Chapter 15

After explaining the process of going about unstrapping me, Serg effortlessly lifted me from my chair, carrying me inside to the cool relief of air conditioning. Serg shifted me a bit before voicing his concerns. “Okay, I can get through the house pretty easily on my own, but with you in my arms it throws me off a bit. I can’t feel around to see where I’m at.”

I saw how that would be a problem. “I’ll tell you if something’s in your way.” Seemingly satisfied with the solution, he spoke again after moving forward, “I can feel how hot you are, you’re sweating pretty bad. I think you’d better lay down until your parents get back.” Though I barely knew the Volkovas and didn’t want to chill out on one of their beds, I felt like I was going to be sick and desperately wanted to lie down for a while.

Surprisingly, Serg made it through the house with ease; his shoulder bumping against the wall only once. He stopped in the doorway of an extraordinarily bare room. The only personal items I noticed beside various shirts and pants were two open books filled with Braille characters. I wondered if Serg despised those special books as much as I despised my ‘adaptive tools.’ But I knew that probably wasn’t the case. Serg seemed like a well-adjust guy. As far as I could tell, he wasn’t bitter in the least.

Propping his knee out in front of him, he leaned into the bed; lowering me down onto the stiff mattress. I closed my eyes as he pulled his arms away, relishing the direct flow of cooling air from a fan at the end of the bed. I could have fallen back asleep at that very moment if Serg hadn’t shifted on the bed. I opened my eyes slightly. I hadn’t realized that Serg had never gotten up. Instead, he was sitting with both of my legs over his lap, rubbing his hands along the smooth support stockings up and down my boney shins. I cleared my throat loudly. “What are you doing, Serg?”

Not even seeming perturbed in the slightest, he coolly answered back with, “Your legs, they’re so…soft. What do you have on them?” “They’re medical support stockings. They ward away deep vein thrombosis or something; so I don’t get an embolism. That happens to people who have to sit or lay down a lot.”

Serg remained silent but continued stroking my non-existent calves, moving up towards my thighs. I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t really sure what was going on. Serg’s hands soon found themselves sliding up inside my swim trunks, caressing my inner thighs. Though I found myself increasingly turned on by the sight of Serg rubbing his long fingers along my hips and stomach, all I could think about was Tuck. I’d never done anything like this except with him. I almost felt as if I were cheating on Tuck just by letting another guy touch me. But after I saw the bulge in Serg’s pants becoming steadily larger, I put the thought out of my head. It’s not like Tuck was my boyfriend. I hadn’t even heard from him since I’d left the hospital.

So I allowed myself to become more comfortable with Serg and his advances. His delicate hands danced lightly over my chest, feeling the smooth skin beneath my shirt. Serg lowered himself on top of me. I watched as his hard dick was pushed against my cushiony crotch. I didn’t know how Serg would react if he found out I was wearing a diaper and didn’t know how to tell him. So I just lay there, watching his legs quiver as he pulled off his shorts. His large, stiff dick sprang out. I watched him lower it closer to my hips and loved the sight of him pushing his rock-hard cock into the soft pooch of my stomach. Inching up towards my face by the minute, he was soon rubbing his dick against my neck, teasingly touching his tip to my parted lips. I slowly let my tongue skim a circle around his head. I lightly licked it, running my lips back and forth across the smooth surface.

Serg tilted his head back and moaned softly. I did this several times, watching the mounting pleasure on his face. Unable to control himself any longer, he suddenly thrust himself into my mouth. It was long enough for me to feel in the back of my throat. He moaned again as I began sucking it long and slow. I thought he would cum in my mouth, but he pulled out. He felt his hands down my sides until he found my hips.

Without notice, Serg began turning me over onto my stomach. I didn’t resist and tried my best to keep my frail arms from becoming twisted underneath me. Serg practically ripped my swim trunks off, hurridly tossing them to the floor. Assuming my bottom half was now bare, he ran both his hands over my ass only to feel the thick padding. He paused for a moment, taking in the sudden surprise. I could tell he was unsure about what to do so I had to reassure him. “I can’t tell when I have to go to the bathroom anymore. But…I think I should be okay…” I let my voice trail off. I hoped to god I hadn’t gone to the bathroom while I’d napped.

Serg carefully pulled the protective padding down to my knees. Though Serg didn’t feel around on my ass to see if anything was there, I suppose that since he was blind his other senses had sharpened, and he could smell that I hadn’t shit myself. After realizing it was safe to proceed, he left the diaper down around my knees. He continued on with more fervor than before. I hadn’t realized how anxious he was. So there we were, me lying face down on the bed with only my shirt and stockings on, with Serg completely naked on top of me. He ran his dick all along my back before forcefully grabbing my ass and plunging his huge cock all the way inside of me. He kissed me over and over again on the nape of my neck while quickly pumping in and out.

It was times like that when I wished so badly that I could offer some assistance or make the experience more pleasurable in some way. But all I could do was lie there and take it. It was weird that it was in moments like this when I truly realized how limited I was as a quadriplegic. I couldn’t believe that Serg was attracted to me even as a quad. But I figured a large part of that was because he couldn’t actually see my body. He could still feel it, though. Just his hand skimming across my wasted thigh muscles seemed enough to get him worked up all over again. As he thrust deeply into my ass for the last time, I felt him squeeze my chest tightly, moaning my name as he orgasmed.

We hadn’t spoken much since we’d started, and I didn’t really know what to say. Serg continued to lay on top of me, his now soft cock pressed in between my thin thighs. He eventually spoke up once his rapid breaths slowed and he gained his composure. “I haven’t done anything with a guy in so long. I’m really glad you came over today, Skelly.”

Serg being attracted to me and even fucking me in the ass was still a total shock. “Serg, I didn’t know you were gay. Back in high school I never would have guessed it.”

He pulled himself up off of me and felt around on the end of the bed for his shorts. “Yeah, I wasn’t too open about my sexuality in school. Plus, I didn’t really want my parents to find out, my dad would go nuts.”

My throat tightened a little with fear. “Yeah…I know what you mean.” Even though things had gotten significantly better between me and my dad, my heart started to race just at the thought of my father finding out about me and Serg.

Coincidentally, I heard the sound of my mother and father’s voices entering the Volkova house at that very moment. Serg’s head shifted slightly towards the noise. I started to panic when I heard that my father’s voice was growing nearer. “Get my shorts Serg!” I hissed, panicking. “I don’t know where they are!” I was still rolled over on my stomach and couldn’t get a good look around. “Check the end of the bed. Where did you throw them?”

I watched as Serg’s hands quickly flew across the bed and floor, coming up empty-handed. I heard my father’s voice almost directly outside Serg’s bedroom door. “Where did you say the bathroom was, Ivana?”

I could feel my heart pounding against my chest. “Serg, at least cover my ass up,” I quickly whispered. Serg’s face suddenly brightened as he held up my swim shorts. “I found them!” Just as Serg made his way over to the bed and was preparing to slide them on me, my dad’s head appeared in the doorway.

I felt like all the wind had been knocked out me. All I could do was stare with a gaping mouth at the confused face of my father. Serg didn’t even realize anything was wrong until my dad spoke. “What’s going on here guys?” Serg’s hands froze on my thighs.

The room was silent until Serg tried to offer an explanation. “Skelly was…um hot, Mr. Shepherd. I…I was just…”

My father cut him off. “Trying to cool him down by taking his shorts off?”

I tried for a reasonable explanation as to why I was almost completely naked with my ass in the air. “I thought that I might have gone to the bathroom, dad. Serg was just trying to help me out since you and mom weren’t around.”

The serious look in my father’s eyes softened but didn’t completely disappear. “Skelly, you could have waited. Serg doesn’t need to take care of things like that.” He glanced over at Serg. “Would you mind giving us a little privacy for a moment?” Serg felt his way along the wall until he was out the door. My father came closer to the bed and pulled the diaper that had fallen down around my knees up over my hips. “I’m surprised that you asked Serg to do something like this for you, Skelly. This isn’t the kind of thing you ask just anyone for help with.” He lifted my legs and pulled them through the too-big swim shorts. “I’d like for you to be a little more discreet about personal matters like this in the future.”

My face was burning a bright red. I didn’t know what else to say so I just nodded submissively. “I think your mother’s ready to leave. I’m going to go ahead and carry you back to your wheelchair.” Bending down and gently lifting me from Serg’s bed, he carried me through the house to the living room, where I could already hear my mother saying goodbye to the Volkovas.

As we entered my mothered turned around and looked surprised. “There you are, Skelly! I’d wondered where you could have gotten off to without your wheelchair.”

My father spoke for me. “He was resting in Serg’s room. I don’t think he feels very good.”

A look of concern passed over my mother’s usually pleasant face. She stepped closer and flattened her palm against my forehead. I suppose my prior embarrassment could have been mistaken for a feverish flush. “He does feel a little warm. Maybe we should go.” I didn’t even look around the room at the Volkovas. I felt like a child in my father’s arms. Worse than a child, I felt helpless; like a cripple. I actually started to feel sick at that moment and leaned my head against my father’s shoulder. My mother thanked the Volkovas and apologized for having to leave so abruptly.

Instead of placing me in my wheelchair, my dad went ahead and carried me back to the car. After buckling me in, my father took his place in the driver’s seat. I watched as he repositioned the rearview mirror so that I was directly in his line of sight. He started the car as mom got in. Once on the road, she would turn around in the passenger seat every so often and comfortingly pat my knee. Though I was looking out the window throughout most of the short ride home, I could still tell every time my father’s eyes would settle on me in the rearview mirror. I felt my face burn with every look. I knew I had to stop looking so ashamed. My blushing only seemed to intensify my guilt, and I think he knew that.

To be continued...