James, Part 3

I donít know about other devotees, but I find the daily activities of a man in a wheelchair the biggest turn on to me. I give James a shower every other morning. I begin by rolling him back and forth until I get his canvas sling all the way under his naked body while he is still in the bed. I can then roll the lift up to the edge of the bed. After I get the sling attached to the lift safely, I slowly crank the handle of the lift that hoists his entire body up above the bed. He hates this part because I have to move the lift into the bathroom. During this time, there is nothing underneath his body to catch him if he falls. I must say, however, that I have yet to drop him during a transfer.

After I roll him, cradled in the lift, to the bathroom I line him up with his shower chair. I let the lift down slowly so that he is sitting on the shower chair with the sling underneath his naked bottom. When he tells me he is ready, I unhook the lift straps. I have to be careful at this point, because he starts sliding down off the chair very fast. I quickly strap him at his waist and chest to keep him from falling off of the chair. I move the lift into the hallway so there is more room in the bathroom. I turn the water on and wait until the temperature is good before handing the shower sprayer over to James. We put a cuff thing on the shower sprayer so that he can at least rinse himself off. I wash his body for him with easy rinse body soap. The transfer back to bed is basically the reverse except this time the chance of bladder or bowel accidents has increased.

Believe it or not, our sex lives are great! The only downfall has been spontaneity. We have to plan a little bit, but once it happens it is wonderful and satisfying.

To be continued...

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