Where are they now?

Harrison Burke: Harrison and Abby found they had a lot in common with each other during the cruise. Harrison rediscovered his sexuality with Abby’s help. One of their favorite sexual activities became Abby using one of Harrison’s hands to pleasure herself as he looked on, but in time, they experimented with almost everything. They connected so well that only a few months later, Harrison put his winnings toward an apartment of his own, which he moved into with Abby. Eventually, their relationship disintegrated like so many do and Abby moved out, but Harrison kept the apartment and maintained independence from his parents.

Twelve years following his injury, Harrison underwent a groundbreaking surgery to regain movement in his arms. Unfortunately, the surgery was unsuccessful and Harrison never achieved any further movement in his arms or legs for the remainder of his life. However, during his hospital stay, he met and fell in love with a nurse. They were married in a simple ceremony and Harrison became the stepfather to her three children.


Noel Stevens: Noel kept his promise and called Lynn only a few days later. They dated for over a year and were considering moving in together when Noel strayed with another woman. Lynn discovered his infidelity and attempted to break up with him, but Noel insisted that he was sorry and convinced her to give him another chance. From that point on, Noel behaved himself and they eventually were married. A year after being married, Noel began seeing other women again and broke his wedding vows several times, but was discrete enough that Lynn did not discover the truth for two more years. They were promptly divorced.

Noel played the field for several more years and finally settled down at age forty-two with a schoolteacher ten years his junior. They had two children together and Noel was faithful to her for the duration of their marriage.


Jamie McDonnell: Upon returning home, Jamie discovered the nightlife scene. He found it extremely easy to meet men who were interested in his stumps. He was led astray in relationships with several older men, who he realized in retrospect were probably taking advantage of his naivety.

After three years of postponing the completion of his thesis and a lot of high risk sexual activity, Jamie became terrified of having contracted HIV from one of his partners. He vowed that if he tested negative, he would settle down, get his PhD, and try to have a serious relationship. When he got the test results back, he did exactly that. He finished his degree and eventually received tenure at a prestigious university.

Jamie was fortunate enough to meet another mathematician named Peter who loved him for both his intelligence and his physical qualities. His family was initially reluctant to attend their commitment ceremony, but they eventually welcomed Peter into the family.


Ethan Saunders: Ethan and Amber were married only three months later. It was rocky initially, since Amber needed more help than Ethan was able to offer her, and Amber began to feel lonely and isolated outside of the community where she had lived.

However, their dedication and love for each other kept them together in the face of adversity. They made the decision to move back into the assisted community where Amber had been living, although it was difficult to convince them to allow Ethan to live there, considering his disability was less severe than most of the other people there and he wanted to continue working full-time.

It was very difficult for Ethan and Amber to have sexual intercourse, but Ethan enjoyed massaging Amber’s body and cuddling up close to her in bed. Ethan was sometimes even able to make her cum by going down on her, which he loved doing, although it was difficult with her spastic legs. Ethan was very physically affectionate with Amber and the two of them enjoyed being close to each other.

They eventually decided that they wanted a child together, but a doctor informed them that Amber would not be able to bear a child. Instead, they adopted a two year old boy with cerebral palsy and raised him in the assisted community. Amber published a book of poems about her life with CP, raising her son, and her love for her wonderful husband Ethan.


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