Ch3 - DAY 1; WEEK 1 - Billy’s Bedroom

“What is your defence?” Amber repeated her demand! Billy knew it was pointless denying he had moved the twice as his power chair was noisy and Amber was not deaf!

“I thought you would wish the computer and web cam on Mistress, so we could record some of the proposed action?” Billy said this both as a question and as an excuse.

“You are not here to think Gimp Boy!” Amber said crossly. “Certainly not do anything without my permission!” “Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress!” replied William.

“Good, I hope we truly understand, however, a good plan it is! It was in my plans in any case but with an added secret twist or two! I’m sure you will want a memento from this little broadcast in the future.” Amber stated with a naughty mischievous tone. Amber had infact been busy earlier that morning taping a wireless camera to the hoist winch which would give a second angle to the day’s events and worked in tandem with the web cam. A secret angle to everyone even Billy was still blissfully unaware of it at this point; he had previously managed to switch the pc on and then hit record on the web cam but did not notice a new default check box clicked for dual-cam, he had paid no attention having to quickly put the monitor in to sleep mode to cover his tracks a little!

Broadcast? What did Amber mean? What were her plans for him? Billy wondered in excitement and apprehension of such an episode now being filmed but he could do nothing.

Amber walked across the room carrying her toys in her left hand; stopping behind Billy’s chair placing most of the toys on the floor before leaning over to one side of Billy’s head in order to whisper in to his right ear. Amber’s empty right hand and arm coming across Billy’s chest, her pink nails digging into the left side of his podgy cute quad belly.

Ripples of mild belly spasm move up and down his quad gut! Amber releases her nail grip then clenches again, but this time more firmly! Her nails digging in hard! More violent waves of spasm leap about Billy’s belly, his stomach muscles contorting and making Billy far thinner for the two or three seconds as they pulled tight.

Amber could amuse herself watching and playing with these reactions all day; she deeply wished to understand them more as they were so abstract, so alien yet so beautiful! The stomach spasm ceased abruptly, however, the spasm flowed down first to Billy’s ankles which began to point like a talented ballerina. This movement relaxed in turn over five or six seconds before both feet began to bang and stomp violently shaking his lower limbs, his knees knocking and shaking together. Again subsiding over five or six seconds before first his left hip, lifting and dropping the weight of his left buttock from the cushion beneath; then his right hip following suit with similar reactions. Spasms worked strangely but with definite patterns of repetition Amber deduced.

All the while Amber’s right arm held Billy’s body tight and balanced in his chair. Amber’s nails made no pain for Billy’s brain as he had no real sensory feeling from just beneath his shoulders and collar bones. Consequently it strangely felt good to Billy’s mind, Amber’s warm, sweaty breasts firmly rubbing and pushing Billy’s head, her soft flesh mounds feeling so sexy as she began to blow gently and erotically into his ear before whispering the words,

“But now I must punish you for your indiscretion!” Billy felt Amber clip two weights to the short hairs on the back of his neck! In fact these were the two sets of nipple clips. Billy was unaware of how these looked or what they actually were.

Save for initial touch this did not really hurt, more tugging than actual pain as they dangled over the back of his wheelchair but it excited him and made him feel most horny.

Billy began to daydream this strangely reminded him giving a vivid flashback to a time many years previous when he had head traction drilled and bolted into his skull when in Accident and Emergency Theatre; the day he had broken his neck. For God’s sake they had drilled into his fifteen year old skull whilst he was fully conscious; a local anaesthetic administered to numb the pain then a two pronged metal frame was placed into the freshly drilled holes of a few millimetres in depth. After this a weight of 28lbs was suspended from the end of the foot long frame freshly tightened to his skull with a spanner in order to keep the spinal column rigid whilst the badly smashed 4th, 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae spent the next six weeks resting and healing with as little neck movement possible during these dark days.

Amber blew again in Billy’s ear and whispered, “Lights Out for The Gimp!” she was cruel, but you have got to be cruel to be kind, Amber thought.

Billy came back to reality. At this moment Amber had placed the blindfold over Billy’s head and eyes. All went dark in Billy’s world. Blackness came over him and he immediately felt an air of desperation descend. He had so very few senses now left.

“Amber, what’s happening?” Billy cries out in a worried tone. His mind now realising just how alone and completely vulnerable he was. He would have no idea of what Amber was doing to his body save from sounds that he could only guess at.

Amber let go of Billy and moved away toward the en-suite bathroom door. That much Billy could tell from her footsteps. After picking up the cock ring remote control Amber called back to Billy, “My little Gimp Boy do not worry, you may feel vulnerable in your current position but you are safe with me, you have my word you will come to harm and have more kinky sex than you have dreamed of.”

Amber clicked the remote control, the monster in the hallway immediately jumping to attention as before. Jasper’s body once more writhing again in extreme ecstasy as the vibrations controlled his body’s motion but yet firmly held by the restraints applied, torture yet joy.

Billy hears the bathroom door slide open it was an easy sound to interpret; such a bespoke sound as it was a one off door made by his friend to fit Billy’s unusual needs and let a hoist track pass above it. Amber must be getting the hoist Billy thought to him self. Sure enough Billy begins to hear the hoist leaving the bathroom sliding along its track directly to his right hand side. Billy had a terrible thought. Would the hoisting bar be down like normal? If so it would surely hit him on the head? “Billy, do not move a muscle, put your trust in me” Amber commanded! Billy sat tight as the hoist winch began to pass over his head. He felt a tiny breeze as he guessed the hoisting bar passed just millimetres in front of his nose and continued further on; finally coming to rest over the bed someplace Billy roughly guessed.

“That is good Billy you are beginning to be clever and follow my instructions to the letter, you will learn that this can be rewarded well if you are to do this.”

Billy hears Amber a couple of feet in front of him at the computer but knows not what her mouse clicks and keystrokes are doing? The 42” Plasma screen on the wall above the foot of Billy’s bed briefly comes to life with Frankie Goes to Hollywood; ‘Relax’ blaring out but falling silent soon after, the screen now also displaying the same as the monitor view.

Amber now thinks Jasper may soon cum; she just meant to tease, to play with him and frustrate him. Amber turns back towards the bed; clicks the remote believing this to deny Jasper enough time for an orgasm; the cock ring instantly stopping the vibrating monster which is now in fact partway to its second milking. Jasper’s cock fully erect once more after briefly falling limp from exhaustion for five short seconds soon after having exploded its heavy load all over the clean wood floor from just over two minutes of constant vibration. Amber would be annoyed with herself for wasting such cream she would hardly have believed it possible. The Monster never spat without a good twenty minutes of regular play.

Jasper now hung dangling wearily from his wrist bindings to rest his now mildly cramping toes, his body exhausted his cock still rock solid; the cock ring would keep it this way a good few minutes yet! Jasper breathed deeply through his flaring wide nostrils, the tape over his mouth uncomfortable but beginning to work loose with the fluids from his mouth and some pressure from his now rank tasting, somewhat sticky tongue. He was still slightly lost by the last twenty minutes proceedings. He wished to talk things through with Amber before this episode progressed much further, he had concerns.

Billy now hears Amber scrambling around on the bed next to him. He is unsure quite what she is doing but can hear material being moved, yes the hoist sling is being connected. Why has he not been pulled forwards he does not understand? He had assumed wrongly that it was he that was to be hoisted at this point.

Meanwhile Amber has infact put her self in the hoist sling just as she would have done for Billy save for one important detail. As normal, the sheepskin sling was shoulder high, firmly under the buttocks feeling soft, fluffy and warm to Amber’s touch. The back blue straps correctly connected to the bar; a piece under each leg which looped up through a second green strap and connected to the hoist bar on their relevant sides, however, the interconnecting yellow leg piece, normally holding the legs together was left unattached. Amber would use the strength of her thighs to do this, if she relaxed when her weight was supported her legs would splay wide naturally, her pussy uncovered and easily accessible.

Billy again heard the hoist winch begin to retract, exactly what was happening he did not know. Amber’s buttocks gently began to rise from the bed underneath. Amber was now hanging in the sling above the bed, her weight supported by the straps, her lower legs dangling beneath, her thigh muscles had tightened to hold her legs together and thus her buttocks staying firmly within the sling and not slipping down and out, it felt precarious to say the least, how did Billy put up with this each day of his life? He had no choice I suppose, Amber briefly thought to herself.

Amber gently practiced relaxing her thigh muscles, her legs splaying wider, as she did so her sex exposing itself openly to the world around. At present that being just her own eyes and maybe a camera or two.

Amber decided she would toy with both Jasper and Billy in their sightless state for the next ten minutes or so. Jasper she would leave a while now, he should be fine despite the rather awkward position he had been left in. She would go and speak with Jasper soon, he deserved to know the plan but first he deserved to work hard for the pleasure he was about to receive. Amber would let the monster go fully limp before bringing it to this room for the milking of its creamy fluids.

Amber was ready to play with Billy right now! She pressed the hoist button which began dragging her body across and towards Billy’s face. Amber used her feet and legs to push on the chair delicately to control her swinging body thus ensuring she did not touch him on the way across.

Amber sat in the sling her buttocks swaying slightly as her feet pushed back from the armrests. With a little aerobic movement, Amber lifted her legs up and over either side of Billy’s shoulders placing them behind the back of his chair and beginning to pull her frame inwards, in turn Amber’s hairless snatch moving to less than an inch away from Billy’s nostrils. Billy instantly smelt something that brought great joy. A type of smell he had not passed his nostrils for eight long years; pussy! Billy’s face lit up with a big broad grin. He had been muff diving on only a handful of times in life but that type of scent was so distinct he could never forget it, it was fun time!

Billy instinctively sticks his tongue out seeking its ultimate prize, his head instantly clasped tight by Amber’s inner knees and her thighs now muffling his hearing also. The intricacies of Amber’s scent much stronger now his nose and mouth were confined between Amber’s fleshy limbs which Billy’s tongue now touched adoringly yet still frustratingly distanced by millimetres from the damp slit it so desired to have contact with.

Billy felt the clips holding his hairs tugged free from his neck. A sharp shooting pain as they pulled the few hairs from their roots causing Billy to wince briefly behind his blindfold. The clutch on his head gently released; Amber’s pussy thrusting forwards those precious few millimetres so that Billy’s tongue now pushed against it; the moisture of Amber’s juices bringing instant sensation to Billy’s taste buds and brain. Pure Joy was being experienced the adrenalin and dopamine pumping quickly around Billy’s brain.

Billy’s tongue working blind began to explore the moist pussy slit before him. Turning his head slightly Billy gently licked down its length and then up, his mind sizing up dimension and definition of Amber’s labium majora with touch of his tongue alone. Hovering at the bud and carefully flicking lightly at its hood.

Without Warning Billy’s left ear lobe felt great pain! Amber’s right thumb and forefinger released the clip which now squeezed tight upon this fleshy lump of ear. Within seconds Billy’s right ear felt an equal bite of pain as another clip squeezed tight! Simultaneously both times Amber pulls her pussy hard into Billy’s face muffling his pleasured moans but also drawing Billy’s tongue deeper between her pussy lips and tasty vaginal flesh.

“You want the pleasure Billy, You get some pain! You have just three short minutes, don’t waste it.” Amber barked at a gleeful Billy.

Billy’s tongue now explored swiftly between Amber’s dripping lips, licking, stabbing, wiggling and lapping in a multitude of motions over the next sixty seconds or so. Amber eyes wide open, head back relaxed with a mass of thoughts and good emotions running through her body. Her eyes glanced at the images of her and Billy on the screens behind her. Split screen images displayed on both the television and pc monitor, one half displaying the wide shot of the view from behind her and the other half displaying an overhead shot from the hoist which zoomed in then out alternating every fifteen seconds. Good the technology was working perfectly Amber thought.

Amber looked back towards Billy, “For the last two minutes the pain shall increase!” Amber snapped cruelly laughing but with a cheeky innocent smile that Billy could not see, Billy did not know quite what to expect? He felt no immediate change or new pain sensation save for his body jumping mildly with spasm, his ears still burning with manageable erotic pain that he would never stop this experience for. Amber guessed as much, Billy’s tongue now boring like a drill at Amber’s vaginal hole, her juices trickling with a near constant flow. As Amber spoke she had in fact reached down beneath her buttocks placing clips on Billy’s little erect nipples where there was zero feeling. They pinched the flesh hard, instantly glowing with pain!

Billy continued his exploration of Amber’s beautiful snatch for a further sixty seconds or so. Amber giving contented moans as Billy’s tongue worked furiously.

Billy suddenly felt dysreflexia begin, his cheeks drawing in and draining of colour, his blood pressure rising, his shoulders suddenly bursting with unnatural warmth and clamminess and lastly his tongue movement slowing to a near stop as his energy levels drained quickly! The warmth and clamminess Amber felt on the underside of her thighs. It was extreme and instantaneous, if not she would never have realised.

Amber knew instantly the clips must be causing AD immediately she fumbled under her buttocks for Billy’s nipples and more importantly the clips. She found and released the one on Billy’s left side quickly, Billy still licking and exciting her but with slow, very lacklustre, moist, almost snail speed movement. Amber took just a few more seconds to locate and release the right one before bringing her arms from underneath her buttocks and grabbing hold of the hoist bar above for stability as her thoughts and feelings took hold, driving her wild.

As the clips released Billy felt an instant relief of his blood pressure dropping towards normal levels, it felt like a mini-orgasm of sorts all the while his face buried in Amber’s pussy, boy that felt good but his ears now so much more aware of the burning pain from the clips bite giving a whole new slant to the erotic sensations. Billy sucked hard on Amber’s clit.

Amber too was now both mentally and physically stimulated to orgasm by this whole strange erotic scenario. Losing control of her self for a brief few seconds as Billy first sucked upon her clit. Amber’s pussy pulsating in ecstasy as her femicum squirted upon Billy’s face, blindfold and mouth! Billy’s tongue and mouth surprised but content with the sudden soaking of such juice. Billy’s face now smearing and rubbing Amber’s juices around her entire vaginal area in an almost triumphant motion as his soft cheeks, slide across her smooth, moist skin. This followed by a rough, sandpaper feel of Billy’s three day stubble.

Amber regained control of herself. Smiling gleefully, bathing in her new found dominance and the power it gave. Amber pushed herself back with her legs, away from Billy’s face. First, placing her left stiletto heel and then her right into Billy’s shoulders; pinning him to the back of his chair. Billy’s face winced and contorted with pain but he stay in suffering silence despite thinking he could take little more with both his ears burning redder than ever and the sharp stab pain and pressure he continued to experience in both shoulders.

“You have done amazing things my crippled boy! Never have I squirted so quickly in all my life or ever likely to again, less than three minutes is incomprehensible to me compared to anything I have experienced.” Amber stated this in a surprised tone. She did not let on it was often hours of regular foreplay followed by the monster in order to normally achieve such a powerful squirt. This time it was as much the whole scenario as Billy’s actions alone but she would let him take his glory.

Amber pressed the hoist button moving her body back across the bed. She lowered her buttocks to the mattress before unhooking herself from the partially damp sling. She shuffles across to the edge of the bed standing once more in front of Billy. Amber leans forward pushing her left breast in his face as she releases the left ears clip dropping it to the floor with a crash, she follows suit with the right ear and her right breast, Billy anticipating this catching her nipple as it passed close by his lips sucking hard as he took hold! Crash! The second clip falls to the floor.

“Billy you spoil me!” Amber grabs hold of his left arm slowly wiping the inside of his forearm across the length of her wet gash leaving a trail of Amber juice from his palm to his elbow. She chose this area specifically as she knew it had just about full feeling, his hands had none! She pulled her nipple back from his lips grasp. ”For a while I must leave you and return soon to check on Jasper. First I shall secure you and set you up with some personal entertainment, this will take a few moments and will test you and your trust with me but be rewarding! Do you accept?”

“Yes Mistress of course, no pain; no gain! I think I’ve got the routine and even relish the thought.” Billy’s face lit up with a big, broad cheeky grin.

Amber reached across for one of the three ribbons she had brought in earlier wrapping one securely around Billy’s left arm then tying this securely to the left armrest making his arm completely immobile. Amber took a second ribbon and did likewise with his right arm and right armrest. She now took hold of the third ribbon placing its middle upon Billy’s forehead wrapping it around like a headband before bringing it around the back of the headrest then tying a single knot and pulling tight. Billy struggled momentarily but the surprise and speed Amber worked at left him no chance. Amber now finished a beautiful bow placing a finger on the knot in order to keep it tight.

Save Billy’s mouth, his eyelids still hidden under a blindfold and his paralysed legs which were free to spasm freely if they so chose, Billy was completely immobile!

He was full of apprehension once more possibly about to weaken and plead with Amber not to leave him in such a state. At this moment Amber stood in front of him, legs together, kicking first one stiletto off behind her, then the other; these sliding three feet behind her on the shiny wood flooring coming to rest together tidily underneath the computer desk. Billy felt Amber’s lips touch his, as Amber bent forwards her tongue thrusting into his mouth in search of his tongue. They connected in a tongue dual; like a sword fight of old crossing weapons, tact and mastery with fluid exchange.

Amber knew this would once more distract Billy from fear. Their tongues wrestled in combat for a minute or so, all the while Amber fumbling blindly beneath with Billy’s trouser button and fly zip and dragging his cargo pants down from either side of his hips, under his buttocks and gradually revealing Billy’s green boxer shorts to the world around him, his balls and dick still limp and squashed up between his legs all covered by the soft material of his underwear.

From the fly of the boxers the light green latex Foley catheter poked through; its balloon inflation tube tied to the outside right leg of these with a short string sewn into them in order to stop the catheter from being pulled out accidentally, Its main tube firmly connecting over the green ended leg bag tube and leading to the clear tube occupied with a trickle of opaque light yellow liquid flowing slowly through and downwards to the reservoir bag strapped around Billy’s right shin bone. The trousers were tugged hard slipping down and creasing up at his knees revealing his thin yet slightly flabby lower thighs, both milky in colour but darkened by the heavy covering of soft fluffy leg hair. Billy’s legs immediately took grievance with this last procedure, both legs extending out violently and shaking for a short while.

Time enough for Amber to pull back from the passionate embrace. Taking a baseball boot in each hand and slipping both Billy’s boots off from his feet with consummate ease, Billy wore oversized shoes in case of water retention and swelling of the feet; when not swollen they often fell off unexpectedly by themselves during such spasms. These too Amber threw behind her and underneath the computer desk landing either side of her stilettos.

Amber then carefully pulled the right trouser leg over the part filled urine bag and off over the sock covered right foot. The left trouser leg soon followed, both legs still extended, however, the shaking subsiding gradually. Amber now threw these in a similar direction. Amber extended a single finger from her left hand, reaching underneath Billy’s knee for a nerve and the pressure point which when found let his leg drop gently to rest on the cold metal footplate. Amber noticed that despite the sock covering his foot the cold metal caused Billy’s toes to curl downwards in spasm. Amber then took hold of Billy’s still outstretched left leg. She repeated the pressure point trick but kept hold of the leg holding it in her left hand just in front of her belly button, removing the black sock with her right hand tossing it backwards once more under the desk.

“Who dares to differ with me that all spasm is not bad? Conclusive proof I feel!” Amber quipped. Billy smiled back knowingly now settled and more content with his lack of senses he trusted Amber and knew he could always utter the ‘safe word’ if he wished to stop. He had felt his spasm recede as Amber hit the pressure points but he could tell his weight was not in a normal seated position. What was Amber upto?

Amber was playing! Jasper could wait just a couple minutes more. Amber thought now was a moment she could not resist. A ‘Titty fuck’ with a difference! Amber thought, simultaneously closing her mouth and making saliva with her tongue’s internal movement, she now dribbled her mouth’s juices upon the sole of Billy’s foot. Amber lifted the foot slightly higher and up to her right nipple which now circulated gently around the sole of Billy’s foot, almost tickling in its action. An immediate little bulge began to grow in Billy’s boxers as Amber’s tit brought Billy’s cock to life that all earlier play had left limp and lifeless.

This felt good on Amber’s slightly tender nipples as she swapped from one nipple to the other, those clips had certainly left their mark. Amber noticed the colour drain in Billy’s cheeks as autonomic dysreflexia obviously had begun to kick in as the erection grew. She brought the motion to a close replacing Billy’s foot to its rightful position on the foot plate, thus halting the growth of autonomic dysreflexia, Billy’s toes curling in reaction to the cold sensation, his cock staying in a semi-erect state, tent-like suppressed by its confines.

Amber turned walking to the bathroom and pouring her self a half litre glass of water at the sink, the auto sensing cold tap was a marvellous feature, Amber quickly downed this first glassful, it only partially quenching a her dry throat. She refilled the glass drinking just over two thirds more before refilling the glass a third time and picking up a straw and two ear plugs before returning to the bedroom and Billy sitting truly helpless!

“Billy I have a glass of water for you. You must keep your fluids up as I am to leave you soon for twenty minutes or so and see to my dear Jasper for a private discussion.” Amber placed the straw in the glass and presented the other end to Billy’s lips. Billy took hold of the straw draining the fluids in seconds. “Thirsty work my little cripple?”

“Yes Mistress” replied Billy.

Amber placed the glass down at the same time her right hand picking up the gag she had brought in earlier. Amber swiftly sticking the oral short end between her pussy lips and wiggling it enthusiastically smearing her unique flavour over the device she was soon to be filling Billy’s mouth with. “Now open your mouth wide for me.” Billy did as instructed expecting a breast or a tongue. Amber kept him waiting she withdrew the gag from her pussy lips flipping it 180 degrees as she went then re-inserting it up to the gag’s straps the 6-inch dildo end now disappearing deep into her vaginal tunnel.

Amber now lifted her right knee upwards placing her bare foot on Billy’s left thigh, the dildo grinding erotically inside of her as she moved this way now pointing it suggestively at Billy’s gaping mouth hole; her left arm grabbing around Billy’s headrest pulling her frame and left leg up onto Billy’s right thigh, carefully avoiding not to weight bare on Billy’s leg bag tube. Amber steadied herself placing her hands on Billy’s rigidly restrained head and gently began pushing her lower frame forwards and down carefully guiding the inch and a half wide by two inch long plastic penis head into Billy’s wide open mouth! Its black straps hanging either side of his mouth Amber took hold and secured tightly the buckle of the strap behind Billy’s neck. “Suck on that little ‘opposite of cocktails’ my sweet sub, it will prepare you for a real monster event in a short while!” Amber said cryptically as she continued her torment of Billy now pushing two ear plugs simultaneously into each ear denying Billy the sensation of sound, his world falling silent and quite scary.

Billy immediately began breathing through his nose as his mouth became filled with a moist plastic thing he determined. It came to rest on either side of his mouth the straps touching each corner before swiftly being yanked tight and tied to his neck leaving him unable to make a sound. Billy was frightened, excited, surprised, intrigued and stimulated to name just a few of the feelings rushing through his brain.

Billy’s tongue began to explore the plastic chunk filling most of his mouth. It was moist? A plastic taste, but also a taste he was more recently familiar with? It must have been in Amber’s pussy Billy concluded. The plastic shape had an inch or so sloped tip, a ridge then a short rippled cylindrical chunk of just over an inch, it was a cock dildo thought Billy.

Billy felt a thrusting at his face, a rocking motion of his chair and his legs jumping wildly but being suppressed by the weight of something most likely Amber’s body he guessed. Amber now rocking back and forth on the dildo holding and pulling on Billy’s head and hair as she slid back and forth both her labium minora and majora sliding it’s entire length with perfect precision. Amber found this awfully stimulating, exciting and energetic but could not keep it going for longer than two minutes as Billy’s legs were obviously not quite so keen on this type of play!

Amber begrudgingly slipped her pussy lips off the tip of the dildo her juices dribbling beneath onto Billy’s little tented pouch, her labium minora beginning to hang out exposed above her labium majora in a perfect petal shape from all her exertions. Amber then began carefully retreating her feet to the ground, her hands coming down to Billy’s legs finding the pressure points and returning them to their more regular and safe statue like state!

Amber now turned towards the computer picking up and using the mouse to stop the recording she had begun some twenty odd minutes earlier. Amber saved the file as ‘Bedroom_Crip_001’. She pressed the loop checkbox on the video player then hit the play button. The previous twenty or so minute bedroom play from the two differing camera angles now aired in silence on both the computer and the plasma screen situated opposite Billy.

Amber skipped back over to Billy, quickly releasing the Velcro strap of the blindfold from Billy’s eyes. The blindfold dropped down around his lower neck nestling itself awkwardly for Billy and beginning to lightly itch away at his hypersensitive tracheotomy scar. An itch Billy could do absolutely nothing about he could truly move no muscle to help this. He had never been so vulnerable to everything and anything in his entire life including the darkest days immediately post accident. Blinding white light suddenly rushing to Billy’s brain before his eyes began refocusing on the screens in front of his eyes. An image grew, a view distorted by a skin coloured six inch plastic dildo protruding from under his nose restricting his line of sight severely.

The sight of Billy self-performing in such a scenario coming into his focus let Billy instantly forget his body’s complete vulnerable status, he was gob smacked by this erotic action! Billy’s mind and eyes were transfixed by the double camera angle he had no idea existed until this very moment. Billy’s eyes now keenly scanned left and right for the lens eye yet to no avail his view somewhat blinkered and still hidden from the camera’s current location. All he could see was a plastic penis and a rather quality obscured sex video on the multiple screens which he now viewed motionless and in an eerie but contented silence.

Meanwhile Amber holding the remote control of Jasper’s new toy in one hand, a glass of water in the other opened the door and tiptoed backwards through the doorway to the hallway exiting in complete silence in order to surprise Jasper once more! Amber bending forwards to take the weight of the door as it slowly closed behind, her pussy still leaking droplets of her juices as her little ass backed up the hallway.

To be continued...