Dreams Can Come True!

The scene is set for - DAY 1; WEEK 1

Written By

The Wheeling Mystery Writer

Amber stood daydreaming, looking vacantly through the large, curved bay window at the beautiful, cloudless, summer’s sky in front of her. The wind sending a gentle breeze through the open partition feeling good on the soft, rosy, cheeks of her face. Amber had looked forwards to this day for many weeks. She had secretly been engineering and planning the week's schedule for several months and had planned everything with meticulous thought, care and attention to detail.

Amber clicked the button on the remote control to close the bay blinds. Her long, thin, pink nailed, forefinger; she had been carefully painting finger and toe nails earlier that morning; released pressure from the rubber button, the blinds came down covering the bright sunshine’s gaze upon the room. Amber wished the room to remain cool it was sure to warm up later!

Amber placed the control on the large, solid Oak table, next to the awesome new 20 inch iMac keyboard and trackball. Preparations were now complete with plans and dreams about to become a reality!

Meanwhile, Amber's fiancée Jasper was finally due to arrive in England from Oslo, Norway. Jasper was twenty-seven years old, a final year medical student, studying at Oslo University and rather ironically specialising in the psychology of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Jasper hoped to learn much from this week which could help to further his studies. Even more importantly; able to touch, hold and spend time with his ‘beloved Amber’ rather than communicate via a skype phone or worse email as he had endured for the past three months!

Jasper’s plane was due to touchdown in less than two minutes time; he would be staying for one whole week with both Amber and her employer; staying at her workplace, which doubled as his home!

Amber had secret plans which would please both men and fulfil many of her own fantasies at the same time. It was the ‘true test’ of her relationship before returning home to Norway to settle down with her ‘beloved Jasper’ and to start the family she so desperately craved!

Amber's workplace was a fine country cottage in Southern England, situated within the boundaries of The New Forest. The two acre grounds were at the top of a hill and ringed by pine trees of the New Forest offering great seclusion and privacy, yet it was positioned only a mile from the local village and an easy downhill stroll along a straight, smooth, tarmac road if and when a stroll was required.

The cottage itself had a few quirky aspects, it was unusual in shape for a start, and it was big enough and looked almost a curved terrace of cottages but had straight parts also. It was a joy to live in; the interior design very open plan and minimalist, old looking on the outside; yet having all mod cons and hi tech gadgets, such as; video phones, flat screen televisions, pc & apple desktop machines, wireless net access through out, voice activated lights, remote control curtains and blinds and an auto-opening back door to the circular sun terrace, barbecue and spa area. What really made it such a heavenly place to be were the pretty rose filled gardens with several lush green lawns; a small lake that was the grandest feature in the left hand corner of the garden. This lake teamed with multiple varieties of fish and bustled with other wild and bird life; a real nature sanctuary like much of her native Norway.

Amber worked hard and took great pride in her position as personal assistant; she thought of herself as the ‘Dream PA’ for the handsome, witty, thirty-something gentleman called William. A man who possessed the most gorgeous of smiles and twinkling hazel eyes! Amber had chosen this vocation in life in order to help heal wounds which stemmed from her childhood and beyond. Amber needed to experience a positive feeling from assisting a person with paralysis and to help them achieve their goals.

When Amber was a sweet young girl of just eleven years old; her father had suffered a spinal injury leaving him paraplegic. Amber's father had not dealt with the psychological aspects of a spinal injury very well and consequently her parent's marriage had gradually disintegrated over the following five years. Amber’s father’s mental health never fully recovering properly and leaving him a shadow of his former self; before he cruelly took his own life on the day that her parent’s Decree Nici had arrived in the post! This leaving Amber and her mother’s lives in pieces on the floor for them to slowly pick up and make a future out of such sorrow!

Seven years on in stark contrast; Amber now worked for William whom was a wonderful, happy, successful man, who life had dealt an equally cruel blow many years previous, however, had managed to adjust himself relatively well to life in a wheelchair. When merely fifteen, a spinal cord injury from a freak accident caused permanent bodily damage and consequently William was left severely paralysed from the neck down and therefore immediately robbing himself of ‘life as he once knew it’!

Save for some weak bicep movements in both arms and very weak wrist extensor movements below the shoulders the only movement William had was minor upward control of his thumb and good for only one purpose; smoking, more exactly the letting go of a cigarette.

The rest of William's body lay limp and lifeless confined in his wheelchair or bed unless through involuntary muscle spasm his legs, arms and fingers were to twitch uncontrollably, his body having little to no comprehensible bodily / sensory feeling that most are able to understand and act upon!

That was the state of William’s body; pretty crippled! “Only a few working parts left; but those that were left; like solid gold and fantastic to own!” being one of William’s regular quotes when achieving something that should be impossible from first glance! William often thought both logically and laterally when gaining self-independence from an unlikely situation.

Amber's job involved helping and assisting William with most aspects of his daily life and the medical routines which enabled him to live a successful, independent life despite the massive barriers, limitations and prejudice that paralysis can pose an individual and those around him! During her twelve month stay Amber had learned much more about spinal injury. She had seen how involuntary spasm and Autonomic Dysreflexia could cause endless medical issues to a Quadriplegic person and severely disrupt their lives at inopportune moments; in particular their sex lives. Amber realised now, many of the other issues she had not realised her father had suffered and must have been so difficult for him to heal! Her poor mother too, it must have been so difficult for her and she had been such an ignorant little brat too! With this new found knowledge Amber found peace with her father’s actions, she was beginning to forgive!

Amber had learned and been able to provide all the care and assistance required with washing, dressing, rolling, turning, feeding, pushing and transferring a quadriplegic person. These being just some of the skills Amber had diligently acquired in her stay. Coupled with the cooking, cleaning and any other household duties that were also required Amber was one busy but content female.

Amber had continually completed these tasks to a very high standard and with great care and attention. She had made William's life much simpler with few instructions being required for her duties after her initial training had been given. Amber made the difference in fully enabling William to achieve much in his life during her short time with him. Amber had also acted as a good friend and listener for when William needed to vent his frustrations caused by his near total paralysis.

Working together so closely over such a sustained period; William and Amber had become very close and open with each others thoughts and feelings. They had many long discussions on all sorts of weird and wonderful topics during her stay, many being specific to spinal injury and to other wheelers and friends. She had learned much from William and completely enjoyed the experience. He had always wished to explain his deepest emotions and how and why he coped with them in this way. She in return had done likewise with her feelings, issues and emotions in life.

So much so infact, William knew all about Amber and Jasper's relationship including most of the sexual aspects, although she had kept hidden one aspect that she greatly enjoyed and often fantasised over! An aspect Amber would be revealing to William very soon. Her plans were about to go into full swing!

William knew Jasper had an enormous cock of eight inches plus in length! Jasper’s girth also took quite some believing when first seen according to Amber! William also knew Amber had encountered much pain and discomfort when first making love to "Jasper's Monster", as she often referred to it! She had recalled in many of these discussions; Jasper’s sheer size took some getting used to when first entering her; infact it had caused tears to well in her deep blue eyes, yet now it was a joy to take between her legs and in her mouth! More so, since she had learned to let "Jasper's Monster" bring her to the ultimate of orgasms! Amber often shared this type of intimate thought open and gladly with William! She was impressed with herself for learning to accommodate such an enormous cock and loved to boast! Amber had never thought it possible that her slim frame and pussy could stretch quite so much, it was almost unnatural!

William had often wondered what it would be like to have such a large cock. His own average to small sized cock was no longer controlled by his brain and had no mental stimulus; therefore it was of little interest to him any more on a day-to-day need. More just a piece of meat and two vegetables squashed between his legs that could cause him great problems! William did know that his cock still gained a regular erection. How long it long it could be sustained for was anybody’s guess? It often happened briefly during the bowel evacuation process and when washing certain other areas of his body.

Strangely, stroking or rubbing on the underside of a quadriplegic’s foot can bring on an erection! William had learned this through an amusing experience as a sweet innocent sixteen year old kid and often referred to a time during in his rehab where a “gorgeous looking nurse” was washing his feet and suddenly grinned at him, pointing at his erect little cock and stating “Only a baby has similar reflex actions!”, “You must have been born again!”, at which both had laughed immensely and William had thoroughly enjoyed the nurse having to wash the rest of his body and in particular his rather “innocently erect cock”!

Amber had been slightly unnerved and embarrassed by just these types of circumstances on the first day that she worked for William. First William’s cock had become semi-hard as Amber gently washed and creamed his feet which she decided to ignore and pretend was not happening, maybe it was her imagination playing tricks; then again as William lay on his side and as she was inserting the glycerine suppositories to his rectum; the first suppository had made his cock become slightly stiff. She could not ignore this for much longer. It disgusted her and she felt tempted to accuse him of being a middle-aged pervert! The fact a second suppository and the fore finger of her gloved right hand had slid into his rectum and caused a major reflex erection was hardly William’s fault but as it did so William’s cock arose like the sun, Amber burst into tears calling her new boss terrible names!

Amber had 5never seen or even thought her father had performed such tasks until after his death and little did Amber know and understand at this point that these were standard reflex actions of a quadriplegic male and that with a glycerine bullet and finger entering their poop chute; an erection can often be accidentally achieved. Nor did Amber know that the best way of stimulating a quadriplegic male to ejaculation is to shove a vibrator up his arse and switch on!

Equally Amber was unaware that this process was capable of being highly likely to cause autonomic dysreflexia to some level and possibly to near fatal proportions unless approached with the utmost of caution. These issues, William both calmly and cleverly explained immediately and managed to diffuse the ‘pervert comments’ and instantly explain the gravity and dangers of dysreflexia! To this day both of them chuckle when relaying or discussing this story.

William sorely missed the feelings of exciting his own member and the joys of ejaculation. Instead, his cock generally lay shrivelled between his legs, his pubic hair growing wildly and unkempt and permanently hidden away under layer upon layer of tasteless underwear which kept him warm and healthy; but the flipside leaving him feeling less than attractive to others. William often wished he had the balls to ask his Personal assistant’s to trim or shave his pubic hair but felt it too sexual a practice to ever ask.

William also wondered what it was like to suck such a monster cock as Jasper’s. He had struggled with this thought as he thought of himself a heterosexual male, but paralysis meant he longed to feel the true reflex reactions of a cock again, all be it from a new perspective. The reality of sucking a cock he believed may help so that he could recall the actual physical thoughts and sensations of his cock being stimulated to orgasm; through having true feelings of a cock in his mouth and the touch and sensory feeling of a pulsating member upon his lips was potentially worth a try if it could aid these distant memories of a pre-paralysis erection and stimulation! This thought William had always attempted to keep very private and always deferred it in his own mind as only a ‘maybe’ if circumstances were right!

Amber knew William or Billy as she sometimes liked to call him when feeling playful and naughty had sexual frustrations due to his paralysis; particularly the way much of society had often viewed him as a non-sexual being. A big mistake in Amber's opinion! She knew he had explored sex both before and after his accident but had fallen into a long-term barren spell of sexual partners. She knew Billy was a sex machine ready to explode but with the need for more confidence when seeking those sexual partners!

Friends William could make easier than any other person she knew, but he seemed to stumble when making sexual advances these days! Sexual rejection by society had made him lose confidence with his approach! Amber had often thought of going further than her job description required and offering herself and her body as a kind of “Sex Angel” for William to enjoy and heal by using her for his own pleasure. She cared so deeply for this man and thought sex such an important factor in a human’s well-being, it had so obviously affected her father’s mindset. She could perhaps experiment with William knowing and teaching him to understand both paralysis and how men can please women if they know the right tricks and therefore enable him to regain his confidence in this area.

It might also help her shed feelings of guilt and loss from her father’s demise, and as an added bonus; be sexually stimulating and fulfilling, an act of true humanity! Until now she had resisted as it would be against agency rules and also be behind her beloved Jasper’s back! She had decided early on in her year long stay with William; that she would test, tease and torment William with glimpses and knowledge of her sexual being. Often she would flash her pert breasts or shaved pussy justly briefly to catch William’s eye which always looked, then flinched away as if embarrassed but yet always naughty enough to look! Providing that William managed to resist lunging at her like a dog in a room full of bitches on heat, completely keep their relationship professional, she would reward him with a farewell week of total sexual fulfilment and ecstasy! Unbeknown to William this was the glorious week she now had planned!

Amber also knew of William’s secret fantasy to suck “Jasper’s Monster”! One night a month or so back; when William had been drinking red wine he had let slip of his “bi-sexual secrets” and Amber had guessed rightly that William had no recollection of this the next morning! She had busily made plans to resolve this!

Amber had also interested Jasper into promising to fulfil one of her ultimate fantasies in exchange for settling down and to start a family, this being the same fantasy she had kept secret from William. The fantasy being for Jasper to submit totally to her for ‘one night only’ and happily allow and to partake in any sexual test she choose! Amber’s reasoning for the test; to check Jasper’s devotion to her and whether he will truly give to her all that she wants and desires! She forgot to mention to purely heterosexual Jasper that this test would include a spinally injured man who would watch and participate in a MMF threesome and that during the process would be sucking “Jasper’s Monster” as much as he so desired!

The scene was now set for - DAY 1!

Meanwhile Jasper’s plane had landed. He had collected his luggage and popped into the Anne Summer’s store to purchase some erotic gifts and toys for his beloved Amber. He had already purchased a bottle of vodka and 200 Prince-lights as a gift for William on the plane. Jasper was now dialling his phone and hit call whilst standing at the airport taxi rank. Simultaneously Amber’s phone rang… Amber knew instantly that it was Jasper. It would be a mere thirty minutes until some of there and William’s combined fantasies were about to turn into reality!

To be continued...