The Trip


(in memory of Mary)

London Gatwick Sunday 2nd January 2005 11:50 am

Paul boards Virgin Airline Flight 620 to Boston, Mass. USA. The flight attendant directs him to seat 4C in first class. A window seat. He is looking forward to meeting his internet friend to have his 41st birthday in America.

He notices there are many vacant seats in first class, know one is in front, behind or to the side of him. However, he does notice a well dressed middle aged lady several seats behind him.

The stewardess lets Paul know take off will be soon, so buckle up. She mentions that coach is completely full and it's unusual for 1st class to be so empty.

Paul watches the well dressed lady and a very old man in the first row opposite side. Within a short time, he is in the air and the seat belt light goes off. Paul orders some spirits and leans back to gaze out the window.

Suddenly someone says, "Pardon Me!"

Paul looks up to see the well dressed lady in the isle next to his row. "Yes?” he replies.

"Would you mind if I sit in this seat next to you for awhile? It's a long flight and I would like some company?"

"By all means, please have a seat," Paul says, with a smile.

They chat about the typical, age, marital status, kids, what they do, where they live, where they’re going, testing the water for common interest, etc. Her name is Cristal. She is very open, direct and curiously familiar.

Paul mentions his interest in advocating disabled sexuality on the net. She inquires more about what he means. He explains. The look she gives Paul leaves him a little uncomfortable yet a little aroused. “Can you perform?” she asks.

“Do you mean, can I have sex? Yes, I can,” Paul says.

Cristal is even more curious, asking very explicit questions. He tells her about how he can get hard/have an erection but cannot cum unless on his knees. She looks directly into his eyes and says, “You have a built in birth control method.”

“Well yes,” says Paul. She grins.

Dinner is served, they both joke about the meal and how it's a good thing they’re not very hungry. After dinner the lights are dimmed in the cabin for those who want to sleep. The stewardess mentions that she going to be in coach and if either of them need anything to press the call button. The old man is sleeping already, letting out an occasional snore that sounds like a erotic sexual encounter.

Paul leans back on his seat to readjust. “Are you in pain?” Cristal asks. “Oh no, I'm getting a little stiff from being in the same position,” Paul replies. The lady tells Paul to lean forward.

Paul does as requested. She gives him a back rub, sending a feeling of calm throughout his body. Paul leans back and jokingly says, “Now my leg.”

She says, “which one?”

Paul says, “This one.” She takes her shoes off, raises her short straight skirt, bends over and does the same on his calf, ankle and foot. Knee and thigh! She shyly asks if it is ok. “Okay,” Paul replies.

Cristal finishes his knee and starts on his thigh, then lifts both Paul’s and her arm rest. Paul spreads his legs eagle style as she wiggles between Paul and the seat in front of him.

Paul sighs as she continues up his leg. Paul is thinking, Oh, am I glad I emptied my leg bag right after dinner!

Cristal continues to massage his thigh while telling him about her fantasy of having sex in the air. “Is that an invitation?” Paul asks.

“You mean now?” she says.

Paul leans over and up a little, noticing the old man is still sleep. “Yes,” he says with a wink.

“Okay, you'll have to help me with what not to do,” she says.

Paul says, “Once my condom’s off, it's no different than any other red blooded male.”

Cristal pulls his zipper down, unbuttons his pants, and pulls them down a little.

Paul’s cock is getting hard from her hands rubbing his inner thigh. She looks up at him as her hands capture his cock and balls. Oh, her hands are soft and very gentle.

Paul strokes the sides of her face as she vigorously plays with him. Oh how nice and tender. Cristal leans forward, enveloping his condom covered cock in her mouth, sucking gently and then more forcefully.

Her hands play a game of squeeze and rub with his balls, squeeze twice, rub three times. Paul’s thoughts are of disbelief, yet the reality of what he feels is overwhelming.

His cock is hard, firm and erect. Cristal wiggles her way up onto his lap, raises her skirt further, climbs on him, folds the leg bag tube next to his shaft. She gasps as his cock slides into her now damp pussy. She kisses his ear as Paul fondles her breasts through her bra. She rides him like a bucking bronco. Suddenly, she lets out a soft moan of shear ecstasy.

Paul asks Cristal to lay down on her seat so he can taste her pussy.

She lays down, knees propped up, legs spread eagled. He leans over, putting his face in her pussy, licking and sucking. She's quietly telling him how great she feels. Paul’s tongue has cleaned her legs, hair and pussy dry. Cristal starts to moan quietly. Paul continues to tongue her clit and lips, his chin pushing in creating urgent gasps for more. After hearing several quiet, oh yes and ah's, he pushes several fingers into her, pushing in and out faster with each entry.

Eventually Cristal let's out another quiet moan. Paul’s face is doused with cum. Cristal is exhilarated. Paul cannot believe he is feeling so fulfilled. He sits up after licking her dry.

She sits up and straightens herself as he does. They both lower their arm rests at the same time.

Cristal leans over and kisses Paul on the lips, saying, “Thank You. You certainly renewed my attitude about being sexually satisfied. Can we keep in touch? I get to London several times a year.”

Paul somewhat sheepishly says, “Okay.”

She gives him her business card. Paul gives her his e-mail address. Cristal tells him she'll e-mail him in a couple of weeks with her schedule.

The stewardess comes by saying would you like some breakfast. They look at each other, grin and say, “Please.”

The plane lands and Cristal gives Paul a quick kiss on the cheek before going to wake her older partner up. She gives him a quick wink as they leave the aircraft. Paul has to wait for his wheelchair to be brought to the doorway.

Paul pushes out of the customs area to the arrivals area. He goes in to a nearby disabled toilet and gets the hand luggage off the back of his wheelchair.

Paul freshens up, having a quick wash and shave. He quickly gets changed in to some fresh clothes and heads for the transporters to catch a bus to his friends house. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Boston, Mass. USA. Sunday 2nd January 2005 10:08 pm

Paul gets on the bus and phones his good friend Mary on his cell phone.

She answers the phone and says, “Hi, I was wondering if you had arrived yet!” Paul hears her wheelchair knock in to something as she gets comfortable to talk to him.

She says, “Did you have a good trip?” They have known each other for a while on the internet and are quite close friends, so Paul tells her what happened on the plane, not leaving out any details.

Paul has no idea she is getting quite damp listening to him tell her of his escapades. She says, “Wow you had a good time. I had a great dream about you!”

“Really?” says Paul. “Please tell me…“

“Okay,” she says. “I dreamt about you on the floor sitting on your legs in front of the sofa. I'm laying on my side, licking your cock and balls. You start to cum so I grab your cock with a firm sucking motion. While squeezing your balls with both hands, I swallow once, twice and still my hands are full of your sweet nectar! You gently fall on me, mouth to pussy, licking and sucking every inch of me. I am so horny as you use your fingers to top me off, oh god! We lay licking each other for what seems like hours. Oh, how I love your cock, balls, fingers, tongue and mouth!” She pauses to catch her breath. “Then you phoned and woke me up!” she says feigning slight annoyance.

“Wow, what a dream,” says Paul, laughing with her on the phone.

“I cant wait for us to do it for real when you get here!” she says cheekily.

Paul can feel his cheeks and ears getting hot as he feels himself blush uncontrollably.

“Ok, I will be with you in about an hour,” says Paul, grinning to himself.

She says, “Great you can try out my new shower when you arrive, it is huge and totally accessible.”

Paul says “I will look forward to that. See you soon, sexy.” And he turns his cell phone off.

He is soon opening the door to the welcome embrace of his friend Mary. She pushes next to him and gives him a big long hug! She is middle aged, but has the fun spirit of a teenager!

Mary shows Paul where to put his luggage then says, “The shower is all ready for you!”

Paul gets a catheter and other bits and pieces out of his luggage then goes in to the bathroom. He quickly does a catheter and undresses. He rolls in to the new red tile roll-in shower stall designed to accommodate two wheelchairs.

Paul transfers to the shower bench, which moves up or down with the press of a button. He pushes his wheelchair just outside the stall but within arms reach.

Mary rolls in to the bathroom in her shower chair which sits higher than most wheelchairs. The seat has an opening in front and middle, easy access.

She is already naked and looks very sexy. Mary rolls inside and Paul slides the smoke glass shower doors shut. She rolls up closer to him. Paul pulls her chair even closer and locks the wheels. They look into each other’s green eyes without saying a word. Paul turns the water on. It’s warmth hitting the back of Mary’s neck, dripping down the front of her breasts .

He pours lavender body wash on her breasts and thighs, rubbing it all over her body. She pours some on Paul and starts to massage his shoulders moving to his chest and nipples. Their eyes meet. Paul knows what she wants. He leans forward. Mary puts her tongue on his piercing, licking it, then moving over to his other nipple to play and suck on It. Paul leans back, enjoying the sensations. Mary leans forward and Paul sucks on one of her nipples while squeezing and fondling the other. Both are tingling and hard and her breathing is heavy.

Mary’s heart is beating faster. Oh, she loves the feel of his mouth and tongue against her skin. the water is getting hotter.

Mary reaches down to rub his thighs, stopping to fondled his penis. It’s hard and erect, she can almost taste him. Mary gives him that look. “Please,” she asks. His look still says, “Patience darling,” giving her a cheeky grin.

Paul lowers his shower bench and turns the water temp down. He lifts her left leg, placing it on the bench next to his right knee. Paul moves his hand down her leg and fingers the outside of her pussy before lifting her right leg, placing it on the bench next to his left knee.

Paul spreads her legs apart, his hands sliding down Mary’s thighs. Several fingers push their way inside her. “Please don’t stop,” she gasps. His other hand fingers the outside of her and she cries out passionately, “More!”

Mary feels his tongue slide in and out of her. Oh, god he feels so good!

She rubs his back in rhythm with his tongue and fingers rubbing and entering her favourite arousal spots. “Oh, Paul, please don’t stop! Your long fingers feel so good, my juices are flowing, Faster! Long firm strokes. Faster. in . out . in . out…oh, oh, oh,………ahhhhhhhh, you are wonderful!”

Paul lays his head on her thigh for a moment. She reaches down and gently strokes his face.

Paul sits up and raises the bench, they hug, and give each other a gentle kiss. Mary looks at Paul. “Let me do the same for you,” she says with a wink. “I want to play with your cock and balls, anytime. Just thinking about it makes me horny! My mouth waters, my nipples get hard, my loins crave your touch!”

Mary moves her wheelchair out and dries herself off. She watches Paul’s smooth athletic body, glistening with water droplets, as he pulls his wheelchair in to the shower and transfers in to it. He wheels out and Mary passes him a towel. She watches as he dries under his big low hangers, watching his strong arms as he dries off.

Mary asks him to follow her in to the bedroom. She transfers on to the bed and gives him a seductive look. Paul crawls up next to her in bed. Mary starts nibbling on his ear. She says, “Relax and let's enjoy!” Paul notices how sweet she smells and her skin is so soft. Both make him feel comfortable.

She starts kissing his neck while playing with his nipples. Then her kisses move down his chest to his nipples, taking time to suck on each one, her hands roaming over his body, abdomen, pubic hair.

Slowly she pushes her hand between the bed and his bum, massaging it with her finger tips.

Paul is getting hard. Mary’s legs arch up and her pussy pushes itself onto his hard firm cock, still sucking his nipples and riding him slowly up and down.

Paul asks her to turn around 69 style. “I'd love to,” she says.

She straddles his face, her mouth sucking his cock. Paul licks her pussy which is damp.

He takes his fingers to spread her so he can shove his tongue in, licking, shoving, fingering. She's getting wetter!

Mary starts to moan quietly, moving slightly up and down as his tongue goes in and out. Paul feels her cum, then relax and lay quietly on his penis. Paul savouring the view.

After a while she gets up and says, “I hope it was as good for you as it was for me!”

“It was the best,” says Paul, giving her a long sexy kiss.

Mary tells Paul she is due to have visitors very soon.

“Okay,” says Paul, rolling over to the side of the bed. He transfers on to his wheelchair and starts to get dressed. Mary gets dressed first and wheels in to the kitchen to put the kettle on.

Paul comes wheeling into the kitchen. Mary notices the look he is giving her, it says let's play dangerously. She responds. They only have 30 - 40 mins. Without another word, she pulls up her skirt and Paul unzips his pants.

Their hands caress each other's family treasures as their mouths meet with immediate passion. Paul’s cock is soon hard and her pussy is wet. Paul’s kiss is firm but gentle as their tongues intertwine. His fingers are moving faster as his thumb strokes her clit forcefully.

Mary gasps, "Oh, Paul, you best slow down a little or I'll come too soon."

“That's okay,“ he says. “There is always later tonight.”

Mary moans, “Oh, you feel so good inside of me and your cock is ready to explode. Your finger's have just about, oh, here I Come, ahhhhhhhhh!”

Mary’s legs are all wet. Paul helps her prop her leg up on the chair as he leans in to lick her pussy. Mary waits for awhile, savouring the tender touch of his tongue.

“Oh God, you feel so good,” she gasps.

They have just a few minutes left. Mary says, “Please I'd like to have you in my mouth for just a minute or two…“

“Okay, but hurry,“ grins Paul.

She leans over lick the tip of his cock and continues on until her chin is touching the boys. She moans, “Oh, you taste and feel so good…”

She sucks like there's no tomorrow, her hand automatically starts squeezing the boys.

Paul says, “Hurry, someone's coming!”

Mary gasps back, “Just a second, one last squeeze and suck, oh yes!”

Mary throws her leg back in place, dress down, zipper up.

She wheels over to her computer, just as her mom walks in saying, “Isn't it a nice day?”

“Yes, it is,” they both say in unison.

Her mom says, “Nice to meet you!” and gives Paul a big hug. Paul wonders if she can smell the recent sexual activity.

She asks what their plans are for the rest of the day. Mary tells her mother they are going to the local mall in a little while.

Paul goes in to the bathroom and freshens up, then reconnects his condom and leg bag.

Mary gets her car out and they both help each other to get the wheelchairs in.

They have a nice chat on the way to the city, laughing and reminiscing on what had happened earlier.

They manage to find a McDonalds nearby for a quick snack in the car, then park next to the mall. As they push inside, Paul notices Mary has a new wheelchair.

He jokes with Mary saying, “I noticed the label on your motorized chair ‘Quickie’,” and says, "You really a quickie?”

They enter the empty non-stop elevator to the top floor of the mall.

Paul rolls next to her and puts his hand under her dress (she never wears underwear). Paul says, “Let's see if you are a quickie.”

As soon as his fingers touch her clit she feels all excited. Paul wastes no time, one, two, three firm rubs and immediately pushing several fingers into her vagina, rubbing hurriedly and forcefully while his thumb hardens her outside.

She pulls him close and kisses him passionately, her heart pounding so fast, she is on fire. Then it happens, she cums.

Paul pulls his fingers out of her and licks them as she pulls her dress down. Just then the doors open. “Now that was a quickie!” whispers Paul.

Mary turns and looks at him and says, "Ohhh, yes, next is your turn.”

Paul gives her a quick kiss and says, “I am looking forward to the rest of this vacation!”

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