The alarm clock wakes Martin up at 6am.

Time to get in to the usual routine, having to get up early as it takes so long to get ready in the morning. Since Martins car accident, which damaged his spinal cord. He was classified a quadriplegic because his neck was damaged. Thankfully though his arms are hardly affected. He throws back the covers on the bed, pulling his feet out from being tucked in over night. Tucking the side in helps stop his legs kicking about over night due to spasms.

Martin swings his legs over the side of the bed, resting his feet on the floor as he lifts himself over on to his wheelchair beside the bed. After bending down to lift his feet on to his footplates, Martin wheels back to get trousers, socks, and shoes from the cupboard.

Martin starts getting dressed, crossing one leg over, then the other, bending them slightly to break the spasm as he puts on one sock, then slides on one trouser leg and shoe, before repeating the procedure with the other leg.

Martin rolls sleepily in to the lounge, putting on the television to see what is on the news for the morning, pressing on his bladder with his strong arms to empty it as he watches the TV.

He quickly puts some clothes in the washing machine to wash while he gets ready. After turning it on Martin pushes in to the bathroom and parks next to the toilet seat, reversing up to it. He then lifts his feet off the footplates and puts them in front of the toilet before reaching across with his arm and transferring to the seat. “Here we go again,” he thinks, as he does a manual evacuation, which seems to take forever.

Martin lifts himself back on to the wheelchair, after cleaning his bum with wet wipes. He lifts his leg on to the toilet seat and empties his urine collecting leg bag. He then moves to the sink and has a strip wash...having a shave and a thorough clean. He leans from side to side, giving his bum another wash.

Martin looks outside. “It is a nice day,” he thinks to himself, “perfect for pushing down town.”

Martin moves in to the kitchen and has his first coffee for the day, drinking it as he logs on to the Internet to check his emails. The washing cycle finishes and he goes outside and hangs it up to dry.

Martin then decides to push down the town for a social drink at his favourite pub in town. He nips in to the bedroom to get a nice shirt out of the cupboard, and picks out suitable gloves for the long push in to town.

Closing the door behind him, Martin starts the long steady push, keeping his eyes down in front of his wheelchair. Not because he is shy or embarrassed, but because he has to avoid things like gum, dogs muck, glass, where people have spat, etc. It also makes the hills seem flatter somehow. His strong shoulders push him up and down the curbs, wheeling up and down them as he progresses to the pub.

Martin thankfully gets to the pub, entering it he looks around for friends that may be at the bar.

He chats to one friend who is at the bar, but his friend has to go within a few minutes. After his friend goes, Martin sits at the bar trying to decide what to do next. Other people he vaguely knows are at the far end of the pub, but he doesn’t really have a lot in common with them. They obviously aren’t showing much interest in him either.

He has a few drinks by himself, just chilling out and getting slightly drunk. Suddenly a woman walks in to the pub. All the men are watching her to see where she sits.

She comes over and sits next to Martin. Martin is a bit shy and thinks to himself, “This woman is sitting here because she thinks I am safe...”

The lady accidentally kicks the side of Martins wheelchair, annoying him a bit.

To his amazement she turns to him and says, “I am so sorry I knocked your chair!”

Martin looks up at her and sees a pleasant smile on a quite pretty woman. The lady looks a bit older then him, quite tall with a shapely figure, dark long hair, brown deep eyes, large hips and a chest to match.

He says, “Thank you for saying sorry! That is so rare nowadays.” The lady gives him a beaming smile.

Martin says, “My name is Martin, what’s your name?”

The lady says, “Just call me Dee!”

They start to chat about attitudes and how reserved people are. Dee seems to be getting closer and closer to him, their legs touching, her black skirt rising up as her bare legs rub against him as she leans down to talk to him. Martin finds it very hard to not look at Dee, s breasts as they threaten to come out of her tight white blouse. Martin is getting really turned on, fortunately his cock doesn’t respond to thoughts alone.

One of the men from the other side of the pub comes past them, accidentally knocking Martins chair. He turns to Martin and says, “Sorry, mate!” Then he turns and steps between Martin and Dee to talk to Dee.

The man keeps moving back, pushing Martin more and more out of the way.

Men are always pushing in between Martin and women he meets, he gets so upset. Martin decides to get out of the way. Twisting his chair backwards and to the right, he hits the mans legs with the side of his chair, really hard.

The man turns to look at Martin. “Sorry mate, I was just trying to get out of the way,” says Martin.

The man mumbles to himself as he turns back to his conversation with Dee.

Grinning secretly to himself, Martin pushes round to a table beside the bar. He then realises he has left his drink behind, but needs to go to the bathroom first.

Martin wheels in to the ladies, as the men’s is not accessible. He lifts his leg up and puts it on the toilet seat, opening the tube to empty his leg bag. As he is emptying it, the door opens behind him! A familiar voice says, “Hi Martin, you ok?” It is Dee!

Martin looks over his shoulder, a bit embarrassed! “Sorry,” says Martin, “I had to use the ladies, I have had a lot to drink...”

“It’s fine with me,” says Dee, leaning forward and giving Martins lifted leg a gentle squeeze. Dee then says, “I’m so sorry about that man interrupting us...”

Martin listens as he cleans the end of the bag tap before tucking it back in his sock. “That’s ok,” says Martin; “I am used to it!” Martin then moves his wheelchair back and goes to wash his hands.

Dee gives Martin a long look as she watches him. She loves his small frame and strong shoulders. Combined with his kind face and deep green eyes she finds him quite attractive. She opens the door for him as he leaves the ladies rest room. His strong arm brushes her leg and she quivers inside.

Martin notices his drink has been moved to the table he was going to sit at.

Suddenly Martin sees Dee coming over to join him. She gets hold of a seat and moves right in front of him, legs each side of his footplates. She leans forward pulling his wheelchair forward, and rests on his legs, feeling them tremble slightly beneath her arms.

Martin starts to feel a bit light-headed. Has had a bit more than usual to drink.

Dee looks into his slightly glazed eyes and says, “Are you going to be ok getting home?”

“I should be fine,” says Martin.

Dee says, “I won’t be able to rest if I don’t know you got home ok! Can I come back with you? Maybe stop for a coffee...”

Reluctantly, but gratefully, Martin agrees.

Martin picks up the empty glasses and takes them to the bar, as Dee nips in the ladies.

The other men and the barmaid watch in amazement as Martin leaves, Dee slightly holding the handles to guide him in a straight line. They push back along the road, Dee helping Martin get up and down the curbs and slopes as he tells her where to go. She watches his strong arms as he does his best to push along the road with as little assistance as possible.

They eventually reach Martins home, Martin having to go in to the bathroom straight away to empty his leg bag again. Dee watches as Martin lifts his leg, untucks the tap and empties it in the toilet.

“How is that connected to you?” Dee asks as she watches him.

Martin thinks, “Ok, she is a very caring understanding woman, why not show her!”

He turns round after flushing the toilet, and while he washes his hands he shyly says, “Do you want to see?”

“I would be very interested,” says Dee.

Martin undoes his trousers, first the belt, then unclips waste band, and finally lowers the zip. He leans back on top of the chair raising his bum enough to slide down his trousers. Martin doesn’t wear underwear as bad for the circulation, and Dee cant help but notice his big balls as Martin pulls them up a bit to rest on his thighs.

Martin says, “I may as well do a catheter and show you exactly what i have to do.”

She watches as he removes his condom and cleans his soft penis with toilet tissue. Then he fills the sink and washes it thoroughly. He gets his urine bottle, which is nearby and puts it between his legs, resting it on his lowered trousers for support. Martin then gets a catheter from a nearby cupboard and fills the package it is in with water, lubricating it enough to go in to his penis.

He slowly pushes the long straw like catheter in to his penis, wincing slightly as it first goes in, and when it finally enters his bladder. Martin watches Dees face as he empties his bladder. She watches fascinated until he has emptied his bladder. When Martin has finished he removes the catheter and throws it in the bin. Then after rinsing out the urine bottle, he gets a condom out of cupboard ready to use.

He washes his penis thoroughly then rolls on the condom, which has its own self-adhesive. Martin looks up at Dee and says, “Do you mind if I masturbate a bit? It’s the best way to make an air tight fit.”

“Of course not,” says Dee, dying to see his hard cock.

Martin grips his cock firmly and tries to get hard. It is not easy due to the drink and being a bit embarrassed in front of Dee. Dee suspects this may be the case and leans forward slightly to get a close look, revealing her breast tops to Martins gaze. He instantly starts to get hard. Within a few seconds it is as tight as it could be around his erect penis.

Relieved, Martin attaches his leg bag to the small sleeve at the other end of the condom. Dee is really turned on by now, watching Martins balls tighten as he masturbated. She wanted him so badly.

Martin leans back trying to lift his trousers up. Dee leans forward and helps him pull them up, cheekily tucking his big balls in one trouser leg.

Martin doesn’t quite notice what happened, the drink has made him very relaxed.

“That was interesting and fun, and sexy,” says Dee.

“Wow,” thinks Martin, and gives a proud and thankful smile. Martin says, “Please make yourself at home, I am going outside to get my washing in.”

Martin grabs a basket and goes out to get the washing off the line. Dee is so hot for him now. She quickly looks around the bathroom and spots the shower on the far side of the bath.

As Martin gets the washing off the line he thinks to himself, “God, I am so turned on now, but so scared. Does she really fancy me? Or is she just being really nice?”

Martin comes back in and puts the dried clothes in the bedroom. “Where has she gone?” he ponders!

He suddenly hears water running and hears Dee say, “Martin can you come here a minute, i need you!”

Puzzled Martin goes in to the bathroom.

Martin gasps. There is Dee in the shower, naked and looking so sexy. “I badly needed a shower after that smokey pub. And you did say make myself at home... Please can you pass me the soap?”

Martin shyly gets the soap and hands it to her, her breasts almost hitting him in the eye as he leans round the shower curtain.

Dee smiles to herself and says, “You are all smokey too, Martin! Would you like to join me? I can help rinse off your back...”

Martin takes his shirt off and slides his trousers off. He parks next to the bath and puts his brakes on. He then lifts one leg, taking off his shoe and sock, then repeats the procedure with the other leg. He gets in to the bath, swinging his legs in first, one at a time, before sliding in to the bath from the end, designed with a slope to help him get in and out.

Dee sees his huge balls swing as he lifts his legs one at a time in to the bath. His legs shake like mad when he straightens them, and the splashes of water hit them. Martin hangs his leg bag over the side of the bath as he lays on the bottom of the bath, Dee standing above him.

Dee is very damp, and not just because of the running water. She hands Martin the soap and watches him as he rubs the soap over his smooth chest and his arms and the slack muscles of his partially paralysed tummy.

She then says, “Ok Martin, now I am clean. I’m going to do your back now!”

“Ok,” says Martin, “how do you want to do this?”

She gets out of the bath and moves beside him. Martin passes her the soap and she lathers it up in her warm skillful hands. She slowly rubs the soap over his back and shoulders, so tight and smooth and sexy. She leans Martin forward to reach his lower back, moaning with desire, she rubs the soap on his bum with one hand, while her other hand gently strokes her pussy. Feels so good and damp...

Martin is leaning forward, really enjoying what is happening to him, loving the sensations on his back and bum. She then moves round to Martins front and gently rubs soap on him from his feet to his tummy.

As Dees washes Martins feet she notices the perfect lines where the sock tops end on his legs, cutting in to him because of his bad circulation. She tenderly massages these areas trying to get the blood circulating.

Soon Martin is rinsed down. Reluctantly Martin says, “Ok Dee, I am clean now. I can get out and make you that coffee!” Martin slides himself out of the bath. His strong shoulders lifting his small frame out of the bath easily.

As he swings his legs out of the bath, the new condom comes off. It has got very wet and not had time to stick properly in water. Martin looks up at Dee, very distressed by this incident. Dee sees the distress in his eyes. She leans forward and sucks the foreskin of his freshly cleaned soft cock in to her passionate mouth. He smells and tastes so good. “Oh my,” says Martin, “that feels so good...”

Dee tenderly looks up at Martin as she now moves his foreskin up and licks his helmet with her hot tongue. She licks inside the eye of his cock, made big by years of catheters.

This sends Martin through the roof. His legs spasm and kick uncontrollably. She stops at last and helps Martin on to his wheelchair. She dries him off with a nearby towel, especially the hard to reach bits. Martin says, “Can I give you some pleasure now?”

“Ok,” says Dee, “will you go down on me in the bedroom?”

“Oh yes, please,” says Martin, delighted.

As they move in to the bedroom, Martin thinks to himself, “I must do the best I can as I really want to see her again.”

Dee lays a towel down on the bed and lays back on it, towel under her bum and lower thighs. Martin parks next to the bed and puts his brakes on. Lifting himself across on to the bed he rolls over on to his front and drags himself up towards Dee’s hungry pussy. She spreads her legs wide in eager anticipation.

Martin gently starts licking Dees inner thighs, working his way in towards her vagina lips as she wraps her powerful legs over his strong shoulders. She gasps as Martins tongue reaches her hot soaking pussy. He licks her for ages, making her wet all over, then he gently but firmly licks her clitoris as he pushes two strong fingers deep inside her, rubbing her g spot as he licks her with mad passion.

“God, you taste so good...” says Martin with a muffled voice, not wanting to take his mouth and nose away from heaven.

Dee suddenly feels like she is going to explode. “Oh ohhhhhh ohhh ahhh,” Dees says as her whole body shakes. She grips Martins face hard between her thighs as he licks her till she stops quivering.

“Oh wow,” thinks Martin as he feels Dee orgasm around his fingers.

Martin rolls over on to his side, arms and shoulders aching after such a long time of pleasure. Dee climbs down to him and kisses his lips, tasting her juices all over his face. She moans as their tongues entwine in a long passionate kiss.

“God, he is such a good kisser,” she thinks to herself as they kiss again and again.

Dee stands up and helps Martin to the floor. He gets into a comfortable position and she says, “Your turn now, sexy!” Martin is again in heaven as she expertly sucks and masturbates his cock. He gets really hard. Dee lays him on his back and straddles him. Grasping his cock, she rolls on a durex condom then slides his cock in to her pussy.

“Oh god,” she gasps as she rides his throbbing cock. “Perfect.”

“I can’t cum I am afraid,” says Martin.

“That’s ok,” says Dee. “Means you will last till i cum again...”

Martin feels Dee squeezing her PC muscles as she grips him, keeping his penis deep inside her. “Oh, I can feel her juices flowing over my thighs and balls,” he thinks as he feels her juices flowing over him. “Oh wow, she is cumming again!” He feels her spasms deep inside as she cums on his penis.

She falls over gasping and utterly exhausted. Martin and Dee lay together for a little while, so tired now.

Dee eventually gets up and goes to the bathroom. She tenderly washes Martins soaking and slightly sore cock. She then gets a medical condom from the cupboard and after drying Martin, plays with his cock a bit to get it hard. This makes it easier to roll on medical condom. She quickly makes sure it is fixed securely, then helps Martin up on to his wheelchair. His legs have completely lost their spasms now and are completely limp and useless in aiding Martin to get up by himself.

He lays there watching her as she slowly massages his body, going from his feet, up his limp legs, to his strong shoulders. She then moves up the bed and gently feeds Martin one of her wonderful breasts.

Martin is in heaven again. He tenderly licks all around her nipple before lovingly suckling on it. Dee lays on her side loving the attention she is getting. So erotic and relaxing.

A little while later, Martin gets up and gets dressed as Dee has fallen asleep exhausted. Martin goes in to the bathroom so as to not disturb Dee, and gets dressed. Just as he is coming out, he hears some movement in the bedroom.

Martin quickly goes in to the kitchen and makes some coffee. He takes it in to the bedroom and sees that Dee is awake and is starting to get dressed. Martin gives her a small sensuous kiss and gives her her coffee, adding the required amount of milk and sugar from the small tray he has brought it in on.

Martin is now more sober and can’t believe he has been so lucky to meet this very attractive woman. He would never have been brave enough to talk to her if he had been sober. Martin says, “You were fantastic, Dee! It has been so long since I made love, and that was the best in my life.”

Dee smiles and says, “Shame you couldn’t cum.”

Martin looks at her and tells her in a shy way, “I can cum but only on my knees on the floor! The spasm goes to my penis and I can cum, only in that position though, and very little.”

“Well,” says Dee, “we will have to try that out next time...”

Martin’s heart jumps in his throat. “You really mean that?” he says. “You may not want to when your sober...”

Dee gives him a deep look and says, “That was the best time ever. You are a wonderful and tender lover. I have lost count of the orgasms I’ve had, and for your information, the cocktails I was drinking were non-alcoholic.”

Martin is so happy. He gives Dee a long hug, and they talk for ages. Dee eventually says, “Sorry honey, I have to go soon.”

Martin gives her a kiss and books a taxi for her. She gives him a long kiss as she goes out the front door and says, “I will be cumming again soon,” and gives him a wink as she leaves, waving as the taxi goes down the road. Martin eventually shuts the front door when the taxi gets out of site.

He pushes in to the bedroom and transfers on to the bed, nearly falling off, so tired. He sees that Dee has left her telephone number and address. She also took one of his business cards with his number and address. Exhausted and very happy, he falls in to a deep sleep, thinking, “I can’t wait to see Dee again!”

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