DAY 1; WEEK 1 - The Hallway

Amber had put her phone down on the table and headed towards the bathroom for a quick shower. William would not be home for hours and Jasper would be here sometime within the next half hour. Amber had become hot and sweaty doing her morning chores, dropping William at his friend’s house in the village and in preparing the last few important details for Jasper’s visit. She wished to be at her best for her Guy’s surprise!

She peeled off her bright pink t-shirt in the hall when passing the full length mirror she stopped to admire the reflection of her pert, small breasts. Amber rarely wore a bra. Her breasts were small but well formed and needed little support.

Equally she liked not to confine them and often tweaked her nipples through her t-shirt with her fingers so that they stood out like little bullets, often squealing naughtily as she did so. She knew it teased all men’s imagination to see such a sight, not only that it felt good!

Amber turned back towards the mirror, releasing the catch of her short black skirt; as she did, the skirt slid down to the floor revealing her red g-string. Amber stepped out of the skirt, flicking it towards the wall with the heel of her stiletto shoes.

She tweaked her nipples which instantly hardened, squealing naughtily as she did so. Amber ran her fingers through her long, wavy, blonde hair and came to realise just how horny she was feeling!

As well as feeling sweaty she realised how moist it now felt between her legs. She slipped herself out of the damp g-string bringing it up to her nose and drawing in the sweet smell of her juices. Amber thought to herself how the guys are going to enjoy this sweet scent later that day, she also felt a desperate need to relieve herself of some of the pent up sexual energy growing within herself.

Amber dropped the g-string to the floor, her right hand moved down between her legs, in unison her left hand reached up pushing against the mirror, giving her body stability as the index and forefingers of her right hand slipped gently between the lips of her now dripping wet pussy; temporarily causing Amber to draw breathe deeply in to her lungs.

Amber looked downwards at the reflection of her smooth, finger filled pussy which she had shaved in readiness hours earlier that morning. It felt on fire!

Amber gently began to moan with each thrust of her fingers!

Her juices gave great lubrication as her fingers slipped in and out of her tight pussy hole for quite some length of time; they felt so good, so moist! Her moans grew louder and louder as her thrusts quickened!

Amber knew she could be as loud as she wish, there was no-one for miles! Jasper was a taxi ride away and William not expected back for hours!

Amber’s pussy hole had been deprived of any real sexual action for three long months since she had last been with Jasper. As her fingers continued to slip back and forth between her shaven lips; Amber dreamed and fantasised of ‘Jasper’s Monster’ pumping between her legs.

Back and forth her fingers slid! Amber added a third and then a fourth; now it felt yet more like that Monster as her groans became exalted!

In and out….. In and out…..the motion continued for longer than Amber truly realised.

Amber’s knees buckled; simultaneously, her left hand slid down the mirror leaving a sweat trail in its wake; as she fell to her knees, legs still spread wide; her right hand continued to pump furiously inside her dripping pussy hole!

Her stiletto heels digging hard into her peachy buttocks as they came to rest upon them; causing a sharp but glorious pain intensifying her feelings yet further!

Amber’s body contorted in waves of pleasure as her left hand began to gently circle her now swollen bud. All the while her right hand continued to pump, quickening in action.

Amber’s shoulders and head slumped back against the hallway wall as her body continued with convulsions of joy. The stiletto heels now leaving deep impressions in her soft fleshy bottom!

The reflection of her on her knees and watching her own legs spread open with her hands working wonders just enhanced the moment further!

Amber’s eyes now shut tight, her body continued to contort with great vigour as her pussy squirted her juices violently in a wave upon wave of orgasm. Amber’s moans would be heard a fair distance through the open windows!

Amber’s eyes opened, her moans lessened as the waves of ecstasy receded!

The last thing Amber expected to see, was both her beloved Jasper and her ‘client’ William staring at her with big wide eyes and gob smacked smiles! But there they were! To them this was Amber at her best! Amber was unprepared for this it had not been part of her plan!

She thought quickly and realised this was the perfect way to introduce all the elements of what and how she had planned the following 24 hours! This part Amber had been uncertain on how to approach now it became clear!

“William please forgive my actions I thought you not at home. Are you ok? Are you ill or dysroflexic? You are back early!”

“I am more than ok”, beamed William! “I’m really not quite certain what I should say but I’m happy I returned to see this!”

It was now or never thought Amber! Amber turns to Jasper, “Welcome my dearest lover I am so glad that you are here! We have previously agreed a scenario that you will submit to me totally for the next 24 hours! Is this still so?” Amber asks.

A still perplexed Jasper nods slowly in confused agreement!

“Was that a Yes Mistress?” Amber snapped, glaring hard into Jasper’s eyes as she rose to her feet by pulling on the armrest of William’s electric wheelchair pushing her pert sweating breasts close to William’s still smiling face as she rose upwards before him. ‘Naked and in stilettos, Amber stood dominant and tall before them both!’

“Yes Mistress!” Jasper said firmly!

“As we agreed I choose and test what sexual aspects happen for us both in the following 24 hours!” Amber had noticed the grandfather clock that moment turning to Midday!

“The 24 hours starts now!”

“Dong”, the clock struck its hourly chime!

“Drop your trousers slave!”

Jasper looked uncomfortably at William who looked equally astonished at this twist!

“Drop your trousers slave! Let me view your monster slave toy!” Amber repeated far more forcefully! Jasper complied loosening his belt and letting his trousers drop down towards his ankles!

William could not help notice the extreme bulge in Jasper’s designer label boxer shorts. In fact ‘The monster’ had become immediately semi-erect at seeing the end of Amber’s brief show despite William’s presence and was beginning now to protrude from the waist band!

“Wow” said William! Staring in utter disbelief at Jasper’s cock!

“Silence Billy”, Amber barked naughtily and surprisingly to William!

“You will speak when spoken to or not at all. If you wish dreams to come true, you too will submit to my instructions for the next 24 hours! Do you agree? It is most certainly in your best interest and I offer this opportunity only once!”

William couldn’t believe what was happening. He had a beautiful naked woman standing in front of him whose smooth bald pussy lips were his ultimate fantasy to give pleasure to; standing next to him, a guy with a monster cock protruding from his boxers who at this point he vaguely knew. This looked too good to miss out upon a real experience!

“Yes Mistress!” William said immediately, in a firm but excited manner!

“Billy, sub, even perhaps Gimp or Cripple I shall refer to you as when you are in submissive mode! I give to you a safe word” Amber began to instruct! “You can use this word, only if your dysreflexia or spasms cause you problems that you cannot handle and manage, or that you wish to stop this episode for good; but I know this second option will never happen. I will refer to you during these difficult moments as William as a sign that I understand the dangers you are experiencing and will assist you under your direction, Jasper can assist with his doctor skills if required and we will always be treating you with our true caring nature and professional respect! The ‘safe’ word should be familiar to your mind. The word will be PARALYSIS! Harsh but fair! It’s a true word and will bring play temporarily to a halt. Do you understand its importance?” Amber liked to be clear.

“Yes Mistress!” replied William.

Amber turns confidently back towards Jasper, her plans working out better than she could have hoped! Her head nodding in the direction of Jasper,

“To you, I shall refer to Billy as William! This is to help separate issues of your play and ensure that you are truly able to keep mutual respect for each other after this 24 hour period has ended! You will become the very best of friends, I have no doubt!” stressed Amber. “You too have a safe word, ‘DIVORCE’! You understand its consequences if you utter it? They are pretty obvious!” Amber continued with a rye smile. “I love you with all my heart! I hope this experience cements this yet further. Do you understand and trust me?” Amber questioned.

“Yes Mistress!” Jasper replied!

“Off with your shirt, then the shoes and remove those trousers from around your ankles, they look untidy” Amber orders!

Jasper follows these orders quick smart; he undoes the only secured button of his green polo shirt, lifting the shirt high above his head; slipping his black, Italian loafers off and kicking them to the side with his big hairy foot before stepping out of his favourite designer label jeans and doing likewise; the body Adonis, Amber remembered and worshipped near totally revealed to her and she was the one in control! Jasper pathetically pushed the clothes into a messy pile where Amber’s skirt and g-string also lay.

“Clean them up tidily! Fold and pile them there on that chair. Do it quickly my slave! From the waist band of his boxer shorts; Jasper’s cock was now protruding in all of its glory, it had hardened further in this most unexpected situation. He gingerly bent over picking up his shirt with his left hand. His cock squeezing and pushing against his hairy stomach as he did so!

“Billy! Hold your arms out wide!” Amber snapped her fingers instantly grabbing his attention away from Jasper, “Like this!” Amber lifting her hairless, milky white, thin but well toned arms up to a full crucifix type position! Amber’s body looked like sweet perfection to both men despite their differing perspectives!

Amber knew this movement would help give William balance but would also test his weak bicep muscles over a shortish period of time. Amber had studied and watched Billy exercise for months, helped get him ready each day even performed physiotherapy! Amber had also been noting things in a secret diary from afar, without any prior knowledge to William; she noted his strengths, weaknesses, moods, frustrations, improvements. Amber was meticulous with details and lists; anything and everything in fairness. Amber had then secretly revealed via skype phone and in Norwegian; all this information to Jasper for case study analysis of Spinal Cord Injury day to day living! She had made notes on all topics not just exercise! They both knew this to be wrong and unethical, but it was the best way of obtaining truly impartial research! Amber had promised William would give his blessing before it was submitted she assured him that she had a fool proof plan to make this happen!

Billy did as he was told!

He lifted his paralysis ridden arms to a ‘wheelie type crucifix position’; gravity first straightening his arms out to about 85% of their original function; then, simultaneously lifting his shoulders and biceps, rotating his forearms backwards, his elbows facing floor wards, palms to the sky his arms were now outstretched and his weak muscles working hard!

Billy’s head and shoulders tilted backwards and held in position in order to give him balance and stability with this position!

This pose looked very ‘Lord, Why Me’? “The poor little cripple boy!” Amber chuckled out loud!

“Jasper, assist William with his shirt buttons and give him a good look at the tip of your ‘monster’ as you do so, I believe he is intrigued!” Amber suggested sarcastically.

Jasper moved in front of William, the tip of his cock firmly fixed in Billy’s gaze and just inches from his eyes. Jasper’s hands reached forward towards William’s collar, close by to his tracheotomy scar; an area which had become extremely sensitive to touch! They are careful not to touch this!

Instead, they carefully reach for the top button and began to undo…..

One button, then two, three, four and five; the shirt was now undone revealing to both Amber and Jasper, William’s hairy chest, his slight man boobs sagging down and his cute, quad belly bulging from his open shirt.

Amber had often thought this a very attractive element of Billy to go along with his gorgeous cheeky smile and happy laid back attitude to life!

Amber had also noted during her stay that the longer Billy remained seated in his wheelchair each day, the more his belly would stick out further and further!

The reason for this; Billy’s spinal column slowly compacting through lack of muscle tone to hold it and consequently; his internal organs and flabby stomach muscles weighing down upon each other and gradually squashing them together and stretching his outer skin as each hour went by.

This process often caused Billy great trauma! His supra-pubic catheter often becoming kinked or crushed by the waistbands of both trousers and underwear as his stomach enlarged against them often causing dysreflexia and involuntary spasm.

It was the reason why Billy now generally only wore track pants as they had an elastic waistband and could stretch. These caused less discomfort than more rigid fabric of jeans or the cargo pants he happened to be wearing now! All the while Billy was mesmerised and engrossed with staring at Jasper’s cock, his helmet beginning to show above his foreskin. Billy was deeply intrigued by the two inches or so of cock that he could now see; the deep blue veins he could see pulsating as he stared at this amazing large member! Jasper’s japs eye kind of starring back invitingly at Billy, Billy’s tongue subconsciously passing over his lips!

“You like ‘Jasper’s Monster’, hey Billy?”

“Yes Mistress!” was the reply!

“Remove William’s shirt” Instructed Amber! Jasper leaned William forwards a little in order to pull the shirt out of the back of his black cargo pants.

Arms still out stretched and straining, Billy lost complete balance of his torso; flopping forwards pathetically onto Jasper’s slightly toned, hairy stomach; as he did so, Billy turned his head quickly drawing sight of Amber’s beautiful body and eyes. Amber winked at him suggestively!

In tandem, as Jasper pulls the white shirt; first gently and then with more vigour; Jasper’s Monster slaps against Billy’s tracheotomy scar and begins to rub and grate both of their very different yet most extremely sensitive of areas!

The shirt whips out with Jasper’s powerful tug; in response Billy’s stomach spasms violently backwards out of control snatching his torso away from the cock and now firmly back in his wheelchair seat!

“Or maybe Not”, Amber grinned sarcastically! “We are certainly frisky today my sweet crippled Gimp!”

“Yes Mistress!” replied a somewhat surprised looking Billy; his arms now drooping, weary from holding them out wide!

“Enough of my monster slave toy for now my crippled sub! Billy, I command that you move directly to your bedroom and wait still, in silence beneath the hoisting area and you shall not shut the door nor do anything else! Or you will be punished!” “Now go!”

William relaxed his tired arms with glee, slipping his paralysed left, claw-like hand underneath its control; the T bar nestling between two rigid but bent fingers and pushing forward gently setting the electric wheelchair in motion, Billy had a wee glint in his eyes!

Amber neatly sidestepped out of Billy’s way as he passed and wheeled down the long hallway; Amber barked after him!

“Careful my crippled sub, I am in charge for now, not you! I will not tolerate naughtiness without seeking revenge! Be warned! I will not tolerate more indiscretion without punishment being administered, this I promise!”

William’s chair driving was not the best, she would forgive him this one indiscretion but it had been noted! Turning to Jasper, Amber directs him to place his hands on his head and to shut his eyes!

She turns and follows William’s direction. Her naked body strutting down the hall watching him enter his room. ‘Tap, tap, tap’…..The stiletto’s making a distinct commanding sound against the wood flooring so that Billy would most definitely hear her following! Amber aware that Billy listened for sound to hear what he could not get to, nor his eyes see; therefore he would realise that she was checking up on him!

Amber who since birth was near totally blind in her left eye indicated vocally, “I have my eye on you sweet sub Billy” just as Billy released pressure on his control pad, stopping exactly where Amber wished!

Amber returned back towards Jasper stopping at the chest of draws and removing items from the top draw – the previously prepared ‘toy drawer’!

Amber exclaimed in ear shot of both subs in order to tease! “What props do I have for my subs? What shall sub Jasper require for the twenty minutes or so?” She said no more, leaving her subs to guess!

Out came a blindfold, some Velcro cuffs, a special cock ring and a set of tweezer nipple clamps that were connected with a chain. These were just a few of the items Amber had been both researching and collecting in readiness over the past few months!

Amber returned to Jasper, “hands in front of your tummy, your eyes to stay shut” ordered Amber!

She first placed the blindfold over Jasper’s head covering all light from her beloved’s eyes. She kissed his brow gently as she did so! Next she took hold of Jasper’s arms. Cuffing, first his right hand, then his left! Amber now led Jasper twelve steps forwards beneath the discretely placed white hook high on the wall.

“Lift your arms up!” Amber demanded! Jasper duly obliged. His hands extended upwards still cuffed together! “Tip-Toe” Amber demanded!

Amber now reached high; her torso stretching to its maximum elegance. She hooked the rings and chain connecting the cuffs over the hook, secretly and cleverly looping it as she did, so that Jasper could not escape without great effort!

Amber noticed the scissors and gaffer tape normally used to fix William’s chair sitting on the chest of draws, she had used them just this morning on the hoist and a little surprise for later. Amber had previously not thought of this for a gag, the one she had was still in the drawer where it could be left until later. She grabbed the tape cutting a three inch length strip and placing this firmly over Jasper’s mouth.

Blind & mute! Should be different Amber thought to herself!

“You may not be comfortable but can you still breathe fine” Amber asked? Jasper nodded, resigned in agreement, he was not sure what to make of his welcome, he was in no position to argue and besides he quite liked his woman being so dominant, so demanding, so playful, so in control! Fuck! For this woman, Jasper would do most anything! This was the woman he had chosen to bare his children soon, he knew Amber felt likewise!

Amber now took a clamp in each hand and was about to place them on her lover’s nipples. A lover who looked both excited and unsure of her next move!

As she squeezed both clamps open she had second thoughts; instead of placing them on Jasper’s small man nips, she put them upon her own rock hard nipples. She would test this unfamiliar item for her subs. How long could she bear them for? How long was safe for Jasper and more importantly Billy?

Amber would not keep them on for too long though; her own nipples were sensitive and sacred to her, it was imperative to keep them undamaged for the sake of her future children to be!

Amber let out a “yelp” of pain as the two flat headed clips squeezed tight, as they did so cutting the circulation of her potential milk dispensers! “Ooohhhh” that felt good even it did hurt like hell! She checked the time; 12.13pm

Amber’s attention now turned back to Jasper. Amber dropped to her knees taking hold of Jasper’s boxers as she fell downwards pulling violently releasing the monster cock from the confines of its clothing. Oh how she had missed this large demon of pleasure givers!

“You have been a good boy Jasper! You have given the monster a hair cut we shall be doing the same for William later!” Jasper’s clean shaven balls and monster had been prepared as Amber preferred, hairless!

It seemed to be almost screaming at her to take it in her mouth. She cupped his balls in her left hand, clenching tightly as she did so! Jasper responded by moaning, his cries muffled by the tape over his mouth.

Meanwhile almost forgotten, Billy sat motionless beneath the hoist. His ears straining to be able to hear the events taking place in the hallway. His curiosity killing him but he knew he should not move.

Amber grabbed the base of Jasper’s Monster with her right hand and was unable to fully close her grip around its mighty girth! She released pressure of her clenched left hand but intermittently she repeated the process over the next couple of minutes always gaining a moan from Jasper as she did so.

Amber grasping hard on the shaft began an up and down motion upon it. It immediately grew to the full beast she so adored! The purple, moist helmet extended from its foreskin hideaway as she drew it back and forth!

Amber’s acute hearing heard the noise of Billy’s chair for just a moment, then again for just a moment! What was he up to? Amber wondered! It could wait but she would demand to find out later! Billy most likely due some punishment now for this second indiscretion, he had been up to something!

Amber’s head moved close to the purple meat in front of her! She licked delicately around the helmet ridge; driving Jasper’s body wild with motion.

Amber sensed Jasper had an anticipation of more! She could be cruel! Amber drew back and let go of the shaft and balls!

“I am a tease if nothing else Jasper!” Amber giggled. “You are my sub!” she stated with more authority! “I now collar with a ring and take control of ‘The Monster’! I shall control him wherever I go!” Amber now picked up the cock ring she had put down earlier; squeezing its plastic clip tight around the base of Jasper’s fully erect penis which instantly flicked more upright as Jasper’s pelvic muscle responded to its plastic confinement, the plastic bullet vibrator holder attached to the cock ring situated crossways beneath the penis at the front of Jasper’s ball sack; intermittently the two touching lightly if and when Jasper moved in the slightest, the lead dangling down just barely to the battery pack on the floor beneath. Amber switched this battery pack on to standby, she then picked up the cock ring remote control, not yet using it or letting Jasper feel the benefits of his new collar/toy! Amber looked up at the clock: 12.16pm.

Standing up, Amber re-squeezed both nipple clips, as she released the pressure the blood rushed back to the tips of her now near purple in colour, mildly swollen nipples. Amber felt a trickle or two of her juices roll down the insides of her leg from the excitement and release of the clips!

God this was erotic and fun Amber thought to her self as she turned and headed off towards Billy room contemplating that three minutes would be the time for Billy and the clips he was precious; it had been enough for her! Amber stopped at the toy drawer and took out another identical set of nipple clips, three red ribbons, an in and out penis gag and another blindfold!

“You shall wait patiently Jasper and I will be back for you in good time but don’t worry I am able to keep you busy from afar, trust me! Keep quiet and don’t wander far. Oh no, you can’t, I nearly forgot!” Amber giggled wickedly.

Now standing in Billy’s doorway she pressed the remote button on, instantly the bullet touching Jasper’s ball sack buzzed to life, vibrating perfectly both Jasper’s balls and his shaft. His cock straightening bolt upright in a reflex action as the sensations kicked in. Jasper’s cock had never had a cock ring placed around it before let alone a vibrating one, it began to ooze pre-cum immediately! The sensations felt so immense his body began to writhe with pleasure but held in check by his sturdy bindings. His toes lifting his heels further from the floor as the pulsating device brought Jasper close to both madness and complete joy! He had never experienced such deep and contradictory emotions! He would scream if his lips could move; instead the tape holding tight, his mouth awash with saliva from the excitement. Amber stood watching in amusement for a good fifteen to twenty seconds.

As Amber entered the room from behind him she found Billy sat silent beneath the hoisting area, he had anticipated her arrival from the “Tap, tap, tap” of Amber’s stilettos! What was in store for him? He could hardly wait! If only he still had his brain connected to his cock, Billy was sure he would have cum in his boxers by now! He would be playing with his cock right now if only he could! Why would his cock no longer link to his brain? This was such a frustration! It seemed so unfair!

Amber clicked the remote once more relieving Jasper from his excitement she slammed the door behind her leaving Jasper to go limp yet making Billy jump instinctively like the cripple he was! “You have moved my misbehaved sub!” Amber shouted! “What is your defence? Do you still wish that I help make your Dreams Come True?”

To be continued...