The Club, Part 2

I spent the whole day swinging between disbelief that I had met a wheeler who appeared to be interested in me, and nerves like I’d never felt before. I was desperate to make a good impression, not just because he was what I’d always wanted, but because in the brief time I spent with him he seemed a real nice guy.

I went to the local shopping centre at lunchtime to find something nice to wear for my date with Jake that evening. I browsed the shops for a while until I found a smart/casual dark blue shirt that I liked, plus I thought I should wear a shirt as we were going to eat in a nice restaurant. So I headed home, did all the usual things like shower, shave, etc.

At about 6pm I sent Jake another text message checking that he was still on for 8pm and the reply came back saying ‘yeah, really looking forward to it’. So 7.30pm arrived and I headed down to the restaurant. I had made more of an effort this time and was dressed to impress! On arrival at the restaurant, I asked for a table that was in a suitable place for a wheelchair user, so I was shown to a table for two by the window at the rear, a nice seat which had a great view of the park. The waiter removed one of the chairs to leave space for Jake’s wheelchair.

I looked at my watch and it was 7.50, it seemed to take hours to get to 8’o clock, but when Jake hadn’t arrived at 8.15 I was starting to get a little worried that he wasn’t coming, but at that moment I got a text message from him explaining that he was running late and would be another 10 minutes. So Jake arrived shortly after and I waved to signal where I was. I watched him weave through the tables and chairs with ease, he handled his chair so well and looked absolutely gorgeous. He was wearing a fitted white shirt with black pinstripe trousers and polished black shoes. He looked truly stunning. Yet again I got a wave of nerves as he reached the table but tried my hardest to keep my cool.

Jake apologised for his lateness and explained that it was because in his words ‘ some unworthy dicks’ had used all the disabled parking spaces so he had to park on a side street and wheel down here which was quite far. But nevertheless he was here now so we could start our evening. The waiter came over to ask if we would be needing any wine, so we ordered bottle of house red. We ordered food at the same time, I had brushetta followed by tortellini and Jake also had brushetta but followed his with cannelloni.

We began talking about the day we had had and it turns out that Jake was in the shopping centre at lunchtime too. I’m glad I didn’t bump into him as I would have been a murmuring wreck! At least I had all day to prepare myself for the evening so an unexpected meeting would have thrown me off balance! Jake asked me to explain more about what I do for a living so I told him that I’m a sales rep for a small electronics and technology company in town mainly specialising in pc’s and laptops. He joked that he was rubbish with computers so I would be able to teach him a thing or two!

The starters arrived and we tucked in continuing conversation throughout the meal, he told me that he was currently working on a set of sculptures for the local library and that I should go see some of his drawings sometime. Judging by this invite I must have been making a good impression. We quickly polished off the first bottle of wine and were on to our second, the wine was easing my nerves and thankfully the conversation was flowing smoothly.

Again I found myself glancing at his legs frequently, which were neatly placed on the navy blue footrest of his wheelchair, thinking to myself how much I was dying to reach out and touch them just to see what they feel like. Just as we finished the main course Jake said that he needed to use the bathroom and excused himself from the table. So off he wheeled to the disabled toilet, I couldn’t help but notice his broad strong shoulders as he pushed himself through the restaurant.

Around 5 minutes later he arrived back at the table. He asked if I had ever dated a guy in a wheelchair before and I told him that I hadn’t. he said that he’s had trouble in the past finding a boyfriend as he didn’t have much confidence and was scared of people’s reaction to his chair, so he was glad that I made the first move in the club. At this moment Jake’s left leg began to spasm quite violently, he looked embarrassed and explained that this happed occasionally and tried to control it by pressing firmly on to his leg, I reassured him that it was fine and after a few minutes the spasm seemed to stop. But a few seconds later it happened again, this time much more violently, so much so that his knee hit the table causing his glass of red wine to spill down his white shirt.

‘Shit!’ he shouted as he tried to soak up some of the wine but it was too late and the wine had caused a nasty red stain. By now people had started to look and Jake was looking more and more embarrassed and said that he needed to leave, plus we had finished our meal anyway. So we got the bill, and headed out. After we had been outside a few moments the spasm ceased and Jake apologised for what had happened but I told him that it was fine, and not a problem at all.

‘My god’ Jake said, ‘I didn’t realise how much I had drank, I’m over the limit to drive, I’ll have to get a taxi’.

So we headed down to our local taxi rank and Jake asked if they had any suitable for a wheelchair user. But unfortunately they said that their 1 accessible vehicle was out of action. The only other taxi rank was a few miles out of our way. ‘Oh crap, what am I gonna do’ said Jake, Before I even thought I said ‘hey you could stay at mine for the night and collect your car in the morning’.

After a few moments thinking Jake asked if I was sure that would be ok and he was sorry for causing inconvenience. I said it was cool and that I’d be glad of the company. So we headed back to my apartment, thankfully I lived in an apartment block that was wheelchair accessible as there were quite a few elderly residents, so accessibility wouldn’t be a problem.

Jake wheeled beside me as we took the short walk back home, we went down by the river bank, which was illuminated with Christmas lights as we were in late November. On arrival back at the apartment Jake wheeled up the ramp to the front door with ease, by now he was wearing pushing gloves to stop him from getting blisters, I also found them real sexy as I watched him wheel toward me as I held the door open for him. We got in the lift and went up to floor 3 and to my apartment, number 56a. I invited him in, apologising for the mess quickly scooping up some t shirts and underwear that were on the floor so they weren’t in his way. I showed him through to the lounge and made us some coffee.

I went to the kitchen to fetch a damp cloth and without asking I knelt down next to Jake’s wheelchair and began gently rubbing the wine stain on Jake’s upper torso. He looked a little shocked at first but then thanked me, I could feel his firm upper body through the shirt which made me real horny. The stain wasn’t budging and he said that maybe it would help if he took if off and we soaked it for a while. So he removed his shirt to reveal a stunning, much tanned, well toned body with great muscles and a smooth chest. This sent me into overdrive and I got such a huge erection. I hope he didn’t notice as I got back on my feet and headed to the kitchen. I watched him as I filled up the sink with water to soak the shirt, he looked amazing, sitting there topless in his chair rearranging his legs.

I walked back through to the lounge and told Jake that I’d get him one of my shirts for him to borrow. So I grabbed a grey vest and handed it to him, I watched him pull it over his head and down over his firm body, it was fairly tight on him as he was much broader than me. He was still wearing his pushing gloves which made him look real hot.

It was still fairly early so we decided to watch a film, it was an old black and white thriller film. Jake transferred from his wheelchair to the couch. Watching him transfer and move his lifeless skinny legs was such a turn on I wanted to pounce on him but had 2 hold myself back so as not to ruin things. I wheeled his chair over to the corner and joined him on the couch, the film was fairly dull and about half way through Jake said that he was tired and asked if I’d mind if he hit the sack, I agreed that we should get some sleep.

Jake transferred back to his chair and I showed him through to the guest room which thankfully was all ready made up. I asked if he needed anything but he didn’t, and with that I wished him goodnight and headed to bed myself. I lay awake for hours dreaming of joining Jake in the spare room, being next to him, felling his strong toned body against mine, stroking his ever thinning legs and caressing his solid upper body. At about 2.30am I was still awake and decided to get a glass of water. On my way past the spare room I could see Jake lying there in bed. His clothes were neatly folded on his wheelchair next to the bed. The room was illuminated with an orange glow from the street lamp across the road.

I stood there for a few minutes just watching him breath, watching the soft sheets rise with every breath he took. I fetched the water and headed back to bed but on my way through the lounge I knocked some books over and caused a loud crash. I heard Jake stirring and went through to apologise for waking him. He said it’s ok as he couldn’t really sleep anyway. I told him that I couldn’t either. I said ‘anyway, I guess I’ll head back to bed’, but he stopped me and said ‘hey why don’t you join me in here for a while, as we can’t sleep we may as well keep each other company’. I couldn’t resist the offer and joined him on the bed. We lied there in darkness laughing and chatting about nothing in particular. A while later the talking stopped and I felt Jake slide his hand over my chest, I turned to look at him and he gave me a sexy smile and leant towards me…

To be continued...