Part Seven: A Happy Ending

Byron sighed. “It was probably a good thing that happened. I may have been misreading signals because it’s been a while, but I felt like we were getting pretty hot and heavy there and that means there are probably some things we should discuss first. Have you ever been with a cripple before?”

“No. I mean no, you weren’t misreading any signals, and no, I haven’t been with anyone in a wheelchair before.” It was Katrina’s turn to blush. Truth be told she hadn’t really been with very many men at all. Her busy career didn’t leave her much time for it.

“I was afraid of that. The thing is, when I say I can’t feel anything below my waist, it means I can’t feel my penis either. I can get a pretty decent erection with medication but I can’t be on top. You’d have to do the honors.”

Katrina looked miserable. “I can’t get on top either. My leg wouldn’t last long even on the best of days and today it would be hopeless.”

“Oh honey, don’t look so down. Believe me there are lots of other ways for us to proceed, I just don’t want you to feel cheated if we can’t do it the ‘old fashioned’ way.”

“I don’t mind if you don’t," she grinned shyly. "Besides, I’d much rather focus on the parts you can feel.”

Byron felt a slight heartburn which was his upper body’s way of telling him he needed to answer the call of nature before he pissed all over his lady love. “Please hold that thought. I need to go to the restroom but I’ll be back as quickly as possible.”

He sped back to his own bedroom and grabbed a clean catheter. While he was in his own room he took the opportunity to undress and change into a robe. No matter how comfortable she seemed with all this paralysis stuff. The sight of a grown man struggling out of his pants was definitely not going to be a turn on for anyone!

She was already nude and in bed with the covers drawn up to her chin when he returned and he swore inwardly. He would have loved to watch her slowly undress. The worried look on her face stopped his lust filled thoughts. “There’s something you should know about me too. My body is not what it used to be. There are scars and my leg is not pretty.”

He eased himself back onto the bed next to her. The only parts visible were her worried face and slender shoulders. He kissed the pale line on her face. "I can honestly say that you are the most beautiful woman I've ever met. If we're going to start minding a few scars we might as well just hang it up now. With all the back surgeries I've had plus all the spills I've taken in my off road chair, I've got a few good skin zippers of my own."

He kissed her once again then smiled. "If you don't let go of those covers this isn't going to be much fun for either of us! Come on," he winked, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

Laughter relaxed her and she released her grip on the comforter. He breathed a shuddered sigh of gratitude as she unveiled the perfect orbs of her breasts. He delicately cupped one in his hand and began gently teasing the nipple between his thumb and forefinger while he trailed kisses down her neck and shoulders. Finally his lips replaced his fingers on her nipples and she cried out as his teeth delicately grazed the erect peaks.

His roving hands found their way to the delicate golden curls between her thighs and her legs gently parted to permit him entry. He could feel the moisture signaling her readiness. He parted her lower lips and slowly inserted his first two fingers into her then began teasing her taut clitoris with his thumb. Her hips began to rock against his palm urging him to thrust deeper and stroke faster. Her reaction was beyond anything he had expected and when he felt the shuddering contractions of her climax firmly squeezing his fingers, he felt as if he shared her orgasm. He released his own groan of satisfaction then lay back on the bed.

“Oh my god that was amazing!” she sighed. She raised herself onto one elbow. “But what about you?”

“Well, when you lose feeling below the waist, the body tends to compensate by making the upper half extremely sensitive to the right person’s touch.”

She began to gently run her fingers through the light sprinkling of hair on his chest. “Really?” she asked with mock innocence.

His eyes closed with the pleasure of delicate feminine contact. “Oh yes.” he replied. It was somewhere between an answer and an exclamation of pleasure. It was several minutes before he could form a coherent reply but finally he continued. “I do have some especially sensitive spots though.”

“Interesting, and where would those be?” She spoke as if she were making a clinical study while her hand made ever widening circles on his chest gently grazing the tips of each of his alert nipples as she passed.

It took a few moments before he felt confident enough to master his voice. “My ears for one.”

“Hmm” was her only reply before she pulled his nearest earlobe into her mouth while her hand stroked the downy softness of its mate. Slowly her tongue traced a trail along the outer edge as her finger followed suit on the other side. He groaned appreciatively and her tongue slowly filled the cavity firmly thrusting in as far as she could.

He was so lost in the haze of pleasure he nearly missed her next whispered query. “Where else is sensitive?”

“Down just above my hips. The zone right above where the sensation stops.” She slid down the bed trailing kisses down his sensitive chest. He indicated the area just above the pubic hair line and her tongue traced the path over the sometimes painfully sensitive zone. He cried out with pleasure.

She didn’t need directions to the most sensitive place on him. Slowly her delicate kisses trailed back up his chest and her tongue found its way to his nipples. She firmly pressed her tongue onto each of the tiny medallions and rotated it.

His breath became rapid and he blindly groped until he once again found her center and inserted his fingers to stoke her tiny bud. It was her turn to groan again which renewed his urgency. The heightening of sensations carried both of them to spiraling heights of ecstasy until they both cried out in simultaneous climax and collapsed limply in each other’s arms.

She lay there contented until she heard his breathing slow down and even out then she took the opportunity to explore his body. From the waist up he was extremely well defined and tanned.

From the waist down his legs were very thin and oddly still looking. She idly wondered if they felt cold. She touched his thigh and checked his face to see if it would wake him. When his eyes remained closed she felt encouraged to continue. His upper half was all hard planes and bunching muscles. His lower half was quite soft, but it felt very much warm and alive.

It wasn’t long before she noticed that her attention seemed to be having an unexpected affect. An erection stood proud and relatively firm among the nest of his pubic hair. She reached out and idly began stroking it.

“It’s a reflex reaction.” His words startled her and she pulled her hand away like a guilty child. “They usually don’t last long but I’d love to watch you play with it while it’s there.” He pushed himself into a sitting position. “Unfortunately though, I think this one means I need to go cath myself before I ruin this wonderful afternoon with an unfortunate accident.” He swung himself into his chair once again. “I promise I’ll be back as quickly as I can.”

Byron cathed himself and put on some boxers before he emerged again from the bathroom of his master suite. He was surprised to find Katrina in her own silk robe sitting in one of his spare wheelchairs gazing out the patio window at the spectacular view. He rolled up beside her to enjoy a spectacular view of his own.

She turned to him and smiled. “Hope you don’t mind. This is the only chair in the room.”

That was certainly true. He didn’t usually receive guests in his bedroom so he didn’t have any furniture set up for their comfort. “Not at all. In fact I am finding the sight of you seated oddly sexy!” Also true and he didn’t know why. It was just nice to meet her eye to eye this way.

"We really have to remember to send cousin Ed a thank you card"

He chuckled still appreciating the sight of her on wheels. "Ain't that the truth!"

She returned her gaze to the window and sighed. “I’m really going to miss this place when I leave on Friday. It’s so relaxing and beautiful!”

“Hmm, so how accessible is your place?”

She frowned remembering the stairs leading up to the front door of her apartment building. “Not very accessible at all, I’m afraid.”

He nodded. “Oh well, we’ll have to find other things to do when I visit you then. But you definitely need to come back here anyway.” He smiled at her conspiratorially, “If we’re ever going to have a picnic in my private spot you’ll need to know how to use one of these things.” He grabbed the wheel of the chair. “Not that I mind having you in my lap of course.” he grinned widely.

She grinned right back at him. “Yes I think it would be a good idea for me to learn to use one of these chairs for long distances.” Then she shrugged in mock resolution. “But I’m a slow learner, I’ll probably have to keep coming here for quite a while so you can teach me the proper technique.”

“It will be my pleasure.” He grabbed her hand and the two of them sat and watched the sun set over the tree tops.


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