The New Job

by Wheelie

Terry wheels towards an ominous grey building, its flat walls and roof masking where he hopes will be a fulfilling job.
He can see the main building in the near vicinity but can see why he has been sent to this quick assemble type building as it is accessible, whereas the main one is bristling with stairs.
Terry spots a few familiar people who come over and make him feel welcome. It is strange being back at work after so long of being in his wheelchair and concentrating on becoming independent.
He hopes it will all work out. They seem very accommodating, even providing him with a nearby mobile home whilst his home is being made accessible.

It is 8.55am; he is early to make a good impression.
Terry is shown to a table nearby and after being introduced to two men sharing it with him, given a relatively easy job to do.

He gets through the job within an hour and has to wait for about an hour for another one.
Frustrated, Terry chats to the men at his table while they all wait for new jobs to do.
They ask him why he is in a wheelchair and as usual Terry explains his car accident and how it affected him. He has to explain that he is an incomplete quad, and yes he can still use his arms and has some feeling because he was incomplete.

They get some more jobs to do and Terry tries to make his drag out as he doesn’t know when he will get another.
Towards the end of the day, lots of people are leaving or sitting at their desk watching a television located up on a side wall.
It has been a very long day and the lack of jobs to do is really testing Terry’s patience!

Terry catches the eye of his lady supervisor, a lady called veronica, early fifties, about 6ft, very thin body and face with long black straight hair and dark brown eyes.
It has gone 6pm and terry was sure he should have finished at 5pm.
She says, “Hold on terry, I am not sure what time your shift finishes or we may have an urgent job for you to do”!
Terry looks at her in disbelief; he hasn’t had a job for the last two hours.
He can see her at the end of the room, talking quietly and giving him sneaky glances as she talks to an unknown person on the phone.
She puts the phone down and avoiding terry’s eyes, leaves the building heading for the main one.

Terry waits for an hour longer, getting very annoyed as everyone else leaves and the cleaners come in to start tidying up!
Terry decides he has had enough! He says good night to the cleaners and going outside, pushes over the rough surfaced car park toward the mobile home supposedly around the back of the main building.
He is looking forward to seeing his part time home. They very generously offered him it for free, just the proviso to keep it tidy and pay for any damages.
He can’t wait to get indoors as it has been a long day.
Terry starts to get the key out of his pocket as he approaches the mobile home, then notices that the door is open!
He wheels up the ramp and starts to enter the mobile home.
His mouth drops at the mess he finds!
There is a blonde girl, about 5ft 6, green eyes, in her late twenties, sitting on one of the bench seats. Next too her is an older man; about 5ft 2, thin build with small moustache and brown hair and green eyes. He is in his mid sixties.
Terry then notices a little blonde haired boy, about two years old; he is the cause of the mess.
There are crumps and sweet wrappers and dirt of all sorts all over the place!
The blonde lady looks over at terry and says angrily “Ok, we are going soon, Veronica has been pestering us! We have been using this place as a crčche for ages and now you are here we can’t use it for a few days”!
Terry can see in the bedroom and that is a wrecked too!
The blankets are all messed up and crumbs are all over the mattress.
Terry feels all of the frustrations of the day build up behind his eyes. He feels so angry but is trying hard not too burst in to tears!
He stares at the girl and says in a controlled voice “I have no choice but to stay here. I have had a very long day and I am sure two hours of that was waiting for you!
I have too keep this place tidy and the first time I come here, it looks like I will spend a couple more hours tidying up after you!”
“I didn’t know you would be here and all I wanted to do was get on my bed and relax after a rotten day!”
The older man gets up and says “we are sorry, we meant to be out ages ago but lost track of time and young James is a handful”, he says indicating the little boy.
The little boy hears his name and stops using the bed as a trampoline.
He rushes up to terry and starts examining his wheelchair.
James tries to climb up terry’s legs. Terry easily picks him up and lifts him on to his lap.
The boy stands up on his lap and Terry says “one, two, three, up we go” and lifts the giggling boy in to the air.
After doing this three or four times, the boy clambers off and runs over to his now smiling mum.
“We will help tidy up and go as soon as we can, my name is Samantha, call me Sam, and this is my Dad, Ray”.
Terry shakes their hands, and then wheels in to the bedroom. He wheels next to the bed and he sighs deeply at the messy bedroom.
Sam can see how miserable Terry is, and admires how he copes with the situation. She watches him as he moves his wheelchair next to the bed, leans under his chair and she hears a couple of clicks as Terry puts his brakes on.
Ray is busy outside keeping James busy whilst they tidy up.
She watches Terry as he transfers on to the bed, his cute tight but coming in to view.
She watches as he drags his body across the bed, pulling the sheets with him so he can tuck them in the far side which he can’t get too with his wheelchair.
Samantha feels herself getting turned on and guiltily decides to get on with cleaning up. She gets a broom from a nearby cupboard and quickly sweeps up all the crumbs etc, the image of terry dragging himself around the bed set in her mind.

To be continued...