Chapter 9

Therapy downstairs wasn’t too much different than the therapy I’d done in bed, except that now a lot of focus was put on my arms. Jenny, a sensorimotor specialist, supervised parts of my therapy, giving Tuck pointers and concentrating on the arm that Tuck wasn’t holding. All the therapy really consisted of was repetitive movements. They would make my arms perform the same exercises over and over again.

Almost no attention was paid to my hands. At first I thought that maybe they were saving them for last but soon realized that both Jenny and Tuck were intentionally avoiding them. That pissed me off.

Tuck noticed I had grown rather moody, but Jenny barely ever spoke to me. “What’s wrong, Skell? I thought you’d be happy to finally start real rehab.”

“I am. I just don’t see why you guys aren’t working with my hands at all. What’s the point of being able to use my arms if I don’t have my hands too?”

Jenny spoke up before Tuck had a chance to explain. “You’re never going to have you hands back. That is what you need to understand first and foremost. Being a tetraplegic, you’d better thank god you actually have the potential to regain any movement in your arms at all.”

I resented her harsh attitude, but Tuck tried to soften her words. “All she’s tryin’ to say is that you could have easily ended up like Vash over there. He’s never going to improve. His body will remain like that until the day he dies. On the other hand, while you won’t ever get your hands back, you can still strengthen your lower arms. Those will become immensely useful once you regain some control.”

Tuck could see I still didn’t believe they would make that big of a difference. “Skelly, you won’t have to use a sip-and-puff wheelchair anymore. You could actually maneuver a wheelchair with a joystick. You have no idea how much easier that is! Also, with special adaptive tools, you can learn how to write, feed yourself, partially dress yourself, and a lot more. You just don’t get how much more independence you’ll have with the help of your lower arms.”

I was shocked. I’d given up hope on ever feeding myself again a long time ago. “Are you serious? I…I’d be able to do all of that?”

Tuck’s determined eyes peered down at me. “Yes. That’s why I need you to get serious about your rehabilitation. You don’t want your dad pushing you around, now do you?”

I frowned. I didn’t want my dad having any part of my daily habits. “Will I be able to cath myself?”

The slight smile faded from Tuck’s lips. “No, Skelly. Probably not. But that’s why your mom’s going to be coming to more of your therapy sessions. She’s gonna be takin’ care of things like that.” I wasn’t as excited as before, but just the prospect of being in a wheelchair that didn’t make me look so ‘special’ cheered me.

My two-hour long therapy session finally ended. I was tired but thought that was weird since I hadn’t actually done any of the work. Tuck carried me back to my wheelchair then placed me in it. He quickly got to work securing all the straps and the tray. I noticed that his hand, squeezed tightly between my groin and the saddle of my seat cushion, lingered. I really missed being able to have a hard on. That one instance during my bath a few weeks ago had yet to happen again.

After making sure I was snugly strapped in, Tuck tilted my chair back so that all I could see was the ceiling. This scared me cause it felt like I was going to slip out and hit my head. “What the fuck are you doing, Tuck? Why’d you do that?”

“To relieve the pressure on your bottom. Trust me, you don’t want a pressure sore. Those are nasty and really hard to get rid of.” I didn’t like only being able to see the ceiling, and it made me kind of sick once Tuck started pushing me. The only good thing about it was that I could no longer see the stares of everyone as I was wheeled by. The elevator ride was pretty much the same as before, only this time there were less people. The ceiling scenery was pretty bland so I was grateful for the short trip back to my room.

After putting me in bed, Tuck started stripping my sweats off. Soon I was naked except for my thigh-high support stockings, my catheter, and the full leg bag strapped to my thigh. Tuck moaned softly. He had taken off his pants and was standing by my bedside in his boxers. His dick had found its way out and was practically poking me in the eye.

Tuck reached down and grabbed himself, massaging as he moaned a little louder. I felt left out and wanted to pleasure him. I reached my weak neck out as far as I could, not stopping until my nose was touching the head of his dick. Tuck came even closer. I took him into my mouth inch by inch until all of his cock was rubbing the back of my throat. I sucked him off while he cupped one of my wasted hands around his balls. I watched as he squeezed my hand shut and used his hand over my own to knead his sac.

Before he came, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and moved to the end of the bed. He ran his hands along my smooth, stockinged feet. I was slightly embarrassed about my legs now that they had grown so thin, but they just seemed to turn Tuck on even more. He put both of my limp feet around his dick and started jacking himself off with them.

This was incredible to see. I quickly looked down to see if my own dick had any sort of reaction. Flaccid. I tried to focus on what Tuck was doing and ignore my soft dick. Only minutes later Tuck tensed up, muffling a loud moan with his hand as he shot out a load on the bottoms of my nylon-covered feet. He collapsed on the bed with me; crawling up so that his head was resting on my chest.

I wished so badly that I could just pick up my arm and run my fingers through his hair or across his back. He lightly played with one of my nipples, pinching it gently. Since I had yet to release my own building tension this was almost orgasmic. “You know, this is the first time we’ve done stuff like this since your brace has been taken off. What do you say we try new…positions.”

I was up for whatever Tuck had in mind. “Do with me what you will, Tuck.” I gave him a saucy smile as I winked.

He pushed himself up with his toned arms and put a hand behind my back. Almost effortlessly he rolled me over. I watched as my limp dick fell from my stomach and onto the bed. I was hoping Tuck would take the catheter out so he could suck me off. Even though I never got hard and couldn’t feel it, it was still amazingly hot to watch. Tuck rolled me all the way over, so that my arms were tucked under my chest and my bare ass was facing him. Straddling me, Tuck balanced on his knees which were pressed into my hips. Though it hurt to have my neck turned at such a sharp angle so that I could see what was happening, I wasn’t about to bitch. I watched as Tuck’s dick grew hard again.

He put his cock in between the top of my ass cheeks, working it up and down. His hands were massaging the tops of my shoulders and stroking the back of my head every so often. After he’d rubbed his cock over my ass and up and down the backs of my legs, he stuck just the tip of his dick inside my asshole. Slowly, he pushed in the rest of the way. He grabbed my back and moaned as he began thrusting harder. Lowering himself down so that his chest was now pressed into my back, he wrapped his arms under my armpits, locking his hands behind my neck.

Tuck pumped harder and harder. I could feel the bed shake with every thrust of his powerful hips. He was going so deep, I swear I could almost feel it. His body tensed again. He nipped the nape of my neck as he orgasmed for the second time that night. I could feel his quick, hot breaths on my back as he lay quietly. “Skelly, that…was amazin'.” His heavy breathing continued.

“ I’m glad you enjoyed it. I just wish there was more I could do while you’re getting off. I hate only being able to lay here.”

Tuck pushed himself up. “Well, I like you just havin’ to lay there and take it. That’s a huge turn-on.” He climbed out of the bed and began dressing himself. All I could do was lay there on my stomach; cum cooling between my ass cheeks and the bottoms of my feet.

After he’d finished smoothing the sides of his hair, he rolled me back over. He removed my near-popping leg bag and replaced it with a fresh one. “I got you pretty worked up, you’re sweatin’!” Tuck observed as he took off my support stockings. “I don’t wanna get you over-heated. I’ll put shorts on you for now.”

I remembered Vash lying on the mat in the therapy room; white diaper exposed to everyone who happened to look. I blushed just remembering the incident. “Oh, don’t tell me you’re getting’ self conscious about your legs now, Skell. Your face is turnin’ red.”

He slid the soft, cotton shorts up to my waist. They were barely long enough to cover my leg bag. And you could easily see my dick if it just so happened to shift around. Now I saw why the diaper may have been a smart move after all. Sure it was embarrassing to have people know you pissed or shat yourself and had to have someone else change you, but it was equally embarrassing for someone to get an eyeful of a pee bag strapped to your thigh or a soft dick peeping out.

Tuck wrestled my thinning arms through the sleeves of a plain, white t-shirt. “There, those should keep you a lot cooler than those hot sweats.”

“Yeah, but they’re also way more revealing.” I motioned down to my legs. The hair was already wearing thin on them due to the pull of the support stockings. My toes had taken on a pretty noticeable curl. I hated looking at them now. They had grown almost as repulsive as my hands.

But amazingly, Tuck saw how I was looking at them and lowered his head down onto the high arch of my foot. He lovingly kissed it before straightening back up. “Your legs are beautiful, Skelly. So are your feet and your hands as well.”

I looked at him in disbelief. I honestly couldn’t believe he could think that. Tuck propped me up with my nightly pillows before bending down and kissing me long and deep. Relishing his touch, I inhaled his scent; trying to remember everything about the moment. Tuck pulled away and turned the TV on, lowering the volume until it was almost muted. “Don’t watch for too long, you need your rest. Tomorrow you’ll be in therapy even longer, and you want to be refreshed for your mom. I have to leave early tonight. Sasha will be in shortly to help you with dinner.”

He kissed both my hands before returning them to the thick pillow on my lap. “Good night, Skell. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I watched him disappear into the dark hallway and quietly shut the door.

To be continued...