Ch4 - DAY 1; WEEK 1 - The Plans Change!

Suddenly and with great shock Amber feels her pussy invaded from behind! As Amber had backed her self up the hallway closing the door as she went she was yet to see the hook, the screwed up tape and her lover’s cum on the floor behind her, let alone the precision guided middle finger of Jasper’s large right hand swiftly entering deep into her moist hole. The rest of his hand splaying wide over her buttocks, scooping her weight from beneath her; his middle finger wiggling lightly yet ferociously deep in the walls of her vagina as her feet were swept an inch or so from the ground beneath her with great strength and consummate ease!

Amber held the glass tight yet the water splashed all over her legs and body, then the unsuspecting Jasper who knew not of the glass, then the walls and lastly the floor from sheer surprise of this intrusive invasion and sudden shocking movement within her pussy, it was on fire and she had barely guessed why.

Jasper had become free from his bindings just moments before the door had been opened when the hook had snapped from its fixing in the wall. He had quickly pulled the tape from his mouth screwing it up before throwing it to the floor giving him instant breath intake and subsequently energy. Jasper began to untie his fastenings. The hook fell to the floor before he unclasped his right hand from the Velcro strap when instinct took over. Hide!

Jasper stood silently next to the wall close to the doorway in readiness to ambush Amber who was just beginning to open the door. Jasper had spotted the door handle begin to push down and acted instinctively, jumping backwards his back flush with the cold wall, his near complete body hidden from Amber’s beady eye, rather comically his cock still snugly clasped tight in the cock ring hanging out in view it currently bending dramatically like a big bent banana in its current bit-roused, semi-flaccid state.

As Jasper’s right hand toyed at Amber’s lower holes in this sudden movement picking her up from her feet, so his left hand came around covering Amber’s mouth, muffling her scream and cries for help from this bewildering and sudden encroachment on her pussy!

Jasper pulled the back of her head close to his bosom and whispered in her ear “Do not fear my sweet Amber, it is but your lover’s finger now pleasuring you and I shall stop if you so command, you are still in charge!” Jasper released his grasp on Amber’s mouth, lowering his left hand the Velcro cuffs; one dangling down to Amber’s belly button the other fixed firmly around his left wrist as his hand covered Amber’s right breast, squeezing gently!

Japer’s right hand now gently letting Amber’s weight and feet return to terra firma, his finger still searching and rubbing deep inside for Amber’s G-spot. “I’m afraid your bindings did not hold and I could not resist temptation to show my masculinity and completely surprise you, the opportunity was too great for me to resist; in my defence you have certainly taken me by surprise for the last thirty minutes and I’m quite certain I shall be experiencing a whole lot more in the very near future my lover and Mistress!”

Jasper continued in his pussy play and tit squeezing whilst going on to explain that he would like to know more of the following hours play, plans and ideas before fully committing to the events; he needed to know how things should be with William, his research and how all things would tie together amicably? Then and only then would he continue to fully participate in this play, however, this finger wiggling control was certainly exciting his woman despite its complete surprise and had seemingly proved his ability to take control if he chose and more importantly given him back his pride and inquisitive sense since his initial shock, surprise and excitement of such open extreme play with his lover and her disabled boss, but just perhaps he could see this extremely weird scenario being beneficial and fun for all three parties!

Despite currently rather enjoying Jasper’s finger Amber agreed to talk and suggested they do so whilst quickly tidying up the water and Jasper juice from the floor around them, but first Billy should be checked upon she had left him in quite a predicament! Jasper would not believe she could be so cruel when he saw Billy’s current state but she had also thought of the perfect test to check Billy was agreeable to all the plans including Jasper’s research and to be able to prove this to Jasper, so that he would participate willingly and even possibly enjoy the unbeknown potential bi-experience of having his cock sucked by another Guy!

Amber took a pace forwards removing both Jasper’s hand from her breast but also his finger from her pussy now beginning to come close to orgasm yet again, Amber knew she must resist another climax and pace her erotic play to last the events she had planned today.

Amber puts the remote in the same hand as the glass taking hold of Jasper’s banana cock and leads him to the door where he leans forward and opens this for his Mistress before entering the room to see the back of Billy’s chair, him motionless, a near naked, restrained body with a penis gag hanging from his mouth. Not only this extreme sight but on the giant screen Williams tongue currently deep in his fiancée’s pussy! He did not know whether to laugh, cry or call the police for a breach of human rights!

Amber said quickly seeing Jasper’s jaw drop at the sight beholding him! “Give me few moments thought before you speak Jasper! In this time I shall prove Billy is prepared to freely give you the most in depth study of a twenty year post-injury quadriplegic’s mind and body that has ever been undertaken!”

“Wait here!” Amber stops Jasper from entering Billy’s restricted eye line. “Do not let Billy see you, he cannot hear us I’ve placed plugs in his ears, he cannot speak, he cannot move yet I bet he is happy, let me prove this!” Amber takes a few forward steps entering Billy’s sight, she glances at his eyes, they are gleefully happy following her movement having finally been distracted from the self-starring porn film Billy was watching with great joy and satisfaction! “Continue watching the screen of Billy’s endeavours and yes it is my sweet pussy he has just eaten for the very first time, I promise the only man save you to even get close to do this or ever will, it is my type of medicine for Billy’s only hang-up, I hope you too decide to prescribe him some sweet Jasper medicine too. Mine is a female delight that he has not had an opportunity to taste for over eight long years, yours could solve a twenty year ache and ailment with your flavours!”

Whilst saying this Amber had walked over to the computer bending forwards to type and take control of the computer. As she passed Billy, his eyes lustfully looked up and down Amber’s beautiful body as they now concentrated on her peachy bum, a deep bruise from the stilettos in the centre of each cheek and a splayed big red hand print over her asshole, pussy lips and inner cheeks. Billy wondered what had she been upto in her absence from him? It looked like fun with Jasper’s hand Billy suspected? Equally it made Billy lust over what he viewed, he longed to lick longer at those pussy lips that were so tantalising close once more……

Both Billy’s and Jasper’s attention was instantly grabbed by the giant plasma’s screen resizing the picture so that the two angled self porn movie continued in the top two-thirds of screen, the image warped to fit and beneath a word processor beginning to display characters in large blue italic case Arial.

Billy! Presently you cannot speak, hear or move more than the tiniest amount. For this whole sex episode to continue in far greater depth and exploration you must now begin to shake your gagged mouth/head violently despite your bindings making this awkward for you. You must shake the penis you now suck for two minutes; it to be continually moving which will prove to Jasper who stands directly behind you that you choose this path through free will and enjoyment despite it bringing you mild pain and irritation from friction burn.

Billy immediately begins to wiggle his head from left to right very slowly building speed as the tension warmed and expanded the material with this regular sliding movement. He also began to wiggle the inside plastic cock with his tongue, this control exaggerated by the length of the outer dildo which now slid continually a couple of inches from left to right for all to see. Billy never wanted this experience to stop not when such unpredictable, fun, yet scary play was on offer! Amber continues to type.

Jasper wishes to ask if you will allow him to record and in time document your feelings, reactions and bodily responses to our future play for research in SCI and sexuality. In return we offer ourselves as both performers who you will direct but also as playmates in any scenarios we mutually agree upon. Despite your current bindings we are all to be equals in charge at some point and may also be bound at others, it happens that I am in charge for now! If you agree make some sort of coherent sound to the tune of ‘All Things bright and beautiful.’

Billy has continued to slide his head side to side reading the text as he moved it was becoming painful in a couple of places but the binding was loosening and therefore less friction occurring. Billy comically began to hum the tune as Amber had instructed. It was really quite loud and tuneful considering the circumstances. Billy’s only clue to the volume was the internal vibrations in his mouth! Amber continued to type.

You may stop both humming & moving Billy!

Jasper had indicated to Amber that he realised Billy was happy with the proceedings. “What now Mistress” Jasper asked?

“Untie Billy’s forehead please, this restraint is no longer required and also Billy’s right arm should be released, for in a few moments he will be requiring his weak arm to help work on his own vanity.”

Standing behind Billy and his wheelchair the cuffs still dangling, Jasper untied the ribbon quickly from Billy’s head, as he did so Billy’s head circled in appreciation in its unexpected release. He winked at Amber who had meanwhile turned the cameras back onto record having swivelled her body180 degrees; she stood leaning back against the computer desk, her legs spread straight and wide, smiling both lovingly and naughtily at both Jasper and Billy.

Billy noticed Amber’s left hand clutched a remote control all most hidden by her grasp. Her right hand was toying between her legs very slowly rubbing her forefinger up and down her moist slit, teasing her two boy’s differing views. Jasper was attempting to ignore Amber’s play so he did not become erect from desires, he moved round standing in front of Billy untying the ribbon and thus releasing his right arm, however, this position completely blocked Billy’s view of Amber and vice versa.

Billy’s view was replaced with Jaspers naked body; his cock still protruding like a giant banana, a plastic device attached around its base with a lead to the battery and the ribbon in Jasper’s cuffed left hand. Just as Billy’s arm was released so did the cock ring briefly buzz to life with vibrations making Jasper both jump in surprise glancing then smiling back at Amber using the remote but also so the banana shape morphed back into the monster in front of Billy’s eyes!

“Jasper stay where you are let Billy play with the monster he needs to be briefly and truly reminded of a cocks reactions.” Amber stops the vibrations via the remote. “Take out Billy’s ear plugs they serve no purpose now.” Jasper leans to the left removing the right plug and following suit with the other!

Billy’s world suddenly coming to life with the sense of sound returning, each sound seemingly amplified because of the previous minutes of complete silence. Birds outside were singing, suddenly this was interrupted.

“Billy, would you like to stroke my cock?” Jasper suddenly stated somewhat surprising to all three of them but near deafening Billy with his currently sensitive state of hearing. Jasper felt no inhibitions in saying this it just felt right for the moment. Billy looked deep into Jasper’s eyes and Jasper did likewise to Billy. It was like they communicated telepathically that this was to be in the cause of rehabilitation and research as opposed to a true act of homosexuality.

“Good Jasper you seem keen.” Amber stated as she placed the remote on the computer desk before slapping Jasper’s bare buttocks with her open palm and heading off towards the bathroom doorway. Amber turns to the two guys, “I shall leave you two to play whilst I go and get Billy’s tools for his self vanity session.” With that Amber disappears into the bathroom.

“Go on Billy, stroke and touch as you feel fit, I realise you have no sensory touch but your eyes are keen and will see the response it brings.”

Billy lifts up his right arm his fingers natural in their clenched claw shape; the tips twitch with normal irregular spasm. Billy reaches across his knuckles gliding across the partially opened foreskin, gently rubbing the loose flesh wider; in turn Jasper’s helmet begins protruding and rising free from its casing of skin; shiny and purple it gradually emerges out. Jasper takes hold of his cock near its base just above the plastic ring with his thumb and forefinger of his right hand. He pulls the loose skin back the helmet showing all its glory, Jasper bends his cock down to 90 degrees so Billy can rub along the top of its length. Jasper’s left hand steadies his weight by leaning his knuckles on Billy’s armrest, his eyes close with pleasure at this strange, unique male touch.

Billy’s eyes stare implicitly toward Jasper’s cock a strange sight with the dildo cock directly in front of his eye line; a kind of mirror image almost. The back of Billy’s hand and knuckles move along the top length of Jasper’s cock, despite no sensory feeling the unmistakable sense of strength in this erection could be told. Billy’s hand returns to the helmet. It goes beneath, with all his weak strength Billy pushes Jasper’s helmet between the gap of his thumb and forefinger, the fingers still clenched slightly, the nails scratching the underside as Billy began to masturbate Jasper’s cock in his own unique quad way of trial and error.

To Jasper this feeling was intense, his helmet rubbing between Billy’s thumb and fingers, the nails scratching lightly but erotically at his shiny purple end. As Billy’s nails scraped across the helmet ridge it drove him wild in excitement. Jasper’s eyes clenched tight in joy as he began to let go of his cock with his right hand, instead taking hold of Billy’s bent clenched fingers he straightens them to their maximum before releasing them so they now clenched around his throbbing member. Billy continued his masturbating motion not moving along the shaft instead merely moving the foreskin back and forth in shorter and shorter strokes as the erection grew stretching all loose skin tight and Jasper’s cock to its absolute maximum. Billy’s finger’s still in erratic spasm all most playing the monster like a flute. Jasper was amazed he could be turned on so much by a guy’s touch, let alone a paralysed guys touch, he grasped the left chair arm supporting himself further as Billy’s weak arm tired with use, however, Billy’s head leaned forward carefully; the penis dildo now brushing the tip of Jasper’s cock further playing with Jasper’ reactions and feelings.

Meanwhile Amber had been busy in the bathroom. First she drank yet another litre of water despite her bladder feeling pretty full but she felt a thirst from her sexual efforts and it was in preparation of further dreams and plans for a bit of psychological research, albeit a little bizarre. She also poured three large glasses of cold water to take through to her thirsty boys.

Amber now filled a white plastic bowl with piping hot water, placing this on the top shelf of the two tiered white medical trolley next to the glasses of water. The shelf had other items laid out upon it; a can of Gillette cool wave shaving gel; an Edwin Jagger razor handle with new blade attached; a spare packet of razor blades; a cordless Remington bikini trimmer, two white flannel mitts; a tube of Wet Kiwi Strawberry Flavoured Body Glide; a catheter spigot; a leg bag top; a roll of micropore tape; some Johnson’s baby powder; three large towels and one of Billy’s utensil holding hand straps all placed next to the bowl. Beneath, on the lower shelf was the shower hoist sling but taking up most of this shelf lay a present from Amber to Billy; some sex clothes more precisely a rubber surf suit; A rubber surf suit with a long zipper which started at the neck and finished between the legs at the top of the butt crack. Along the zipper there are four zip-heads which would allow the crotch and butt areas to be opened separately or together, along with a zip-guard preventing hair from getting caught. All edges hemmed including where Amber had customised and sewn a special bespoke hole for Billy’s Catheter to poke through as well as two carefully positioned popper fixing ties to hold it safely during play.

Amber began to push the trolley towards Billy’s room, she passed by the other slightly larger rubber surf suit she had hung from a hanger placed on the shower curtain rail in readiness as a present for Jasper to wear soon. As she entered the room she took view of her husband to be having his cock played with by Billy; both of them far too engrossed in play to notice her. She stopped pushing the trolley and moved round behind Jasper silently whose eyes were still firmly shut with joy from Billy’s unusual touch.

“Continue playing boys, do not stop until I decide, you are both loving it judging by your current reactions!” Amber stated“. Jasper drink two of those glasses of water please, Billy yours can wait until you’ve finished playing & sucking cock. You both must keep your fluids up its hot, and you’ll need a shower later too.” Amber winked suggestively at the pair of them.

Jasper picked up a glass, then the second downing both glasses top speed replacing the glasses back to the trolley. Billy’s grip continued in its wanking motion of the Monster all the while. Amber now reached round Jasper’s body quickly taking hold of the loose cuff dragging his left arm up over Billy’s head and Jasper’s cock before replacing the cuff around Jasper’s right wrist. Billy continued with his masturbating motion with his right hand, his head still guiding the plastic dildo lightly upon Jasper’s helmet.

Amber returned to the trolley before pushing it close up next to the right side of Billy’s wheelchair. Opening her left hand, Amber picks up Billy’s splint, she leans across the trolley, the steam and warmth from the bowl of water hit her naked tummy and breasts giving a pleasant relaxing feeling as Amber then takes hold of Billy’s right arm with her left hand and pulling it towards her, thus releasing Billy’s slender grip of Jasper’s cock immediately replacing it with her own right hands firm grip, she squeezed hard and began furiously masturbating Jasper’s rock solid cock back and forth with great speed.

“Thank you Billy a fine job you have done in stimulating ‘The Monster’, he gets no bigger I promise and will take thirty minutes plus to squirt by hand the second time around, save your energy my crippled sub! Let me take over whilst getting you ready for some self-pampering and vanity.”

With this and in a very skilled one handed fashion Amber slips the leather strap over Billy’s clenched fingers and palm coming to rest briefly between the thumb and palm gap before being pulled tight and secured by the Velcro fastening. All the while Amber beat Jasper’s meat top speed, Jasper leaned heavily with both hands on the left armrest supporting him self as Amber brought him glorious sensations with her fabulous jerking technique, he moaned lightly in joy.

Billy now sat back in his chair sucking on the inner plastic cock and slurping the pool of saliva that had developed in his mouth at this fantastic experience. Billy’s right arm near vertically upwards from the elbow which leaned upon the armrest, the wrist pointing limply inwards towards his shoulders, the fingers clenched to the palm the strap separating his twitching thumb clenching his puffy skin of his palm tight.

Amber now picked up the razor handle and still one handed pushed the handle upwards into the utensil strap pouch so the blade faced inwards towards Billy’s belly and so that Billy would be able to shave upwards using his bicep muscle. Amber continued to jerk manically at ‘the monster’ whilst ordering Jasper to untie Billy’s left arm which he did quite hastily.

Amber now grabbed a flannel mitt dunking it in the warm water before grabbing its in and outside lightly between her left thumb and forefinger and letting it drip heavily over Billy’s belly, boxer shorts and legs causing a violent shaking spasm to run through most of Billy’s body. It felt like a motion of ecstasy in Billy’s mind with all that was going on around him, he sucked hard on the plastic cock, his eyes closing as his thoughts drifted to orgasm. As the mitt came across to cover Billy’s left hand so it too dripped upon both Amber’s own busy right hand but also Jasper’s throbbing helmet and cock. All three of them receive a brief feeling of warmth from the droplets of warm water but Billy instead now feeling the wet warm mitt enveloping his whole hand touching his lower palm and left inside wrist where he had near normal feeling.

“Wet and warm your belly Billy start rubbing in just a moment I shall give you enough gel for you to shave your belly and lower chest. Shave as much as you can reach and only where you cannot feel! Take extreme care as you remove the hair from beneath your fault line so to speak, wash and dip the blade after each stroke as your hair is long and will clog easily if not. Leave all hair above the line of your nipples we already know this area to be sensitive from earlier play and will most definitely become part of play once more!” With this Amber winked at Billy knowing he knew nothing of the clips save for the AD he had suffered earlier. She continued to work furiously on Jasper’s cock having re-adjusted her grip after the water lubrication.

Amber’s left hand now letting go of the mitt covering Billy’s hand, Billy rubs over his belly and chest with the mitt. The water trickling down onto his boxers and collecting in a tiny puddle forming in the crease which had been made in the fabric by Billy’s earlier erection subsiding. Amber now reached for the can of gel. Amber cleverly flicks the lid off with her thumb checks the nozzle direction before pushing Jasper back by his cock 120 degrees so he twists his buttocks and weight which comes to rest on Billy’s bed his cock gleaming red from friction and white finger prints where Amber had been gripping so tight yet no longer held.

Amber moves round the trolley in front of Billy, she reaches back to the computer desk taking hold of the remote and instantly puts Jasper back into a state of pure cock stimulation and joy as the vibrator kicked into life.

“A test for you Jasper lets see if I can finish my artistic doodle before you cum from excitement? It doesn’t look like you are too far away from your ‘Second Cumming’ and after such a brief time of play too, if I finish in time it will be deep in my throat! If not I miss out twice today and will be more than gutted at wasting two loads of your juices when I have been denied them so long! Amber frowns in momentary disappointment at that thought.

Jasper moans in excitement “Get drawing then! I can’t hold back more than a minute or so, two at the maximum this thing drives me nuts in excitement and you and Billy already excited me to the ultimate with your thoughts and play thus far.”

With this he lifts his cuffed arms behind his head guiding his cuffs over & around the hoist bar which hung down about one foot both above and behind his head. He leans back guiding the chain of the cuffs so they wound around the T-bar and he feels the strain as his arms pull tight and can move no further, Jasper quips “I am a self-enslaved brother showing solidarity in helplessness with you Billy, besides it helps me forget about my cock which can’t deal with these vibrations they are unbelievable and completely new to me today, Later after washing I shall put this cock ring on your nose and face cheeks so you can experience and imagine how this drives me so wild, I remember Amber telling me she once showed you the egg I bought for her which she touched on your nose briefly causing you exiting orgasm like feelings, believe me it is not more than twenty seconds or so until I blow again like a cum filled oil drill!

All the while Jasper spoke Amber had gotten busy and artistically squirted the three phased image in blue shaving gel upon Billy’s belly. She had been practicing this once a day everyday for three solid weeks using three cans of gel and could do it quite quickly considering its size and complexity, she started with the smiley central above Billy’s nipples.


“The smiley you leave untouched; these next two images are what we will be doing later and you currently long for more than anything, smear them into foam when you understand them and then start shaving and by all means watch me suck monster, taste monster, then tame monster!”

After first completing the left symbol which is upside down to Billy’s view she reverse drew the image on Billy’s right side blowing a kiss towards Billy as she finished it. Amber quickly placed the shaving can on the trolley before turning 90 degrees and stating “Happy shaving Billy” her words becoming lost as she leaned forwards jaw wide open and went down on Jasper’s Monster, it filling her mouth and cheek as she took its shiny helmet in her salivating lips.

Only now Amber realised quite why Jasper was so struggling not to cum. His helmet vibrating inside her mouth felt very unusual as she began to suck hard on her gorgeous man’s cock. Amber felt Jasper tense further his balls about to explode. She took him deep throat sucked hard again before pulling back then repeating going right down on the monster as far as the ring. Amber had no tonsils having had them removed when younger it was quite easy for her to swallow this massive girth. The monster deep in her throat, her bottom lip touching the vibrating bullet and quivering intensely, this she could not handle immediately stopping it via remote just at the moment Jasper cock pulsated massively squirting its salty white semen deep in her throat and mouth

Almost but not quite gagging Amber withdrew the depth of Jasper’s cock from her sticky juiced up throat as his load burst again and again in her mouth covering her tongue and then over her face and lastly her breasts as it completely became free from her cum drenched lips. A spunk trail hanging from her lower lip still connected to Jasper’s cock which Amber now grabbed out extending her tongue, licking and kissing it before swallowing all available juices with a delightful squeal of appreciation.

“I’ve longed to taste my man for such a long while and he does not disappoint. Jasper you taste even better than I remember!” With that Amber licked her lips once more before sucking once more on Jasper’s tip before unclipping the cock ring with her hands and releasing the monster from it confines to reveal a deep mark and dent where the device had been suppressing its growth for nearly an hour. She tosses it over to the end of the bed along with its control.

Jasper heaved a heavy sigh of relief as his cock gained freedom and release. He had taken to biting his arm in order to stay relatively quiet as Amber had brought him to orgasm but now he needed to relax as the monster quickly wilted in size after its lengthy efforts. He leaned back resting and gathering breath, his arm pulsating where his teeth had left deep indentations. Jasper felt tired and lay back resting his body and head his eyes closed his arms relaxed hanging above his middle from the hoist.

“Typical Jasper, I make you cum like never before and all you want is shut eye uh? Rest your eyes a brief time Billy needs to get busy before you are required again.” Amber still wiping and licking cum from her face, tits and fingers now turns to stare at Billy who had not even blinked more than thrice, nor removed the gel artwork from his tummy let alone started shaving his hairy quad belly. Instead Billy had been staring, pretending / copying Amber with his own mouthful of plastic cock, he could not believe Amber had taken at least three times the portion of cock to what he currently had in his mouth, his was not squirting vast amounts of cum down his throat either! Billy kind of envied this moment of Amber’s but kind of glad it was not his or he may have choked to death!

On seeing Amber stare blatantly at him, Billy instantly started rubbing the semi-dry left mitt on the gel causing a froth of foam to appear and completely cover his mid-area plus a fair amount on his boxer shorts he cheekily flicked a dollop of foam at Amber. Hot shot! The dollop lands perfectly above Amber’s pussy just where Amber’s minimal pubic hair would grow.

“No, No Billy I shaved earlier.” With this Amber wiped the dollop of foam from her body leaning forwards dabbing a bit in Billy’s left ear then his right. This would drive him insane as it would only slowly absorb into his skin and he would find it near impossible to remove. Amber had anticipated that Billy may retaliate and out manoeuvred Billy’s lame attempts before skipping around the trolley to the back of Billy’s chair where she flicked his motors out of drive so that he could give no chase.

“Resistance is futile Billy. Now you shave that cute little bulbous belly of yours for me. Jasper you rest for a while I need you in peak condition in twenty minutes or so to fuck me silly, first I shall clean up the little mess you made in the hallway earlier.

With that Amber went off to the hallway to wipe Jaspers spunk from the floor and dry where the water had splashed. Amber’s bladder was now beginning to feel very full, almost uncomfortable with the amount of liquid she had been drinking earlier but she wished to hold her need until she could hold it no more; she had a fantasy to hopefully fulfil in the next few minutes, a rather wet fantasy. As Amber wiped up the mess from earlier she was careful not to strain her tummy or she was sure to leak. It took her no more than a couple of minutes to clean up before she returned to check on Jasper and Billy.

Amber returned to find Jasper was asleep to the world on the bed; his arms dangling by the cuffs, his mouth slightly open with light snores coming from each breath he now took. The Monster had somewhat shrivelled and hidden away from the world too, it was unrecognisable as the erect beast which had recently fired its load deep down in to the back of her throat. Amber would leave him be for now, she guessed he wouldn’t be long before waking on his own accord he nearly always needs a pee after shooting so heavier load!

Meanwhile Billy had done quite a remarkable job with shaving his cute quad belly considering the level of his impairment. Billy had carefully stroked away most of the hair from his tummy with long single strokes of the razor. After each stroke he had relaxed his right bicep letting his arm swing out above the bowl of water before dipping the razor in to it and shaking vigorously so that it would not become clogged, this method worked well. Each time he pulled his arm back across to his tummy, so more drips landed upon his lap and legs often causing his legs and body to spasm lightly making the task infinitely more awkward.

Here and there Billy had left little island tufts of hair particularly around his deep seated belly button and the belly base overhang which he had found impossible to get near or areas he’d been unable to see. The smiley on his chest had begun to absorb and run on Billy’s skin, there was little left but it could be seen that Billy had not wiped it away. Beneath this was a fairly straight line of hair, level with his nipples where his skin had zero feeling

Amber now stood in front of Billy, stating he had done a good job but there was little time to spend gossiping as she grabbed first the mitt from Billy’s left hand tossing it into the bowl, then speedily taking the razor from the strap; again she released this towards the water, it landed with a ‘plopping’ noise and splashes of water. Billy wondered why the rush but thought no more of it for now.

Amber released the strap to its maximum girth before pulling both arm and strap downwards and looping the leather strap tightly over the armrest of Billy’s wheelchair, securely restraining Billy’s right arm once more with his claw facing palm-up. Amber picked up one of the red ribbons from earlier and secured Billy’s left wrist but first pulled it further back away from the control unit before securing it also claw face-up, Billy’s digits clenching randomly with spasm in the process.

Amber shuffled her legs forwards spreading them wide so her feet were just either side of Billy’s footplates, her pussy and inner thighs rubbing on Billy’s knees as she began to gyrate slowly. Amber’s bladder was painfully full she was bound to leak soon if not perhaps with an unstoppable gush, but she could hold tight for two or three minutes more, she regularly did pelvic floor muscle exercises to strengthen them, they were stronger than any of her muscles she hoped as she worked them often to keep a tight hold of Jasper’s monster whenever it was in her and she so wished to tease him by clasping his cock within her. She didn’t need too much more time before she could let her pee flow like a river after a storm, just a couple of minutes or so to explain the reasoning behind her next little game..……

To be continued...

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