The New Job, Part 2

Terry finishes making the bed and transfers back in to this wheelchair. He wheels backwards out of the bedroom and wheels in to the small bathroom to empty his leg bag. He quickly empties his leg bag down the toilet, not knowing that Sam is watching him out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't help it, as there wasn't the room for Terry to shut the bathroom door with him inside.

She also found these things extremely interesting and was dying to know more about this amazing independent man.

Terry finishes in the bathroom and reverses out. Sam has quickly moved to the other end of the trailer and is finishing up tidying the last toys on the floor.

"Would you like a hot chocolate Terry?"

"Yes please, that would be lovely."

Sam smiles and quickly gets a jar of hot chocolate out of her bag of shopping.

She puts the kettle on and quickly makes the drinks. They both move to the seating area and Sam sits down, Terry facing her, his feet just touching her shins.

They start to chat about various things, Sam mainly talking about young James and her life in general.

She asks Terry, "Why are you in a wheelchair?"

Terry goes through the story once again, something he is so used to over the years since his accident.

Sam asks if he has had a relationship since his accident.

"I have had a few long term relationships but not at the moment."

Terry sees Sam smile and isn't sure if she is just smiling in support or whether she liked hearing he was single. No, she is just being nice, he thinks to himself, and asks her about James' father.

"Oh I see him now and again as he has James every other weekend; he is a good father to James still."

"Why did you split up if you don't mind me asking?"

"He just didn't fulfil my emotional needs, and he was also very selfish in the sex department."

"I am sorry to hear that," says Terry, genuinely feeling sad at her frustrations.

"That's ok, I am ok with it all now," says Sam, a big smile spreading across her face.

"I had better make a move home soon."

Sam gets up and squeezes past Terry to put her cup in the sink. Terry follows her with his cup. Sam doesn't realise Terry is behind her so when she steps back she falls back on too him! Terry catches her, quickly putting his strong arms around her so stop her falling.

She turns too apologise and thank him for catching her, their faces are only inches apart! She can feel the chemistry between them and really wants to kiss Terry as she sits on his comfortable soft lap, feeling safe and secure in his strong arms.

Terry looks in to her gorgeous eyes, feeling her breath on his lips as their eyes lock, trying to read each other's mind.

to be continued....

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