by Lily B

Liz had always had a thing for a man in a wheelchair, though she couldnít explain it, she knew that it started when she was young. Even as a girl she would always put her Ken dolls in wheelchairs and have them be dating Barbie. As she got older, (though still in the age range to play with Barbies) she would often try to figure out the mechanics of how the disabled Ken would have sex with able-bodied Barbie.

It wasnít just sheer curiosity out of the blue though for Liz, her favorite uncle had used a wheelchair since before she could remember after being paralyzed in a skiing accident as a young child, and since Uncle Mike, Lizís fathers favorite younger brother was abound frequently Liz knew much more about disabilities then most girls her age.

However like most girlhood curiosities however this one did not go away with age and growth, Liz never told anyone about her interest but as she grew, the interest grew as well, and as she reached puberty t became more intense. She would take advantage of using the public libraries computers , (the one furthest in the back with the darkened privacy screen on it), in order to search for stories of sexual experiences had by paraplegics and quadriplegics. When the computer was unavailable she would look at books that dealt with the subject Enabling Romance was her favorite. She could not explain why the whole idea of being with a man who was paralyzed was such a turn on for it It was not simply the paralysis that was a turn on, it was everything that went with it. The idea of catheters was a major source of sexual pleasure for her, to imagine being with someone who wore one, and the idea of being with someone and them having a accident with their catheter was almost enough to drive her straight to orgasm just thinking about it. This often worried Liz a lot because she often worried that something was wrong with her seeing as though when pleasuring herself she could not come to orgasm unless she was to think about being with a disabled man, either being with them sexually or just think of things that might goon through a course of a normal day with one.

Still she told no one. In High School Liz did not date really, she had many friends both men and women and while she dated a little bit socially there was no one that she really could feel that attracted to or interested in to put herself in a serious relationship. Liz was very bright and intelligent so once in high school she did very well academically and was involved in many activities, so when her senior year came around she was not surprised to have been offered several college scholarships for where ever she wanted to go. Liz chose Ohio State University since they had offered her a full ride and he knew that their psychology department (the subject which she had chosen to major in) was one of the best in the country. Liz had decided to go with psychology for a couple of reasons, one because she knew that she would do well in the field, but also because she knew that with this she would have access to study what she wanted (which would involve disabled people, men in particular, but she was fine with women as well) and because she wanted to do sexual studies of the disabled and she figured tat this would be the best way to go about it.

to be continued....

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