Holiday Fun


Chris puts the kettle on for a cup of tea.

He has just arrived in his hotel in Ibiza, Spain for a badly needed break. He hasn’t been on holiday since his thirtieth birthday, four years ago. Also, this is his first time on holiday by himself.

It is early in the morning, and very quiet. There are no people in the adjoining rooms and the hotel in general is not crowded, as it is not the holiday season.

He is dressed in casual white trousers, a white T-shirt, black Pringle socks, and black and white trainers. He puts one hand on the side of the patio door, and grabs the sliding door handle with the other. He pushes the patio door open, holding the other side of the door to hold him still in his wheelchair. He pushes out on to the balcony, holding the cup of tea carefully, swapping the cup from hand to hand until he places it on the little table next to the door. The early morning smells fresh as he breathes in deeply, smelling the salty air from the sea.

Chris finishes his tea and wheels back in, puts the cup in the sink, and then holding one side of the door he closes the patio door. Chris makes his way down to breakfast. He wheels along the corridor and pushes the button for the elevator. The elevator stops, but is too full of people. Chris gets in the elevator on the way up. The elevator goes up two floors. Four people waited to get in. They give Chris a smile and say, “It’s ok, we will get the next one.”

Chris eventually gets to the ground floor and pushes in to the dining room. He gets a tray and, carefully carrying it on his lap, he wheels along the buffet style breakfast counter. After a generous helping of bacon, eggs, peas, and fresh pineapple juice, Chris heads back to his room to get changed in to his shorts. Chris waits by the elevator, watching people go by him, diverting their eyes as usual. Some older people giving him a smile in a sort of, aren’t you brave and sorrowful look, but at least they noticed him. Some people see Chris waiting by the elevator and decide to use the stairs instead.

Chris goes up in the elevator to his room, and picks out what shorts he wants to wear. He puts on some baggy black swim shorts, reaching forward and grabbing the front of his shins, lifting his legs to slide the shorts over his feet and up to his thighs, and then crossing his legs one at a time, he puts on his socks and trainers. Then he unstraps his leg bag and tucks it in his shorts, all the way round to his back.

He leaves his room and gets back in the elevator. He goes out of the hotels back door, wheeling down the wooden ramp to the hotels pool. The sun beds are all marked with towels so no chance to lay by the pool. Chris gets his sun screen out from a bag strapped under his chair, and covers what he can, concentrating on his legs as they are very rarely out in the sun.

Chris pushes back in to the hotel, walking his chair up the ramp, moving one wheel forward, then the next, to reduce the chance of tipping over backwards. He goes through the hotel lobby and out through the front entrance, heading for the beach.

He gets down there quite quickly, enjoying the sun and the sea air as he pushes along. He wheels on to the man made beach, the sand only about six inches deep, and goes to the waters edge. The tide is going out but it looks like it will take a long time. Chris gets a towel from the bag under his chair, and lays it on a vacant sun bed next to him.

He sees a couple sitting next to him, who seemed to be watching him in an almost protective way. Chris says to the couple, “Would you mind keeping an eye on my wheelchair while I have a quick swim?”

“We don’t mind at all,” they say, smiling at him.

Chris wheels as close as he can to the waters edge. He gently falls forward out of his chair, long arms in front of him to stop him before he hits the ground too hard. He drags himself forward in to the warm water and just floats for a while, resting on his back on his elbows as the water lets his body float. Chris has a quick swim on his back, dragging his straight legs behind him. He enjoys himself for a while, then starts to drag himself out of the water on to the beach. His legs are very limp from all the exercise.

The couple sees Chris and helpfully take his wheelchair to him. Chris tries to get himself up, leaning on the front of his chair and trying to lift his body on to his chair with his strong arms. He tries to get his small 5 foot 6 inch frame on to the chair, pushing on the top of the chair seat, trying to lift his body on to the seat, his partially paralysed legs trying to support him with spasm. His knees support him for a couple of minutes, but then the spasms that help Chris control his muscles hinder him as well.

He almost does it but his legs kick due to the temperature change, going from warm water to hot sand. He collapses in front of the chair, falling on to his footplates. Chris tries to get himself up again. Suddenly the couple decides to help.

The lady holds the wheelchair still while the man gets behind him and pushes Chris’s bum up on to the seat. Chris falls back exhausted. He looks at the helpful man in front of him and shakes the mans hand. Chris didn’t notice that the mans trunks had a big bulge in the front.

The couple invites Chris to join them and he says, “Ok.” He joins their table, located behind some sun beds, and the couple orders a large pot of sangria for all of them. They all relax and have a good laugh.

During the chat Chris finds out a lot about the couple. They are in their mid fifties, married and bisexual. Their names are Dawn and Fred. They are on a swinging holiday with a group of people from their hometown.

Chris notices that Dawn keeps looking at his legs. She looks at him and says, “I am worried that your legs look like they are getting burned.”

Chris says, “Thanks, I couldn’t feel it.” He reaches underneath to get his sunscreen out.

Dawn asks if she can help. Chris says, “Okay, can you do my back?”

“With pleasure,” she says.

Chris gives her a generous amount to rub on his back as he rubs some on to his legs and feet—hard work with the sand caked on him. Dawn takes a long time very thoroughly covering Chris’s back while Fred watches with a big smile on his face.

Chris says, “It is very nice meeting you both. I’m at the 3rd hotel along from here, room 69. Maybe we could meet up for a drink sometime.”

Fred says, “We are in the same hotel; we will definitely meet up with you.”

“This is a strange coincidence,” thinks Chris. Must be fate. Fred then says he has to go to the hotel, and giving Dawn a kiss on her cheek and whispering something private in her ear, he walks off quickly.

Chris talks to Dawn for a couple of hours about general things. Chris tells her he split up with his girlfriend on his last holiday, celebrating his thirtieth birthday. Chris tells her,

“She went off with a waiter at the hotel we had been staying at. Her attitude changed towards me when I had my accident in my car, and became disabled.”

Dawn says, “It’s her loss,” as she looks at his handsome face, and lovely green eyes.

Soon Chris and Dawn head back to the hotel, Dawn watching Chris push along with his strong shoulders as they talk. They bump in to Fred in the hotel lobby. Fred asks Chris if he wants to join them at the poolside?

“No thank you,” says Chris; “I had better get out of the heat.”

Chris goes in to the lounge area, to get the elevator to his room. Fred joins him after quickly talking to Dawn. Fred gets off the elevator with Chris, and to Chris’s amazement, opens the door in the room next to him.

“Wow,” Chris says, “that is fantastic!”

Fred smiles and says, “We got on so well, and our neighbours kept moaning about us for some reason, I thought it would be nice to move next to you.”

Chris smiles warmly and says, “See you later then.”

Chris goes in to his room and has a coffee on the balcony. He hears Dawn arrive next door and bits of conversations between them. The walls are very thin. Chris wheels in to the bathroom. No room to turn round so putting his feet on the floor, he lifts himself on his strong arms and swings his body round on to the toilet seat. Then he runs the bath at his side as he slides his shorts down. Chris then puts them in the sink beside him to soak as the bath water is running. He tests the water with his arm as due to his injury, messages from his legs don’t get to his brain to tell him how hot or cold the water is. He puts his legs in the bath and slides in to the cool water, gasping when the water reaches his chest. Chris washes all the sand off his soft mousy brown short hair and his hairy legs and arms, then relaxes for a while.

He can hear his new friends next door having fun. Chris smiles as he hears a slapping noise and Dawn shouting, “Harder, harder!” He realises why their other neighbours may have moaned about them.

“Well,” he thinks to himself, “you’re never too old.”

Chris tries to get out of the bath but it is too slippery. He reaches down and pulls the plug. When the water has drained away he tries to get out again. He reaches over the side of the bath and grabs his shoes.

Chris puts them on and tries again. He gets a bit more traction and manages, with a huge amount of effort, to pull him self up holding on to the far side of the wheelchair seat. He drags him self out lying across the wheelchair.

Then with a struggle he turns himself over and twists round holding the back of the chair.

He just sits for a minute, his tummy muscles spasming with the exertion. He drapes a towel over his lower half and goes out on the balcony to dry off and enjoy the view.

Fred and Dawn hear Chris go out on the balcony and they shout out, “Chris, do you want to join us for a drink?”

Chris shouts back, “Okay!” He quickly dries himself, and changes in to some track suit trousers and a white T-shirt.

Fred opens the door with a warm smile and says, “Hi Chris, nice to see you again. Dawn is in the bathroom but she’ll be right out.” Fred is wearing a long sleeve, dark blue shirt, and dark trousers. Fred pours Chris a glass of pineapple juice and places it on the bedside cabinet, then sits back on the bed, holding his drink in his other hand.

Chris and Fred are talking about the hotel and surrounding area, when Dawn comes out of the bathroom. Chris stops talking in mid conversation as his mouth drops open. She is only wearing her underwear and she looks so good.

“Hi Chris, nice to see you so soon,” says Dawn with a big smile.

Chris smiles back and says a shy, “hi,” as he tries to avoid looking at her half-naked body.

Dawn smiles to herself as she notices Chris blush. They chat for a while, Chris about his life, and Fred and Dawn about how they got in to their swinging lifestyle. They chat while Dawn gets dressed into a low cut white blouse and long split floral skirt.

Eventually it is time to go down for dinner. They all go down together. Very tight fit in the elevator, Dawn stands behind Chris between his wheels, her breasts just touching the back of his head.

They enter the dining room and work their way along the food counter. Dawn helps Chris get some of the food that is out of reach. A few people say hello to Fred and Dawn, but don’t take much notice of Chris.

Chris joins Fred and Dawn at their table and they carry on the conversations they were having before dinner, including the swinging. Chris says, “Should we be discussing this in public?”

Fred grins and says, “Its fine, all of the tables near us are taken by our group.” He asks Chris, ”Have you ever tried swinging?”

Chris blushes and says, “No, I haven’t. I am quite shy and never know how to approach a single girl, let alone a couple.”

Fred smiles and says, “I see.” Fred looks at Dawn then says to Chris, “Would you like to meet other younger members of our group? We are properly too old for you.”

Chris blushes again and says, “Thank you for the offer. It’s not that you’re too old for me. It’s just that in the past I have had girls touch me and find I wear a leg bag. They sort of stop touching me and later just want to be friends. It has ruined my self esteem.”

“I see,” says Fred with an understanding smile, “my dad wore a leg bag for years before he died. Dawn and I had to help change him and clean him up in his latter years.”

“I am sorry,” says Chris, “I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.”

“Its fine,” says Fred, “in a way they were good times as we couldn’t help but get closer in his time of need.”

Chris smiled and understood. Chris was a bit shocked when Fred said, “It was very frustrating for Dawn though because she is a devotee.”

Chris then asked Dawn what actually turned her on about disabled people. Fred suggested they went out to the poolside tables for a bit more privacy.

They all quietly went out to a quiet table away from the crowd and the bar. Dawn told Chris what sort of things turned her on. She told Chris that seeing him struggle in and out of the chair when he got into the sea had made her soaking wet. She had wanted to come and grab him so badly.

Dawn then says, “Fred and I have a lot of fun. We are both bi, but Fred didn’t find out till later I was a devotee too.”

Chris is fascinated and they all chat for hours. Soon everyone else has gone to bed. Chris is very relaxed and open with Fred and Dawn now. He cheekily says, “When I got back from the hotel and had a bath, I heard a slapping noise and shouting. What was going on in your room?”

Dawn goes bright red. Fred laughs and says, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” He gives Chris a wink.

Dawn thinks to herself, “I am going to embarrass Chris now.” She leans forward to Chris and stroking his legs says, ”Well Chris, would you like to make me shout?”

Chris blushes now and says, “Oh... no... Its ok, I wouldn’t know where to start.”

Dawn smiles to herself and thinks, “We will see.”

The bar is closing up as they all go up to their rooms. Chris invites them in for a coffee and they happily accept. Chris says, “Give me five minutes to tidy up a bit and come round.”

“Ok,” they agree as they go in to their room. Chris goes in to his room and quickly goes in the bathroom to do a catheter, emptying his bursting bladder for a restful night. He quickly tidies up a bit and puts the travel kettle on for the coffees.

There is soon a knock at the door and Chris lets them in before going to the far end of the room and turning around, making room for the others to come in.

Fred says, “Hi. Sorry, I need to use your bathroom.” And dashes into the bathroom. Dawn comes over and sits on the bed right next to Chris. She tells Chris that Fred has a touch of diarrhea, as he is not used to the water. She reaches out and strokes his legs, working her way up to his groin. Dawn gasps as she strokes his legs causing Chris’s knees to spasm inwards slightly to her touch.

Chris looks nervously at the bathroom but is soon distracted as Dawn stands up; undoing the buttons of her blouse and letting it fall on the bed. Chris gasps; she is not wearing a bra. He reaches out to gently cup her breasts in his hands as she slides her skirt and panties down. Dawn loves the feel of his strong but tender hands on her breasts as she moves her clothes out of the way. She gently puts one arm under Chris’s legs and the other round the bottom of his back. She then lifts him up, easily as he is so light, only about 140 pounds. Dawn lays Chris on to the bed and rolls him from side to side, helping him undress. When Chris is naked, she climbs up the bed and straddles Chris’s head with her thighs, facing Chris’s legs. She leans down, brushing his chest with her breasts and her long blond hair as she sucks his cock through his attached condom. She lowers herself down on to Chris’s face as she sucks him. Chris is licking her slowly and tenderly. All Chris can see, taste and smell is Dawns very wet pussy.

Fred comes out of the bathroom with a big smile on his face. Chris doesn’t notice. His ears muffled by thighs. Chris is thinking, “God, this is so good. I hope Fred won’t get angry.”

Fred quietly goes out of the room to get something from their room. He leaves the door unlocked as he goes so he can let himself back in. Fred comes back and goes to the bottom of the bed.

Chris feels his condom coming off and his cock being wiped clean. “God that must be Fred,” he thinks as he grabs a quick breath. He feels a mouth now sliding up and down his naked cock. He doesn’t know if it is Fred’s or Dawns. It just feels so good. Chris feels a tongue or even two, licking his shaft and around his helmet.

God, so sensitive. Licking under his helmet, then the eye and back again. Chris is moaning, as it feels wonderful. Dawn loves licking Chris’s big eye, especially just inside it, as it makes his legs spasm and kick around.

Fred and Dawn spend ages taking turns sucking on Chris’s penis. So hard but tender and soft to the touch. Chris slides two fingers deep in to Dawn’s soaking pussy, making her gasp loudly. He pushes them in deep and steady in a regular rhythm, rubbing her g spot as he tenderly licks her pussy. Dawn is soon collapsing on Chris as she cums all over him.

Chris lies there as Dawn climbs off his soaking face. She rolls over on to her side and kisses Chris’s lips, tenderly stroking them with hers. She can taste her juices all over his face.

Chris wipes his face with his fingers and sucks Dawns juices off his fingers. Tastes nice. Chris does this until he has got all he can as he watches Dawn and Fred.

Dawn has rolled on to her back. She winks at Fred to join her. Chris transfers on to his wheelchair, and watches as Fred, who has a huge erection, climbs on to Dawn and makes love to her, slapping her bum as he penetrates deep inside her. She shouts for him to go harder and faster as he makes love to her. It doesn’t take long before he cums and he falls beside her with a look of pure satisfaction.

Dawn looks at Chris and says cheekily, “Now you know why I was shouting.”

Chris grins and is about to go in the bathroom when Dawn says, “Where do you think your going? It’s your turn now.” She quickly gets some special oil from the bag Fred had gone back to the room for. She rubs it on Chris’s sore cock to soothe it, as it is not used to so much attention. She moves over near him and lays naked on the floor. “Come on.” she says, “I want you.”

Chris lifts his feet off the footplates. He puts them on the floor in front of him and falls forward, just stopping himself with his long arms as usual.

Chris rolls into a kneeling position and leans back on to his feet. The spasm from his feet goes to his penis and it gets hard very quickly when Dawn grabs hold of it. Dawn straddles Chris’s legs with hers as she plays with his cock. She is so turned on; the spasm in his legs is incredible. She feels them pulsing and it quivers through her body.

She masturbates him fast, leaning forward to kiss him as she does. Chris is holding her swinging breasts as she kisses him.

“Oh my.... God,” says Chris; “I am going to cum.” Dawn goes a bit faster and Chris’s cock grows just a bit harder, then his cum trickles out over her hand from the big stretched eye of his penis.

Chris falls over to his side utterly exhausted, his tummy muscles spasming uncontrollably. Chris lays there, his legs dead now. Dawn licks Chris’s cum off her hand, it tastes so good. Slight taste of pineapple. She then goes over and gives Fred a thankful smile for being so understanding. She gives Fred a deep kiss, letting him share in the moment, before they both help Chris back into his wheelchair. Dawn notices the tops of Chris’s feet are sore from the floor. She gives Chris a deep long kiss before quickly getting dressed and going next door to their room.

Fred helps Chris get clean. Chris gets out a medical condom to go on his penis. Chris tries to get an erection for it to fit well, but can’t until Dawn comes back in. She leans forward in her sexy top to rub some cream on his sore feet. Chris looks at her wonderful breasts and it helps to get him hard.

They are all soon dressed and Fred makes some coffee while Dawn sits beside Chris, stroking his limp, spasmless legs.

Fred says, “Well Chris, for your first time swinging you were very good.”

“Thanks,” says Chris, blushing. “I tried my best.”

Dawn looks at Chris and says, “I was amazed you kept going and going. Your tongue and fingers were superb.”

“His cock was too,” says Fred with a big wink.

Chris really blushes now. “Thanks for letting me have fun with you two,” says Chris.

“It has been so long since I have been intimate with anyone.”

“Well,” says Dawn, “now you have your confidence back, and once our group knows what they have been missing out on, you will be lucky to get out of this bedroom.” She adds, “That’s if we want to share you.”

“Thanks,” says Chris, blushing again. “I think you are exaggerating a bit.”

“We will see,” says Dawn with a cheeky grin.

They both come over and give him a hug, before going to their own room. “See you tomorrow,” says Fred as he follows Dawn to their room.

“Ok” says Chris.


“Bye.” He hears Fred and Dawn’s echoed byes as they shut their door.

Chris transfers on to his bed, his arms doing all the work, as his legs are dead weight now. “Wow,” he says to himself, “that was an amazing experience. This is going to be an interesting holiday.”

Chris lays back naked on his bed, legs still loose from all his exercise. He falls in to deep and very happy sleep.

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