Chapter 16

Five minutes later we were home. I could see Sid sitting on the hood of his 3000gt as we pulled into the driveway. He jumped off when my dad stopped the car. “Sid, get Skelly’s wheelchair out of the back and bring it inside. Your brother’s not feeling very good so I’m just going to carry him in.”

My father came around and opened my door. He unbuckled me then carefully slid his arms under my knees and back. As he lifted, my feet got twisted around each other. One of the sandals my mom had put on me earlier that morning fell to the ground. Under the white stocking my limp foot’s curling toes were exposed.

My mother bent down to pick up the sandal. “I’ll get it, Dan. Just go lay Skelly in his bed, he still looks flushed.” I hated how everyone was talking around me. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t just directly ask me if I felt bad or if I wanted to lay down. But I kept quiet. I didn’t want to draw anymore attention to myself than I already had. I felt that just by looking at me someone could what I had done with Serg.

But the more everyone fussed over me, the more I actually started to not feel well. I had a dull ache in the back of my neck that wouldn’t go away. I figured that was where I had broken it so many months ago. Every once in a while I’d get a killer neck ache so bad I could hardly hold my head up. This was starting to feel like one of those times. I let my head fall against my father’s chest and closed my eyes. I could tell that he looked down at me but didn’t say anything.

My eyes fluttered back open for a moment when I heard Ms. Kollins greet my parents and walk up to us, mindlessly chattering about gardening or something. I suddenly felt angry. Why couldn’t this woman see that we were trying to get inside? Why couldn’t she respect the fact that my father had his crippled son in his arms who clearly didn’t feel well?

But still…I said nothing. I didn’t want to think about how I looked to everyone else. I was a twenty-two year old man, an adult. And yet I was wearing Depends, which had been soiled on the ride home, and being carried into the house by my father to be changed. The truth of the matter is she probably had no idea about this, but to me it felt as if everyone in the world knew. In the hospital I figured I would eventually get over the humiliation of those kinds of things, but still I hadn’t.

The hot summer day had turned into a cool evening. Though I’m sure the breeze blowing was a pleasant one, but because everyone surrounding me actually out-weighed me, I started to shiver. My mother noticed and politely excused us from Ms. Kollins’ incessant rambling.

I didn’t open my eyes again until my father had laid me down on my bed and my mother started undressing me. Soon I was down to nothing but the nasty diaper. My mother slid a changing pad under my butt so I didn’t mess up the sheets while she was cleaning me up. I heard the whir of my wheelchair in the hallway. Skelly soon appeared in the entrance to the living room. He was seated in my chair with a firm grip on the joystick I could only limply shove at with paralyzed wrists.

My mother smiled down at him from his seated position. “Thank you for bringing in Skelly’s chair, Sid. Put it in the corner, will you?” I watched as Sid guided it across the room then effortlessly stood up and walked towards the couch. I envied him so much at that moment. When he was sitting in my wheelchair I felt like I was staring at myself. And I hated the fact that he could so easily get up from that damn chair while I was stuck in it forever. It wasn’t fair.

I could feel potential tears on the rise but tried my best to postpone them. I wasn’t going to have another episode in front of everybody again. My dad came into the room and sat down on the couch next to Sid, turning on the TV. My mother off-handedly asked Sid to hand her a diaper from the dresser next to him.

While I thought that maybe I could have actually had some privacy in my most intimate moment, my entire family was in the very same room just hanging out. Though others in my situation may have been grateful for such an accepting family and comfortable with the circumstances, I was not. I didn’t want us to be this close. I didn’t want it to be okay to have my twin brother watch television only feet away from me while my mother wiped my ass or handled my dick.

My face and chest turned a deep red from the shame I felt at my mother grasping my small, limp penis in her soft hand while pushing a catheter tube up into my bladder. I looked down at my legs, now like sticks, with disgust. They remained motionless beneath the white stockings, sloped over to the side on top of each other. Sid was watching everything my mother did, and all I wanted to do was scream at him. I wanted it to be him lying helpless on the bed. I wanted it to be him who had to have someone bathe and feed him. I wanted his legs to be useless and his fingers tense and curled. I didn’t want the wheelchair in the corner to be mine. The sight of it no longer brought thoughts of independence, but feelings of entrapment.

I knew I was only setting myself back after all those weeks of therapy in the hospital, but I truly felt like an invalid. A quiet tear slid down my right cheek, disappearing under my chin unnoticed. My mother strapped a leg bag to my wasted thigh but didn’t dress me. “You ready for a shower, Skelly? You sure did sweat a lot this afternoon. I want to get you cleaned up.” She grabbed the hygiene sling from the corner of the room and rolled it over to my bedside. “Sid, help me with your brother.”

He obediently got up and walked to the other side of me. I knew he couldn’t help but look at my naked body. I’m sure my arms and legs looked really funny to him. My stomach muscles were had grown flaccid and were now non-existent. In fact, my extended gut protruded out quite a bit. In the hospital I had often heard the term “quad gut” mentioned. I was also sure Sid must have been horrified at the sight of my paralyzed dick. A thin trail of pale yellow urine slowly leaked into the tubing and collected in the bag on my thigh. I didn’t want to look anymore and closed my eyes.

I could hear the metallic jingle of the rings holding the sling up as my mother brought it closer. After Sid rolled me over and placed the sling under my back and legs, he began pulling my legs through the divider while my mother secured the wide chest strap and made sure my head was cradled in the neck rest. Sid awkwardly placed my fists on my lap over my dick. I opened my eyes to see that the sling had already been lifted, and I was now levitating half a foot over the bed. My ass was sticking out through the bottom of the sling, but that didn’t surprise me. I knew this was a hygiene sling and not a normal one just for transfers.

I prepared myself for the long roll into my parent’s bathroom. Sid pushed the frame of the sling from behind while my mother walked ahead to open any closed doors and prepare the bathroom. Once at our destination and after the shower door was open, Sid pushed the end of the sling I was cupped in as far into the shower as possible. I watched as my mother grabbed a bar of soap and began lathering a washcloth with it. “Maybe after a little more therapy you’ll be able to use the shower hand cuffs your dad got you. But you’re still not strong enough to sit on the bench we installed by yourself.”

She started gently scrubbing the cloth against my chest and stomach. Sid sat down on the floor next to the shower and watched my mother bathe me. It felt weird. Here was something so simple and easy that most people do on a daily basis and don’t even think about, and I had have help with every step of the way. I loathed the fact that because of my injury, my privacy level had zoomed down to below zero.

I watched as my mother lifted my lifeless legs from the sling and examined them for sores. She looked down at Sid. “Will you get your father’s razor and shaving cream? I think it would be a good idea to go ahead and shave Skelly right now.” Sid did as he was told and tried to hand the shaving supplies over to my mother. “Actually, Sid, I think it would be best if you shaved Skelly. I’m sure I’d hurt him more than help. You have more experience at this than me.”

Sid looked a little uneasy but didn’t argue. My mother moved out of the way so that Sid could reach me easier. He squirted a little shaving cream into his hand and began lightly lathering my face. I wanted to tell him he wouldn’t hurt me, that I wouldn’t break if he applied any more force. But I only sighed and let him continue. He was actually pretty good at shaving me, though. The razor nicked the edge of my chin only once.

Just as my mother was applying a soothing lotion to my raw face afterwards, I heard a familiar voice twanged with a prissy southern accent in the hallway. “Hello? Are you guys back here?” My heart started thudding like crazy. I stretched my neck as far as it would go to get a better look outside the doorway. Tuck appeared at that very moment. My mother smiled while Sid just sat there on the floor. Tuck looked over at me, naked and in the shower, and smiled even broader. “Mr. Shepherd let me in. I just came to bring some of Skelly’s things, t-shirts mainly. They were in the dirty laundry the day he checked out.” He held up a plastic bag filled with a few black shirts.

My mother took the bag from him and set it on the bathroom counter. “Thank you, Tuck. I don’t think Skelly even realized they were missing! You didn’t have to come all the way out here, but it was a nice of you anyway.” Tuck shuffled a bit then looked at me. He was careful to keep his eyes locked on mine and not let them wander while Sid and my mother were still in the room. It was strange seeing him in normal, everyday clothes. He was wearing a pair of snug-fitting jeans with a light blue, button-up collard shirt; both probably from Abercrombie. He had on tan leather sandals which revealed clear, clean-cut nails that looked like they’d recently been treated to a pedicure. His hair was styled the same as always; just a slight amount of gel pushed through his short, light brown hair with highlights. He looked so amazing. I was practically eye-fucking him.

He glanced back over at my mother. “So do y’all need any help in here? I’m free right now and wouldn’t mind taking Skelly off your hands for a while.”

My mother started to protest at first but then seriously considered Tuck’s offer. “Well, I do have to start dinner soon… Tuck, if you’re going to stay and visit with Skelly then you must eat with the rest of the family.” Tuck nodded his agreement, and my mother left the room thanking him. Sid got up and followed her out the door, barely acknowledging Tuck.

I spoke to Tuck for the first time in what felt like forever. “I’m really glad you came. I was beginning to worry you’d forgotten about me.”

Tuck smiled coyly. “How could I forget about you, Skelly? You’re my guy. I love you, kid. I wasn’t lyin’ about that.”

My slowed heartbeat sped up again. I looked over at Tuck longingly, then peered down at my own flaccid body. I was still wet from my shower and completely naked. I didn’t understand how everyone but me could become so comfortable with my nudity. I was beginning to fear that they all looked at me more like a crippled ‘thing’ than a man. But I suppose a quad just has to get used to things like that.

Tuck picked up a towel beside him and, before coming over to dry me off, closed the bathroom door. He gently wiped the towel over my hair and face before working his way down to my crotch. “Has your mom gotten the hang of cathin’ you yet?” “Yeah, I guess. My dad too. Sid will know how to do it before too long.”

Tuck picked up on my sarcasm. “It’s just as well if you can’t do it yourself.”

I got a little angry at his last remark but kept quiet. I didn’t want to ruin the mood with another bitter quip. Tuck didn’t say anything after that but continued drying me off. He bent down next to my legs and toweled off my feet. “I’ve missed these feet, Skelly. I’ve thought about them everyday that you’ve been gone and just how much I’ve wanted to do this.” He lowered his head and kissed the pad of my useless foot. “They’ve gotten so soft now.”

I enjoyed watching him kiss his way to the top of my knee. From there he traced an invisible line with his tongue across my thigh and to the head of my dick. He licked my tip, running his tongue across the protruding catheter. Tuck was getting really worked up. I could see the swelling bulge in the crotch of his pants. He unzipped and pulled them off. He rolled me out of the shower and into the middle of the large bathroom.

“You want to take me out of the sling?” I asked.

Tuck thought for a moment. “No, I have better plans.”

I watched in the mirror as he stepped around to the back of the sling. He rubbed his hands along my bare ass, gingerly circling my rectum. His dick popped out of his navy boxers. He hugged me from behind, his hands searching for mine. I saw his fingers intertwine with my own curled ones. Though I couldn’t feel it, from the mirror I could tell that Tuck’s dick was bumping around on my ass, blindly searching for my asshole. It was cool that the sling was just high enough above the ground for Tuck to fuck me in the ass. It almost felt like having sex standing up. But I knew this wasn’t the case. I couldn’t fool myself into thinking I wasn’t just a helpless cripple being cradled in a sling. The hole in the hygiene sling wasn’t there so that I could be fucked in the ass more easily. It was there so my mother could wash my ass with more ease; something I’d never be able to do on my own again.

I tried to put these thoughts out of my head as Tuck thrust himself into me. I watched the pleasure on his face escalate as he pumped harder. His hands started caressing my neck as he kissed me on the jaw. He nibbled my ear slightly, which was immensely pleasurable on my part. I felt one of his hands slide down to my nipple and pinch it gently. I moaned quietly. I could feel every jolt of the sling as Tuck hoisted me up and down on his long dick. Suddenly Tuck stopped. I opened my eyes, startled, and look at him questioningly in the mirror. “What’s wrong?”

Tuck moved his hand onto the soft pooch of my stomach and pointed at my dick. I usually tried to avert my eyes from my useless member but looked anyway. What I saw actually took my breath away. Though not nearly the size from before my injury, I had a hard-on. Anyone who didn’t know about my SCI would have scoffed and called it a pathetic excuse for an erection. But it was a massive improvement to me. I hadn’t seen my dick come to life since the first time Tuck had ever bathed me.

I was ecstatic. I looked at Tuck with pleading eyes. “Please, Tuck. This opportunity might not come again for a very long time.” He knew how badly I wanted to fuck him in the ass for the first time ever and obliged. He lowered the sling down even more so that I was no higher than I would be sitting in a chair. He removed my catheter and unstrapped the leg bag, placing it on the floor. A little urine leaked out after the tubing was removed and ran down my thigh. I was embarrassed. Me pissing myself wasn’t the best way to seduce a guy.

But Tuck didn’t even seem phased as he wiped the leak away with a towel. He then pulled his boxers off completely and came around to my front. He squatted a bit, his hand guiding my semi-firm dick to his ass. “I don’t know if this is going to work, Skelly. You still might be a little too soft.” He saw the hope fade from my eyes and quickly remedied his depressing remark. He continued to sit down, his ass now completely enveloping my eager dick. He rocked himself back and forth, doing the work I couldn’t. Though all I could do was sit, the joy I got from actually being able to pleasure Tuck in this way was satisfying enough. This was the first time I’d ever fucked a guy and was loving every minute of it.

My dick soon became soft, though, and fell onto my lap only minutes later. I looked longingly at Tuck’s naked bottom half. “Please, try it again,” I pleaded. “It’ll come back. Just keep going!”

Tuck looked down at me sympathetically. “We tried, Skelly. And what just happened was great, but we both know it’s over for now.” Tuck saw that I was nearing tears. “Just because your dick is soft again, doesn’t mean you can’t get me off.” He winked as I looked up at him. I figured he just wanted me to suck him off so I opened my mouth. But to my surprise Tuck sat back down on my lap.

I was worried that the sling wouldn’t be able to support the weight of both of us, but it held up fine. From my lap, Tuck took my wasted right hand and cupped it around his hard cock. He then helped me jack him off as he sat on my lap, his back pressed into my chest. I ran my tongue over the back of his neck as he combed his fingers through my short hair. Tuck soon stiffened and orgasmed. I watched as his cum shot into my unfeeling hand. I pretended to feel the warmth of it, to feel the force of it spouting from his dick into my palm. Tuck relaxed and slumped up against me. He tilted his head back and kissed my throat. I brushed my lips against his forehead, letting them linger there.

For the first time since I’d become a quad and had sex, I felt like more than an invalid. With Tuck resting in my arms I felt like a man again. I felt like more than a helpless cripple being raped in his bed at night. I loved feeling that I had actually contributed and wasn’t just a ‘thing’ that someone had sex with. I closed my eyes and relished the moment, never wanting it to end.

But of course, at that very instance, I heard the creak of the bathroom door. My eyes flew open as Tuck jumped up from my lap. “Dinner’s ready, boys. I hope y…”. Her voice stopped short. I looked up to see my mother standing in the doorway, eyes fixed on Tuck’s naked body.

To be continued...