Hi, my name is Adam. I am 31 years old. I have been a quadriplegic since I was age 8, so that is 23 years. I am a real guy not like those glamorized guys in the other stories here. I am interested in meeting a woman who likes guys who use a wheelchair. I will tell you a little bit about myself and a story about me that is also kind of sexual. If you are interested in getting to know me for talking or having a relationship, you can email me at rollitin72@yahoo.com.

I live in NYC with my parents and I go to a university, where I am getting a degree in computer science. I am a really intelligent guy and I could have a conversation about pretty much anything. I am home schooled since my accident, but I take correspondence courses to get my degree. I will have my doctorate in one year and I hope to get a programming job.

Even though I need help with some stuff, I am very independent. I need help getting in and out of my wheelchair, but I am able to eat myself with a hand splint and I have a motorized wheelchair. My parents help me a lot and I have a nurse who comes in and does stuff for me. Even though I'm independent, I can admit when I need help and I don't try to do more than I can handle.

Physically, I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am 5'4". I would be taller probably, but being paralyzed made me grow less. My dad is 6'3" and my brother is 6'4", so tall genes run in my family. When I was in a car accident when I was 8, I was pretty tall for my age, but then I didn't grow at all the next two years. They were going to give me growth hormone but they kept saying they wanted to wait and see what happened. Finally my mother said to give me the growth hormone! It is lucky they did because a doctor told me that otherwise I might be a midget now or something. When I hit five feet when I was 17, I was pretty happy and they told me I probably wasn't going to grow anymore, but then I grew another four inches, so it just shows that you never know.

I am kind of overweight. I know all the guys in these stories are really lean and muscular, but real quads can't move around and burn off all those calories. I guess I'm a little more overweight than I should be, because when I was younger, I didn't really watch what I ate, so I got really fat. But now I've been dieting and I've lost weight. I'm 350 pounds now and my goal is to be 300 by the time I am 35. I'm sorry I can't be perfectly fit, but I am a real quad, take it or leave it.

In terms of relationships, I don't really have a lot of experience, to be honest. I've only been on one date so far. In the past, relationships weren't so important to me as much as accomplishing my goals of getting an education and becoming as independent as possible, but now that I have done these things, I would really like someone to share my life with. I feel I have a lot to offer a woman. I will have a good job and I am very caring and considerate. I am a really good listener. And any woman will get my full attention because I don't really socialize much. If these qualities in a guy appeal to you, you should email me.

OK, now I will tell you my story.

This is my only sexual story. Obviously, I have never had sex before. I can't keep an erection now, but if there were a woman in my life, my urologist said that I might be able to try Viagra. Also, I know there are other ways to please a woman besides with intercourse, and I would really like to try those things.

This story takes place five years ago. My dad drove me to an appointment with my urologist, just for a check-up, because I was feeling OK at the time. I got to the examining room and they needed two male nurses to get me onto the table because that was before I started losing weight and I was about 400 pounds. My dad stayed in the room with me like he always does. My doctor came in. I'll call him Dr. Johnson, but that is not his real name.

"Hi Adam," said Dr. Johnson.

"Hi Dr. Johnson," I said. I like Dr. Johnson. Some doctors I don't like because they never talk directly to me and only to my dad, but Dr. Johnson never patronizes me like that.

"Adam, I have a medical student interning with me this summer. Would you mind if she joined us?"

"OK," I said. I try to think about my body like it's a machine that other people need to take care of for me. That way I don't get embarrassed when lots of people examine my private areas. When I was a teenager, I used to get embarrassed sometimes when my mother changed my catheter in my penis, but I am really used to that kind of thing now.

A girl in her early 20s came into the room. Like I said, I really didn't think about girls much then, but this girl was really beautiful. She had long blonde hair and really pretty blue eyes. She had a really pretty face. She was exactly the kind of girl I liked.

This was the first time that someone young and attractive was looking at my genitals and for the first time I felt kind of self-conscious. I was self-conscious that I was wearing my hospital gown. I was self-conscious that I had a catheter in my penis and I was worried that I might urinate in front of her. And I was self-conscience about the fact that I was really overweight and I thought I looked disgusting.

Dr. Johnson introduced the girl as Annie. She smiled at me.

"You'll notice that this patient is very obese," Dr. Johnson said to Annie, then I looked back at me, "Adam, what did I tell you about losing weight?"

I said that I was trying, but he looked like he didn't believe me.

"OK Annie, please remove the catheter and we'll do the genital examination," Dr. Johnson said.

I felt self-conscious all over again about my penis. Even though I was too overweight to see it, I know it is on the small side. But still, I liked the idea of her touching it.

I didn't feel Annie's hands on my penis, but I knew something strange was happening because Dr. Johnson's eyes got wide and my dad looked embarrassed. Plus Annie got really red. Dr. Johnson mumbled something about an erection being normal and that's when I realized I had an erection. At 26 years old, I had never had an erection before and I was both excited and embarrassed.

I guess Dr. Johnson realized I was uncomfortable because he asked Annie to leave the room and he did the rest of the examination by himself. The whole time I kept thinking about my erection. At that point, I really had thought I couldn't have one because several doctors had told me I couldn't. But I guess I had proved them all wrong.

My dad tried to talk to me about it in the car ride back, which was really awkward. He said something like, "So was that your first erection?" Then he tried to explain to me about erections, even though I was an adult and I obviously knew all about them, even though I had never had one.

That experience really motivated me to lose weight and care about my appearance more. I really hope there is a woman out there who is interested in a real quad like myself who is also a great guy.