Changes, continued...

Marty raised the right rail, and moved to the other side of the bed. In a reversal of the first turn, she loosened the corners of the sheets from the mattress, and moved the pillows to the other rail. She moved the urine drainage bag from the side, and placed it on the foot of the bed. She checked once more to make sure the tubing was straight. She bent down to eye-level with Thomas. He had closed his eyes again.

She didn’t say anything, but lowered the rail, and kissed him. He relaxed and opened his mouth to meet her kiss. Marty wanted to crawl in next to him, hold him, stay with him, but she could hear that the noise level had picked up outside the room, a sure sign that their time alone was nearly at an end. She ran her hands through his hair, and traced his jaw line as the kiss deepened. When she heard a moan, and realized it was her own, she pulled gently away.

“We have to hurry up, dinner’s on the way, I think.” She whispered, eye to eye.

“Well, get a move on… you’re the one holding us up!” Thomas stage-whispered back. She was thrilled once more with his lopsided smile.

“Right. Well, let’s get this over with. I’m warning you now; this is the worst of it, right here.” Marty grasped his shoulders, and rolled him onto his back, on top of the lump of blankets, and as far as she had the strength to move him. She was face to face with him, and he crossed his eyes, and they both laughed. Next, she straightened his legs, and positioned his left leg slightly crossed over his right, and his left arm over his chest. He was still positioned with more weight on his left, but it was as far as she could move him.

“Here we go…” She said, as she pushed up on his left shoulder with her left hand, while reaching under him for the lump of bedding with her right. Once she had a good handful, she supported his shoulder and back with her left shoulder as she reached her left hand under him. Once she had the bedding securely in both hands, she tugged gently, but firmly. Thomas grunted as his weight shifted. Marty struggled for a moment, as Thomas’ full upper body weight was being supported by her arms alone, and then his weight shifted again, and he began to roll to his right.

As Thomas moved, Marty repositioned her hands so she was holding the bedding at both his shoulder and hips. All at once, the bedding slipped under him, toward her, and Marty stopped pulling. As Thomas’ momentum slowed, Marty pulled the old bedding completely off, and pulled the new bedding to the left side of the bed. She smoothed the pad, chux and diaper as best she could, with Thomas on his side. She pulled the new sheet taut over the corners of the mattress. With a few more grunts from sheer effort, Marty soon had the bed re-made.

“Wow.” Was all Thomas had to say.

“Yeah.” Marty wiped her bangs aside with the back of her hand. “Almost done.” She raised the rail.

Marty hung the bag on the opposite side of the bed, and made another mental note to let the nurse know it needed emptying. She knew they were tracking both his intake and output, and didn’t want to mess up the system.

She unrolled the warmed blankets, and placed the innermost and warmest blanket over Thomas. He rolled his eyes in pleasure. With the lump of blankets gone, Thomas had slipped partly onto his back. Marty rolled the bed-tray to the left side of the bed. She lowered the rail, and gently pushed Thomas up on his side again. She washed what little she couldn’t reach from the other side, slowly pulled him completely onto his back again, and covered him back up. She waited a moment, rubbing his arm and shoulder where he’d lain.

Then, Marty put on a pair of gloves. She pulled up the blanket to his waist. The new pads, diaper and chux were slightly skewed, but close enough to the correct position. Marty maintained eye contact as she pulled the tape on the diaper. The sound seemed to echo in the room. Thomas face instantly burned as Marty used the front of the diaper to wipe from front to back.

Marty worked as quickly as possible, both because she knew she was out of time, and also because she knew Thomas was mortified. She wanted to tell him it didn’t bother her, she’d done it a hundred times, that it was part of the job, but in the end, she didn’t say anything, because she knew nothing she could say would make it easier for him.

She spread his legs, and cleaned him thoroughly. She could not make sense of what was happening to her. She felt at once detached as a caretaker, and at the same time, deeply aroused, more so even than earlier, as her whole body reacted to the sight and feel of his penis stiffening in her hand as she washed him. It was a common enough occurrence, had in fact happened several times with other patients, and she knew he could not feel it; but she reacted nonetheless.

Her body thrummed with pleasure as she finished cleaning him. When he was clean and dry, Marty paused before closing up the new diaper. He was still slightly hard, and they were both breathing heavily. Marty smiled, question unasked. Thomas nodded.

She removed the gloves, and poured a small amount of oil into her trembling palms. She rubbed her hands together, and sat on the edge of the bed. She gently cupped his balls in her left hand and stroked with her right. She knew that if he could feel it, he’d be bucking. She did notice a slight spasm in his left foot. She stroked faster, and as she did so, he began to harden again. Thomas smiled in wonder as she masturbated him, and soon his left leg was jumping, and his stomach was trembling. Suddenly, he sighed deeply.

Marty grinned, wiping the oil off both of them. “That was incredible. I couldn’t feel anything, but then it was like this warm glow oozed through my body. I can’t really explain it.”

“So, it wasn’t terrible?” Marty grinned as she maneuvered the chux out of the way, re-positioned the diaper and fastened the tape.

“Definitely not terrible.”

Marty lifted the rail, and pulled the clean johnnie off the chair. She snapped the whole thing together and reached her right arm through the front of the left arm hole.

“It could be a good look for you.” Thomas said.

“Ha!” Marty responded, as she picked up his left hand. She slipped the johnnie over his arm, and repeated the procedure for the other side. Then, as she leaned in to tie the johnnie at the side of his neck, Thomas suddenly kissed her full on the mouth. Surprised, and pleased, Marty leaned into him and wrapped her arms around and under his shoulders for a hug.

“We really have to stop.” She murmured against his lips.

“If you say so…” he said, reluctantly pulling away.

Marty finished straightening the johnnie, then placed the next to last warmed blanket over Thomas. It was no longer very warm, but warm enough to make him sigh again.

Marty pulled the TEDS off the chair with a sigh, and reached for the powder.

“I hate those things.” Thomas muttered.

“You have no idea...” Marty said. “Little old ladies are the worst.”

Marty sprinkled a bit of powder in her hands and rubbed it over Thomas left leg, making sure there were no damp spots. She rolled the TEDS as if she were putting on nylons, and spent a few moments making sure she had the positioning just right. The beginning was the worst part. She cringed as she forced the tight stockings over Thomas uncooperative toes, doing her best to keep from pulling them against his skin by keeping the space with her thumbs. She actually broke into a sweat as she pushed them over the arch of his foot, and grunted as she pulled them over his heel. Once past the ankle, though, thanks to her careful positioning, she was able to slip them relatively easily up his calf and past his knee. The last bit of straightening was a breeze, compared to the intense beginning, and soon it was over.

“Whew! Now, the other leg.” Marty moved to the other side of the bed and started to repeat the procedure. Just as she got to his heel, however, Thomas leg began spasming strongly. Marty was forced to just wait it out, since both hands were caught up in the TEDS, and she couldn’t massage him. It was over in a few seconds, but to Thomas, it seemed like forever. He was afraid he’d kick her in the face. Marty knew what to expect though, and in another moment, Marty was done. She massaged his legs a bit afterwards, anyway. Then she covered him with a clean top sheet and bedspread. She straightened everything out, and tucked the bedding in at the bottom, making the corners nice and neat. Thomas’ feet stuck up like mountains. She grinned.

“This is the fun part.” She grasped the bedding on either side of his feet, and pulled, loosening the blanket and sheet.

“Why tuck it in, if you’re only going to undo it?” He asked.

“It’s the kid in me, rebelling, I guess.” Marty shrugged. “Actually, it’s still tucked in, just not too tight. Gives you room for repositioning, and won’t get tangled up. For about ten minutes, anyway.

“Speaking of repositioning, you should tell them to put you on your right side after supper.”

“You’re leaving?” His voice sounded suddenly small.

Marty looked into his face. “I have to. I’ve got a lot to chart tonight, and notes to fill in. It’s a bitch trying to decipher my chicken-scratches at the end of the day. It gets harder if I wait until the next morning.”

Marty removed the hair clip, put her hair up and opened the curtain. She emptied and rinsed the basins, and stored them under the sink. She piled the soiled linens near the door, and gathered up all the trash, tied the bag, and put it next to the linens; everything was ready to go.

“Marty…” His voice quavered.

“Oh, Thomas…” Marty could see the tears sparkling in his eyes, and was shocked to feel her own eyes fill up. She had never thought of herself as emotional, and twice in one day was a new record. “Thomas, I’ll be back tomorrow. We’ll have lots of time together. I’ll keep you as my last, and we’ll have extra time before dinner, if you want.” It was Marty’s turn to blush. She’d simply assumed he’d want to continue where they’d left off. All of a sudden, she wasn’t sure.

“I wish you could stay, tonight.” He whispered, his voice gone.

“I do, too.” Marty was surprised at the intensity of the image that suddenly sprang fully formed into her mind: She and Thomas waking up together, arms and legs tangled, sunlight streaming into the room. She shook her head and looked out at the darkening window. “I do, too.” She stopped what she was doing and went to his side. She lowered the rail and climbed into the bed next to him. She laid her head on his shoulder, and wrapped her arm over his chest. She kissed his neck and ear, and then just lay there for several moments. The scent of aftershave and soap and oil mingled with his own male scent, and she closed her eyes and simply inhaled him, memorizing the feel of his body next to hers.

She had just gotten off the bed, raised the rail and straightened her clothes when they heard a knock at the door.

“Thomas… are you awake? It’s Mom, honey.”

“Busted!” He whispered.

To be continued...

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