Cruel Intentions, continued...

“What the fuck did you do that for?”

Jordan nearly screamed the words at Kirsten, as soon as he thought Kyle was out of earshot. He felt his heart pounding against his chest and his head was throbbing. He tolerated a lot from his cousin, but sometimes she went too far. Now was one of those times.

“Easy, tiger,” Kirsten stuck her tongue in his ear.

Jordan couldn’t do this anymore. He pushed her away. “Kirsten, I mean it.”

Kirsten pouted. She was so hot, it was hard to stay mad at her for long. But he was pissed and he wasn’t about to let this go. “It’s just Kyle,” Kirsten pointed out. “You know he’s totally lame.”

“Is this what you want?” Jordan stared into her eyes. He knew she had similar eyes to his own, which they had both inherited from their grandmother. “Somebody out there trying to break us up? God knows what that fucker is capable of.”

Jordan watched as Kirsten slid her hand down his chest. Her touch grew more distant, then faded completely as she dipped below his belly button. He watched her hand caressing his thigh, but he couldn’t feel a thing. Then her hand was on his dick, rubbing it and making it grow hard. He couldn’t feel it, not in the technical sense of the word, but when he had an erection there was a good, warm feeling in his entire body. He bit his lip and used all his self-restraint to grab Kirsten’s hand. “Stop it.”


“You’re not taking this seriously.”

Jordan felt Kirsten’s soft hair brushing against his shoulder. She looked at him with wide eyes. So fucking sexy. Hard to resist. He’d do anything for her, all she had to do was ask. Fuck, yeah.

He remembered at Kirsten’s parents’ 20th anniversary party, she was fourteen, he was fifteen, and they exchanged insults all evening then sneaked into her parents’ bedroom to fuck on everyone’s coats. Afterward, she talked him into emptying his catheter into their hated Aunt Maureen’s mink coat pocket. It was stupid and pointless—they could have easily been caught. But Kirsten didn’t care. She never cared.

I love you, Kirsten, Jordan wanted to say. But he held back. Kirsten preferred to keep things simple. “I’ll fucking kill Kyle if he breaks us up,” he said instead.

“You worry too much, cuz,” Kirsten said. “Come on, Jordan. You know me... if I thought for a second he might succeed, I would never have made the bet.”

Would you? “Yeah...”

“Besides, this way you get to fuck Kyle,” Kirsten pointed out, poking him in the ribs playfully.

“What a joy.”

“Don’t you think he’s sort of cute?”

“I’ve had better,” Jordan said.

“You’ve had worse,” Kirsten reminded him. “Besides, remember the rules? You get to violate him any way you want.”

Jordan touched her face. “I want you to violate me.”

“That can be arranged...” Kirsten straddled him and for the moment Jordan forgot all about the guy in the next room plotting against him.


Kyle sat and sulked in his room, quietly waiting until he heard the door slam, signaling that Kirsten had left. It took longer than he would have imagined. He ventured out into the common room and saw Jordan in his wheelchair by the door, his hair tousled and a crooked grin on his face.

“Have fun?” Kyle asked in a cold voice.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Jordan said. “Man, there is no one like Kirsten. I’m only sorry you didn’t get to experience it.”

“Fuck you.”

Jordan raised an eyebrow. “Don’t be a sore loser, Kyle. That’s just the way shit goes. Besides, after she was with me, you would have only disappointed her.”

“You two are finished,” Kyle said. “I guarantee it.”

Jordan wheeled closer to Kyle and looked him straight in the eyes. “I don’t think so.”

“You’re so sure...”

“I told you that you can’t beat her,” Jordan said.

“You also told me that she never associates with someone unless she wants something from them,” Kyle recalled. “So Jordan, what does she want from you?”

“We’ve been together since we were kids. We love each other,” Jordan said, but Kyle could see the doubt in his eyes.

“Then why did she make the bet?” Kyle pressed him. “Why would she risk everything you have together?”

Kyle knew this was exactly what Jordan had been thinking when Kirsten made the bet in the first place. Jordan stared at Kyle, uncertain what to say. Finally, he said, “She knows you’ll never succeed.”

Kyle leaned on the armrests of Jordan’s chair so that he could get his face real close to Jordan’s. “You’re going to be sorry you ever met me.”


Jordan’s last class, differential geometry, ran late on Monday and he started to get very nervous about the fact that he hadn’t been to the bathroom for nearly four hours. He knew he should have cathed himself before coming to this class, but the class before ran late too.

“We have thus stumbled onto a new tensor, the Riemann curvature tensor, which in the coordinate system y equals...”

Hurry the fuck up! It seemed like the professor was never going to finish the damn proof.

Finally, the professor dismissed them and Jordan lost no time wheeling to the nearest restroom. Once inside, he was dismayed to see that the handicapped stall was occupied, even though all the other stalls seemed to be empty. He waited for a minute, then suddenly noticed there were two sets of feet under the door.

“What the hell?” Jordan said aloud. He wheeled over to the stall and banged on the door.

“Use another stall!” a male voice called out. Jordan heard a female giggling.

“Get the fuck out!” Jordan yelled and banged on the door again.

The door swung open and it looked like the guy was ready to tell Jordan to fuck off until he saw the wheelchair and his face turned bright red. “Hey, I’m sorry about that,” the guy stammered.

Jordan didn’t have time to yell at the guy. After the couple vacated the stall, he wheeled inside and pulled down his pants. Unfortunately, he was too late. “Shit!” Jordan said, slamming his fist against the wall.

It could have been worse—at least he was wearing his protective undergarments today (he had suspected class would run long and he might leak). But there was way more leakage that Jordan had expected. The diaper was soaked and it looked like it might not hold much more. He cathed himself and found that his bladder was filled to the brim. It was sort of strange, considering he didn’t have much to drink today.

Jordan had no voluntary control over his bladder, but his bladder had been trained not to empty on its own. He couldn’t stop the occasional leakage though, but it was usually very minimal and usually only when his bladder was very full.

When he was first injured and they took out the indwelling catheter, Jordan had absolutely no control whatsoever. His bladder sphincter would allow everything to pass through, regardless of what was removed during the catheterizations. It was very frustrating to constantly be wet. They talked about different options... he was only nine and too young for a condom catheter, so he could go back to the indwelling catheter or have a suprapubic catheter that went directly into his bladder. Jordan’s dad vetoed the suprapubic catheter because surgically inserting a tube into his bladder would be like giving up on him ever getting continent again. Besides, indwelling catheters increased the risk of infections and Jordan was too young to be destroying his kidneys.

Jordan’s father turned an unpleasant experience into a nightmare. He believed with all his heart that Jordan could learn to control his bladder again if he really tried. After weeks of wet diapers, his father came into his room during a catheterization and said, “Jordan, I’m going to come back in four hours and if there’s any urine in that diaper, I swear there’s going to be trouble.”

His father just didn’t get it. Jordan tried his best to stay dry, but it was a lost cause. After only an hour and a half, he knew he had already wet himself. He had tears in his eyes when his nurse Annie came into the room and saw what had happened. She felt sympathy for the young boy.

“I know you can’t control it, Jordan,” Annie said, giving his hand a squeeze. “Your daddy just doesn’t understand yet, but he’ll get used to it.”

Jordan went home with diapers. He wore them all the time for nearly a year after the accident. His father never really understood, but at least his bladder started to understand not to empty itself. If he was very careful, cathed himself consistently and didn’t drink too much, he didn’t need the diapers at all anymore. But on days like these, he was very glad he decided to wear one.

Jordan wheeled out of the bathroom and was irritated to find that the handicapped sink was out of order. If he stretched, he just barely was able to reach the faucet for the higher sink. He cursed to himself as he sunk back into his chair with wet hands. He wheeled outside, wondering who to complain to so this would get fixed.

“Hey, Jordan...”

He looked up to see Kirsten standing before him, smiling coyly and leaning against the door of the classroom he had just vacated, which was now empty. She looked amazingly hot in her short red skirt and knee-high boots. “I came looking for you, cuz...”

“You found me,” Jordan said, wheeling toward her.

She grabbed the armrests of his chair and pulled him forward into the empty classroom. She lowered her red lips onto his. “I was in my room and I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” she breathed.

“Kirsten,” he murmured, gasping as her fingers slid under his shirt. “Not here.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Not here? My dear cousin, have you suddenly become some sort of prude?”


She kissed him again, ignoring his plea.

“Kirsten, seriously...”

She frowned. “What’s wrong?”

He lowered his eyes. She was going to get it out of him eventually. He was awful at hiding stuff from her. “I had an accident, okay?”

Kirsten backed away from him like he was covered in holy water. “Oh!” she said. “Are... are you sure?”

“Am I sure?” Jordan repeated. “Yeah, I’m pretty fucking sure.”

“You don’t have to get all snippy,” Kirsten said. “It’s not my fault you can’t control yourself.”

“Hey, fuck you.”

“No, fuck you,” Kirsten said, smiling. Jordan was the only person in the world who was allowed to talk to her like that.

Jordan slid his hand up her skirt. “Let me go home and change. I’ll be in your room in an hour.”


“Swear to god,” Jordan said, squeezing the curve of her ass.


Jordan got home as fast as he could. In the common area of his suite, Kyle was sitting on the couch reading a book. During the last two weeks, Jordan had never felt any feelings toward Kyle one way or another. He knew he was screwing Kyle over, but it was nothing personal. It was Kyle’s own fault for messing with Kirsten. But now with this new bet going, Jordan found that he was starting to really hate Kyle. Still, he liked to keep up appearances.

“Hey Kyle, what’s up?”

To his surprise, Kyle smiled at him. “Not too much.”

Jordan wheeled into the bathroom and found his bottle of ditropan. The ditropan was supposed to keep accidents like this from happening. He swallowed another pill without water, and took a few of his other medications. Then he checked below the sink for his package of Depends. It was gone.

Jordan opened the door to the bathroom, “Kyle, have you seen my...?”

“Diapers? I threw them out.”

“What?” Jordan stared at him. “What the fuck did you do that for?”

“Because I’m not doing any of your little errands for you anymore,” Kyle said coolly. “You can buy your own diapers if you need them.” He added, “And I’m sure you did need them today.”

Jordan narrowed his eyes. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing.” Kyle smiled. “But you should probably know I replaced your bladder medication with a rather powerful diuretic.”

Jordan nearly choked. He couldn’t believe that Kyle would stoop to that level, no matter how pissed off he was. He had been right when he told Kirsten not to make the bet. “I can’t believe you fucking did that!” he nearly screamed. “You know, I wet myself today because of you!”

“Yeah, that was the point.”

As Jordan sat there, trying to comprehend what had just happened, he suddenly realized he didn’t feel so good. He felt, in fact, quite sick. And he had a pretty good idea why. “What else did you do?” he demanded.

“Oh yeah,” Kyle grinned. “I replaced one of your meds with a day-after pill. I’ve heard those make you feel a little sick, but of course nobody really knows how a guy will...”

Jordan couldn’t listen to the rest of this. He turned around, grabbed onto the rim of the toilet, and vomited up half his lunch. He had a bad feeling the rest of his lunch wasn’t far behind. “You fucker,” Jordan managed.

He heard Kyle speaking directly in his ear: “And this is just the beginning.”


Kyle knocked on Kirsten’s door and she answered several seconds later, in a burst of fresh perfume. Her face was shining brightly when she threw open the door, but it dropped when she saw Kyle standing there.

“Expecting someone else?” Kyle asked. “Jordan, perhaps? He’s running late, isn’t he?”

Kirsten stared at him for a few seconds, speechless for a change. “Where is he?”

“Don’t worry, he still loves you—for now,” Kyle said. “He’s feeling a bit under the weather. That is to say, he’s vomiting his guts up into the toilet.”

“Poisoning him won’t win you the bet,” Kirsten said stiffly. Her brow was furrowed in concern. “Is he okay?”

“He’ll be fine,” Kyle assured her. “And I don’t need to poison him to win the bet. This is just revenge for what he did to me and Elaine.”

Kirsten clucked her tongue. “You really think you’re going to win? You’re even dumber than I thought.”

“I will win.”

“What are you going to do?” Kirsten smiled. “Talk Jordan into dumping me? That boy adores me. Did you see the look on his face when you even suggested the idea of us breaking up?”

“Maybe I could talk some sense into him,” Kyle said.

“I highly doubt it,” Kirsten said. “Besides, I don’t think Jordan is too fond of you. Especially now that you’ve got him puking into the toilet.”

“He’s a smart guy. He’ll listen to reason.”

“Why should he?” Kirsten challenged him. “He’s having fantastic sex. He’s got everything he wants.”

“He’d be better off without you.”

“Maybe,” Kirsten admitted. “But he doesn’t know that.”

“You don’t give a shit about Jordan at all, do you?” Kyle said. “You’re manipulating him just like you do with everyone else.”

Kirsten’s eyes flashed. “That’s not true. I care about Jordan very much.”

“You’re lying,” Kyle said with a sense of certainty. “But you know what? I hope you’re telling the truth. I hope you really do care about him. Because either way, it’s over between you two, and this way you’ll get to feel what it’s like to lose someone you care about. Maybe it’ll teach you to have a soul.”

“Go to hell,” Kirsten hissed.

“I’ll see you there,” Kyle replied.

To be continued...