me. He sat facing in my direction which didn’t help as I couldn’t take my eyes of him. He had short-ish brown spiky hair with blonde streaks, dark brown eyes, and some light stubble which really worked on him. He was wearing a black long sleeved t shirt with the sleeves rolled up, light baggy trousers and white trainers. I couldn’t help but notice his very thin legs through his jeans which was kinda sexy. His feet were resting neatly on the foot-rest of his blue sporty looking wheelchair. He noticed me staring at him which made me feel really silly as I had been looking at him since he arrived.

At that moment Carl came back in and rushed over asking me to dance, usually I would but I was so interested in watching this guy that I made up an excuse about going to dance later. I had never told Carl or anyone about my attraction to guys in chairs, I suppose I was scared of what the reaction would be, so I kept it to myself. After I had been watching him for 15 minutes I wondered if he was meeting someone, but another 30 minutes passed and we had exchanged several glances and I came to the conclusion that he couldn’t be meeting someone as he had been waiting so long, either that or they had stood him up and if they had they must be crazy! I desperately wanted to go to speak to him but couldn’t pluck up the courage and I knew that if I did I’d be so damn nervous that I’d look like a murmuring fool!

Carl came rushing over again saying that there were 2 hot guys on the dance floor and that I should go in. I couldn’t really say no again so I reluctantly followed him through to the dance floor and started dancing. Carl was right, the 2 guys were hot but I was way more interested in the cute wheeler, and was worrying that he would have left so I said to Carl that I was gonna go see some friends in the other room, anyway, by now Carl was dancing with one of the cute guys so he didn’t seem to mind.

Thankfully he was still sitting at the same table with a fresh drink in front of him but still no one was with him, so I thought to myself that I HAD to go talk to him or someone else would beat me to it. So I finished my drink, got myself another to calm the nerves and headed over to him. When I got to his table I didn’t really know what to say so I just kinda mumbled is anyone sitting here? Pointing to the empty seat next to him. He replied in a kind voice and said ‘no go ahead, I’d be glad of the company’ and with that I sat down, my heart was beating so fast because I just didn’t have a clue what to say to him.

Fortunately he turned to me and asked my name so I said that my name is Rob and he put his hand forward to shake mine and said ‘I’m Jake, great to meet you’ jeez I really wish I had put on some nicer clothes now! He asked if I was there alone but I told him that my friend was blind drunk in the other room! He laughed and said that it was good that he was here to keep me company then!

I offered him a drink but he insisted that he would get them so I asked for another vodka and coke (only a single though as I didn’t want to go making a fool of myself by getting too drunk!) and with that he wheeled over to the bar and ordered, I watched him pushing his chair, he looked like he had a great upper body by the way he pushed with ease. While he was gone I was desperately trying to think of topics of conversation to keep him interested, I still couldn’t believe my luck, I mean I don’t really think of myself as the best looking guy in the world, but hey , maybe he’s not as shallow as most of the other guys around.

He wheeled back balancing the drinks between his legs in the same way he had before, his legs had shifted and were now at an awkward angle on the foot rests, he put the drinks on the table, manoeuvred his chair into the same position as before and re-arranged his legs placing them neatly as they were before. Watching him move his lifeless legs was a real turn on, I’m not sure why but it is.

I asked Jake what he did for a living and he’s an artist, which I thought was cool. Compared to me being a boring sales rep. we chatted for a while about sports, music films etc and the whole time I couldn’t help myself from staring at his legs and watching him adjust himself in the chair, I think he must have noticed because a while later he said ‘in case your wondering, I had a diving accident 6 years ago’. I didn’t really know what to say, I didn’t want to say i'm sorry because he seemed fine with it and I’m sure he wouldn’t want any pity.

Around 12.30pm he said that he needed to go as he had to be up early the next day, I couldn’t believe how fast the night had gone. I so desperately wanted to get to know him more so I asked him if he’d like to meet up again, much to my surprise he said ‘I’d love to, it’s been great talking with you Rob’ then he tapped his phone number in to my mobile and I said I’d call soon. And with that he leaned over, and kissed me on the cheek which made me so freaking horny! And with that he gave a beautiful smile and wheeled away and out of the far doorway. Boy was I glad that Carl had dragged me out that night! Luckily Carl was also ready to leave and was bragging that he had got several phone numbers from guys, but I was just so happy with Jake’s, wow what a night!

So the next day I sent Jake a well thought through message simply saying ‘ hey Jake, Rob here, you fancy meeting tonight?’ soon after I received a reply saying that he’d love to and that we should meet at a little Italian Restaurant in town….Boy I couldn’t wait until 8pm!

To be continued...