It was about midday and Mathew was sitting on the floor doing exercises to keep the muscles in his legs stretched when he heard a knock on the door. He figured it must be Shelly coming over to visit him, perhaps wanting to invite him for a stroll in the park. Since he had met her a couple of days ago she had become a very good friend and they spent a lot of time together. “Just a second” he called out to her. Hastily he reached over and grabbed his pullover that he had removed while exercising and put it on. He straightened out his legs and pulled himself over to his wheelchair that was standing beside him. He reached for the armrests and pulled himself up and set the footrests down then lifted his legs – twisted from the motion up and placed his feet into the footrests. He released the brakes and wheeled over to the front door taking a brief glimpse at himself in the mirror on the way – he looked fine. He released the hatch of the door and opened it – and got quite a shock.

He had expected to see the petite and fragile figure of Shelly and was surprised. A young woman – in her early twenties and all smiles was standing in front of his door – she was not petite but not fat either. She had dark hair that almost touched her shoulders and although the shirt she wore was not very tight it could not conceal her beautifully shaped, large breasts. She was very pretty and for a second Mathew thought that she must have gotten the wrong door but then it occurred to him that this must be Shelly’s granddaughter. Shelly had mentioned on several occasions that her granddaughter was going to pay him a visit once she arrives and he was looking forward to that but somehow he had never realised that it would ever happen, days had passed so quickly and all of a sudden she was not just ‘going to come’, she was here.

Before Mathew could say anything the girl already introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Katie,” she said with a big grin on her pretty face. The grin reminded Mathew of Shelly. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He was amazed to find that she was just his kind of girl – of course at this point in time strictly look-wise.

“I’m Mathew” he managed.

Katie smiled. “I know, my grandma told me.”

Mathew couldn’t take his eyes off her. Then it occurred to him that he should really ask her to come in. He maneuvered the wheelchair backwards and beckoned for Katie to come in. “Please, make yourself at home,” he told her. “I’m sorry about the mess but it used to be worse. I cleaned it up a little in the past couple of days.”

Katie shook her head. “It doesn’t matter,” she told him.

Mathew noticed that she never took her eyes off him, wondered what she was thinking. “Look, you really don’t need to feel obliged to stay here or do anything with me just because Shelly told you to pay me a visit,” he told her, starting to feel a little uneasy. Katie was a great girl and he was still obsessed with the thought that anyone who had even the most remote chance of hanging around with able bodied people would prefer that.

“No way, I’d like to stay with you, if you don’t mind,” Katie told him, looking around.

“I don’t mind at all” Mathew told her with a smile.

Katie turned back to Mathew and smiled. “You’re cute” she told him.

Mathew was surprised at the remark and wondered why Katie said so. It didn’t cross his mind for an instance that someone like Katie would even dream of putting in with him. “Thank you, and you’re extremely pretty too,” he blushed.

Katie shook her head. “Not prettier than the average,” she told him with a down to earth smile on her face.

Mathew shook his head. “You’re so much prettier,” he told her. It just then occurred to him that he should be offering her something. “Can I get you anything?” he asked her, studying her face, her body.

She shook her head, eyeing the basketball that was lying in the corner of the room. “You’re a player?” she asked him, pointing to it.

Mathew shrugged. “I used to play a lot. I loved the game but now…” his voice trailed off and he gazed down at his wheelchair. He expected Katie to try to cheer him up and her response dazzled him.

“So why aren’t you playing then?” she asked him with a sincere look on her face and Mathew could tell that she really meant the question.

“How would I do that?” he asked her, not really expecting an answer.

Katie went over to the ball and picked it up then threw it to Mathew who, still a little dazzled, caught it. He looked down at the ball, feeling the weight of it in his hands, feeling it’s rough texture. Nostalgia overcame him once again and this time, it didn’t feel so good. He looked up at Katie with a sad expression on his face. Katie came over to him and, without warning, sat on one of the armrests. Her body was touching Mathew’s shoulder a little and Mathew became a little anxious. The fact that they were touching aroused him and he tried to stay calm, thus avoiding an embarrassing scene. Katie’s calmness amazed him and somehow, he liked it. “Surely you know that there’s wheelchair basketball.”

Mathew reflected on what she had just said then shook his head slightly. “It … it looks so different from the able bodied version of the game… it’s so…”

“What is it?” Katie asked him sternly.

Mathew didn’t know himself. Somehow he had abandoned the thought of joining a wheelchair basketball club long ago. He had been terribly good at the game when he was still able bodied and he feared he would have to re-learn all of it. “I don’t know,” he told her. “I’m sure I’d do badly.”

Katie shook her head. “You haven’t even tried it!” she exclaimed. “I’m sure you’ll find that you’ll like it.” Mathew didn’t look very convinced. Katie shifted around on the armrest. “What did you enjoy about the game when you played?” she asked him.

This time Mathew didn’t hesitate. “I loved the satisfaction of obtaining the ball after struggling for it, loved the act of throwing it, the brief moment of hope that the ball goes in, the satisfaction afterwards…”

Katie nodded and smiled. “So there,” she told him, looking satisfied. “Now you go ahead and tell me which of these things you can’t have with wheelchair basketball.”

Mathew kept silent. He reflected on what she had just said and the more he thought about it the more true it seemed. He was being too judgmental, had classified something as bad before even having tried it. He had seen wheelchair basketball on TV on several occasions and had always been amazed at the power and the skill of the players, their satisfaction afterwards. Suddenly he felt determined to give it a try. He looked up at Katie, who was trying to balance on the armrest, and smiled. Shelly had been right about her – she was truly an amazing girl. He was starting to really like her. “You’re absolutely right” he admitted. “Maybe I should give it a try!”

Katie smiled at him. “I’m positive that you’ll like it,” she told him, “and if you don’t, then at least you’ve tried it.”

Mathew nodded and looked down at the ball. He bounced it a couple of times and spun it in his hands. He soon got the feel of the ball and he started to like it – like it a lot. Katie was happy to see him smile and playfully reached for the ball. Mathew tugged it away just in time, smiling. “See?” Katie beamed. “You’re great already!”

Mathew smiled and handed her the ball. “We can practice together” he told her optimistically.

Katie smiled and nodded, happy at his sudden optimism. She wasn’t sure if it was going to last but she was going to see to it that he at least gave it a try. Katie gave the ball back to Mathew who immediately started twirling it back and forth, from one hand to the next, his bright blue eyes following it in a concentrated gaze. She came to the conclusion that he was terribly handsome. She slid down from the armrest and landed on her knees in front of the wheelchair. Mathew looked up from the basketball a little bewildered. Without saying anything, Katie started touching his legs, rubbing her hand up and down them. Mathew froze. He hadn’t expected this and although it aroused him greatly he was unsure of how to react, wondered why Katie was doing this – did she want to tease him or was she really attracted to him?

“Can you feel this?” she asked him and Mathew shook his head.

“I’m paralysed,” he told her.

From the sigh Katie uttered he got the impression that it aroused her. She felt up his crotch and up to his cock – that made Mathew moan. He could feel himself getting kinkier by the moment. He felt the strong urge to hold her and shove it in hard. Katie was massaging his genitals as if willing them to erect but nothing came.

“I fear I’m impotent too,” Mathew sighed, feeling very frustrated.

Katie shook her head and smiled while continuing the massage. “You can do it” she said. “Maybe doing something that gets you randy might help?”

Mathew knew what she was implying and took hold of Katie best he could and pulled up her shirt and pulled her bra down, revealing her large breasts. He moaned again and started groping them soft at first then harder. Katie moaned with pleasure, stood up and brushed her breasts against his chest down to his belly button. Mathew couldn’t contain his pleasure anymore, he wanted to get out of the chair, ram her against a wall and fuck her hard. Katie could read his frustration off his face and removed herself from him. She lay down on the floor a couple of meters away from the wheelchair and removed her pants and her panties. She was lying naked on the ground indicating she was ready to get fucked and beckoned for Mathew to come down and claim her. She looked so soft and beautiful and Mathew wished he could just pounce on her. Katie slowly guided her middle finger down to her clit and inserted it, moaning.

Mathew started breathing hard. He slammed the breaks on his chair and bent down to remove his feet from the footrests and straightened them out in front of him. To his surprise he could feel his cock swelling. His pleasure maximised and he was delighted at the success – now he didn’t want to waste any more time. He rid himself of his pullover and threw it away. His athletic upper body flexed when he lifted himself up and out of the wheelchair. It was hard for him to lift himself onto the floor and he slipped and fell. His legs were twisted awkwardly and lay akimbo at his side but he didn’t care much for straightening them out. He propped himself up with his arms and crawled over to Katie his legs sliding along behind him. The sight of Mathew like this got Katie very wet and she showed Mathew her dripping middle finger. Mathew took hold of her and lifted himself onto her, sliding into a convenient position.

The dead weight of Mathew’s legs got Katie even more exited and she moaned and told him that he should shove it in hard. Mathew slid his dick into her and started an up and down motion with his upper arms in order of getting the power to shove it in hard and fuck her well. He continued this motion aggressively, telling himself he had to do well to please her and he wasn’t so sure of his success until Katie couldn’t contain her pleasure moans and they both came. Mathew wanted to give the fucking a break and grope and kiss her when she surprisingly pulled away. He tried to hold her but she denied him. She stood up and walked all the way to the other end of the room and into the bathroom where she lay down in the bathtub. She could see Mathew from there and it exited her to see him bewildered. “It turns me on beyond measure to see you crawl here,” she told him.

“It’s a long way,” Mathew complained, sounding a little tired.

“I want to see what you can do without any assistive devices,” she told him. “I’ll get wet watching you crawl here and when you reach me you can suck me dry.”

Mathew smiled. “That’s worth the effort,” he told her, starting to make his way over to the bathroom. He pulled himself along, trying to keep his legs in an orderly fashion but they always twisted lifelessly and trailed behind. Mathew wished he had only the most remote power in his legs to make crawling easier but he couldn’t move them an inch, they were dead weight.

Katie masturbated while watching Mathew going through great effort to crawl to her – exhaustion painted on his face. She started masturbating slowly then faster, getting wetter than ever. Mathew was almost in the bathroom now – he was making it up the ramp and around the bend to the bathtub. His upper body was around the bend – Katie could see his strong biceps flexing with every move he made, could see his perfectly shaped back snake towards her. His legs didn’t make the bend and jammed against the corner. Mathew moaned and shifted around and lifted his legs around the bend, laying them straight in front of him before he resumed crawling towards her.

Katie watched Mathew’s legs and feet trailing up the ramp excitedly and she jammed her middle finger in harder, moaning more than ever. This motivated Mathew to speed up his pace and he tried for a while but soon found he couldn’t keep it up – he was too exhausted. He arrived at the bathtub bathed in sweat and, summoning the last of his power, reached up for the handles by the tub and heaved himself up. He twisted around and slowly let himself into the bathtub. Katie made a little space for him and he came to a rest there. His legs were half outside the tub, twisted awkwardly and he lifted them inside. He turned around to face Katie and smiled a charming smile at her. “I managed,” he told her, looking very proud.

Katie guided his hand to her drenched and exited clit and made him rub it. Mathew’s breathing sped up and he bent down and licked it. He jammed two fingers in and pulled them out. They were covered in cum and he lustfully licked it off his fingers. He took hold of Katie and pulled her to him so he could kiss her. They kissed a wet kiss while Mathew jammed his fingers up her clit once again. Then he took hold of her and pulled himself into a suitable position for him to get his cock into her then grabbed hold of her and pushed it in hard. Both of them moaned and this time, Katie got on top and fucked him from above. The pleasure on both sides was so great that they both came and moaned in satisfaction. Katie was about to step out of the tub when Mathew held her back.

“I love you,” he told her with a passionate look on his face.

Katie smiled and shook her head. “You look so sincere too,” she cooed. “You’re happy, that’s all,” she told him. “I’m going to bring your wheelchair, you don’t look like you could make it all the way back on your own.”

“I’ll do it for you,” he told her.

“No need,” she said, breaking free of Mathew’s embrace and getting out of the tub. “You’ve already given me more than I ever wanted, you were great!”

Mathew was pleased to hear it and he was happy. He sunk into the tub, feeling very relaxed. He watched Katie go over to fetch the wheelchair. He loved to look at her and, had he not been so tired, he would have crawled right up to her and fucked her again. “But there’s always tomorrow,” he told himself with a smile on his face. “Or tonight at that.”

Katie came back and wheeled the chair right up to the tub. Mathew was about to grab hold of the handles and swing himself into it when Katie stopped him. “Pretend there are no handles,” she told him. “Let me help with lifting you into your wheelchair.”

Mathew smiled and nodded. Katie stooped down and Mathew placed one arm around her shoulder and the other at the edge of the tub and Katie heaved him up. His legs were straight in front of him, still touching the bottom of the tub. Mathew held on to her tight and she heaved him over, into his chair. While Mathew made sure he sat comfortable Katie put the footrests down and lifted the first leg out of the bathtub and placed his foot on the rests. She repeated the same with the second leg and soon they were all set to move out. She made Mathew go ahead – she liked to see him wheel out of the bathroom, liked to see the way his legs moved slightly when he wheeled down the ramp, enjoyed the slight noise the wheelchair made when it hit even ground. She hopped out of the bathroom and started dressing herself. Mathew watched her dress, wished she wouldn’t get dressed but knew that she had to. He asked to fix her bra and she let him do it. When she was fully clothed she told him she had to leave, but she would be back the next day. “You must be back,” Mathew told her and she nodded.

“I promise I’ll visit you very often from now on,” she said, making her way to the door. “And remember, we gotta shake that wheelchair basketball thing!”

Mathew nodded optimistically. “I wanna shoot a few hoops tomorrow and I want you to join me. What’s more I’m going to look for a good club to join.”

Katie smiled and nodded. “And what are you going to do today?” she asked him, opening the front door and peering back at him.

“I have unfinished business I need to attend to,” he told her. Katie nodded, winked at him and disappeared out of the door. Mathew remained fixed for a couple of seconds, staring at the space Katie had occupied just a couple of seconds ago then he turned around and wheeled himself towards the telephone. He got out the phone book and looked up the address of his parents, sister and friends. He picked up the receiver and started dialing.

The end

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