He was about to cave. I was so damn close, I could feel it. Bryce was hanging on to the edge of the bed like he was clinging to a life preserver, looking between the both of us. As if he had any choice at this point, right?

“I’ve never done anything like this before, Nick,” Bryce confessed in a tiny voice.

No fucking kidding. I looked into his eyes, real sincere. “Me either,” I said.

Sarah rolled her eyes and I could’ve killed her. I guess it could have been worse. She could have giggled. She was doing me a favor by being here anyway, because everyone in the university knew Bryce had a hard-on for her. Sarah put a hand on Bryce’s knee, really working it. “It’ll be totally okay,” she said, “because we’ll be doing this together.”

Sarah kissed Bryce on the mouth. That was the last physical contact she was going to have with him before she turned him over to me. That was our deal. It was a major sacrifice on Sarah’s part to kiss a guy, but she owed me big because I had done the same thing for her last year with Mindy Jensen. Also, because Sarah is so fucking cool, she’s willing to do shit like this for me. That’s what I call a really good fucking friend.

I was unzipping Bryce’s pants as Sarah was kissing him. As I took his rock hard cock in my hand, I couldn’t help but think this was worth all the shit I had gone through to get him here. Straight guys—so fucking sexy. Acting like they don’t want it, but really they’re just waiting for someone like me to come along and fuck their brains out like no girl would. It’s easy for me too. I’m a good looking guy but I don’t seem gay (or so I’ve been told by many surprised people). So I can milk the “friend” angle for all it’s worth and lie through my teeth until they figure out what I’m really after.

I took Bryce’s cock in my mouth. I was glad to see he still had his foreskin. Being born to Jewish parents, the first thing they did when I came out of the womb was cut me. I always sort of resented that they made that kind of decision for me about my own dick. I prefer guys who are uncut—seems more primal and they’re generally more sensitive. They enjoy what I do more, and maybe it’s my imagination, but they’re less likely to freak out after they realized what they just did. As Bryce moaned, I felt Sarah’s hand on my shoulder. “I’m outta here, Nicky,” she whispered.

Then it was just me and Bryce, who was having the best goddamn sex of his whole life.


I tried to stay low profile. Although I was in my senior year of college and our school isn’t that big, most people in my class didn’t know me. And therefore, didn’t know what I was after. Sarah called me a predator and I kind of have to agree with that. But you know what? Most guys are predators and if they tell you otherwise, they’re full of shit. I just happen to be really fucking good at it.

Sarah Conti was my best friend and also my girlfriend as far as our families were concerned. The way we met was I was leaving some dumbass freshman mixer and I saw this cute goth chick standing outside alone, smoking a joint. I hadn’t scored any weed since college had started a few weeks earlier and she was willing to share. We got to talking and it turned out not only did we have a shitload in common, but we lived on the same floor of the same dormitory. We started hanging out together and eventually people got to thinking we were a couple... or at least that we were fuck buddies. We never corrected them. I figured it made it easier for me to get into the pants of the straight guys I lusted after. And Sarah just figured, fuck it, it was easier than telling her parents the truth.

I would have stayed away from the gay and lesbian community entirely, but Sarah convinced me to join our school’s G & L organization GLASS (Gays, Lesbians, And Straight Supporters). I fucking hated GLASS. It was run by the biggest moron in the school, Kyle Baron, who I can’t believe ever got laid. Kyle was the biggest cocksucker I know and I don’t mean that in a good way. Kyle hated me on principle because I go after casual sex with “straight” guys. Sorry, we can’t all be in committed relationships. I mean, this is freakin college, live a little.

The day after I fucked Bryce’s brains out, Sarah forced me to go to a GLASS meeting. “There are a lot of important things going on,” Sarah said and I wanted to puke. I don’t know how she got so fucking political minded. But I couldn’t exactly say no after what she had done for me yesterday.

When I walked into the room, Kyle made a show like he was so fucking delighted to see me. “Nick, I’m so glad you could join us,” Kyle said.

“Yeah, what a thrill,” I said and Sarah dug one of long black nails into my arm.

I hate it when people make the mistake of thinking that because I’m gay, I care about any of this bullshit. I don’t. Every time anyone starts going on about G & L rights, my eyes roll up in my head. It’s fucking boring. I don’t care if I can get married in State X because I have no interest in getting married and I don’t care if anyone else can. And if that makes me a bad homosexual, too fucking bad. All I want to do is what I have to do to keep living the way I want. My parents got worried about me in high school, so in college I brought Sarah home and told them she was my girlfriend. It got them off my case. Someone like Kyle would say they should accept me the way I am, but to be perfectly honest, I feel better about my parents not knowing anything about my sex life.

I don’t care if I can march in a fucking parade. I’d never even march in a parade because then guys like Bryce would see me and it would make it damn near impossible to get him into bed. I guess that’s why Kyle hated me.

Kyle started going on about how we should take action against the administration because of the low wages of dining hall workers. You might be asking yourself what this has to do with G & L, and the answer is not a fucking thing. Stupid goddamn boring GLASS. Right in the middle of speech, I pulled out a joint and tried to light up, but Sarah yanked it out of my mouth before I could get the damn thing lit.

“Nicky, don’t you fucking dare,” Sarah hissed in my ear.

“What? This is boring,” I pointed out.

Kyle shot a dirty look in my direction. He cleared his throat really loudly. “Some of you may have heard about the problem we’ve been having with the Christian Students Association.”

I laughed out loud. I couldn’t help it. It was like the most obvious statement of the century that CSA had a problem with us.

Kyle ignored me like he always did. “They want us to move our meeting place. They feel that because the day care for children of graduate students is in the next room, we shouldn’t meet here. They think we’re going to corrupt the children or something.”

“That’s bullshit!” Sarah cried. “What the hell do they think we do here?”

“Yeah, if only they knew,” I muttered under my breath.

“I talked to Jared Alden yesterday,” Kyle said. “He says they feel very strongly about this. They want us out now and they’re prepared to take action.”

“Who’s Jared Alden?” I whispered to Sarah.

“He’s president of CSA,” Sarah whispered back. “God Nicky, do you even go to this school?”

Christians. I never got them. And not just because I’m a damn Jew. I never got why they felt they had to impose their morals on the rest of us. I mean, I’m gay but I don’t feel like all other guys should... well, that’s a bad example. My freshman roommate was a religious Christian and he was always telling me about how I was going to hell. I’m still not sure if it was because of not believing in Jesus or because of the sodomy thing.

“So what are we going to do?” Kyle said. “Any ideas?”

Everyone in the room seemed to have ideas, although most of them seemed to involve fucking Christians in the ass. Sarah volunteered to speak with Melissa Knox, our student body president. According to Sarah, Melissa was “the hottest girl in the school and a total bitch.” I didn’t know this, but Melissa was a big kahuna in CSA too, apparently.

I guess I can understand why everyone got so fired up, but I still couldn’t make myself care all that much. So we moved to a new meeting place... big fucking deal. Sarah and I walked home from the meeting together to the apartment we had been sharing platonically for a year now. I brought home guys, she brought home chicks, our parents paid the bills. On the way home, Sarah kept talking about Melissa Knox. The more Sarah told me she hated Melissa’s guts, the more I had the impression Melissa got her all wet. I don’t think Sarah’s ever fucked a girl she hasn’t hated. It’s part of the whole goth thing.

“What are we bothering with this Melissa for anyway?” I asked. “I thought you said Jared Alden was president of CSA. Give me an hour with this Jared guy and I’ll have him seeing my way. Trust me.”

Sarah poked me with her black fingernail. “Jared Alden and Melissa Knox are engaged. I get the feeling Jared is a reasonable enough guy, but Melissa’s got him whipped into seeing her way. And Melissa’s on a huge power trip. She’s the student body president, head of the chorus, all the goody-goody bullshit. God, I fucking hate her!”

“I’ll help you,” I offered.

“Yeah?” Sarah seemed shocked.

“Sure, anything for my fake girlfriend,” I said. I never got involved with shit, so Sarah had good reason to be surprised. I don’t even know why I volunteered. I guess I was feeling bored with my life and I wanted to shake things up a bit. Maybe I wanted to help Sarah with something obviously meaningful to her. After all, there’s more to life than sucking dick. Or so I’ve heard.


Melissa Knox and Jared Alden were supposed to be at the fall formal, so Sarah and I decided to go. Ordinarily, we’d never be caught dead at an event like that. Some guys in GLASS go, just to make a statement that you can go to a formal with another guy. I could care less about making a statement—I fucking hate wearing a tux.

But even so, I laid out the dough and rented a tux and Sarah wore one of her many many black dresses. “Isn’t the goth thing getting a little old?” I asked her as she changed right in front of me. Sarah likes to flaunt her nakedness with me, trying to give me a hard-on, as if she could. (“I bet you’re a little bit bi.”) I’ve seen Sarah naked a lot now. Great body, but my dick doesn’t agree.

“You look so fucking hot in a tux, Nicky,” Sarah said. “The straight girls will be all over you. Maybe you should talk to Melissa.”

“Nah, I hate women.”

“No, you don’t. I hate men.”

We showed up at the formal fashionably late, playing the role of the couple, like we always do. My parents love Sarah, even though she’s no nice Jewish girl. I think they were getting very suspicious of me when I was in high school, considering I’m good looking and outgoing, but I never had a girlfriend or showed any interest in a girl. My little fake relationship with Sarah has saved me the trouble of coming out to them for the last three years. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the balls to bring a guy home with me.

The formal was in a large ballroom. The center of the room was dedicated to dancing and there were tables for people to sit and eat the hors d’oerves. There wasn’t one person in the whole room I was interested in talking to. It was all a bunch of fucking jocks and their girlfriends.

“That’s Melissa,” Sarah said, nudging me. She was pointing to a blonde girl sitting at one of the tables. I’m no heterosexual, but I thought Melissa Knox was probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in real life. She was the typical all-American cunt, looking very healthy and well-scrubbed. I could see why Sarah felt the way she did about this girl.

But it wasn’t Melissa that got my attention—it was the guy sitting next to her. I’ve fucked a lot of guys in college, I admit I’m a huge slut, but I wanted to fuck this guy worse than anyone I’ve ever seen. He was great looking, but in addition to that, he was my exact type... and before that moment, I didn’t even know I had a type.

“And that’s Jared Alden,” Sarah said. She seemed amused. “You see something you like, tiger?”

“He’s fucking amazing,” I managed to say. “He’s...” My jaw dropped open as Jared Alden backed away from the table. Jared was sitting in a wheelchair. “He’s crippled?”

Sarah laughed. “You don’t miss a thing, do you Nicky?”

I watched Jared and Melissa talking together. I knew I was staring, but I was past giving a shit. Jared was great looking from the waist up. The rest of him was hidden by the table and I was getting freaked out just thinking about it. I had never been with a guy who was disabled. I had never even known someone who was disabled.

We got our opportunity when Melissa deserted Jared for the dance floor. I thought that was a pretty shitty thing for her to do. I mean, the poor guy couldn’t dance, so she goes off and dances with some other guy. But whatever, that’s their business. Sarah headed for Melissa and I walked over to Jared’s table, where he was now sitting alone.

As I got closer to Jared, I could see he was ever hotter close up than he was from across the room. Even so, the guy was in a wheelchair and I was impressed he was engaged to a girl as attractive as Melissa. I guess Jesus brings people together.

“This seat taken?” I asked Jared. When he smiled up at me, I swear I felt my briefs tighten.

“Go right ahead,” Jared said.

I sat down, but for some reason, I couldn’t work up the never to say anything. I sat there, wringing my hands like some fucking kid on a first date. “I’m Nick,” I said lamely.

“Nick Eisman, right?” Jared smiled at my surprise. “I’m Jared Alden. But I guess you know that.”

I nodded.

“I suppose you’re here to talk about the GLASS meetings,” Jared said. He was very calm, looking me straight in the eyes and smiling the whole time. “I understand you’re concerned, but CSA feels very strongly about this matter. It’s nothing against your group, but the day care that the professors and grad students use for their kids is right next door. Melissa and I feel that—”

“How do you know who I am?” I interrupted him. It was driving me fucking nuts that he knew me.

Jared leaned forward. “Between you and me, Nick, there has been more than one member of CSA who joined up after an... experience with you.”

So I was turning guys Christian now? Wow. I didn’t know how to feel about that. “You must think I’m a real piece of shit.”

Jared shook his head. “I don’t.”

What the fuck? This wasn’t what I expected at all from the president of the Christian Students Association. He didn’t even look offended by my swearing. This guy was too damn understanding and it was obvious he was no fanatic. He was just a nice, normal guy. “Why can’t you walk?” I asked him. Okay, I’m an asshole for asking, but I wanted to know more than anything, and I also wanted to see if I could break his cool.

But Jared took it like a man. “I was in a car accident when I was ten,” he explained, still looking me in the eyes, still real calm. “I injured my spinal cord and I have no sensation or movement below the level of my belly button.”

What Jared was saying sounded very rehearsed. I guess he got asked shit like this a lot and he was used to it. Me, I was still determined to fuck with him. “Can’t feel anything?”

Jared shook his head.

“Even your dick?” I asked that way too loud. A couple of people looked over.

I thought for sure Jared would react to that, but instead he surprised the crap out of me by actually smiling. “That’s right.”

“Holy fucking shit,” I said. “Are you fucking kidding me? You mean you can’t have sex?”

Jared folded his arms. “Nick, there are other more important things in life than sex. I feel sorry for you that you don’t know that.”

Okay, now he was beginning to sound like a Christian. “You’re just saying that because you never had sex,” I said. “If you got laid...”

“That’s not important to me,” Jared said.

He sounded so fucking sincere, I almost believed it. I mean, I know these religious people wait till marriage and all that crap... but to never get laid ever? Jared had to be lying. “And your... uh, fiancee Melissa is okay with this?”

“Melissa and I share everything in our lives,” Jared said. “Our love goes beyond the physical act.”

That just bust me up. I mean, who talks like that? Maybe Jared was a nice guy, but he was definitely either lying to me or lying to himself. There was no way he could be okay with spending his life as a virgin. I just didn’t buy it. Maybe there are some psycho priests out there who can do it, but not a regular guy like Jared, Christian or not.

Jared shouldn’t have been with a girl like Melissa. She was too fucking chaste. He needed someone to show him how to get a little dirty. Someone like ol’ Nick here.

So yeah, I considered seducing Jared Alden. I don’t know if I could have done it. Maybe not. I guess the reason I backed off was that I didn’t want to fuck up Jared’s life. The guy was in a wheelchair, for christ’s sake, and he had managed to get himself through college and engaged to the hottest girl in the school. I don’t know if he was happy, but he thought he was happy, at least.

“What’s wrong?” Jared asked me. “You look like you’re waiting for me to punch you in the nose.”

“Yeah, you’d be justified,” I said. I was feeling bad now about all the things I had said to Jared. If he really couldn’t have sex, it wasn’t like he needed some asshole like me reminding him of it.

“Why don’t you come to a CSA meeting?” Jared suggested. “I think you might be pleasantly surprised.”

I started laughing. “You’re fucking joking, right?”

Jared shrugged and smiled. He was so fucking hot, I was practically dying. But nothing would’ve been enough to get me to come to one of those meetings. “Worth a try, right?”

I looked up and I saw Sarah and Melissa were heading back to the table. Sarah didn’t look too happy. I stood up, predicting we would be leaving in the next few minutes.

“Nick Eisman!” Melissa exclaimed. “How nice to finally meet you.”

Apparently, I was somewhat of a legend in CSA. “Nice to finally meet you too,” I said.

Melissa smiled down at Jared, “Did you miss me, sweetie?” She bent down and kissed him on the cheek. Maybe I was just imagining it, but it seemed like the kind of kiss you’d give to your brother or dad or something like that.

“Nick was keeping me entertained,” Jared said. His eyes were still connected with mine.

Sarah’s face was very flushed. She grabbed onto my arm and I could feel her nails slicing into me. Good thing for her I like pain. “Let’s go, Nicky,” she said. “Nice talking to you, Melissa.”

On our way home, Sarah couldn’t stop talking about that fucking bitch Melissa and how she wouldn’t listen to reason. She didn’t even give me a chance to tell her about my conversation with Jared and I was a little relieved. I couldn’t get him out of my head. I felt bad that I couldn’t fuck him, but it just seemed like a travesty that a guy like that wasn’t getting laid at all. But I guess that’s just life. Life is fucked up.

Part 2: Jared