Just Standing Around

I come up behind you and put my hands on your waist. Pulling upwards and sliding my hand under your shirt. I use my thumbs to dig into the muscles on either side of the spine. Thumbs marching beside each other looking for any knots that need to be worked out.

After an extensive search I change tactics. Instead of firm thumbs I go to a smooth light touch. Sliding my hands under your bra. I follow the imprints it has made from being worn all day. With a smile I go for the clasp.

It releases and the bra loses its tension. Feeling you trying to turn around I use my chair to maneuver a trap with the counter. I grab your right wrist and hold your hand firmly to the edge. Not letting go until I stop feeling any moving.

I slide my hand up your arm slowly. Coming up the shoulder and using my thumb I dig into the muscle that is beside the shoulder blade. Using my thumb I follow the structure of the muscle. Going with the grain. Not wanting to neglect the other side I follow suit with my left hand.

I see the back of your neck and the bare skin looks lonely. With my right fore finger I softly press into the skin behind your ear working the area. Then with only the tip I trace your ear, starting from the center and around and down to the ear lobe.

Moving my hands over and down your back I slide them back under your shirt. With hands on your hips I pull you back slightly from the counter. I slide my hands up your sides. Fingers slipping under your loose bra I cup your breasts lifting them and giving a slight squeeze. Letting them rest I move my hands over them barely touching the skin. My palm is lightly brushing your nipples. Getting the reaction I was looking for I move my right hand up your front to caress your neck softly.

Thumbs sliding into the waist of your pants they meet in front to undo the button. With a searching finger tip I find the zipper. Between thumb and finger I slowly pull it down. Leaving the pants where they are my fingers find their way in. I can feel the warmth. I must be doing something right.

With my left hand I pull your shirt up and kiss your back. Over and over, quite slowly. Thinking I have your attention drawn to your back I slide my right hand into your panties. I can feel the coarse hair as I find my way lower. Careful to avoid your clitoris. With closed fingers I cup your whole pussy making room adjusting your panties. I curl my middle finger slowly down. I can feel it surrounded by the wet, soft warm folds of your pussy. Going deep I bring it back covered in juices. I use my finger to spread it around your clitoris.

With a soft stroke I run my finger over the hood. Not hard enough to pull it back, just enough. I quickly go deep into your vagina to bring more juices back. As your clitoris stiffens my stroke becomes steady. Not fast, not slow always the same speed. It lasts only long enough for you to start anticipating the next stroke. I take it between my fore and middle finger, using the wetness to keep the movement smooth. I use the same rythm. This time I go longer and let you enjoy that next stroke.

Slipping my hand out of your panties I quickly move my chair away from the counter. Turning you around I tell you to put your foot on the frame of my wheelchair so you can sit up on the counter. Realizing your pants are still on I give a single tug, You lift your self off the counter. I pull your pants and panties off at the same time right off your feet. Sitting on the counter with your legs together and leaning forward I lean up and kiss you slipping the tip of my tongue between your lips as I break the kiss.

I push you back on your elbows. Hands on your knees I pull them apart. Getting close I march kisses up your left inner thigh. Dragging my lips over your skin as I reach the next spot. With arm and hand tangled with your right leg I spread it farther, using the very tip of my tongue I give your leg a little lick followed with by kiss.

Sensing a little impatience I shift my focus. I bring my mouth close to your pussy. Feeling the warmth on my lips. I take your clitoris into my mouth. I figure Ive got the water boiling. I place your clitoris right in the middle of the tip of my tongue. Like a boxer I give it a left, right, left, then an uppercut. Like before I only go far enough for you to anticipate the next punch. Then taking your clitoris between my lips I use my tongue to flick it fast and light. Feeling your hips buck slightly I keep the pace up. With hands on your hips I hold you still while I quicken even more.

It gets harder to hold you still so I bring my hands into play. Using the finger tips I pull back your hood exposing your clitoris even move. Being careful I use my tongue gently. Like a kitten batting some yarn back and forth.

Hearing that you are close I deepen the movements but not the pace. Quick shallow breaths, tensing here and there I know Iím close. Then I hear a sharp intake of breath, I lean back and spread you and use my tongue to taste the juices you just released.

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