Part 9: Apex

We made our way to the van as quickly as we could. Now that the admission had been made and the proposition offered, the urgency swallowed us whole. David fumbled the keys in this rush to open my door and they skittered under the van.

“Christ!” He planted his right crutch and slipped his arm out of the cuff to make the motion to kneel down and retrieve them. And as much as I wanted to watch that maneuver, I wanted to see him on his back wearing nothing but me. So I stopped him with a hand on his elbow.

“I will do it. Enjoy the view.” I knew that sliding on my stomach underneath the van would give him full view of my ass and whatever else would show if my skirt rode up.

“Nice ass.” He said once I was under the van.

“Glad you approve.” The keys were dead center and I scooped them up and slithered back out, brushing off gravel and God knows what else. David stood there, balanced on his crutches, watching me with appreciation. I stepped in, dangling the keys between us both. He reached for the keys and I reached for him, putting my arms around his neck, pressing my body close to his. His outstretched arm closed around my waist. I slid up on my toes to kiss him, loving the friction of our bodies together. Even with clothes on, I was getting primed. He seemed startled at first, backing his head away a bit as my lips touched his, but then, he returned the kiss and opened his mouth to me. He was tentative at first, just touching the tip of my tongue with his own. I pushed deeper and he responded. I was beyond primed to purring now, just from a kiss and his hand cupping my ass.

I broke the kiss. We had to move on. “I want you. Now.” I said in his ear. I slid my free hand down his chest as I pulled away. The keys jingled in my other hand, making a sound as urgent as our breathing. I wasn’t sure where his sensation stopped, so I let my hands linger around his waistline.

“I will take you right here.” He answered.

His expression was all seriousness and I laughed.

“No you won’t.” I turned away and unlocked the passenger door. “My bare ass is exposed behind closed doors only.”

“So get in and close the door.” He mocked me. I loved it.

“Not so fast, love.” I climbed in to the passenger seat. “I fully expect to be taken to a proper room. So you get in and drive us to your place.” I reached over to unlock his door and stuck the keys in the ignition. “No more key fishing for me.”

“But, Kaida, I may drop things from time to time. You won’t help me?” He leaned heavily on his crutches, looking down at his braced feet.

I had to laugh. “You poor dear. Of course I will help you.” I used the tone I hated hearing so much from others, that patronizing “how awful for you” syrupy sweetness that always made me want to vomit on their shoes.

“Next time I will be sure to toss them further under the van so I get to see you wiggle around that much more.”

“Next time, I get the show. Now get in the van, slowpoke.” I commanded. “Time’s a-wasting.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He closed the passenger door.

I watched unabashedly as he got into the driver’s seat, shivering with pleasure as he moved and arranged his thin legs. I wanted to touch. Soon I would be touching.

The banter and innuendo gave way to silence as David drove. The soft jazz music filled the van. He kept his focus on the road, not even glancing my way. Was he changing his mind? I began to lose my bravado in the face of his silence.

“David, do you want to take me home?” I stared at him to gauge some reaction.

He actually flinched before steeling himself again. “Do you want to go home?”

“Not even close.” I reached out my hand for his thigh. What could he feel?

“Higher.” He said.

My turn to raise my eyebrow. “Patience.”

“I will feel it if you move higher. Closer to my hip.”

I let my fingers slide a little higher. He shook his head. I felt the muscle twitch when I hit the spot he could feel. Very close to his hip, just as he had said. Parallel to his groin.

“L2.” I said. “And I will get to pleasure you, even if we don’t get to full release.”

He looked at me then, a mix of bewilderment and relief. “L2 incomplete. And you want to go down on me?”

My articulate David stumbled over his words. This was harder for him than I thought it would be.

“Duh!” It was the only response I could make. “I would want to even if you couldn’t feel it, just so you could watch. But I will do it only if you want me to.”

He shook his head and refocused on the road. “Christ, Kaida.”

The words were soft. I moved my hand quickly, embarrassed. I began mentally banging my head against the passenger window. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! The noise in my head was so loud I almost missed the next words he said.

“I never thought I would experience that pleasure again. Of course I want you to.”

“Then I will.” I put my hand back on his thigh, close to his hip, wanting him to feel my presence.

We were back in the Fan now, not far from Colonia. Avenue. I didn’t move my hand. He parallel-parked the van in front of a stately brick apartment building, built in the early 1900s.

“It is accessible?” I knew most places in the Fan weren’t, from housing to shops.

“I got lucky. The building’s owner has a son with spina bifida. One of the downstairs apartments was made accessible for him while he was at VCU. He managed living independently just fine, so he got to transfer to UVA. Now I have a great apartment and he gets to live truly away from his parents for the first time.”

“Sounds like you know them.” A wheeler living this close and I had never noticed? Hmmm.

“I do. My landlord is actually a co-worker. When he found out I use a wheelchair, he was eager to offer the apartment and tell me all about his son. Gimp kindred.”

We were getting side-tracked. “That can be a story for another time. We have a date.” To emphasize my point, I leaned over a bit in my seat, giving me better reach. I squeezed his thigh and slid my hand over, feeling the promising semi- stiffness of his cock.

“That’s about as hard as it gets.” He apologized.

“I can work with this.” I smiled and squeezed again. “Now let’s go inside before I have to break my own rules and do you right here.”

He tried to laugh but the sound came out a little strangled. Apprehension showed in his face, as a little worry line showed itself in his forehead and the corners of his mouth refused to obey his command to smile. It made my heart ache. Was I pushing too hard?

He pulled the keys out of the ignition and gave me a look that reminded me of a first-time bungee jumper getting ready to go over the edge – panic and anticipation. I had to make this good for him, for us. I wanted to hold his hand as we walked into the building, but that wasn’t an option. Instead, I stayed quiet and close.

He unlocked the door, flipped the light switch and let me go in first. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, plaster walls, crown molding. Similar to my place.

He shut and locked the door behind us. I stood in the foyer, waiting.

“Kaida, I - ,” he started.

I don’t know what he was going to say. It didn’t matter. The tone said too much and before he could get any additional words out, I turned to him and covered his mouth with mine. I pressed my body close to his. I wanted him. Had to be close to him. I cupped his face in my hands, kissed his lips, and moved my fingers through his hair as I kissed down his throat. I felt him tense under my touch. He tilted his head back a bit and I ran the tip of my tongue down the length of his throat, gently pressing my lips against the hollow between his collarbones. His skin was smooth and warm; I liked his taste. His shirt was in my way now. I stepped back to see his face before proceeding further. The worry line was gone; the corners of his mouth were relaxed.

“I want you, Kaida.” He reached out to pull me to him again.

No need to ply me with wine or any other substance to lower my inhibitions. I was made malleable just by his presence. I loved the way he stood there, balancing his weight on his left crutch so he could reach for me with his right hand, the crutch dangling by its cuff just below his elbow. I stepped into his embrace, my head against his chest, feeling the soft cotton of his shirt against my cheek. I closed my eyes and listened to his heartbeat. My Prince Charming was real.

“This will be easier in the bedroom.” He said as he released his hold.

I nodded. “Lead the way.”

The apartment was small, I knew which room was the bedroom, but I wanted him to show me. I knew I would be taking the lead once we were inside.

I had expected to see the wheelchair by the bed. I hadn’t expected the tingle. David’s chair. Very low back, no armrests, black. Nice. I stood by the bed, watching him He stopped in front of the chair, looked at it and then at me.

“It is easiest for me to get undressed in the chair.”

“May I?” I wanted the pleasure of exposing and exploring his body at my own pace.

“May you what?”

“Undress you.” I moved closer to him. “I want to become acquainted with every inch of you.”

“Every inch?”

“Every one.”

He stood still while I untucked and unbuttoned his shirt. Undershirt, of course, so I would have to work for the full view of his chest, but I could see its nice form under the hug of the soft white cotton. I lightly scanned my fingertips over the material, outlining his pecs, tracing the midline. I could feel him shiver and I felt that buzz between my thighs. I began to slide the shirt off his shoulders but had to stop. He needed to hold on to his crutches to remain standing and I wasn’t sure the best way to get his shirt off. This wasn’t going as smoothly as I would like.

“Let me sit, Kaida. It will be easier.” He said before I could panic.

I did as he asked and watched as he got into his chair. The movements were the same ones I had seen watching him get into the van. Still, there was something about seeing him in his chair, the way it fit his body that sent a current through me. I knew that it wasn’t going to take much for me to climax.

He shrugged of this shirt. I took it from him and hung it on the closet doorknob. Then I stood back to admire him in the tight undershirt, light khaki chinos covering thin legs.

I smiled and knelt in front of him. I reached up to take off his glasses so I could take off his s undershirt.

“Can you see without these?” I asked as I folded them and put them on the night stand.

“Well enough for now.”

I ran my hands over his chest, which was hard and strong, to his stomach, which was a little soft. Not bad at all for a man nearing his 40s. I slid my hands under the waist of his pants to pull out the tail of his shirt. I felt his stomach twitch as my hands went down. I pulled the shirt out slowly, raising it to expose the skin. A light dusting of dark curly hair met my lips as I kissed above the waistband, as I kissed my way up his chest. He raised his arms and I stood up to pull his shirt over his head. I hung it on the doorknob, too, and knelt down again to focus on his pants. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Pale blue boxers waited under the pants. His cock was soft in my hand.

“Do you need to cath?” I asked. I had no idea what his schedule was, but I knew it had been several hours. Bed antics could get messy if his bladder wasn’t emptied.

He nodded. “I have a little time, but I will since you mentioned it.”

He wheeled out of the bedroom. Watching him push his chair stirred me. I sat on the edge of the bed, waiting, enjoying the liquid feeling between my legs. I wanted to touch myself. I wanted David to touch me. But there was still so much more I wanted to do to him, with him. I decided to surprise him by being totally naked when he returned. I slipped of my clothes and folded them in a pile out of the path of his chair. I lay back on the bed, waiting, my fingers straying down my stomach to the warm wetness of my carefully trimmed thatch.

I opened my eyes when I heard David in the hallway, but I didn’t move my hands. I wanted to see his reaction. It was beautiful. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. Then he stopped and rubbed his chin.

“May I watch you finish?” He asked, wheeling into the room and shutting the door.

“If you wish. But I want you here beside me for the best view.”

He swallowed. “You are beautiful.”

I laughed. “So are you.”

He quickly removed his pants, shoes and braces. I would have to touch the braces later. But for now, I just wanted his body next to mine.

I slid over and he transferred beside me, turning on his side, balanced on his elbow. I slid into the curve of his body and replaced my hands, one between my legs, the other massaging my breasts. He watched intently as I stared at him, getting myself off. I didn’t need an image in my head now; I could look right at him. Look at the strong upper body and the thin legs. Look at his handsome face. Neither of us said anything as I pushed my own buttons and with the beauty of him before me, came hard and fast.

“That was amazing.” He said.

I laughed. “Not so much. But I hope this will be.”

I turned on my side to press my body against his. Skin to skin. He felt so good. I stroked his back, his hair. I kissed his chest, his throat, his mouth. He moaned.

“Roll over onto your back.” I instructed.

He did. I straightened his legs, taking the time to trace every inch with my fingertips, feeling the bones of his shins, the thinness where he had lost all muscle tone in his calves. I found the sensitive spots on his thighs, right next to his groin. I used light touches with my fingertips and tongue. Then I straddled him. Not to put him in me, but so I could start my ministrations from the top of his head. There wasn’t an inch of him I didn’t want to kiss. And I proceeded to do just that. I kissed. I nibbled. I licked. I devoured him. And the pleasure was all I could have imagined. His body fit in my hands as if we were made for each other.

“Kaida,” he whispered, reaching for me as I planted kisses in that ultra sensitive spot in the crease between his thigh and groin.

“Mmmmm?” I didn’t want to stop.

“Look at me.”

I looked up. I could see the tension in his face.

“That feels incredible.”

“Good.” I knew what he wanted and what he wouldn’t ask me to do. So I bent my head down again. Kissed the crease and moved over to take him in y mouth. He wasn’t fully erect. Never would be. But he could feel what I was doing. His gasp told me so. I worked him with my tongue and let my hand explore the areas I had just learned were the most sensitive. My own breathing sped up and I felt everything in me reaching orgasm again as I pulled him closer and closer. He wrapped his hands in my hair and pushed my head down as he shuddered under me.

“My God, Kaida.” He groaned.

I smiled around my full mouth and twirled my tongue around the shaft, pulling back as I went. He relaxed under me and I moved against his leg, my own shudders coursing through me.

“You came?” His eyes looked sleepy and sated.

I laughed. “Of course I did. I am with you.”

“Mmmm.” He responded as I curled up against his side.

“Can we spoon again?” I asked. “I want to hold you while you sleep.”

“You want to stay with me tonight?” He seemed a little surprised.

“I would like to.” I looked at him for answers. I didn’t find any. “If that is okay.” I added quickly.

“It is more than okay.” He reached out to touch my face, trace the slant of my eyes. “But I want to hold you.”

That was fine with me. We spooned. He wrapped his body around mine. As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered what there was left to dream about. I had everything I wanted. Now.

The End.

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