Part 2

Ted was glad the ride from his house to Kittens was only about ten minutes long. It gave him just enough time to work up the courage to go through with it and not enough time to let him chicken out and tell Mary to take him back home by thinking too much about it. Even though the trip was slightly prolonged for a few minutes because they stopped at an ATM machine, Ted was still determined to go.

He had given Mary directions to the club while they were waiting for the ATM machine to spit out the cash he would spend. He figured that since he hadn’t been there in a while he could spend a little money, and told Mary to take out $2000. The costs of his care were going to be covered by the legal settlement stemming from his accident, and he had accumulated a substantial nest egg after years of being a successful accountant and financial planner, so he wasn’t worried about spending this much money, even though Mary seemed a bit surprised at the amount.

He began to get slightly nervous as Mary pulled the van into the club parking lot. She didn’t help ease his nerves when she asked, “What if this girl just takes your money, leaves you there by yourself, and goes off to make money off other customers?” Of course, Mary had a point, and had obviously been thinking through the possible problems on the drive to the club. She certainly wasn’t going to accompany him into the club and he certainly did not expect her to. He had arranged for Mary to give Katrina the money if she agreed to spend a several hours with him. She would call Mary when they were finished and Mary would come back to pick him up.

“Can you trust this girl? I mean, this isn’t exactly the most ethical business,” Mary asked.

But Ted felt that he could trust Katrina. “Mary, I thought you weren’t going to be judgmental?” he asked. “Don’t worry, she’s my friend and I trust her.”

“I’m sorry,” Mary said. “If you really want to do this, I’ll take you in and do what you asked.”

“Thanks,” said Ted, “But if she’s not here, let’s leave right away.”

Mary lowered the lift with Ted’s wheelchair down to the ground and moved his blow controls within reach of his mouth. Ted was grateful nobody was in the parking lot to see this. She opened the front door to the club and he wheeled himself inside a small lobby. There was a second set of doors across the lobby leading to another small room with a counter where a girl was collecting the cover charge next to a third set of doors that led into the club. Mary opened the doors for him and Ted hesitated slightly before engaging the controls to go inside. He realized that the girl behind the counter was staring at him and he wondered what she was thinking. “Hi! Come on in!” she said very pleasantly, which made him more comfortable as he moved his wheelchair up to the counter with Mary at his side.

“Ten dollars each, please!” the girl said.

“I’m sorry,” Ted said, turning his head slightly toward Mary, “She’s not staying with me, she’s only helping me get inside and get set up with a table. I hope that’s okay.”

“Oh, sure, no problem,” the girl said.

Mary handed the girl the money. She took the cash, put it in the register, and turned to Ted and said with a wink “Thanks! Have fun sweetie!” Suddenly it hit him: How am I supposed to have fun when I can’t move or feel anything? What the hell was I thinking in doing this…

Mary opened the last set of doors for him and he again hesitated to engage the blow controls to move his wheelchair inside. A second later, with the club doors open right in front of him, Ted remembered what the place smelled like. Basically, it was the aroma of gorgeous women and it made him smile slightly as he was almost grateful to be back after so long and enjoy that sweet fragrance. He was also grateful that the club did not allow smoking inside, which only enhanced the feminine aroma. He moved his mouth forward to the blow controls and directed his wheelchair inside.

He noticed that the place was not that busy, only about a dozen or so customers split between the bar and the main stage in a club that on a busy night could accommodate nearly 100 customers with 50 or more girls. He was grateful for this too, it meant fewer eyes on him as he entered, and he was glad it was still early afternoon. He still took a table at the very back of the club, directing his chair up to the nearest one. “Okay, Mary. I just want to see if she’s here or not. If not, I want to leave,” he said.

“Okay,” Mary said as she sat down next to him.

It took a minute or two for his eyes to get adjusted to the lack of light in the club so he could scan the place to see if Katrina was here. There was a girl on stage dancing, and a couple around the bar as well as a few around the elevated area where the DJ was directing the music. None of them looked familiar. He remembered that even in a club filled with beautiful women, there was something about Katrina that made her stand out and made her easily noticed by him. There were also girls going to and from the “backstage” area where girls changed outfits and took breaks. Every minute or so a girl would either come out from or head to the backstage area. The VIP lounge was at the back of the club through an open doorway to the back of where Ted and Mary were sitting. Girls would occasionally go in and out of there, usually accompanied by a customer paying for a private dance, but Ted knew that girls could also go directly from the VIP lounge to the backstage area if they wanted to and vice versa.

After about ten minutes Ted began to get discouraged. Doesn’t look like she’s here. Oh well, he thought to himself. He was surprised that no girls had yet come up to him and asked if he wanted a private dance or just some company. In the past, he would have to politely tell them, “No thanks, I’m already waiting for one,” as he patiently waited for Katrina. Then again, he had company, Mary, and of course, he was in a wheelchair, which was probably off-putting to most of the girls there. He seriously thought he should ask Mary to take him home. Well, at least I won’t be blowing two grand, he thought.

A couple girls, a tall brunette and a blonde, came out of the VIP lounge just then, chatting with each other as they passed to the right of Ted and Mary’s table. Ted could only turn his head slightly to see them, and they passed by before he could see their faces. They were about ten feet past his table on their way to the bar when the blonde turned her head slightly to look back in Ted’s direction. Yeah, check out the wheelchair guy. Like I won’t notice you gawking at me, Ted thought as he was about to tell Mary to take him out of here, quickly.

The blonde who turned her head stopped suddenly and turned completely around, directly facing Ted and Mary. Oh my god… Ted thought as she began walking slowly toward him. It was her. She was here and it looked like she recognized him, despite his new “furniture” that held his helpless body.

“Ted?” she said almost in a whisper as she stopped in front of his chair and looked down at him with a look of astonishment on her face. “Hi, Katrina,” he said with almost an ashamed tone to his voice.

She was wearing what Ted thought was the sexiest thing she had ever worn before, and he just stared at her for a moment before saying anything more. She had on the tightest white one-piece mini-skirt type of outfit he thought he had ever seen on any woman, and it fit her body impeccably. Ted could see the outline of her toned and perfect stomach through the fabric while the skirt hugged her body perfectly from her tight waist down to her slim but curvy hips. Were the skirt cut any higher, she would be exposing herself. But the best part was how tight the outfit was across her breasts. Ted was suddenly reminded about why these were his favorite parts of her body, and he continued to stare in awe.

Before his staring could become rude, even though she probably wouldn’t have minded, she interrupted his gaze by saying “Oh my God, Ted…” as she began to comprehend that he was not nearly the same guy she last saw over six months ago. She brought her hands up to her mouth in shock and slowly began to stoop down to her knees so she didn’t have to look down at him anymore. “Oh my God, what happened…” she asked gently, staring directly at him.

Ted didn’t know where to begin, or what to say. “I… I was in an accident… a car accident about six months ago,” he stuttered. He was barely able to bring himself to tell her any more.

She moved one of her hands from in front of her mouth and placed it softly on one of his hands that was resting lifelessly on the armrest of his wheelchair. “Oh my God,” she said again.

“I… I can’t feel that…” he blurted out without thinking as he stared at her hand touching his, suddenly acutely aware of his condition. She pulled her hand away quickly, back up to covering her mouth in a look of slight shock. “I’m sorry,” Ted said, “I didn’t mean to scare you. My neck was broken in the accident and I’m paralyzed from the neck down.”

Telling Katrina that gave Ted a sudden, and unexpected, feeling of relief now that this awkward moment was behind him. He also felt something else too, something strange. Something he couldn’t quite explain. “I’m so sorry,” she said, “I didn’t mean to… If I had known…”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, interrupting her, “I hope I don’t make you uncomfortable.”

He could tell she was uncomfortable. To kind of break the ice, he turned slightly toward Mary and said, “This is Mary, my caretaker. She helps me with just about everything.”

“Hi Mary, I’m Katrina,” Katrina said. Mary just kind of nodded, stood up from her chair and walked over to the side of Ted’s chair. “Are you all set now?” she asked. “Yeah, thanks Mary,” he said to her, and then turned to face Katrina again. “Do you want to hang out with me for a while? Mary will come pick me up later if you don’t mind babysitting me for a couple hours.”

“Sure,” she said, still obviously uncomfortable. Mary then turned to Katrina and handed her the wad of money they had taken out of the ATM earlier and a piece of paper. “Ted said this should cover a couple hours. And my phone number is here. Call me when you guys are done and he’s ready to come home, or if he should need medical assistance.” She explained to Katrina that although he hadn’t suffered any episodes since his injury, he could suddenly experience rapid swings in blood pressure which would be manifested by sudden headaches or sweating and would require immediate medical attention. “He knows what to do if he doesn’t feel right and thinks he might need medical help. Just call me if that happens. Okay?”

“Okay,” Katrina answered, still obviously uncomfortable. She took the money and the paper with Mary’s number on it and put it in her purse.

“Okay Ted, I’ll see you later,” Mary said.

“Thanks Mary, we’ll call you,” he answered and she left.

“Well, alone at last,” he said, turning toward Katrina, “Are you okay with this?”

“Yeah, I just can’t believe what happened to you. I’m so sorry,” she said again.

“That’s okay. I’m beginning to accept it. Yeah, it sucks and there are times every day I wish it never happened and wish I had my old life back. But hey, at least I’m still alive,” Ted said.

Katrina sat down in the chair next to him and moved it so she was just slightly in front of him while to the side. She again put her hand on his hand and began rubbing his lower arm, until she realized that she had done it again and pulled her hand up quickly. “Sorry, I just don’t know what to do,” she said.

“You can do that if you like, you’re not hurting me or anything,” Ted said to her with a smile, hoping to relieve her discomfort. “In fact, go ahead, it makes me feel like I don’t make you nervous. I really don’t want you to be nervous.”

“Ok,” she smiled and began rubbing his hand and arm again. That odd feeling he had experienced a few minutes ago when he told Katrina that he was paralyzed from the neck down seemed to swell as he sat there and helplessly watched her caress his lifeless hand and arm, unable to feel it. He smiled back at her.

“I’m so glad you were here today,” he said. “I’ve really missed seeing you here.”

She leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, “I’m glad you came in too.” As she moved back to her chair, Ted caught a quick glimpse of her breasts straining against the skin-tight outfit she had on. Oh my God… he thought to himself as his breath was nearly taken away by how perfect they were.

They sat there for a moment, listening to the club music. He could tell she was still a bit uncomfortable. “If you’re wondering about my accident or my condition, you can ask me. Don’t be afraid to ask,” Ted said to her.

“Okay, thanks,” she said. She turned to look at the girl who had just gone on stage and watched her for a few moments. “What’s it like?” she asked, turning back to Ted, “Being paralyzed?”

“Well it’s just like I said, I can’t feel or move anything from my neck down,” he answered. “Do you feel pain?” she asked. “No, not really. Not unless I get a headache. Basically, I would only feel pain if it were my head or neck.”

“Oh,” she said. “How do you feel now?”

“Okay,” he replied, “Maybe a little thirsty, though. Could you order us a couple drinks? My treat?”

“Sure,” she said, “What do you want?”

“I’ll just have a bottled water, but don’t forget to ask for a straw. It makes it easier for me to drink,” Ted said. “And then whatever you want. Wait, let me guess, Sex on the Beach. That was your favorite drink, right?”

“You remembered!” she said, leaning forward to give him another kiss, and another opportunity to stare at her cleavage. This time she caught him, though. “What are you staring at, naughty boy,” she winked playfully.

He never missed an opportunity to tell her how beautiful he thought she was before, and he wouldn’t pass this up now. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you, I forgot how perfect your body is and how beautiful you are.”

She grinned broadly at him. “Thanks. You were always so sweet,” she said as she hailed a waitress from the bar.

A few minutes later, the waitress returned with their drinks and Katrina made sure she brought a straw for Ted’s water. “You’re going to have to help me with that,” he said to her as she opened the bottle and put the straw in. “You’ll have to move the straw I use to control my chair out of the way,” he said and looked down at the blow controls in front of his mouth.

“Okay,” she said, moving the control down and away from his face and then bringing the straw with his water to his mouth. “There you go,” she said as he leaned his head forward to reach the straw.

He took several long draws off the bottled water. “Thanks, I didn’t realize how thirsty I was,” he said as he leaned his head back and she began to put the water down. Suddenly, she realized she had a strange feeling that she’d never felt before; a feeling that was amplified by the grateful look on his face for helping him do something as simple as take a drink of water. A couple drops fell off the end of the straw and landed on his chin, dribbling down to his shirt.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she took a napkin from the table. She felt almost aroused now as she wiped the water from his chin and shirt, and couldn’t explain it.

“What?” he asked. “What’s the matter? You have this weird look on your face.”

She was almost embarrassed. “Huh? Oh nothing. I didn’t mean to spill water on you,” she said with a smile, trying to replace the odd look on her face that he just mentioned.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it just means you have to clean it up for me,” he said with a wink of his own. This aroused her even further, and to hide the new strange look of confusion on her face, she took a big swig of her drink. In fact, she quickly finished her drink a few minutes later, hoping the alcohol would relax her a bit.

It didn’t. She couldn’t stop thinking about how crazy cool it felt to help her friend Ted with his water. She wanted to do it again. “You thirsty?” she smiled and said to him, hoping deep down inside he was.

“Yeah, thanks,” he said as she put the straw back up to his mouth. Ted too was finding himself strangely enjoying this, even though he was already aroused by the earlier glimpses of her perfect body. “Oh no, I did it again,” she said as she pulled the straw away from Ted’s mouth and again spilled water on his chin. She smiled and took another napkin from the table to clean up her latest spill. Ted seemed to notice that she had been much less careful this time when she pulled the straw from his mouth, almost as if she tried to spill water on him.

As she wiped off his chin and dabbed at the wet stains on his shirt with the napkin, he noticed that strange look on her face again. “Good thing you’re here to clean up after me when I don’t quite get it all and spill all over myself,” he said to her, trying to make her think he did it intentionally, just so she would have to wipe his chin and shirt clean again.

“Mmmmm…” she agreed, “What would you do without me?”

He was starting to get suspicious that she was feeling the same thing he was; that somehow his helplessness and his utter dependence on her was turning them both on. He was glad not only because of this, but because it seemed like her initial apprehension about his condition had been totally replaced by this new arousal.

He started to think back to the other times he used to hang out with here in the club, when he was able-bodied. She would do essentially the same thing: tease him for a while out here, then ask him if he wanted a private dance. But would she be willing to accompany him to the VIP lounge now in his current condition? He wondered and worried.

“Want to finish it?” she asked, pointing to the little bit of water left in the bottle.

“Okay,” he agreed, and she again brought the straw to his mouth. This time nothing spilled afterwards. “Thanks,” he said, and even though there was nothing spilled, he still asked, “Could you wipe my mouth for me?” She didn’t hesitate and now she was sure this was beginning to turn her on, as was he.

She began to think back to when she and Ted would hang out here together, how she would very easily be able to detect how turned on he was for her, and how she knew it was time to take him out back for some private attention that she knew he craved. This was different, though. She wondered if asking him if he wanted a private dance would only remind him of his condition and ruin his afternoon. But she knew he was craving her and she wanted to do anything she could to make him feel better and forget his condition, if possible. He was, after all, her best customer and her favorite patron. She went back and forth with this internal debate for a few minutes.

As she thought back to earlier days before Ted’s accident, she remembered that she often thought he was kind of cute, in a simple way and was attracted to his confident personality. She grew just as fond of him as he did of her, and not just because he would come in on regular basis and spend a serious amount of money on her. She realized that she really did value his company and enjoyed being with him. She very quickly began to think of him as more than just a customer, but rather a good friend and looked forward to seeing him in the club. When he just stopped coming in six months ago, she wondered if he was all right. He was right; she had also wondered if he got married and would not longer be able to see her. When he didn’t respond to her emails, she gave up, figuring it was just another guy who came and went through the doors of Kittens. But when she saw him in her club today for the first time in six months, helpless and paralyzed in his wheelchair, she was both elated to see him again, but devastated by the extent of his condition.

She shot him a quick glance, and again caught him staring at her breasts. She smiled and suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to invite him to the VIP lounge, and believed that everything would be okay. Moreover, she was looking forward to letting out the urges building inside her and doing whatever she could to help her friend forget his condition, if only for just a few hours one afternoon.

“Naughty boy,” she said, “Caught you again.” She winked at him and teased, “I bet you’ve missed them,” as she slid her hands slowly up to her breasts and gave them a quick squeeze.

“Oh my God, yes,” he blurted out, almost without thinking. He then realized that all of his fears about coming here were gone, and that somehow, his condition was contributing to his arousal.

“Well, if you want to see them, we’ll have to take a trip out back,” she said, hoping he wouldn’t be offended or reminded of being a quadriplegic.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he said.

To be continued...