Justin and Brandon

by Brian

Justin was making his way around the freeway on-ramp in his bright red Mercedes SL500 convertable. He had the top down and was enjoying the warm air against his face. As he continued around the on-ramp, "Should've Known Better" by Richard Marx was beginning to play on the 80's radio station. He turned the radio up really loud and pushed the stick on his hand control unit down further, picking up speed as he made his way onto the freeway. He was a wheelchair pretender, pretending to be an L1 para. His wheelchair is an ultra lightweight sports chair. It's a TiLite ZRa.

He pulled into the parking lot at the mall and turned off his car. He hit the button to put the top up. He then clipped his keys to a belt loop on his jeans. He was wearing jeans that were kinda baggy, just how he liked them. He also was wearing a black Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt. And he didn't wear any shoes, just socks. Another thing he liked to do. He opened his door and grabbed his chair from the passenger seat of his car. He lifted it across his chest and placed it on the ground to the left of him. He then grabbed each wheel and set them down next to it. Then he assembled his chair. He pulled the backrest back until it locked into position, then grabbed each wheel and plugged them into the frame of the chair. Then, he grabbed his side guards from the front seat and slid them down into position and then grab his cushion and put it in the chair. Finally, he proceeded to transfer into it. He grabbed his left leg, lifted it up, and placed his left foot on the ground just outside the car. He did the same with his right leg and foot. Next, he put one hand on the cushion of his wheelchair, and the other on the car seat, and swung his butt over and plopped himself down on the cushion of his chair. He had no footrest on his chair. He took it off. So he let his legs hang there, toes pointing slightly downward, in a limp, natural position. He shut the door of his car and hit the button for the door locks and alarm. Once he was set, he placed his hands on the pushrims of his wheels and turned his chair around. Then he reached back and grabbed his pushrims again, and with a sudden burst of energy, he pushed off the wheels of his chair, pushing himself across the parking lot to the mall. When he reached the curb cut, he leaned a bit forward in his chair and gave himself a little bit harder push, to get up the small incline. He then continued towards the mall entrance.

As he approached the door, a younger guy, around his age, wearing kahki pants and a tight black t-shirt, was near the door and opened it for him. "Thanks." Justin said.

"Sure,” the other guy answered.

Justin proceeded to wheel down the corridor. He wheeled effortlessly across the hard floor. He reached back, grabbed the pushrims with his hands, and pushed off with his arms. He then let his arms fall, grabbed the pushrims from behind again, and repeated the process. It was so easy for him. He had been pretending for several years now. As he wheeled by the shoe store, he saw a girl showing off her new shoes to a friend. "So, what do you think of my new shoes?" The girl asked. Justin kind of laughed to himself, looking down in front of him, at his legs just hanging there, the legs he pretended not to feel. They got quite a lot of stares. People would always stare at his legs. Mostly children.

Justin approached the Abercrombie and Fitch store and wheeled in. Shortly after going in, a male store employee greeted him. "Hi there, is there anything I can help you with today?" he asked.

"Well actually, yes. I'm looking for some jeans, black, boot cut," Justin replied.

"Sure. We have those, right over here." He showed Justin where they were in the store.

"Thanks," Justin said.

"Sure thing," he replied.

When Justin found the pair he wanted, he wheeled over to the counter and told the employee he wished to try them on. The employee then unlocked the handicapped accessible fitting room for him. "Do you need any help at all?" the employee asked.

"No thanks. I think I can manage." Justin replied.

Once inside, he slid a bit forward in his chair and pushed his butt up in the air and slid it backwards, holding one belt loop in each thumb. This allowed his pants to slowly creep down to his ankles, where he lifted each foot individually out of his pants. He did the same thing, only in reverse order, when putting on the new pants. Then he let go of his legs, letting them hang there, toes pointing a little downward, naturally. As he sat there in his chair, looking in the mirror, he was rather pleased at what he saw. He thought to himself, "Oh man! I am so fucking hot!” He was also a devotee, and thought that he was so hot! He thought he looked so hot that he was gonna see if he could wear his new pants out of the store. He gathered his old pants and stuffed them into his backpack and hung it back over the backrest of his chair. He opened the door of the fitting room and wheeled out. He went to the counter to pay for his new pants. After paying, he thanked the employee and wheeled out of the store.

Justin decided that he was getting hungry, so he began to make his way to the food court. He looked around, trying to decide among the many choices, what he wanted for lunch. All of a sudden, he heard a voice coming from behind. "Whoa! You look really good in those pants bro!" the guy said.

"Oh, hi again! You held the door open for me earlier, thank you again," Justin replied.

"No problem dude."

"So you really think I look good in these pants?" Justin tried to act at least somewhat surprised. He knew he looked good.

"Oh shit yeah! Definitely."

"Well, cool! I suppose I should introduce myself. Name's Justin." Justin said, holding out his gloved hand.

“Nice to meet you Justin, I'm Brandon."

"Nice to meet you as well."

"Yeah! Are you gonna grab some lunch?" Brandon asked Justin.

"Yeah, I was going to, yes. It's just a matter of what?"

"I hear ya there. Mind if I join you?" Brandon asked, kind of a bit nervous.

"Oh, not at all, not at all!"

"Sweet! Thanks man. I think I might get some pizza. Sbarro's always has good pie," Brandon said.

"That's a good idea. I think I'll do the same," Justin said.

Justin got his favorite, meat lovers, while Brandon meanwhile, settled on pepperoni. As Justin wheeled down to the end of the line, sliding his tray along with him, Brandon had to ask: "Justin, I know you probably wanna try and do as many things as you can on your own, but I can't help but offer to carry your tray for you."

"You know what Brandon, I really appreciate that a lot. Some people just jump right in and help me, without asking first. But you, you ask first. And I really do appreciate that a lot. And sure, you can carry my tray for me. Hell, if you keep this up, maybe I'll let you carry more than my tray!" Justin said.

Brandon got really red in the face when Justin said this and could feel a bulge in his pants. He looked down at his "area", as if to say "damn it, can't this wait till later?" He had been a gay devotee for sometime now. He was out to his family and most everybody was ok with it. Him being a devotee was only known to some of his online friends. After the two of them finished eating, Brandon took both trays to the trash to dump them. After returning to the table, he just couldn't keep it in any longer. "Um, Justin, do you mind if I ask you a rather personal question?" Brandon asked, rather nervously.

"No, not at all, dude. Shoot!" Justin answered.

"Ok. Um, well." Brandon stuttered.

"It's ok Brandon. You can ask me anything bro," Justin said, patting Brandon on the back.

"Ok, cool. Are you gay?" he asked.

Justin looked at him, not really surprised. "Yeah, I'm gay."

"Cool! Awesome! Cause, well, I'm gay too! And I think you are very cute." Brandon said with a laugh.

"Really? Thanks! You're pretty handsome yourself."

"Thanks. Um, are you busy for the rest of the day?"

"I see where you are going with this. I'd love to!"

"Great! My place or your place?"

"Well I know my place is for sure accessible. It would be or else I wouldn't be living in it, now would I? But how about your place?" Justin asked.

“OK, my place it is. There is a couple steps up to my door, but I'm sure you can manage, and I'd love to show you my apartment. It's a great little place."

"Sure, that sounds good, if only I can drive us there. I love to drive and wanna show you my car."

"Ok, I had a friend drive me here anyway."

They got to Justin's car and Brandon was in awe. "Forgive me, but a crip driving a Mercedes? Total awesomeness!"

"Hehe, I thought you'd like that."

"I hope you don't mind me calling you a cripple, I think it's sexy."

"Not a problem." Justin transferred into his car, Justin explaining everything he does to Brandon as he does it. Once he was all in, he asked Brandon for a favor. “Brandon, would you mind taking my wheelchair and putting it in the trunk for me?" Justin asked.

"Sure." Brandon put the chair, wheels, cushion, and side guards in the trunk for Justin. Then he got into the car. They drove away and got onto the highway. They chatted some more on the way to Brandon's place.

Once at Brandon's, Brandon showed Justin where he could park. He made sure it was a spot Justin could safely park his car for the night. He had a feeling Justin might be staying overnight, although Justin didn't know it yet. "It should be safe here, man." Brandon said.

"Cool, thanks." Justin replied. Justin popped the trunk and Brandon proceeded to unload his chair from the trunk. Justin was excited, but nervous at the same time. What would they do? Would he find out the truth? After Brandon assembled Justin's chair and pushed it to him, Justin transferred in, Brandon watching closely. He was getting a huge bulge in his pants. There was no softening that thing now. Unless of course, well...you know.

"Um, Justin, these are the few steps I was talking about earlier. Hmm, let me see now..." Brandon murmured.

"Think you could carry me?" Justin interrupted.

"Can't hurt to try," Brandon said.

"Ok. Here's what you're gonna do, kneel down in front of my chair, back facing me. Then I'll wrap my arms around your shoulders and you grab my legs under my thighs, ok?"

"Ok. Here we go." Brandon lifted Justin and then slowly went up each step. "There we go, bud. Just a second and I'll grab my key here." Brandon unlocked the door and carried Justin in. "I'll let you try my couch while I grab your chair."

"Cool man, thanks."

Brandon went and fetched his chair and brought it inside. He pushed it next to the couch. "Ok the tour of the Brandon apartment is about to begin," Brandon said. Justin laughed and got in his chair. Brandon proceeded to show Justin the whole place, and it was rather accessible. Later on, Brandon whipped up some dinner, mac and cheese.

"Um, Brandon?"

"What's up?"

"Well, I want to thank you for everything. I really enjoyed myself today."

"Well I enjoyed myself too, but I hope the night isn't over yet. Is it?"

"Not if you don't want it to be."

"Hell no!" Justin laughed. They both stared at each other for a good minute or so. Then Brandon leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Justin's cheek. They kissed again, then decided to take it into the bedroom, where the real fun began!

To Be Continued...

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