Abby's Final Decision

Well Abby, you’ve had a chance to date all four of these handsome gentlemen. Did you have fun this week?

Abby: “Oh yes. It’s been a wonderful week. I’m sorry it’s over.”

But now you know what it’s time for, don’t you?

Abby: “I’ve got to decide which one of them I want…”

That’s right. The winner will get a prize of $100,000 and you’ll have a romantic vacation together. Have you made a decision, Abby?

Abby: “Uh… yeah, I guess I have…”

Was it hard to decide?

Abby: “Yeah, it was really hard to decide. All four of them were such sweet guys. I wish I could choose them all.”

But unfortunately, you can’t.

Abby: “Yes, it’s too bad.”

Okay, it’s time for the moment of truth. Abby, which suitor did you pick?

Stay tuned to find out Abby's final decision...