Part 3

Ted let Katrina wheel him into the lounge, past the larger, “open” part of the VIP room where there were several couches and chairs, and to the series of private VIP booths beyond this room. Thankfully, the entire lounge was empty and they had their choice of private booths complete with a table and luxurious leather couches. Of course, Ted would never again know the feel of leather and as Katrina wheeled him in he thought back to how awesome it used to be to have her all over him on one of Kittens’ leather VIP couches. They would have to find a way to make this happen with Ted still strapped into his wheelchair. Katrina looked around the lounge and one particular booth caught her eye. “Perfect,” she said as she pushed his chair into the booth and pulled the black curtain closed behind her.

The private booth was about ten feet long by eight feet wide with a leather couch along the long wall to the shorter wall in an L-shape. There was usually a small table in these booths, but Katrina had noticed this one was missing the table, making it much easier to push Ted’s wheelchair into the room and making this the best choice for them. She would have had to have taken the table out to push his chair into the booth, but now she simply pushed him in, right up to the corner of the couch where the long and short walls met. She locked the wheels of his chair to keep him from moving unexpectedly. Ted was now facing the corner of the room, and the corner of the couch. The patrons could control the lighting in the booths if they wished, and Katrina noticed that it was quite a bit brighter here than in the main room of the club, so she dimmed the lights.

“How’s that?” she asked as she turned the lights down. “That’s great,” Ted answered, anticipation building. The first time Katrina had ever taken Ted back to the VIP lounge, he wondered if the club’s management monitored the rooms via camera like they did in the club’s main room and in the open part of the VIP lounge where customers could buy cheaper, and less private dances. He actually asked Katrina and she told him that most of the club was monitored, even the very private VIP booths.

But there were a handful of VIP booths that were not because they club had some very wealthy patrons that would be much more inclined to spend big money if they were not being watched all the time, especially when they thought they were getting a “private” dance. The site of a camera was a big turn-off to these “high-rolling” customers. Plus, the club trusted its more experienced dancers to let the management know if a customer got out of hand, which rarely happened, and was willing to let the girls bend the rules a bit if it meant a customer spending a few hundred dollars more in the club. In addition, Katrina was a big money maker for Kittens, and the club essentially granted her carte blanche with her regulars.

Knowing this, Ted trusted that Katrina had selected just such a booth, and that they were really alone together in private. This helped him relax even further. After she dimmed the lights, Katrina walked over to the couch in front of where Ted was positioned. He could only turn his head so much to one side or the other, so he did not see her until she was almost right next to his chair. She slowly sat down on the couch facing Ted, and slid herself into the corner with her legs crossed and resting on the couch directly in front of him.

“So, what did you have in mind?” she asked him, and for the first time since she first spotted him in the club earlier, she was looking directly at him sitting there completely helpless and paralyzed in his wheelchair and she was not uncomfortable at all. She wondered what it must be like for him to be completely immobile, unable to move or feel anything below his neck, and how he must be longing to touch her like he used to. She stared at his lifeless arms and hands and how he must be wishing he could run them over her firm, flat stomach, her slim and curvy hips, her tight, heart-shaped butt, and of course, her perfect breasts. She thought to herself that he would probably give anything, ANYTHING, to be able to hold and squeeze her breasts just one more time. These thoughts further excited her earlier arousal.

He just sat there, not answering her right away, just staring intensely at her, trying to take in the site of her incredible body and her angelic face. “You’re so beautiful… I’ve missed you so much,” was all he could manage as he stared. Suddenly he was once more acutely aware of his condition as the thought of never being able to touch her again slammed into his consciousness like a sledgehammer. He became momentarily depressed.

But in a moment of clarity, he began to see the flip side of that coin. He began to sense that he could still enjoy her company, perhaps now more erotically than ever, despite his paralysis. He smiled at her then, saying, “Dance for me like you used to. Show me how perfect your body is.”

She smiled back at him and sat up, placing her legs between his paralyzed legs strapped into their stirrups. She leaned forward slowly, putting her hands gently on his elbows and leaning in with her face very close to his face. The site of her hands on his arms again without him being able to feel it and her beautiful face so close to him awakened feelings in him he had not felt, not only since the last time he saw her, but since the accident forever deprived him, or so he thought, of the ability to be this aroused. But this was different, somehow even more intense, and there was no doubt in his mind now that somehow, his paralysis was contributing to his building excitement.

She reached down and unlocked the wheels on his chair, pushed him back a couple feet so she would have some space to dance right in front of him, and relocked the wheels. She stood up and began to move, slowly swinging her hips back and forth and staring right into his eyes.

She loved to make eye contact when she danced for him, not only because she thought he had nice eyes, but because she could see he was totally enchanted and mesmerized by her and that this was deeply reflected in his eyes. She could see something different now in addition to his being spellbound by her beauty; she could sense his longing to be relieved of his paralysis, even for just a few moments, and how he ached to touch her again.

She fed off this as she slowly began taking her outfit off. She pulled the outfit down and revealed that she was not wearing a bra of any sort. He inhaled deeply and suddenly as her breasts bounced free from the fabric that had clung to them a second earlier. Six months since he last saw them suddenly caught up with him. Her outfit seemed to come off more easily now as she slid it down below her navel and over her hips, letting it fall freely to the floor. She was now wearing nothing but a high-cut black g-string bottom that rode up very high on her hips and her high-heels. The g-sting bottom really accentuated her perfectly flat stomach along with her curvy hips. Gazing longingly on her near naked body, Ted was convinced she was an angel straight from Heaven and momentarily forgot about his condition.

She, however, had not forgotten about his condition as it became clearer to her that it was the source of her ever-growing arousal. She lifted her right leg up and placed it on his numb lap, right near his lifeless left hand. “Oooo, these heels need to come off…” she said softly, “Can you help me?”

Ted was shocked by her insensitivity to his paralysis with this blatant tease while at the same time intrigued by what she was getting at. “You know I can’t,” he said, trying to play along with a sad, helpless look in his eye, “You know I can’t move.”

“Let me help you then,” Katrina said as she leaned forward with her hands and took his paralyzed left hand in hers, moving it toward the laces of her heels. With one hand she took the thumb of his left hand while with the other she took his index and middle finger and helped him slowly grasp and pull loose the laces of her right heel. She then took Ted’s numb fingers and released the now untied laces, letting them fall, and then took his hand and put it on the back of the heel with her right hand. With her left hand she began to loosen the high-heeled shoe from the front, lifting her leg slightly to enable the shoe to come off. She held his hand palm facing up with the high-heel in it, moved his arm to the left side of his wheelchair, and dropped the shoe to the floor. She repeated this entire process with her left heel.

The mere site of Katrina doing this with hands he could not feel was intensely exciting, while at the same time profoundly maddening. After the second heel fell to the floor, she smiled at Ted and said, “thanks,” as she gently placed his limp arms and hands back on their armrests.

She then put her arms around his neck and sat on his lap. He was suddenly very grateful that she had finally done something he could feel, and it made him smile widely. She began rubbing her fingers through his hair as she leaned forward and began gently kissing him all over his face and head. Her breasts were now closer to him than they’d been since the last time he visited her here, and he just stared at them. She immediately noticed this and turned to kneel on his lap, directly facing him, steadying herself by holding the back of his wheelchair.

Once she had her balance, she took his head with her hands, leaned forward and pushed her breasts into his face. “Oh, God…” he sighed as she did this. She let him kiss each breast individually and explore them with his tongue. He gently licked each one as she brought it close to his mouth and couldn’t stop thinking to himself how wonderful each tasted.

He also tried to gently suck her nipples as they moved close to his mouth, but his limited ability to move his head to follow them as they passed made it difficult, especially since she would not hold them still long enough to allow him to get a good grip with his mouth. She would also pull them just out of reach and let them dangle there so tantalizingly close to his mouth. From watching him, she saw he could only move his head a little bit forward and almost not from side to side at all, and she used this to tease him. She noticed he was getting frustrated trying to get her whole nipples in his mouth, and she enjoyed watching him struggle.

What made it even more infuriating to him, and pleasing to her as she was about to find out, was that the ends of her hair would occasionally fall forward as she tilted her head forward, grazing various parts of his face and nose. This created a most irritating itch wherever her blonde locks gently brushed his face, especially as her hair would tickle his nose. Without feeling in the rest of his body, the itching and tickling sensations on his face and neck were amplified as his brain compensated for the lack of sensation elsewhere. As much as he tried to focus on her breasts, the itching became excruciating.

“Please, scratch my nose for me, it itches,” he just about begged her. When she heard him say this she just leaned back, very content that she had found a new way to torment his helpless body, and stared at him with a mischievous, almost malicious look in her eyes. She enjoyed watching the desperate faces he was making, wrinkling his nose and trying to direct his breath upward in a frantic but hopeless attempt to relieve the torturous itching.

“And what if I don’t?” she said to him frostily.

“Oh God, please scratch it, I can’t take it anymore!!!!” he pleaded, but she would not relieve him of his agony.

Instead, she suddenly got up and left the booth! What the hell is she doing? Ted thought as he continued to suffer the unbearable itching. How he wished he had the use of his hands now, if only just for a moment to relieve the itching. Where did she go? he wondered after she had been gone more than five minutes.

Just then, he heard the curtain move behind him, and a second later Katrina appeared next to his wheelchair, and sat on the couch in front of him. He noticed that she had both hands behind her back, as if she was hiding something. He also noticed that the itching on his face had subsided, much to his relief, as well as noticing that he was very aroused.

With the same naughty look in her eye, Katrina swung her hands out from behind her. “Look what I found,” she said with a wicked grin. In each hand was a feather about four inches long.

“Oh God, NO…” Ted cried helplessly.

Katrina dove onto his face and neck with the feathers, lightly and excruciatingly flicking the feathers everywhere he still had feeling. His nose, ears, cheeks, and neck were all tortured by Katrina, and she found herself getting very excited as the source of Ted’s agony.

Ted thought he was going to go insane; he was helpless against Katrina’s assault with the feathers. He could neither stop her nor relieve the excruciating itching. At the same time, though, he felt this warm feeling of extreme arousal building somewhere inside him which made the feather torture bearable, if not somehow erotic and enjoyable. Every time he caught a glance of her face with that mischievous look advertising how much she was enjoying tormenting him like this, it excited him further.

He endured at least another 15 minutes of Katrina’s feather torture, when suddenly she stopped. When he regained his senses he noticed that he was sweaty and breathing heavily, and very aroused. “Had enough yet?” Katrina asked him, and then mercifully took her hands and rubbed all the areas of his face and neck she had been tickling with the feathers in an effort to relieve any itching. He did not answer, still trying to gather his composure. “Does it still itch anywhere?” she asked.

“No,” he answered, and then confessed, “That... that was awesome,” now fully aware of how much he had actually enjoyed being helpless and tickle tortured by her on his newly discovered erogenous zones. She smiled, leaned forward and took his head in her hands, ran her fingers through his hair, and much to his surprised, kissed him very passionately on the lips.

This was a first; she had never done this before. He always thought something like this was way over the line, which was why he was so surprised she was flouting what he thought would be obvious club policy. He didn’t care, though. Even though he had dated several women in his previous life, he had never had a kiss like this.

Katrina leaned back, still holding his head in her hands and gently stroking his cheek. She had the sweetest look on her face he had ever seen, further convincing his that she was in fact his personal angel sent straight from Heaven. “When I first saw you here today,” she said unexpectedly, “I felt so sorry for you. Seeing you in your wheelchair totally paralyzed and helpless, I couldn’t stop thinking how awful you must feel and how badly you must be wishing you had never been in your accident. I wanted to do whatever I could to make you smile and forget about your condition. I hope I have.”

“Yes, you have,” he answered, and added, “I’ve never been so turned on in my life.”

She was a bit surprised when she heard this, not fully understanding his condition and thinking that being sexually aroused was something he could never enjoy again. “You are?” she asked.

“Yeah, totally,” he said.

“I didn’t think that, well, you could be anymore,” she said, surprised.

“I didn’t either, it’s weird. I can feel something. And what’s even more weird is...” and he stopped.

“What is it?” she asked, intrigued. “Well, I don’t understand why, but it’s almost like I’m enjoying being paralyzed around you.”

Hearing him say this turned her on immensely and made her realize for certain that his paralysis triggered something inside her, too. “I can’t explain it either,” she said, flustered and obviously hot, “but I think you’re right. When I first saw you in your wheelchair, I felt sorry for you. But since then, it’s been turning me on more and more. Just thinking about what it must be like for you to be totally helpless…” she paused for a moment, bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes as if she was seriously contemplating his condition. She exhaled and opened her eyes, then firmly grabbed his head with her hands, stared directly into his eyes with a look of extreme passion on her face, “Ohhhhh, GOD it’s driving me crazy!!!” She gave him another kiss, shorter this time, then grabbed his lifeless hands and started massaging her perfect breasts with them.

“Don’t you wish you could feel this…” she said as she squeezed and kneaded her breasts with his hands. Of course I do, he thought to himself, but still immensely enjoyed the site of his numb hands caressing her breasts without being able to feel it. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine what they used to feel like, and the warm feeling deep inside continued to grow.

She then moved his hands from her breasts to other places on her perfect body. She let his fingers gently stroke her flat stomach, sucking her belly in occasionally, as if she were being tickled. “Ooooo, I’m so ticklish on my tummy…” she moaned. She then put his hands on top of her hips and moved them up and down, and back to her ass. “Ohhh, squeeze it…” she said softly, and Ted inhaled deeply at not being able to feel nor see his hands all over her tight, curvy ass.

“It must be driving you crazy. You can only sit there and watch…” she said as she continued massaging her entire body with his paralyzed hands. “You must want to feel me so bad…” she teased.

She then put his lifeless arms and hands back on the armrests of the wheelchair and got that evil look in her eye again. “But I know you can feel this…” she said as she began tickling the sides of his neck with her fingers suddenly.

The shock of unexpectedly being tickled on his neck again made him inhale abruptly and jerk his head back. “Oh my god…” he gasped as her fingers danced across his neck, gently tickling him. He was glad that sensation here was heightened by his brain to compensate for lack of feeling everywhere else in his paralyzed body. It intensified the tickling, making it both maddening to endure and wonderfully erotic at the same. “Oh please, stop.. it tickles so much… I can’t take it…” he said with a begging tone, not really wanting her to stop, but playing along with her, knowing that it would fuel her arousal.

“You can’t stop me can you, you’re so helpless…” Katrina taunted as she continued the tickle torture.

As she continued tickling his neck, she again moved her breasts close to his face. “Oh god I wish I could hold them…” he said with a tone of dejection to his voice.

“But you can’t. You can’t touch me or feel me ever again,” she mocked, “I bet that it must be killing you inside.” Her making fun of his paralysis was in fact driving him crazy, but he realized that he loved it.

Katrina also realized she found his paralysis, his total helplessness, and his dependence on her to be the most erotic thing she had ever experienced. The thought of Ted being completely helpless against anything she wanted to do to him, sexually especially, was driving her crazy too. The thought of him being unable to feel almost anything she did to his numb body, and the thought of him hoping that, but having absolutely no control over whether she would touch his face or neck so he could feel something and interact with her in some physical way was also driving her to the peak of her arousal.

Suddenly, she lost all regard for the club rules and policies she had been bending almost beyond the breaking point with Ted today. She stopped tickling him, took his lifeless left hand, and slid it into her g-string bottom. The sudden feeling of his paralyzed hand against her vagina made her briefly spasm with ecstasy. She found, not surprisingly, that she was already very wet with arousal. She slid his index and middle fingers into herself, and held them there with her right hand. The site of this made Ted gasp with delight, even though, but especially because, he couldn’t feel it. She then took her free hand and returned to tickling his neck, causing him to gasp in ecstasy again, even more deeply.

He was amazed at her dexterity; being able to finger herself with his fingers with one hand and tickling his neck with the other. As she slid his numb fingers in and out of herself, she began to sweat profusely and moan in bliss. “Oh my… god!!!” she cried softly, trying not to attract the attention of any other dancers or patrons who may be nearby in the VIP room, or especially any club managers. She was breathing very heavily and rocking back and forth, up and down, tickling his neck, fingering herself with his numb fingers, and moaning softly, but genuinely.

Watching this in combination with Katrina tickling his neck was bringing Ted to the boiling point. Ted’s arousal was manifested by an almost phantom feeling of warmth; from where in his paralyzed body he could not tell, but it was very real. It was becoming overwhelming now, and Ted made no effort to suppress it.

Katrina too was reaching her climax as she rocked back and forth in ecstasy on Ted’s paralyzed lap. She suddenly stopped rocking and got very rigid, threw her head back, inhaled deeply, and clenched her teeth as waves of orgasm racked her body. Watching her peak brought Ted to his apex of his own euphoria, as the warm feeling suddenly exploded within him and blurred his consciousness…

Ted emerged from his rapture to find Katrina’s arms around his neck, her head resting on his shoulder, and her warm breath on his cheek. He could feel her trembling and a couple times she shuddered with little orgasmic “aftershocks.”

“Holy shit…” he whispered, more to himself, but out loud just the same.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Katrina softly moaned in response, “you said it…”

Ted felt a sudden exhilarating sense of pride and independence, something he’d not felt since the accident that left him a quadriplegic. He could still satisfy a woman, even if it was just because Katrina had an undiscovered, latent fetish that had surfaced during their interaction at the club today. How didn’t matter to him right now; the fact that Katrina had just had an amazing sexual experience with him was enough.

After several minutes cuddling together, Katrina leaned back slightly, unwrapped her hands from around Ted’s neck, and gently caressed his face. “I can’t believe how awesome that was,” she said with a look of absolute sincerity on her face.

“We pretty much broke every rule in this place today,” Ted said jokingly.

“But it was worth it, wasn’t it?” Katrina winked back at him. She put her hands on his lap to steady herself so she could kiss him again. As she did, she noticed that she hadn’t been the only one to have an orgasm. “Looks like I wasn’t the only one,” she said to him, smiling. Ted was aghast. He never thought he’d be able to get an erection again, let alone have an orgasm. This further fueled his growing sense of independence and accomplishment.

Katrina reached to her purse and took out the money Mary had handed her earlier and put it in Ted’s shirt pocket. “You don’t need to pay me for this,” she said with a twinkle in her eye, “and you won’t ever have to again. I want to take care of you from now on.”

Ted was speechless. Did she realize what she was saying? He wanted to make sure she understood what she would be getting into. “Do you know what that means?” he asked. “You’ll have to be there for everything, and I mean everything. Absolutely everything,” he said, with a tone of insecurity, “I’m totally helpless and I need everything done for me. Think it through.”

Still kneeling on his lap, she leaned forward and kissed him again. “I have, and I’m serious,” she said with a tone of sincerity. “I don’t want to do this anymore. Dancing here, or anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, the money is great, but I need something more. Something more fulfilling than this. I want someone, even just one person, to think of me as more than just, this,” she said, referring to her work as an entertainer, but also to the sexuality that radiated from her. “Being with you today, I could see how much it meant for you and how much you needed me, and how good it felt for you to need me so much. Not just for, you know, sex or anything. Don’t get me wrong, the sex was really good. But like helping you out with anything you need, like when you needed a drink earlier. And how grateful you were.”

“That’s why I didn’t care about breaking the rules with you,” she continued, “I don’t care if they fire me. I wanted to do whatever I could to make you feel better. At first, it was because I felt so sorry for you, but now I know that it’s because of the way you’ve been looking at me and how good it felt to have you need me so much. It’s almost like I need you to need me so much. I’ve never felt like this before, Ted, and I don’t want it to end.”

“I... I don’t know what to say, Katrina,” Ted stuttered.

“Just say what I know you’ve been feeling this whole time; the real reason why you came here today and what makes you look at me the way you do,” she said. “Don’t worry, I feel it too and it’s for real,” she said as she leaned over and kissed him again, deeply.

Ted never imagined that any good could come out of his accident and his becoming a quadriplegic. But here was this beautiful girl, willing to give up everything she had to commit to him. Here was a girl who wasn’t repulsed by his condition, but embraced it; almost needed his paralyzed body as much as he would need hers. He imagined spending the rest of his life with her, and it was a very comforting thought.

“I can’t believe you’d want to do this for me,” he finally said, “I think I… I… I love you.”

“I love you too, Ted. I realized that today and I’ll never be ashamed of feeling this way,” she said with a kind smile, and then leaned in to whisper in his ear, “and can you imagine having this much fun with each other, every day?” She leaned back, gave his neck a quick tickle, and winked.

To be continued...